Vandalism versus Bacon

“The support shown by the ruling elites for the Islamisation of the west is more apparent in the unequal application of law, with far harsher sentences being handed out to Christian, Humanist or other persuasions than are imposed om Muslims for similar crimes.

Mainstream media are complicit in this of course, playing down the imbalance between criminality rates in various minority communities. As Marcus Tullius Cicero said over 2000 years ago, “Ever since our ancestors came out of the hills and forests to live as civilized men, it has been understood there can only be one law and it must apply equally to all.”

If we lose sight of that principle of equality before the law in an orgy of left wing virtue signalling, we have lost everything.

posted by Xavier Connolly:

UK: Muslim gets 1-year “community order” for “appalling damage” of church, non-Muslim got prison for bacon at mosque

By For the bacon at the mosque story and another example of how British “justice” favors Muslims and Islam today, see here. It is clear that Muslims in shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain today are a protected class, encouraged and enabled in all manner of ways by the government. And it is also clear what will be the result of that fact. As a free society, Britain is finished.

“Teenager sentenced for ‘mindless vandalism’ that desecrated church,” by Jenny Loweth, Telegraph & Argus, October 15, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A teenager who was warned by a judge that he was at risk of going to custody for his part in “mindless vandalism” that desecrated a church has been sentenced to a 12-month community order.

Muhammed Mughal, 18, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to criminal damage at All Saints Church, Highfield Lane, Keighley, on December 3 last year.

Mughal, of Cliffe Street, Keighley, was one of a group of youths who did £200 damage to the church, prosecutor Philip Adams told Bradford Crown Court.

They got into the building through an insecure fire door and committed “mindless vandalism.”



SWEDISH POLICE arrest, harass, intimidate Swedish professor for publicly exposing the horrific crimes of Muslim migrants and criticizing radical left wing Muslim sympathizer on Twitter

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Transgender bullying is scaring respectable old organisations into silence

For years Katie Alcock had helped that pillar of middle class Britain, The Guide movemeny run Brownie and Girl Guide groups in her hometown, Lancaster. Then suddenly she was fired. The reason given in a statement by Girlguiding
(the trendy new name for the modern, gender – fluid Girl Guides was that Dr. Alcock,who in her day job in a lecturer and researcher in developmental psychology at Lancaster University, was she had violated its policies on equality and diversity.

Her offence was to suggest that science is correct and fashionable virtue signalling wrong, that people born male who simply say they must be accepted as real women because they feel female inside, should not automatically be welcomed by a female-only organisation and, for instance, share tents or bathrooms with adolescent girls. Remember, these biologically male women need not have surgically reconfigured genitals, we are required to accept that chicks-with-dicks are not likely to behave any differently in communal showers that girls who are born girls.

In any other context, Alcock’s views would be seen as plain old fashioned common sense. But when it comes to transgenderism, common sense has been thrown out of the window. Read her account of the incident HERE

Organisations like Girlguiding must now have policies safeguarding the rights of transgendered girls in interactions with real girls. We all know adolescent girls can be absolute bitches and capable of being unspeakably cruel if, for example, the new girl has to get her dick out while on a camping trip, and that those whose male anatomy gives them the potential to be a threat to those girls cannot be trusted in one on one situations (adolescent boys are notirious for misreading signals, cn we reasonably expect adolescent chicks-with-dicks to behave differently. In a sane world, Girlguiding would stand squarely behind Alcock.

So why, when the interests of transgender people are invoked, does Girlguiding operate a different standard? Why not organise joint camping trips with the scouts and arrange acommodation so boys and girls share tents and shower facilities in the name of diversity?

Girlguiding is not alone in this insanity however. Universities, local councils, the BBC, and charities are among organisations where women and who question badly thought out, scientifically incorrect, politically correct policies intended to promote transgender equality fear to express their opinions because to question the extreme left line would be career suicide.

