BAME UK Politician on the ‘Uncle Tom’ Abuse He Faced For Speaking Against ‘Marxist’ BLM

by Oliver JJ Lane for ?Breitbart, Europe

BOLTON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17: Education spokesman David Kurten AM, addresses party members during the UKIP Annual Spring Conference at the Macron Stadium on February 17, 2017 in Bolton, England. The annual conference comes ahead of crucial by-elections for the party in Stoke-On-Trent and Copeland. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

A UK politician has accused BLM supporters of racially abusing him after he pointed out the group’s radical hard-left political ambitions.

London Assembly member David Kurten, who shot to prominence in recent years for repeatedly holding mayor Sadiq Khan to account in debates in the city hall chamber, spoke to Breitbart London on Tuesday about the abuse thrown his way after he spoke out against the radical left-wing agenda behind BLM.

The alleged attacks were revealed Tuesday morning when Mr Kurten wrote of the irony of BLM supporters racially abusing a BAME [UK demographic term for ‘Black, Asian and minority ethnic’] man for not sharing their political views. Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter Kurten, who describes himself as mixed race “with a Jamaican father and an English mother”, wrote: “Over the last month I’ve been called a coon, an Uncle Tom, a house [n****r], a house boy and a ‘white man’ by BLM supporters, because I don’t agree with their Marxist aims, and their violence and vandalism. So who’s racist?”.

Breitbart London has seen tweets directed at Mr Kurten using such racially charged language. Mr Kurten said tweets calling him a “[n****r]” had since been deleted by Twitter … Continue reading >>>


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Russia Today the only obstacle to God King Obama’s Global Empirea

Ian will not be posting for a few days (family business) and with the end of in sight he has finally got round to changing his password so us Daily Stirrer contributors can’t post on his name – Xavier Connolly

Extracted from an article by Andre Vltchek published at Information Clearing House
(you’ll have to scroll down a way to reach this section)

Perhaps the greatest living European filmmaker, Emir Kusturica, recently wrote, sarcastically, that: “World War III will start with Pentagon bombing of RT”, referring to the powerful television network “Russia Today”. RT commented:

“RT is a real threat to US state propaganda as it reaches Americans “in their own homes, in perfect English, better than they use on CNN.” And that is why, according to the director, Washington could get fed up and seek to silence RT by force – much like NATO did to Serbian state TV in April 1999.

In turn, Kusturica predicts, Moscow would destroy CNN, which he considers the flag-bearer of pro-American propaganda: “CNN in direct transmissions assures that since the 1990s America has been leading humanitarian actions, and not wars, and that its military planes rain angels, not bombs!””

Although some of the greatest thinkers confronting the Empire – Saramago, Galeano and Pinter – have recently passed away, there are still many of those who are managing to escape indoctrination. Some are regrouping around new non-Western television networks like TeleSUR, RT and PressTV.

It is like Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, all over again. Some people, stubbornly, refuse to burn their books.

Even in the West, some powerful media outlets – CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, ICH, VNN, Global Research, and others – are holding the line. They are not yet winning, far from it, but they are not dying, either!

As long as the independent thought is alive, not everything is lost.

“I rebel; therefore we exist”, wrote French philosopher Albert Camus. He also added: “The feeling of rebellion is born in oppression”.

The Empire denies that it oppresses the world. It indoctrinates both oppressors and the oppressed, re-defining, in fact “re-branding” oppression as freedom.

Those of us, who are managing to escape its indoctrination, are now rebelling. Therefore – humanity still exists.

Foreign Nurses Flee Lancashire

Ayup, yon nesh foreign buggers ist bahn fer’t gua whum acause um’s not unnerstan t’local lingo. We’st’nt be mithered abaht it, uz’ll ‘ave more pies fer uzsel’s nah.

Ah’ll sithi at chip shop.

