Wikileaks Vault7 Release Reveals CIA Contamination Of Apple Devices

WikiLeaks latest from the Vault 7 documents which related to the CIA’s electronic espionage programs to monitor the electronic communications of everybody in the free world has been dubbed ‘Dark Matter,’ and reveals the specially developed techniques to enable hacking of Apple products. In a statement on ‘Dark Matter,’ WikiLeaks said Thursday’s release includes details of the ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ project, described by the CIA as a “mechanism for executing code on peripheral devices while a Mac laptop or desktop is booting.” (Sonic screwdriver is named after a fictional high tech tool featured in the Doctor Who science fiction TV series.) The spy software was developed by the CIA Embedded development branch.

What makes Sonic Screwdriver far more sinister than other hacking tools used by security agencies is that it is embedded in the device’s firmware which means it is part of the operating system, thus it cannot be removed even by highly skilled users, it will simply reinstall itself every time the operating system is rebooted.

More sinister still, while mainstream commentators are saying that access to the firmware means the CIA have ‘assets’ in the Apple supply chain or are able to intercept shipments of devices and tamper with the system before the goods reach retailers, all coyly avoid mentioning the most obvious means of getting CIA spyware into Apple devices is by direct collaboration between Apple and the security services.

Outrageous as this may seem, it is widely known that high tech corporations in the electronic communications business owe much of their phenomenal success to collaboration with US government agencies. The ‘postern gates’ (back doors) installed operating systems and browsers are the best known examples of this.

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Its coming to something when the general public of the world are so paranoid that a dead bird is mistaken for an Isreali spy.

Now, the bird in question was found dead in a field in south east Turkey, with a metal ring around its leg that was stamped ‘Isreal’. That in itself may not seem so unusual, but apparently it had what appeared to be enlarged nostrils, which could have been from the insertion of a microchip by Isreali intelligence forces.

If I’d been strolling through the fields and came across a dead bird, I’d probably think ‘Aw, a dead bird. Shame.’ The local cats would’ve seen to it from there. Its unlikely I would notice a metal ring, let alone the size of its nostrils.

However, being as I spend most of my time in France, drinking wine and eating cheese, it is possible that I have missed the reports of a new Avian Espionage between countries that have traditionally spied on one another.

Should I be watching out for a black-footed albatross milling around Trafalgar Square? Are pigeon fanciers in the depths of Lancashire being recruited to have their birds’ nostrils enlarged and face the possibility of needing to change their identity and relocate to a new loft in Staffordshire?

How far can it go, really? Technology is moving at an ever increasing pace, should I be mindful of grapefruit from Georgia? Wary of apples from Azerbaijan? Careful around mushrooms from Montenegro?

Or will I just go about my business and worry more about where the next lot of wine and cheese will come from?

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