Google Staff Outrage When Boss Uses The Word Family – It’s sexist, Homophobic and Offensive


We know (and have reported many times,) that Google is an unpleasantly authoritarian organisation which embraces fashionable ‘liberal’ causes only to advance its agenda of imposing the warped values of a bunch of Californian hippy acidheads on the world. We also know the search engine, along with its parent company Alphabet’s many subsidiaries, is staffed by milquetoast liberals and spineless snowflakes and that any employee found to hold an even slightly conservative point of view on anything will be hounded out of their job very quickly.

It is a matter of public record that Google employees have been fired for telling the truth, if the truth did not coincide with the message Google was trying to spread.

And despite many a public backlash, facing heavy fines from governments for violating local laws, and incurring the wrath of President Trump because of repeated abuses of users privacy and applying a political bias which censors content when ranking search results. But, in loyal devotion to the best Silicon Valley tradition, Google continues to behave as if it is above the law and in fact makes the law, defines what can and cannot be said and how we must all behave. And the brainwashed staff are as bad as the neo – fascist corporate bosses.

A Google executive has ‘triggered’ many of the fragile snowflakes employed by the wannabe World Domination Corp. by using the word “family” in a weekly, corporate presentation, according to internal documents leaked to The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF).

Many employees became angry when the word was used while discussing a product marketed to children, because it implied that families have children, the documents reveal. The outrage became so intense that a Google VP conducted an exercise to obtain feedback on how the company’s language could be made more inclusive.

The DCNF was handed the documents by a source who understandably insisted upon anonymity before sharing share them.

It is reported that one employee angrily walked out of the March 2017 presentation when an executive “continued to show (awesome) Unicorn product features which continually use the word ‘family’ as a synonym for ‘household with children.’” The employee posted an angry diatribe on an internal forum on why linking families to children is “offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.” Apparently this was well-received by colleagues.

Here is an extract from that rant:

This is a diminishing and disrespectful way to speak. If you mean “children”, say “children”; we have a perfectly good word for it. “Family friendly” used as a synonym for “kid friendly” means, to me, “you and yours don’t count as a family unless you have children”. And while kids may often be less aware of it, there are kids without families too, you know.

The use of “family” as a synonym for “with children” has a long-standing association with deeply homophobic organizations. This does not mean we should not use the word “family” to refer to families, but it mean we must doggedly insist that family does not imply children.

Even the sense, “suitable for the whole family”, which you might think is unobjectionable, is totally wrong too. It only works if we have advance shared conception of what “the whole family” is, and that is almost always used to mean a household with two adults, of opposite sex, in a romantic/sexual relationship, with two or more of their own children. If you mean that as a synonym for “suitable for all people” stop and notice the extraordinary unlikelihood of such a thought! So “suitable for the whole family” doesn’t mean “all people”, it means “all people in families”, which either means that all those other people aren’t in families, or something even worse. Use the word “family” to mean a loving assemblage of people who may or may not live together and may or may not include people of any particular age. STOP using it to mean “children”. It’s offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.

Roughly 100 other Google employees upvoted the post, signaling their agreement. Other Google employees also echoed their displeasure with the term. “Thanks for writing this. So much yes,” one wrote.

So as well as controlling the information we see, Google employees see their tasks as including the rewriting of the dictionary to exclude from the language anything far – left extremists interpret as politically incorrect.

The above example of the priggish, self – righteous attitude of snowflakes to a perfectly innocuous word usage show that while such people are always eager to accuse those who disagree with them of bigotry and intolerance, it is in fact they who are intolerant bigots, people so immersed in their obsessive desire to impose a completely warped set of authoritarian moral values on all of society they are unaware their behaviour is exactly like that of the fascists they claim to abhor.


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Google a step closer to developing machines with human-like intelligence
Computers will have developed “common sense” within a decade and we could be counting them among our friends not long afterwards, one of the world’s leading AI scientists has predicted. Professor Geoff Hinton, who was hired by Google two years ago to help develop intelligent operating systems, said that the company is on the brink of developing algorithms with the capacity for logic, natural conversation and even flirtation.

John Kerry Calls For The Internet To Be Placed Under The Authority Of The United Nations

US Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking earlier this week in South Korea, said that the Internet “needs rules to be able to flourish and work properly.” This, according to Kerry, is necessary even for “a technology founded on freedom.” Kerry made his remarks in the context of talking about how international law is applicable to the Internet.

Google a step closer to developing machines with human-like intelligence

Computers will have developed “common sense” within a decade and we could be counting them among our friends not long afterwards, one of the world’s leading AI scientists has predicted. Professor Geoff Hinton, who The Guardian reports was hired by Google two years ago to help develop intelligent operating systems, said that the company is on the brink of developing algorithms with the capacity for logic, natural conversation and even flirtation.