Meat Pies – Lancashire Penicillin (Image source)

Foreign nurses hired by East Lancashire Hospital Trust are quitting the NHS because the north is nothing like London (FUCK ME, ISN’T IT? I HAVE NEVER NOTICED). A quarter of recent recruits have left, in part as they are unable to understand the regional accent.

Christine Pearson, the chief nurse for the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, told a recent board meeting that the new recruits were under the misapprehension that they would be moving to London, the Telegraph has reported.

(Yeah, London, Blackburn, Burnley, accrington, Clitheroe, Barnoldswick, they all sound so similar its an easy mistake to make)

“When they came to England they felt they were coming to maybe London, so that was one of the issues we had to work on,” she told colleagues, adding “I had a patient say to me ‘you’re not from round here’, so even if you live 25 miles down the road in Manchester such as me, you’ll always have language barriers.

(I get the same and not only was I born in Manchester, 25 miles down the road, I have lived in East Lancs for over thirty years. Perhaps it was the years I spent in Shropshire when young that confuses them. can’t possibly be the fact that I went to a posh school and picked up standard grammnar can it?)

The trust has been forced to give language and pronunciation lessons to the new recruits to help them better understand the local dialect. Words like “blood” and “bath” were causing problems for foreign nurses more used to hearing southern British accents.

(Yeah well ‘blahd’ and ‘baaaarth’ aren’t in any dictionary, not our fault Londeoners can’t speak English)

The course, introduced last June, also familiarised the recruits with local phrases such as “I’m starved”, which means “I’m cold” in Lancashire, and “am a get”, as well as more common colloquialisms such as “make us a brew”.

(No wonder these people are confused. It’s ‘I’m a gate’ which puzzled me for years until I worked out the homonym, ‘I’m a gait’ – I’m going)

But 23 year old Italian nurse Greta Veneruz, who had moved to Blackburn, said: “We learnt English like how people speak in London and when we came here it didn’t sound the same.”

(As I said, Londoners don’t talk proper like wot we do)

The Royal Blackburn and Burnley General hospitals, both of which are run by the East Lancashire Trust, have between them recruited more than 40 nurses from mainland Europe in the last year. Most are from Italy, but a number have also arrived from Romania and Portugal.

The Truth – Labour Privatized The NHS between 1997 and 2010, Now Their Toxic Policies Are Bankrupting It
In the run up to the 2015 UK General Election, and without doubt beyond, one of the great political controversies will focus on the future of the national Health Service (NHS). While most voters consider The Conservatives to be the party of private profit and thus consider Labour a better choice to look after the NHS, Labour has in fact done more, and more damagingly, to privatize health services.

Labour’s NHS Privatization By Stealth PFI Deals Are Killing Hospital Patients
It is really gobsmacking to see every day, Labour supporters blaiming the Conservatives and Lib Dems for the NHS cisis and accusing UKIP of wanting to privatize the NHS,, when in reality UKIP, the only party whose leaders have real world business experience, are the only party that can or even wish to save the NHS. Get wise to LabLibCon corporate piracy.

Cumberbatch To Star In Dickens Adaptation

Cumberbatch in rehearsal for his next major role (Source)

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has issued a creepy, grovelling apology after describing black people as ‘colored’ on US television, saying he is ‘an idiot’ and is ‘devastated to have caused offense’.

The 38-year-old Sherlock star was widely condemned after using the racial term during a debate on the lack of diversity on British screens on the PBS talk show Tavis Smiley last Wednesday.

But on Monday night, he issued an apology for his ‘incorrect’ and ‘offensive’ use of the phrase, saying: ‘I’m devastated to have caused offense by using this outmoded terminology.

‘I offer my sincere apologies. I make no excuse for my being an idiot and know the damage is done.

What a spineless creep.If he’s had any balls he would have told his critics to fuck off. What we have to remember is there’s not a single word in the English dictionary that African Americans cannot find racially offensive when it is spoken by a person of European descent.

