Juncker The Drinker

New EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is the target shock new claims about alcoholism. While The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent have all run stories on the allegations that Juncker dinks brandy for breakfast, the most lurid version of the story comes (not unexpectedly) from The Mail On Sunday which reports:

“A former Tory Foreign Office Minister who has worked with him closely said he drinks so heavily he dribbles during meetings and is often incapable of working after lunchtime.”

And a newspaper in Mr Juncker’s native Luxembourg carried lurid details of a drinking binge he allegedly embarked upon. The newspaper Letzebuerg Privat (Luxembourg Private), has referred to him as the country’s ‘drunken stupor premier’.

Mr Juncker, 59, has been dogged by rumours of a drink problem for years.

Conference tables were said to have been awash with alcohol during his 20-year tenure as Prime Minister of Luxembourg. He resigned as a result of a spy scandal last year.

Last year it ran a front-page report, accompanied by a photo of him guzzling drinks, in which it was alleged that he quaffed ‘a Campari, three glasses of wine and three Sambucas in only two hours’.

It seems then that David Cameron was wrong to oppose the elevation of Juncker to the EU Presidency. If you are trying to stop moves towards further integration the obvious move it to put a drinken idiot in charge of the European Superstate project.