A common concern is that measures intended to protect people born male who now identify as women or vice versa will have consequences for services and opportunities previously reserved for people born with biologically female bodies. Because there is no getting away from the science, women and men are physically different. We have already seen evidence of this unfairness to biological women in sport, where transgenderd weight lifters with typically male upper body strength (and typically male wedding tackle,) have anihilated the competition in womens’ events.

The question of toilets comes up with depressing frequency in this debate too. Many organisations are introducing “gender neutral” bathrooms, or designating women’s toilets as “gender neutral” to spare transgender people the awkward choice of risking ridicule by use the facility that aligns with their physical sex or their professed gender or a kneee in the bollocks by using the womens’ facilities.

It is all being done in the name of transgender ‘rights. ‘But what about women who aren’t happy sharing such private spaces with biological males? Or who worry that opening facilities and services formerly reserved for women to male-born transwomen (who are not surgically altered or even receiving hormone therapy is unfair on women who, according to feminist orthodoxy, have faced a lifetime of social and economic sexism? What about their rights. Where is the fairness in stripping a group of their right to the privacy of gender – segregated facilities in order to grant a small but completely unreasonable minority the privileges they demand.

There has already been a case in Britain of a convict who in his male persona was a convicted rapist, successfully convincing the authorities that he ‘felt he was a woman’ to obtain a transfer to a women only prison, where within a few months he was arrested and sent for trial on several counts of rape and sexual assault against female inmates.

And then there is Canadian the case of Jessica Yaniv, who has sued several beauty therapists to financial ruin because they refused to give her a bikini line was on her female cock and big, hairy ball sack.

Oxford Academics Turn On Gay BLT Propagandists For Pushing Unscientific Claims
Equality Institute: Don’t Say ‘Pregnant Women’ as ‘People of All Genders Can Fall Pregnant’
Far-Left Group Successfully ‘Bullies’ Newspapers Over Migrant, Transgender Stories>/a>
Sex Ed: Pupils To Be Taught Boys Can Have Periods Too
Oxford University transgenger row
Transgendered Ladies First
<a href=" Daily Stirrer – August 2019

Britain’s Racist Future:Labour Set To Throw Selection On Merit Out The Window

Some of the Labour elite are self indulgent guilt addicts, some get a buzz out of power, others are patronising and condescending, believing their posturing to show they are finer human beings than the mass who work to make a good life for themselves and their families. But the thing they have in common is they are all only interested in being SEEN to be good, caring socialists.

Like the religious hypocrites of the past who paraded their piety in public while indulging petty jealousies and grudges and playing bourgeois status games in private, these new puritans have no principles, they are simply point scoring within their social group.

Which explains Labour’s latest policy initiative and exposes all that hot air about fairness and equality as mere posturing by pathetically needy emotional cripples intent only on seeking peer group approval. Do you really think we should be ruled by a party that will only represent the interests of the professions (lawyers, doctors, senior civil servants, academics and media luvvies) and minorities (BAEM, Gay BLT, Muslims and people who have mental illness)?

Because that is where Labour are heading with a new plan that will see the party throw out of the window the principle of selecting candidates on the grounds of merit. In the run up to the election a series of policies will be launched in a manifesto designed solely for minorities.

According to a report in The Daily Express (which we have verified through Labopur sources (site owner and web expert Ian is expecting men in black to knock on the door any minute) the party will introduce new ‘diversity quotas’ for the Civil Service, company boards and the judiciary as part of a new black and ethnic minority (BAEM) manifesto.

Part of the document, authored by Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan, claims under a Labour government youth unemployment will be devolved to local authorities to help support young BAEM jobless. A bigoted racist, Khan would also like to see Black and Ethnic Minority and all-women short lists for Westminster constituencies if this May’s election does not return a significant number of women and minorities as MPs.

The MP for Tooting, who is a close ally of Ed Miliband, said he also wants to reform the Civil Service and see “root and branch reform” of the judiciary and the way judges are appointed. In other words only BAEMs, gays and women will be getting jobs in the civil service, education and the judicial system as well as Parliament.