But let’s get something straight. Ever since men first stood erect in Africa or central Asia or Indonesia, no human being has ever been black. And in that period no human being have ever been white either.

Now if African Americans would kindly make up their minds how they want us to refer to them and agree to stick with it for a respectable period of time, we can get on with important things, like organising a new version of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield and casting that arse licking creep Cumberbatch as Uriah Heep.

Will Manchester follow Scotland in demanding independence?

Manchester Town Hall

      Manchester Town Hall – as impressive as Westminster and is probably occupied by as many fuckwits
                                                                            (picture source)

It had to happen of course although I’m a tad surprised it wasn’t either Liverpool, Geordieland or the already semi – independent Peoples Republic Of South Yorkshire that became the first region to demand independence from the UK.

So far this blog has been silent on the Scottish referendum, none of us has a vote and we’re sure the Scots will not welcome our advice. We have in the past however expressed support for a version of devolution by blogging that the only real way to save the UK is for the rest of the country, the English regions, Scotland, Wales, Ulser and Kernow tojoin together and kick London out of Great Britain.

Don’t get me wrong, I love London. It’s bloody expensive though. You can buy a terraced house in Burnley for the price of a bagel in Chelsea.

The Manchester Evening News however has taken a different line and suggested Manchester can go it alone. feasible I suppose, I mean, what did Northamptonshire do for us? London forces up house prices in the rest of the country (except Burnley), Shropshire is … well it’s just there isn’t it, we don’t need it. Those celebrity cleaning ladies Aggie and Maggie or whatever would definitely say Shropshire is unnecessary clutter which should be binned and the all rest does not contribute much.

from The Manchester Evening News

As Scotland prepares to go to the polls, five separate reports have backed Greater Manchester breaking free from many of the strictures of Whitehall.

Greater Manchester’s economy is bigger than that of both Wales and Northern Ireland – and Manchester is the fastest growing city in the country.

More and more experts are now asking if it is now time for an independent Manchester.

As Scotland prepares to go to the polls, five separate reports have backed Greater Manchester breaking free from many of the strictures of Whitehall.

Phillip Blond, a key adviser to the Prime Minister, will step up that pressure next week.

He will say Manchester must be allowed control of ALL its public spending – from welfare to education, health to social care.

Whitehall doles out nearly three quarters of public cash in this country, yet Germany’s ministers control just a fifth of theirs. Why does London think it knows the affairs of Manchester so well – when Berlin reckons Munich or Frankfurt can decide for themselves?

The Cities Growth Commission, headed by Gatley-born economist Jim O’Neill, put it bluntly in its latest report earlier this week: London is holding Manchester back.

[ Read all ]

Can’t say I agree entirely, we’re not parochial at Boggart Blog so I’d keep Lancashire and the Lake District as it would be a pain in the arse having to go through passport control when I go to see my Dear Old Mum in Morecambe or my bother in Kendal. Otherwise it looks like a great idea.

As for the economy, well if we admit Lancashire to the republic there’s shitloads of oil under the Irish Sea in what would be our territorial waters although we might have to go to war with The Isle Of Man to secure our claim. And of course, we already export Uncle Joe’s Mintballs and Poole’s Pies to the world.

The Importance Of Punctuation

We encounter two kins of grammar cops on the web, the grammar brownshirts who will jump on any minor error and try to claim it invalidates your entire post or comment and proclaim to the world (though sane person actually cares) that single aberrent apostrophe’s(!) in otherwise perfectly punctuated pieces reveal the writer as an ineducable, knuckle dragging oaf.

To those who pick up my trivial errors I usually reply, “Fuck the fucking fuck off,” and then warn them that before they start pontificating about my profanity showing I am inarticulate to bear in mind the line is not only gramatically and syntactically correct, it is a perfect trochaic triameter and therefore qualifies as poetry. That usually shuts ’em right up.

