Nanny State getting scarier than Nanny McPhee.

After the last general election we all heaved a sigh of relief, Nanny Harperson had been consigned to the opposition and we looked forward to being ruled by Liberals and those laissez – faire Tories who would be too busy stealing money off us to bother about our lifestyles.

The relef was shortlived. The liberals, wussy and limp wristed though they may be are whingeier than most politically correct Labour whinger and the Tories, instead of spending their leisure time visiting dominatrices in black walled dungeons around Chelsea and Maida Vale have taken up b&d themselves with us as their punters.

Today Dave, who might look as if he’s wearing a flesh coloured gimp mask but he isn’t – it’s his face, promised to do something about binge drinking. What is he going to do?

He’s going to put up the price of booze. This will hit all us moderate drinkers but will not affect the binge drinkers; they’ll just scam more benefits off us poor taxpayers.

Meanwhile the Politically Correct Thought Police (Booze Squad) have launched a propaganda initiative to warn us of the dangers of alcohol.

And they are pushing that discredited line that if you drink over the safe limit your liver will turn to strawberry jam, your face will go red and spotty, your penis or breasts will shrivel up and drop off and you will die before tomorrown dinner time.

Unfortunately we know the “safe limits” were made up by a government health adviser. And when he presented his made uip figures the govermemt at the time told him to halve it because they did not want people to put themselves at risk of having fun.

Nanny State prepares to make binge drinkers sit on the naughty chair

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Obama’s F grade for economics – Too late to save the world? –

The love affair is starting to look jaded.
As more jobs are threatrened in the US and Obama’s poll ratings among the white middle class plunge President Obambi is looking increasdingly like a man who is not waving but drowning.
We told you he was always out of his depth of course.
CLICK HERE to read how Obama’s economic policy fared when graded by businessmen and economics experts

Is it too late to save the world?
Flash ahh – ahhhh…

George Monbiot has more grim news from the climate change front. It is now beginning to look as if the engine driven by 250 years industrial emissions cannot be stopped just by installng low energy light bulbs and driving dinky little electric cars that go 12mph flat out ans will travel 40 miles between 8 hour charges of electricity from coal or oil fired power stations.

So we’re fucked. If we behave irresponsibly because it’s too late it will just bring the inevitable catastrophe forward. Even if we all become model grusties though it could be a hundred years before the pendulum starts to swing back. I must get to Amsterdam again in the next couple of years. Norfolk I’m not too fussed about.

Brown Defends Responsible Drinkers
After the loony plan announced by NuLab NuFascist Liam Donaldson to punish us all because some people drink irresponsibly Gordon Brown has leaped to the defence of “responsible drinkers.” but what does Gordie define as responsible drinkers? Nu Labour members who only drink free booze at official receptions laid on by corporate donors in return for favours?

Daniel Finkelstein at Times Online says America’s Republican Party need Meghan McCain, good looking daughter of defeated Presidential candidate John McCain and a smiling, voluptuous “proper lady” as my daughter’s voluptuous friend Rachel like to describe women with bodies like her own.

Well Boggart Blog does not know much about Ms McCain’s politics but she’s better looking than Michelle Obama and has a smaller arse (but we could say the same of Kauto Star)

If anyone is thinking of berating us for trivialising politics, forget it. It was, was it not, the Obama’s who invented celebrity politics.

Worst News Of The Day – Obama Meddles In Ireland Over at the Daily Telegraph we hear Mr. Barack Hussein (Paddy) O’Bama plans to appoint an envoy to Northern Ireland

Bill Clinton had an envoy to Northern Ireland although the job was not called that. But the troubles have been over for years and anyway we should not forget the sterling work done by Senior Democrat Teddy Kennedy in raising money in America for the IRA, money that helped kill british soldiers and civilians. Time Mr brown was reminding Paddy O’Bama he is President of the USA not the world. But with the American military close to mutiny follwing his insane decision to attack Pakistan I guess he has to find friends where he can.

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Austrailia suffers floods, a plague of crocodiles and an even worse catastrophy

News from Austrialia for global warming watchers, wannabe crocodile wrestlers and drinkers.

Severe floods in Queensland has washed saltwater crocodiles out of swollen rivers and into urban areas, where one 13ft “saltie” has been stalking residents and dogs.

Sounds like they need to call up a few ninja turtles.

The crocodile was spotted in the main street of Normanton, on Queensland’s north-west coast, which has been cut off by flood waters for four weeks. The disruption to transport means the residents of Normanton are bracing themselves for a fate worse than death. If links to the outside world are not restored soon the beer will run out.

“We can put up with a lot of drama, no fruit and veggies, but nobody wants a pub with no beer, Donna Smith, manager of the Albion Hotel, told the Courier-Mail newspaper.

(Hear the song A Pub With No Beer by Slim Dusty by following the link on the title to Not Bob’s blog )

Wasn’t there a song about that once? Nice to know though, amid all this kerfuffle about racist gollywogs, anti – social snow and the collapse of the global economy Austrialians still understand what the real priorities are.