Hillary Clinton loses ground to Trump in key states

According to a major opinion poll commissioned and published jointly by ABC

News and The Washington Post

a substantial majority of Americans disapprove of the FBI’s (and implicitly Attorney Genera Loretta Lynch’s decision not to prosecute ‘Crooked Hillary’ over her numerous and irrefutable violations of state security protocols while Secretary of State.

As has been widely reported, Mrs Clinton’s team at the US State Department, acting on her orders, used a private, unsecured server to handle official e-mails rather than the government network. This resulted in many hackers being able to access the emails and thousands of them including hundred of documents classified top secret ending up in the hands of Wikileaks and The Kremlin.

Unsurprisingly therefore, in the first major poll following the email-gate debacle, Donald Trump has taken the lead in three key swing states and narrowed Clinton’s lead overall to just 3 points. As one analyst commented that while there is no definite link between Clinton’s falling popularity and the DoJ decision she appears to have lost ground to Trump on questions which measure moral standards and honesty.

As readers know, we are not by any stretch of the imagination fans of Hillary Clinton, but credit where it’s due; to be less trusted than Donald Trump on moral and ethical issues is a very significant achievement.

So far of course, what we must assume is the conclusion of servergate, with FBI director James Comey having virtually admitted that although Hillary Clinton is definitely guilty of far worse crimes that others, including very senior military officers have been jailed for, because it would be just too emarrassing for the USA to admit their corrrupt political system would allow a traitor to run for president, they are going to pretend the crimes never happened and thus possibly allow that traitor to become head of state in a nation which still likes to think of itself as the most powerful in the world.

Over to you Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin.

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Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Good evening ladies and gentlemenah.
Welcome to tonight’s “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”!

On the show this evening our current champion, Gordon Brown, who is looking to extend his current unbroken run of refusing to say “Sorry”.
Last time on the show Gordon withstood calls from members of the public,the media and Parliament to say sorry for his part in the current financial meltdown, althoug he did have to be warned that blaming everything on the Americans was not strictly within the rules of the contest.
Now this evening Gordon is going to be trying not to say sorry for the libelous e-mails containing malicious and salacious gossip concerning members of the Conservative party and their families, sent by a member of his staff, working from the computer in his parliament office, in his working hours.
Mr. Brown has of course denied any knowledge of these e-mails but will that help him as he goes into the glass box and tries not to say “Sorry” ?

First up tonight to try and get Mr. Brown to say “Sorry” is Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

Mr.Brown, You owe me an apology for the slurs directed at both myself and my wife.

Ah, George, I didn’t write those e-mails, nor did I know anything about them, indeed I barely know the man who wrote them.

Mr. Brown, this was Damian Mcbride, he worked for you from 2005. He was with you at the Treasury and moved to Downing Street after Ruth Kelly’s resignation. He is one of your most trusted advisers. He was at Chequers not two weeks ago having lunch with you.

Och, George I think you must be mistaken. I barely know the man and I am not responsible for what he gets up to. Anyway he’s gone now and he has apologised for what was just a bit of malarkey so don’t get your knickers in a twist. Or your bra. And don’t get black in the face. Ha ha ha.


Well done Gordon! That was the bell and you managed not to say “sorry” for the full thirty seconds.

Our next injured party, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Nadine Dories!

Mr. Brown, your attack dog set out with the intention of spreading gossip and rumours, do you not think that is something that you should say sorry for?

Ms Dorries, what’s the problem? You know you didn’t do it, your friends know you and they will know you didn’t do it, it was just a bit of lads fun really. You should nae get so upset.

Mr. Brown a member of your staff has alleged that I had a one night stand with a fellow MP at an hotel. If someone was making things up about your or your wife would you not want an apology?

Ms Dorries the e-mails were sent by private individuals and were meant to be private. They were juvenile and inappropriate and the author has apologised for that and any embarrassment caused and that is surely enough for anyone.

Mr Brown, unless I receive an immediate personal apology from you I will be taking legal advice…


A good try Ms. Dorries but not good enough I’m afraid.

And now, let’s meet our final accuser, the Rt. Hon. David Cameron. Over to you David.

Mr. Brown you should acknowledge the severity of this situation, the damage it has done to your colleagues and your party and you should personally apologise to those smeared by a member of your staff without further ado.

Away with you, you toffee nosed snob. I’m no apologising to some privately educated rich boy!

Mr. Brown I am appealing to you, for your own sake, acknowledge the damage this has done to your party. A personal apology from you would be your best attempt at damage limitation. The public have lost faith in your integrity!

The public are a bunch of wankers. I am Prime Minister and I know what is right and what is wrong. I’m not going to apologise to anybody and if you don’t like that you can just go to hell. Nyahh, nyahh, nyahh.

Excuse me Mr. Cameron, we’re going to stop the clock for a point of order. Ah,Mr Brown you shouldn’t really be resorting to schoolyard behaviour. Your rebuttals should be framed in proper English. Do carry on Mr. Cameron.

Mr. Brown, your acceptance of Mr. Mcbride’s resignation was itself a mistake, you should have sacked the man immediately you became aware of his actions. Can you at least apologise for that?

Mr. Cameron all I can say is that these e-mails are a matter of great regret…but that’s as far as I’m going!


Well ladies and gentlemen, still the undefeated champion of this government, Gordon Brown still refuses to say sorry!

If he keeps going it won’t be long before he is challenging our previous champion, Mr. Tony Blair, who left after nine years without apologising for anything relevant at all.

We’ll be back again next time Gordon makes a cock up to see whether he can still avoid saying sorry.
Until then it’s goodnight from the gang at “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”



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