.Things Must Be Pretty Bad When Primark Fakes Are Selling In Dubai

Fake Christian Louboutin shoes I can understand although those wanting to plug such crap in my comments thread can eff off, I’ll just delete you. Fake Louis Vuitton bags, Dolce and Gabbana wossits, Tommy Hilfiger hoodies, or Stella McCartney frocks I can understand, these high fashion brands are unaffordable for most people. But a store selling Primark fakes? Has it really come to this?

What is even more gobsmacking is the shop selling fake Primark stuff has opened in Dubai, world capital of obscene wealth, the domain of Sheik Phil T Lucre where people send their kids off to school with Pate de Fois Gras and white truffle sarnis for a packed lunch or bung said little darlings £4,200 for a caviar pizza drssed with gold flakes. Dubai is home to people who think nothing of paying £3,000 for a Kobe Beef sirloin steak or adding £1000 extra to their bill for a side order of Matsutake mushrooms grown on composted Unicorn shit. (world’s most expensive foods) Dubai it the place that is too expensive even for seriously rich people. Only the fuck off rich can afford to live in Dubai.

So WTF do they want with a budget clothing shop like Primark? And fake Primark stuff, even chavs would turn their noses up at that. What can we expect to see opining up in Accrington next month, a new shop selling fake poundstretcher stuff.

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Dubai and hubris get their just des(s)erts…

Now we are not cruel people who write Boggart Blog, nor are we the types to indulge ourselves with schadenfreude. But sometime you’ve just gotta, haven’t you?

Remember that archepelago of artificial islands that was constructed off the coast of Dubai a few years ago, where all the super rich people bought houes to take advantage of Dubai’s tax haven status and find a refuge from inflation and euro zone debt. The one where they did not build on bedrock or coral reef but simply pumped up sand from the sea bed and put houses and roads on it?

We were treated to television documentaries about all these smug twats sitting in their five million pound pads saying things like “Ya, well the best think abite it apart from the climate and the tax free status is we never have to look at pooah people.”

Yeah, now you remember…

Well it’s sinking. The sand islands are collapsing back into the Red Sea and the navigation channels are silting up. Oh Joy!

If this news makes you think, “Maybe there is a God after all,” you have to ask yourself why He did not remind the civil engineers of that stuff about “houses that are builded on sand.”

The answer may be of course that He works for Boggart Blog

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