The other kind are the progressives who say that punctuation does not matter and will call writers out for too precise grammar and punctuation which, they claim, makes the writer appear pompous and condescending. These are a weird lot and most of them seem to be left wing schoolteachers.

A few days ago our friends from the neo – fascist left were holding a two minutes hate session to celebrate the removal of Michael Gove MP from his job as Education Secretary. The teaching profession, displaying the kind of groupthink that can only be brought on by a diet of propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, hated Gove with the kind of passion that should be reserved for reunions with long – absent lovers.

Why? Who knows, but maybe it was because Gove looked at the salaries teacher pick up and thought, “Time these CHIMPS* got some work done.”

Or maybe it was just that Gove was trying to reintroduce the idea of learning basic arithmetic and English grammar and comprehension into the curriculum which would mean spending less class time on things like multiculturalism, history of feminism, race awareness and gay rights studies. After all none of those are any use if you can’t read, write or solve simple calculations.

But with an estimated 20% of secondary school leavers officially illiterate and innumerate maybe Gove had a point. As is illustrated by this Tweet from a professional journalist at Associated Press

BREAKING: Dutch military plane carrying bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash lands in Eindhoven.

See if you can punctuate or rearrange the sentence so it reads the way it is meant to.

*CHIMPS: Completely Hopeless In Most Practical Situations

Once again the left are offended on behalf of people who aren’t offended

Picture Source: farm6 – flickr

Folk dances that involve ‘blacking-up’ are an English tradition and should not be regarded as racist, a Labour candidate for Parliament has insisted.

Will Straw, (son of a famous Labour figure) is the candidate in the marginal seat of Rossendale and Darwen, where he is already popular with local voters. young Will is looking a safe bet too keep the Straw familiy in Parilament when his Dad steps down as MP for Blackburn in 2015. In fact the biggest threat to Will is not from the Conservative, Lib Dem and UKIP candidates who will oppose him but from people trendy left wing elitist twats who have never been outside the M25 or north of Watford but are absolutely certain they know far more about the Lancashire Constituency than:

a) People who have lived in it all their lives
b) Veteran Labour MPs who served a neighbouring constituency for 30 years
c) Indian, Pakistani, Bangla Deshi and Caribbean migrants who have made their homes in the area.

Like many areas of England, Scotland and Wales, Lancashire has its own quaint, silly traditions which have gone on for years without bothering anybody. One of these, the Bacup Coconut Dance takes place in the Rossendale and Darwen Constituency and Will Straw thinks it is all good fun. He was criticised this weekend for saying so, after posting an image of himself on Twitter with the Britannia Coconut Dancers of Bacup, a 150-year-old troupe of Lancastrian clog dancers who perform every Easter.

Smug left wing twats who have elected themselves as politicaly correct guardians left wing morality are up in arms, they claim it is offensive and racist for rural English dancers to blacken their faces and that such celebrations show ignorance of history. Well fine, if you are one of those ignorant left wing morons who believes the bollocks written about the slave trade. There was never any slave trade in the Lancashire Mill Towns. Liverpool and before it Lancaster have been branded “slave ports” but that again is an idiotic misrepresentation by leftie activists expressing their hatred of their own race and culture.

Slaves went direct from Africa to the market places of the Americas, cotton, tobacco and other stuff came back to ports like Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol and from there cargoes of … Tyne coal,
Road-rails, pig-lead, Firewood, iron-ware, and cheap tin trays (h/t Cargoes by John Masefield)went to the traders in Africa, although I suspect axes, knives and guns were more popular that Tyne coal, road rails and pig lead.

While critics claim the Coconutters dance is offensive, because blacking up has often been used by white performers to parody black people and culture, members of the Black and Asian communities (apart from a few troublemakers) are totally relaxed about it, just as they are about the nativity tableaux displayed in town centres every Christmas, which always prompt wailing and gnashing of teeth from lefties determined to be offended on behalf of somebody.