Khan said “nothing is off the table” when it came to eradicating “inequalities” within society. It is part of a strategy to retain the vote of black and ethnic minority voters who could swing key constituencies: Statistics released ahead of the General Election reveal that in 168 marginal seats the ethnic minority vote was bigger than the majority of the sitting MP.

Justifying himself by saying “I am the son of a bus driver. I want working class children to aim for the stars to become journalists and photographers, or whatever they want to be, because in the long run it is not a zero sum game and will benefit us all.”

Apparently Mr. Khan’s father was an exemplary bus driver, what a pity the son is such and utterly shite politician. but it is time the majority in the country sens a message to twunts like him; “The quality of a man cannot be measured by the darkness of his skin and when a Member of Parliament spouts such odious racist drivel and his own party do not throw him out (as UKIP have thrown out members who expressed far less extreme views) they are not fit to sit in Parliament, let alone govern.

Other racist measures expected to feature in the left-wing document are targets for the number of women and ethnic minorities on company boards – something the European Union has been keen to set down in legislation, but which has been a disaster in the Scandinavian nations where such laws have been introduced, with many directorships unfilled because women are not interested or being filled by politically motivated females who are completely unqualified for the job.

So its up to you, what kind of country do you want to live in, a civilised western democracy or the kind of third world shit hole Labour’s Maoist loonies would turn Britain into. If you can’t see anything wrong with a Maoist government, read the history of Chinese communism under the leadership of Chairman Mao Tse Tung.


The Great Recovery Illusion
An audience member was quickly on his feet to point out that the figure was misleading as people in zero hours contracts and part time jobs are classed as ‘in work’ to get them off the statistics. The young man could also have reminded the programmes studio and television audience that people who are out of work for two years are reclassified as ‘not economically active’ and removed from the unemployment register. Even if these people would love to work and …

Corporate Capitalism Has Replaced Democracy In Western Nations.
Ed Miliband Sounds Like A ‘Public Schoolboy’ Says Traditional Labour Voter.
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Has ‘Hampstead Socialism’ Lost Labour The Working Class Vote
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Miliband Promises Same Old Shite – Not A Word About Action Against Paedophile Sex Gangs
Rotherham child sex abuse scandal: More victims identifies, more cover ups exposed.
The Immigration Problem
UK Government Report Confirms Huge Abuse of EU Free Movement Rules

Ve Haff Vay Of Making You Konform.

The Tide Is Turning against the Autoritarian Left

Ukip takes on free market corporatists:

Britain’s immigration debate gets interesting

Labour’s racist left comes out of the closet

Labour’s Immigration policy aims to create a one party state 

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Ve Haff Vay Of Making You Konform

mental illness

We have warned for years of what would happen if people did not assert themselves against the creeping fascism of Politically Correct thinkers.

“Oh but you can’t disagree with us, we love puppies and kittens and want them to be safe and we want all those little Dickensian orphans to have warm safe homes to live in,” they respond. And true, in an ideal world few people would object to such things.

Fast forward a little and it is, “But you can’t disagree with us, we want to take money of rich people and give it to poor people, and we want women and blacks and unemployable retards to have the same change of getting top jobs as people with top degrees from the best universities who have built a strong record in management so we need affirmative action.

And now the realists say, “Now hang on a minute, we can agree that a job should go to the best candidate regardless of race, sex or faith, but saying that minority status should be the main qualification is insane.”

To which the lefties respond: “Oh so you don’t like fairness, you want to push the disadvantaged deeper into poverty and further to the margins. We must have quotas to make sure everything is fair.

And so they go on, inching gradually closer to fascism but all the time justifying the erosion of individual freedom by taking about fairness and equality. The push to abolish free speech and the right to dissent is becoming quite blatant now. Here’s an example:

“While the current rash of anti-democratic measures largely targets non-citizens, mainly of Middle-Eastern descent, they constitute a fundamental attack on the basic rights of the entire population. These attacks will be extended to American citizens, especially those who oppose the government?s policies, sooner rather than later.?

