MK Ultra – The Re-education of Lauryn Hill

More evidence of the Hollywood mindfuck industry that yesterday saw Annie Lennox and last week Sinead O’Connor slamming the convergence of pop music with pornography that is turning performers (!) like Miley Cyrus and Rhianna into camera fuckers.

Lauryn Hill Ordered by the Court to Undergo ‘Counseling’ Due to her ‘Conspiracy Theories’

‘The name of Lauryn Hill’s breakout album was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill but it now appears that the powers that be would like her to record a new album called The Re-Education of Lauryn Hill. After appearing in court for tax evasion, Hill was sentenced to three months in jail PLUS she must attend “counseling” due to her “conspiracy theories”.

According to the IBTimes, Hill told the court: “I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them. I had an economic system imposed on me.” Furthermore, Hill also believes that artists are being oppressed by (what the article calls) “a plot involving the military and media”. Because of these statements, Hill was ordered to undergo “counseling”, which is a way of saying that she is mentally ill and that she needs some sort of re-programming session regain “sanity”.’

Read more: Lauryn Hill Ordered by the Court to Undergo ‘Counseling’ Due to her ‘Conspiracy Theories’

And now you have read this blog post and watched the video, check out some of the links below. I guarantee that if you are not brain dead you will be much more selective in your entertainment choices in future.


Corruption Of The Music Industry
Have you ever wondered where it all went wrong for the music industry, how popular music became dominated by the tribalism, misogyny, violence and hate of gangsta rap, hip hop, drum and bass and all the other sub genres? You will find out below …

Lauryn Hill’s Real Crime? She Broadcast A Conspiracy Theory
Award winning singer Lauryn Hill was officially sent to prison for non payment of tax. But what was her real crime? At her sentencing hearing the judge ordered that she undergo psychological counselling because she repeated a “Coinspiracy Theory” in posting on her blog that the music industry suppresses real talent.

Jacob Rothschild Says Putin “A Traitor To The New World Order”

Jacob Rothschild, patriarch of the megarich banking family, and a leading proponent of the drive to create a global authoritarian government made up of people drawn from the corporate and financial elite, has accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of being a “traitor to the New World Order”. Evidence we have suggests the elitist conspiracy sees Russia as an obstacle that must be removed before its plan for a global government can be completed

Slaves To The Machine
Some say technology is the new magic and are willing to believe every new gadget launched improves beyond recognition the lives of those who own one. Others say we are becoming slaves to our machines and losing the ability to think for ourselves…

When Insiders Expose The Ugly Side Of The Entertainment Industry
“Selling one’s soul” can be defined as allowing one’s integrity, values and moral code to be defiled in order to obtain riches and success. Considering the occult aspect of the industry, “selling one’s soul” can take a more literal meaning, as there exist actual ritualistic initiations and obscure secret societies working …

The Illuminati Of The Music Industry – Talk by Mark Devlin, You Tube

New World Order Media Organizations Demand Freedom To Use Drones In Spite Of Big Brother Fears.
Why do news media need to use military drones for news gathering? Is it just a collaboration betwen Corporte Power and global agenda politics to keep us all under constand surveillance? Be afraid, be very afraid – but not too afraid to join the fightback, they can’t put us all in prison …

Microsoft Want To Spy On Your Family
The new Microsoft X Box Kinect version will not work unless it is connected to a live broadband connection so that its built in cameras, sensors andu microphones can gather data in your home and relay in back to a control centre who knows where. Are you still sure technology is as harmless and life enhancing as we’ve been told?

Your 1984 Telescreen is now available

OK, it’s a tad late, but as it is a Microsoft promotion who cares? Soon every home will have one of these sitting on top of the TV. And you will be happy to have microsoft spying on you and your family even when the kids are at a sleepover and you and the other half are getting a bit of rumpy – pumpy on the sofa.

Because having all those spotty little nerds watching your action as they chomp pizza with six extra toppings and swill it down with diet coke is all about keeping you and your safe, right? And Pigs will fly.

Zey haff vays of making you konform.

1984 telescreen

Here’s a snippet from “Government Slaves” website:

‘According to recent Nielsen statistics 56% of the households in the US own a video game console. Unbeknownst to many Americans this can be an open invitation to let big brother into your house.

Disguised as a video game add-on, Microsoft’s Kinect is the all seeing eye that sits on top of your TV watching your every move, listening to every conversation and even monitoring vital health information.

Now imagine if the Government went door to door and wanted to put a black box on top of your TV (and I’m not talking about your cable box) that did the same things, hopefully you would tell them hell no and immediately get out of your house.

But since the Kinect is disguised as entertainment most people will gladly accept it.’

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Are People Really That Stupid? It Would Appear So.

Waiting for a bus at Silverstone on Saturday evening when the heavens opened. All day we had enjoyed the beautiful warm sunshine and so were dressed in shorts and tee shirts. The bus arrived through the deluge. Thirty or forty people waiting to get on.

So what do the people at the front of the queue do?

Pile onto the bus and move along to the back or upstairs to let those outside on and out of the rain?


Take up the seats nearest to the entrance, carefully removing their backpacks while blocking the aisle as the waters rose around our ankles as we waited.

Then they started saying there was no room.

My three burly friends and I barged our way on and up the stairs – to a completely empty top deck.

All muttering “FUCKWITS” as we climbed.

On a similar note I was always bemused by the people who thought Rik Mayall’s Kevin Turvey was real.