The problem of the left of course is so many of them are emotional cripples who need to be seen to “care” and thus end up offending the people they claim to care about.

Read more about Will Straw and the Coconutters

Council To Ban Words From Street Names

Mid Devon Council made the news last week when officers announced the district would ban apostrophes from street names.

“Them’s slippery little buggers they hopostrophe’s and nobody know’s what theys for anyway,” a council press officer told the media.

The council provoked controversy last week when the policy to ban apostrophes was revealed.

The proposed naming and numbering policy document states streets should not be given names “that may be considered or construed as obscene or racist”, while those “that may be open to re-interpretation by graffiti or shortening of the name shall be avoided”.

It adds: “In order to avoid causing offence either by inclusion or exclusion, no street shall be named after any living person. I suppose that means dear old Councillor Eric Hunt can forget having a street named after him as can Alderman Winnig Gerson.

“All punctuation, including apostrophes, shall be avoided because it is elitist,” the council officer added.

The council have now taken their policy a step further by saying they will ban all words from street names.

The same council officer explained, “It is a logical move because we has a lot of chavs living here and using words in street names gives the himpression that the council thinks it is hacceptable to discriminate hagainst people with learning difficulties.

Podium and Medal Tipped to Gold

oooh the Olypics are here. Watched a few of the swimming heats this morning, then I’ve watched the end of the cycling road race, but unfortunately no podium finish for the Brits.

But that does lead me to something I heard on the radio the other day, which surely deserves the gold medal for mangling the English language.

Now we all know in corporate speak they are fond of making verbs out of nouns, but this has got to take the cake.

Or I should probably say … cake it.

A spokeswoman for Team GB, who shall remain nameless lest she be summarily executed by the massed disgusteds of Tunbridge Wells, gave us these immortal words,

“Everyone in the team wants to medal …. they are all hoping to podium…”

And her tongue was nowhere near her cheek!

Just had to keyboard that for you all 🙂

Danny Boyle: Irish folk song

Myself Will Not Be Blogging About The Apprentice This Year.

It isn’t because the current series of The Apprentice has failed to produce any prize dickheads of the calibre of ‘Exactly what it says on the box’ Jim, the imbecilic One-Trick-Pony Baggs the Brand or the nice Jewish boy who didn’t know the diffrence between halal and kosher that I have not been inspired to blog about it.

This year’s crop of wannabes may be lacking distinct personalities that could help find humour in their incompetence but that is not the reason they have been getting on myself’s tits. See if yourself can guess what it is that irritates myself about themselves.

It is the same reason that reduced myself to such spluttering incoherent rage that having scribbled a rough draft of this post on Thursday morning myself could not find the will to post it until today.

Why have these morons who sit opposite Alan Sugar each week decided that it is perfectly acceptable grammatically to replace fisrt, second and third person pronouns, me, you, they or them, with the ugly and incorrect reflexive form myself / ourselves, yourself, himself/theirselves. What exactly is it supposed to be? A pronominal adjectice, a quasi-noun meaning my actual, real, true self actually? Do theirselves not realise it makes themselves sound like morons?

This abuse of the English language isn’t a new thing of course. In the past the form was used by smarmy salesmen, graduates of the Uriah Heap school of marketing, to make pottenial customers feel important, as a more intensive form of a pronoun maybe. “He may be a vlued costomer but yourself is much more important to us.” Geddit? No? Well neither do I but it’s feasible.

“If yourselves would favour us with an order we will endeavour to ensure your needs are met promptly and efficientl.” or “Securing your business would mean a great deal to ourselves,”

Even then it was only used sparingly as a totally redundant extra layer of schmooze.

When used sparingly it is irritating, when semi educated little oiks sit waving their degrees in “business management with Klingon studies” from the University of Usedtobeapoly and fondly imagining that torturing English grammar makes them sound intelligent, I want to reach into the television and strangle themselves.