So declared the World Socialist Web Site more than a dozen years ago, commenting on the passage of the United States Government Patriot Act and establishment of military tribunals by the Bush administration. The actions of the Obama administration, whose ?anti-terror? policies represent an escalation of the assault on democratic rights under Bush, fully vindicate this warning. Surprised to learn that Obama, the peacemaker and joybringer, they hopey -change man, super hero who was going to transform everything, who can feed the blind, heal the poor and maketh the sick to see, is carrying on the policies of the Bush Administration? More surprised that you were to find the UK’s Conservative led Coalition were carrying on the policies of Labour?

Shame on you if you are, you should have been reading Boggart Blog, we warned of what was coming and exposed the Shadow Government that truly rules no matter who wins elections. Well you can catch up with the leaders now, or you can join that gand of wiling, teeth gnashing, emotionally need inadquates who unable to cope with reality are heading for the wilderness, still deluding themselves victory is in their grasp.

Anyone who has read twentieth century political history knows of cours that socialism only ever leads to fascism, economic disaster and dystopian social decay. And yet the lefties, the control freaks, in government and down at street level, keep plugging the same failed ideas and the same authoritarian bullying tactics.

While the EU, fearing a wave of euroscepticism that could easily turn into a tsunami of nationalism, has backed off it’s latest batch of anto freedom regulations, the past month has brought the criminalization of political dissent in the United States to a new stage, with the May 5 conviction of 25-year-old Cecily McMillan for assaulting a policeman during the protests in New York City, and the April 25 sentencing of three anti-NATO protesters to long prison terms for taking part in discussions about violence initiated by two Chicago police infiltrators.

The circumstances of both cases are outrageous, with severe penalties being imposed on individuals who are not criminals, but political opponents of the policies of the Obama administration and corporate America, for which they have become victims of police violence and provocation. The cases involve people who took part in peaceful, legal protests in New York City and Chicago, only to be framed up and convicted on felony charges.

Redently I reblogged an article on how the psychiatry and psychology industries have gradually been widening the range of symptoms than can lead to diagnosis of mental illness until now we have reached as stage at which almost anything you do can prove you are mad. There is even a mental illness for which the symptoms are displaying individualistic or non conformist behaviour. It’s called ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) which means of course insisting on thinking for oneself.

With that in mind, read the following from and article on how Communists use psychiatry in the suppression of dissent at Freedom Outpost:

?Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose communist goals.?

This list of goals, as mentioned several times already, was entered into the (US) congressional record in 1963. In other words, congress knows these goals exist, and if you have ever taken the time to read them you would see that nearly all of these ?goals? have either been accomplished, or are in progress.

Today, many people on the left are living under the delusion that communism is a higher form of society. This belief is actually derived from Darwin?s theory of evolution, they believe that societies can ?evolve? and that communism is the highest, fairest economic system that can be aspired to. Capitalism, in the eyes of the left, is oppressive and creates class divisions and economic inequality. What those on the left fail to realize is that the communist actually uses and creates economic inequality to foment discontent in order to achieve communist objectives. This is best realized by studying the tactics of Saul Alinsky and watching Barrack Obama implement them.

Communism, on paper and in theory sounds good; however it is an impossible goal to reach as man is not capable of creating such a perfect system without God. Even Vladimir Lenin admitted that communism cannot be immediately achieved, and there would be a need for ‘psychological conditioning’?

Only if the proletariat is prepared to accept its responsibilities under the socialistic dictatorship of the proletariat and to use its power to develop the objective and psychological conditions essential to full communism will the highest stage of communism be ushered in.? (Vladimir Lenin)

Communists believed that their ideas were the absolute truth and that everyone should want to see a society in which total fairness and complete equality were being administered by an all-powerful state. Again, this belief derives from Darwin?s thesis that man is an accident and needs to be managed. Communism is atheistic in nature or the antithesis of God because the ideals of equality that Christians hold, as compared to those of communists are the exact opposite. Communists seek to create a world in which everyone is ?equal? (this means everyone is equally poor) and Christians believe God created us all with equal rights under natural law. Looking through this lens it?s easy to see why the communists had to achieve this goal first in order to get people to accept communism.