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The Duchess Of Kate

Queen Ant – almost as fecund as certain members of The Royal Family (image source)

Oh effing Joy! The Duchess Of Kate has given birth. It seems hardly five minutes sing the last one was born. What a bummer that the only news to come along that can shove the election off the top of the news is even more boring.

While I’m happy for Prince William and The Duchess Of Cambridge (bit of SEO there) that they got a girl and having acquired a full set can stop now and not put us poor taxpayers to any more expense, why the ballyhoo. A woman has a baby, it’s hardly news is. After all if women didn’t have babies there wouldn’t be a human race would there.

Apparently the dear Duchess Of Kate went into hospital at 6 am this morning and popped the sprog out at 8:30.Which, were she to make a habit of giving birth with such facility, might suggest on the ascension of Willie – boy to the throne we might have to call his spouse Queen Ant rather than Queen Kate.

Incriminating video Of Prince Andrew To Blow The Establishment Apart?

Yesterday we reported sex slave allegations about Prince Andrew (or was it the day before, being a news blogger is so exciting at the moment one loses track) having been involved in the abuse and exploitation of a ‘sex slave’ kept by his friend, the American billionaire and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein.

Buckingham Palace was of course quick to broadcast fat Andy’s statement that he totally denied the allegations, (and we were equally quick to quote that great line from the late Mandy Rice Davis on being informed, that a prominent Conservative politician Lord Astor had denied an affair with her, “He would, wouldn’t he.”

Andrew and Virginia, is it true he never met her?

Back in the days when the lovely Mandy was a key figure in a political sex scandal, everybody naturally believed the establishment figure who “would, wouldn’t he”, now of course, with freedom of information law and The Internet always available to broadcast the minority report, and with fifty years of being lied to behind us, nobody (well except for a few authority worshipping lefties) believes politicians, mainstream media or members of the establishment.

And rightly so it seems. In spite of The Duke Of York’s claim that he did not know his accuser, Virginia Roberts, still photos showing them together have emerged and rumours that a video recording made by Epstein of them ‘together’ (i.e. at it) exists.

All we can say is what a great start to the year. Bring it on.
Read more in the Daily Mirror

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused

One thing we find iffy about this story however is the way it has been reported as a paedophile scandal. While the alleged abuse took place in Florida where the age of consent is 18, and Virginia Roberts was 17 at the time, no matter that a crime has been committed, or how repellent some people may find the idea of a 17 year old woman having sex with a man of 40ish, she was at the time a sexually developed young adult.

Let’s concentrate on the sleazy company and was keeping, and the allegation that disgraced press baron Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine took the role of madam at Epstein’s Florida mansion, procuring girls for the wealthy and powerful. There is plenty of fun to be had from that.

And then there’s this …
Prince Andrew ‘underage sex slave’ claims she was paid £10K after he bedded her

A-s Level In Compo Seeking

Pupils have been handed hundreds of thousands of pounds for injuries sustained in classroom accidents, new figures show.

Parents at schools in Lancashire have been paid nearly £800,000 in the last few years after winning legal cases against the local council after their little darlings sustained serious injuries such as a grazed knee sustained while playing footy in the playground or bruised kuckles from beating teacher to a pulp.

The awards include £12,519 to a pupil who fell while climbing a tree on school grounds and another who won almost £50,000 after hurting his hand climbing a gate.

A Freedom of Information request revealed there were 100 successful claims over injuries sustained while on school property between 2006-07 and 2011-12.

Figures show a total of £783,831 was paid by Lancashire County Council in public liability payments to parents who have sued over trips, falls and similar incidents involving pupils.

The largest single injury payout was £100,000 for a pupil hurt when a cupboard fell off a wall.

Meanwhile we are please to learn that Philpottism is not confined to the north. In one of the worst cases of professional benefit scrounging and living off the state yet revealed we found a London family in which no member has held down a permanent, full time job in seven generations.

Click image to enlarge

The greatest tragedy of modern life?

Statistics show that women are leaving it later and later to have their first child. More children than ever before are being born to mothers between 35 and 45.

This has led on to another statistic that caught our eye.

According to the National Statistics Office Forty-something mothers are more likely to lose their baby in the first year of life.

A tragic consequence, we suppose, of not starting a family until after the age early onset dementia sets in.

Gay Marriage And Social Madness – watch your arse, brother

I’ve just been looking at the unmentioned (and possibly unmentionable but certainly unintended consequences) of last night’s idiotic same sex marriage bill. And while proving what sad, pathetic, creepy, unkewl,uber – conformist emotional cripples it’s supporters are, it has some gobsmacking unintended consequences.

Did you know it is now legal for a man to marry his biological brother or son? Or a woman to marry her sister or daughter?

Advocates of “The love that dare not speak its name”, (but now seems never to shut up)didn’t think that one through did they.

