The Hunt For Extra Terrestrial life Stepped Up

First posted at under my pen name Ed Butt. This is a slightly edited version to avoid duplicate content issues.

Our star gazing Scientists are getting their knickers in a twist about the chances of locating extra terrestrial life (well it does not take much to get scientists excited, I have a theory that the word science itself, all sibilants and soft vowels, makes them imagine what it feels like to fondle the well rounded buttocks on a beautiful woman who is wearing expensive satin panties).

Over the next few months astrophysicists, i.e. the kind of physicists who think Star Trek was a fly on the wall documentary, will be turning their radio telescope dishes towards Kepler-62, a star smaller and dimmer than our Sun but not dimmer than our scientists, which resides about 1,000 light years away in the constellation Lyra (One light year equals the distance travelled over one earth year at the speed of light, 300,000 km or 186,000 miles per second. Keep the Per Second bit uppermost in your mind mind, it is important.

A star system containing two potentially habitable Earth-like planets is being targeted in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. Don’t you love the ‘potentially’ like we already know they have rivers and animals and fishes and edible plants and television, fast food restaurants, pubs, brothels and ‘special clinics’, all the stuff needed to support life A pair of so-called “super-Earths” have been detected within the “habitable zone” of the star, the orbital region where temperatures are just warm enough to allow bodies of surface water such as oceans and lakes the science says.

Now let’s just pause a moment and think about what they have detected. The only evidence this exercise in flushing taxpayers money down the toilet is these befuddled stargazers have seen shadows that might be planets or Jordan’s tits or Boris Johnson on a zip wire or something, passing across the face of this star one thousand years ago. The light arriving in our atmosphere now left these two potentially life supporting planets a thousand years ago. (The Truth Is Not Out There)

Although we cannot know what the planets are made of (all we have by way of evidence that they actually exist is a few highly subjective interpretations of patterns made by energy sensors), they are believed to be rocky. One, Kepler-62f, is thought to have a radius about 1.4 times greater than the Earth’s. The other, Kepler-62e, is estimated to be 1.6 times larger. 1.6 not ‘a bit bigger than earth. It’s that bogus precision on the basis of such flimsy evidence that gives the game away, this is all pure guesswork.

The planets’ parent star is around two billion years older than the Sun, raising the possibility of intelligent life more advanced than it is on Earth. A scientist would never bother to give a nanosecond’s thought to the other possibility it raises, that like Mars, whatever life might once have existed on these planets is long extinct.

Both the imaginary planets will be priority targets in a new Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (Seti) programme focusing on habitable zone worlds. Let’s just put this in perspective. If we had a spaceship that could travel at one tenth the speed of light, 18,600 miles per second, it would take 10,000 years to make a one way trip to these planets (are images of Red Dwarf starting to float into your mind, you know the kind of thing, one surviving human, a few holograms and a spaceships cat that has evolved into Danny John-Jules? It get worse however.

The fastest spacecraft we have yet built will reach about 10 miles a second if the astronaut keep his foot to the floor, is going downhill and has a following wind. Even if any revolutionary propulsion system was in development that would increase speeds by the required amount, we do not have the materials necessary to withstand the stresses of travelling at such speeds.

What we are seeing here is a case of investing money in the schemes of arrested adolescents who live in a fantasy world when we ought to be focusing on the very real and solveable problems we face here on earth.

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