Continue reading at Freedom Outpost

Today’s publication of polls showing The Labour Party lead crumbling even against an incumbent government as unpopular at the coalition really shows how sick voters are of the arrogant, hypocritical, condescending attitude of the left. These intellectual snobs claim to care about the masses, but really they expect the masses to remain subservient and eternally grateful for patronage. Once the masses decline the role assigned to them, refuse to give a flying fuck about gay rights, demand immigration controls because they see mass immigration destroying communities, objecting to members of favoured minorities being given preferential treatment and challenging the politically correct idiocies of the ‘liberal’ bigots, the hand wringers and do gooders suddenly turn against them.

military boot on face
Who knows why the left like to boss people around so much, its not as if their lives are so great; have you ever met a happy one? Perhaps it’s the emotional inadequacy that makes them so. Or maybe they just like this image? Whatever, they are incapable of learning that telling grown up they must obey is never going to be a election winner.

Which is why Labour are going to lose the 2015 election. In the real world nobody is bothered if a UKIP candidate says Lenny Henry is a twat, or that we don’t need any more immigrants from eastern Europe. Real women knew that Godfrey Blooms crack about women who don’t clean behind the fridge being sluts was a joke, only the angry, humoursless, self righteous, politically correct snobs were upset. Nobody cares that Assad is a bastard to his people, Syria is a long way away and the people who would replace Assad are bigger, nastier bastards than him. And nobody cares about the emotional cripples of the left, they need to learn you can’t keep shitting on people and expect them to like you.

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Creativity And Non Conformity Are Now Signs Of Mental Illness?
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Paedo Loving Comrade Mr. Harperson In Trouble Again

jack dromey and friends Jack Dromey, backed by trade Union Hard Men Says To The Daily Mail, “Come And Have A Go If You Think You’re hard Enough

Comrade Jack Dromey, better known as Mr. Harriet Harperson MP, seems to be more idiocy prone that any of his colleagues in any of the three main parties that make up the LabLibCon superparty. just recently, as we have reported before the kerfuffle in Ukraine pushed all other news aside, Jack, his wife – Labour’s gimlet eyes deputy leader and equal rights fanatic Harriet Harman and another left wing ideologue senior Labour figure, Patricia Hewitt, all of whom were involved with the National Council For Civil Liberties in the 1980s, unfortunately committed the faux pas of supporting a campaign by PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) to grant equal rights to paedophiles and lower the age of sexual consent to FOUR.

How can these idiots still hold senior positions in a major political party, you might well ask.

The Daily Mail has been asking just that, and as the newspaper most loyal to the Conservatives has been having great fun as it managed to trump every evasion and lie with documentary evidence to back up its allegations. In response to the Mail’s shocking reports about the past links between paedophile activists and the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), in which Dromey was a leading figure, Mr. Harperson has behaved like the old militant tendency union boss he used to be, making his noisy protests and playing the victim card. The Mail’s stories, he declares, are nothing but ‘a smear’ and ‘a new low in journalism’, as he shows not the slightest shame about the affiliation of the Paedophile Information Exchange to the NCCL at a time when he was not only an executive member but also the civil rights organisation’s chairman.

Dromey even attended the notorious meeting of the NCCL executive in February 1976 that agreed to push for the age of consent to be lowered to just ten generally and four “where the consent of the child could be proved — although he has made it clear he did not agree with the proposal.

In another lurid revelation The Mail alleges one of Britain’s most senior judges was also active in campaigning for relaxation of laws governing sex with children in accordance with the wished of paedophile group PIE.

Lord Justice Fulford, who was last year appointed as an adviser to the Queen, was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange which police suspect of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’. Most PIE leaders from the era that would have brought the groups officers into direct contact with Harman, Drome, Hewitt and Judge Fulford are now serving very long jail sentences. The Judge and the politicians have not even answered any questions truthfully as yet.