“He reminds me of Rik Mayall”, one person, obviously lacking a sense of humour, said.

“That’s because it is Rik Mayall”, I explained, but poor old Derek wouldn’t believe me or any of our friends who tried to convince him.

Likewise many people fail to recognize Steve Coogan’s grotesque creation of Alan Partridge as just that.

Which means it should have come as no surprise to learn that the Beeb have received complaints from some viewers regarding Clarkson and Co’s hover-van exploits when they learned that it was staged and the group of people drenched whilst sitting on a pub decking were in fact actors.

In the words of Snoopy,


Is Yoga Addictive?

OMG. The former self confessed sex addict and sometime comic, Russell Brand has announced that yoga is better than sex.

So now after conquering his addictions to drink, drugs and sex, no wonder he’s so thin, he’s gone and got himself hooked on yoga.

“I have 30 people doing it in my house,” he explained.

And added, “I had all the crew on my TV show doing yoga in the studio too.

He does it with young women but also names 50 year old Demi Moore, whom he ‘just sees at Yoga’.

The next thing you know he’ll be trawling the dark alleys looking for backstreet yoga dens.

Russell Brand and friends practicing the yoga ‘Corpse Pose’

How Times Change

A quickie as I have just found out I have an errand to run.

We were watching Dambusters lasr night and it came to the scene where the Wing Commander is told that his labby has been run over outside the gates and is dead.
Therre is a brief moment of silence then the Batman is instructed to bury the lab and W/C gets on with his job of destroying the dams where the water is used to help the German war effort.

Imagine what it would be like now!

The batman would arrive to tell the W/C that Brownie had been run over, W/C would be unable to stifle tears, flowers would be laid at the site of the incident, Brownie’s lead would be framed whilst Brownie itself would be either freeze dried and stuffed or turned into a gem. W/C would be overcome with grief, the dams wouldn’t get bombed, Germany would win the war and we’d all be under the control of Angela Merkel… oh hang on a minute….

No Nude Pictures, Please, We’re Over It

Prince Harry, caught naked after enjoying several beers and a game of strip billiards, you say? The horror! (you can play strip anything if you put your mind to it)

Oh, hang on, there really is a debate happening in the national media about whether British newspapers should print said pictures or not. Of course, they would have done so without thinking twice about it, had it not been for that pesky Leveson Enquiry.

I don’t think he should be shot for it. I don’t think this means he has serious issues spanning from the death of his mother/pressure of being a royal/probably not going to be King. Getting pissed and getting naked is not really what I would consider unusual behaviour, and not even something that’s developed in recent years as people are apparently binge drinking more, and all the other dangers of modern living listed in social behaviour studies. I’m pretty sure boys at my primary school ran around with their trousers down at various play times. Unless they were putting brandy in the milk, I’m pretty sure that was just good old fashioned exhibitionism. Students in Sheffield used to partake in something called Pyjama Jump every November where ladies went out in men’s pyjamas, and men dressed in ladies skimpy nighties/underwear. This was banned in 1997 after several incidents with hypothermia – a health and safety issue rather than a public decency issue.

Does anybody actually want to see Prince Harry naked? I don’t want to sound like a prude here, but there is so much nudity available at every turn these days, I wouldn’t even call it news. Facebook, Twitter, celeb/gossip mags, tabloids, countless documentaries of Magaluff/Ayia Napa/Ibiza uncovered with drunk, naked Brits in every scene; you can’t move for arse and boobs.

If I had a quid for every time I’ve had a naked crowd surfer above my head, I’d probably get drunk and play strip billiards.

A Year Is A LOng Time In F1

Cast your mind back twelve months and note how things change. Last year we were bathed in sunshine whilst the Canadian GP start was delayed for several hours due to torrential rain. Jensen Button had problems in the pits but came through from last to overtake a spinning Seb Vettel on the final lap and take the chequered flag.

And this year? Europe is experiencing deluges of biblical proportions, the men’s final in Paris having to be finished off today, whilst several other sporting events have been delayed, postponed, or abandoned.

But in Canada it was beautiful. Jensen Button also suffered a reverse in his fortunes, not exactly starting from pole but finishing way down near the back of the grid. What a shame he seems to be so unflappable, a prize opportunity for a major strop having passed him by….

Last year Lewis Hamilton was showing how a strop should be done, seeking out Christian Horner to see if there was any chance of a seat in this year’s car. He was politely turned down and I should think he’s quite glad now, Red Bull are no longer the dominant force they were last year and Lewis claimed his first victory of the season, emerging from his second stop almost 10 seconds behind the one stopping leaders, but sailing majestically past them as their tyres began to fade.

Felipe Massa started well but then slipped down the field and Schumi recorded yet another DNF, despite his mechanics using the highly technical measure of bashing his rear wing with their fists in an effort to free his jammed DRS. I used to work for a chap whose favoured course of action when faced with anything mechanical was to hit it with a hammer. If he wasn’t dead I’d be thinking he’d got a new job working for Mercedes.

Grosjean hauled his Lotus into second place and I can’t see it being long before one or other of their drivers takes the chequered flag, and Sergio Perez had another excellent drive to take third, both of these drivers passing Vettel and Alonso in the closing laps.

All in all a good race with plenty of action, which is more than can be said for Monaco where the most exciting thing to happen was Martin Brundle being bundled into the swimming pool of the Red Bull yacht by Christian Horner as he interviewed race winner Mark Webber…