An investigation by the Mail on Sunday has discovered that Fulford was a founder member of a campaign to defend PIE while it was openly calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four.

I hear a lot of lefties bleating about the coalition government’s very necessary (but ineptly managed) cuts to public spending and talking about how great it will be when Labour are back in power. Won’t it just, Ed Bollocks will be shafting you up the arse financially as he increases foreign aid and dole bludger allowances a zillionfold while Dromey and Harman’s paedo mates will be doing the same to your kids. Look, I don’t care who you vote for, but if you vote Labour at least be honest enough to wear a T shirt that says “Yes, I support equal rights for kiddie fiddlers.”

“But you can’t believe what you read in a sensationalist, right wing rag like the mail Ian,” I hear lefties protesting. I don’t believe what I read in the Mail, in fact I only read snippets of Daily Mail stories on news aggregator sites, but as I have been reading about this stuff from NCCL whistleblowers, Freedom of Information campaigners and one former Member of Parliament for almost twenty years and because if they weren’t afraid of humiliation Harman Dromey, Hewitt and now Fulford would be suing The Mail to bankruptcy, I think there is a lot of substance in the reports.

New Allegations – VIP paedophile ring ‘abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle’

Taxi Customers In Heywood / Rochdale Ask For ‘Local’ Drivers

A taxi company in the child-sex scandal hit town Heywood, is now offering customers option of requesting white-only cab drivers, after two former ‘Asian’ drivers were imprisoned for their roles in the sexual exploitation gang.
Police to Investigate Allegations of Labour-LibDem Rochdale ‘Deal’ on Paedophiles
Labour Out Of The Closet
Labour’s Extremist Agenda
Why do The Left Love Paedophiles

National Socialist Deputy Fuhrer Pledges To Abolish Freedom

Who is the most prominent Nazi in Britain do you think? BNP leader Nick Griffin perhaps, Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League. Wrong, the most prominent Nazi in Great Britain is the Deputy Leader of The Party Formerly Known As Labour, Harriet Harman.

People have not caught on to the implications of what Harman has been banging on about all week, well who cares if dreary old all-male golf clubs are forced to admit women members as Deputy Shadow Volksfuhrer Harperson is demanding? But underneath that shrill, screeching, stymphalian bird persona likes a cold calculating National Socialist hellbent on turning the entire planet into the Fourth Reich. Consider Ms Harman’s proposal from a wider perspective.

Behind the attack on the right of wealthy old buffers to gather, wearing tweed plus fours and silly hats as they hit their balls with sticks. And why should they not have the right to do this away from the disapproving glare of a world full of wannabe Hattie Harpersons, who will no doubts reserve the right to put on horsehair knickers and gather in groups to practice disapproving of anything that had testicles. And underpinning that assault on the civil rights of around half the population is an unshakeable belief that it is within the remit of the Reich state to dictate with whom we may and may not associate and in what kind of groups.

The right of free association is one of our oldest, going all the way back to the Liber Judicialis of King Alfred (reigned 871-899), an early Bill Of Rights that has served us so well we have never needed another. Stop and think about what that would mean. If Deputy Volksfuhrer Harman’s demands are even considered it would represent the end of freedom of association in Britain, the end of people’s age-old right to mix in private with whoever they choose.

Consider what Ms Harman actually said to try to create controversy over Muirfield – the men-only golf club that is 2013 Open Golf championship venue. She said equality laws should be amended to allow the state to stop discrimination by private groups. The 2010 Equality Act, drafted by Harman has a loophole which allows private organisations to set their own membership rules, a clause included when it was pointed out that to abolish single gender clubs and societies would force women only groups to accept male members. And of course those women only sessions at the gym and swimming pool would have to be abolished.

The sisters didn’t think that one through you see, which proves that constitutional matters are too difficult for women (well women who support the Labour Party at least) to worry their pretty little heads about.

Now Ms Harman wants to close that loophole because she thinks she has found away to be unfair and sexist without attracting accusations of being unfair and sexist. She describes this as the “unfinished business” of her equality legislation in Britain: preventing “private associations [from continuing] to determine their own membership rules”. Now you see, Hattie has caught on. This new wording would give government the right do determine different rules for male oriented associations and female oriented associations.

This is scarey stuff, it seems Hattie has finally flipped and will have us all singing The Horst Wessel Song next. If private associations are not allowed to decide who may join them and who may not – that is, to be discriminating in their membership policy – then there would be no rights of free association, in either social, religious or political activities. Now you might think I have some interest here, but apart from an interest in thwarting the neo-Nazi ambitions of a totally nutty Oligarchic Collectivist next to whom the Big Brother regime in Orwell’s 1984 looks like a bunch of bleeding heart liberals, I haven’t. I’m the kind of person who follows the advice of Groucho Marx, I wouldn’t join any club that would have me for a member.

Having said that, I am aware some people find being in clubs, exclusive little social groups of people from similar social backgrounds, with similar interests and sometimes similar genitalia, an enriching and rewarding experience. And I respect they have as much right to navigate their own path through life as I … or Harriet Heil Hitler Harman.

Stupid Lefties Of The Week: The Equality and Human Rights Commission

Not long ago because of a shortage of stupid criminals to whom we could award our Stupid Criminal Of The Week title, Boggart Blog inaugurated our Stupid Lefties of the week award to celebrate the politically correct idiocies of those emotional cripples who think shitting on DHWFs (Decent Hard Working Folks) to show how much said emotional cripples care about losers, weirdos, window lickers, scroungers, wankers, dickheads and arseholes is somehow the way to build a ‘fair’ society.

The latest Stupid Lefties Of The Week award goes to The Equality and Human Rights Commission for once again demanding fairness for minorities without thinking it through.

A document published for employers by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suggests new guidelines for how members of minorities should be treated in the workplace.

Among the guidelines is a statement that “employees may assert the right to discuss their personal beliefs in the workplace and employers should not prevent such conversations”. Bosses should “consider seriously” adapting the relevant work duties to suit their employees beliefs.

It insists that such beliefs should be “more than an opinion or a viewpoint”, should be genuinely and sincerely held and worthy of respect in a democratic society. This, it is stated, would uphold the right of vegetarians and vegans to harangue colleagues about the evils of meat eating and presumably for Muslims and Jews to kill each other for reasons nobody can remember.

Among the examples suggested are that ecologists could ask to be excused from duties that increase CO2 emissions, such as flying to business meetings or getting a bus to work, and that Christians, Muslims, Hundus, Druids and Pagans should be allowed to take time off work to go on pilgrimages and attend sacred rituals.

It also suggests that members of religious groups should be able to practice the rituals on their faith in the workplace. This raises many questions. Would Jews be allowed to slaughter chickens according to kosher law in the coffee room, would Muslims be allowed to march round the boss’s desk whacking themselves on the head with their laptops and would Druids be allowed to sacrifice virgins on the table in the conference room.

And, as we are near to Beltane would pagans be able to smash up the office furniture, make a bonfire in the middle of the floor, dance round it naked and have a sex orgy during working hours?

People really must lean to think about consequences.

Thumpa And The Tyranny Of Human Rights


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All Animals are Equal, But Some are More Equal Than Other

So Harriet Harperson thinks that men are no good.

Well I have to relate this little incident, it ranks along there with us girls not being able to read a map (I can cos I’m a tomboy); not being able to tell our left from right, and not being able to go to the toilet on our own when we are out at night.

At the petrol station yesterday with BBC. A woman stops her Audi at the pumps and retrieves a jerrycan from the boot. She then spend a good few minutes trying to get the top off before looking around desperately, her eyes finally alighting on BBC.

Over she trots and politely asks if he can help her get her top off, on the gerrycan that is, it wasn’t Jordan for heaven’s sake.
BBC takes the jerycan from her and with a deft flick of the wrist unscrews the can in about two nanoseconds.

So Harrriet, you may think you can run the country better but how would you get the marmalade on your toast without a chap to undo the lid for you?