Speaking purely for myself, I would much rather marry my sister or daughter than my son or either of my brothers (although if I had my way I’d sooner marry Helena Bonham Carter than anybody) but hey, if GBLT’s are legally able to marry same sex close relatives I want equality and I want it NOW!

The family fascist dictator business?

The death of the Korean leader Kim Jong Il, best known for his role in the film Team America, has fuelled a lot of specualtion about the security of the far east.

kim-jong-ilKim Jong Il starring in the 2004 puppet extravaganza Team America

Kim, the “Dear Leader” will be succeeded by his son Kim Jong Un, a no less weird looking individual. This will make the new Kim the third generation of his family to head the Korean fascist dictatoring business. (No doubt Nick Clegg who hates traditional families (except his own very traditional wife and two kids arrangement will have something to say).

What kind of leader might Kim Jong Un turn out to be. We don’t know but as his name rhymes with wrong ‘un we are not optimistic.

Milliband: Labour Will Demand Equal Rights For Toothpaste.

We knew as soon as the name of the new Labour leader was announced Ed Milliband would deliver the goods for satirical bloggers. Though he did not exactly hit the ground running, nor even crawling the Harry Potter lookalike is beginning to fulfill our hopes.

In his “relaunch” of Labour (or ritual disembowelment of the rump of old New Labour perhaps, Ed has pledged that under his leadership Labour will “support the squeezed middle.”

This opaque statement sent the mainstream media into a frenzy of speculation about what or who Ed might be referring to. “What did he mean, who were these squeezed middles? television, radio and newspaper reporters asked. Were Labour going to call for draconian laws to punish office gropers who like to put their arm round girls and cop a feel of the love handles? Was Milliband’s flagship policy part of Harriet Harperson’s politically correct, feminist agenda aimed at banning basques, laced corsets and ‘waspie’ waist cinchers? Was Labour planning to abandon its war on obesity and stop harassing the overweight about their muffin tops?

Boggart Blog managed to secure some face time with the Labour leader and ask him WTF he was on about. This is what Mr. Milliband told us:

“Oi vey, that an innocent remark should cause such a stir even the famous Boggart Blog are talking to me already. The squeezed middle? It’s simple really, that schnorrer Blair tried to base his social policy on eradication anti – social behaviour by slapping ASBOs on hoodies.

We on the progressive wing of the party feel anti – social behaviour does not start in the streets but in the home. Honour thy father and mother, the Talmud says, the national executive says Honour thy son and daughter. That is has come to pass I have to spell out such things, do they not teach morality in schule anymore? The real djibbuk in modern goyim society is not drugs or binge drinking it is the breakdown of family values.

Families do not treat each other like family any more, they treat each other like drek. When a gentile child asks “Daddy can I have some sweeties?” does the father say “Of course bubeleh, when I go into town mein kindt I will bring some back for you and your younger brother to share?

No, he probably says “Stop kvetching you little schmuck, gay avek or I’ll spank your tuchis. That you should ask me to spend money on sweets and have none left for beer. Meh!”

There has always been kibbitzing in families of course but in a god humoured way. Now parents see children as an intrusion on their freedom. It isn’t little stuff any more, family members really hate each other as much as they hate the social workers appointed by progressive governments to help sort out their lives.

So we in the Labour National Executive assembled a minyan of elders and we decided when Labour returns to the promised land of Downing Street we will pass a law to force family members to be nice to each other. Anybody who steals from members of their nuclear family or deliberately does things to annoy younger siblings will be punished. My brother Davi, remember him, he knew I hated it when somebody squeezed they toothpaste in the middle. So the putz would always squeeze the toothpaste in the middle to wind me up.

Well I’m party leader now and where is that schnorrer eh? Schlepping his schtick round Fleet Street freelancing may he gay en dred. Meh! When I am Prime Minister people who squeeze the middle of the toothpaste tube will do five years hard labour for their crime.

Orthodoxy by stealth

Poetic Tribute To A Prodigious Drinker (Keith Floyd)

Keith Floyd
the finest things in life.
Let’s not pretend,
in the end
his lifestyle gave him grief.

Keith Floyd
his drinking arm too freely,
his cooking skills
and frequent spills
entertained the corpus vile

Keith Floyd
his business and his family
but though the booze
became bad news
he died still drinking gamely

Always broke,
but what a bloke.
What tribute to deliver?
Instead of praise
we should raise
a statue of his liver.

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Are We Becoming A Nation Of Cat Swingers.

Last week a report on Britain’s housing crisis , highlighting the unfit-for-purposeness of many new build “starter homes” quoted details of an offering from one well known house builder. We will not name and shame them because the rest are as bad and anyway if we’re going to get sued we want it to be for insulting some pseudo – celebrity or accusing a well know politician of taking backhanders from Colonel Gadaffi. The “home” in question featured living room of just 3m x 3m. Assuming there is a door that makes fitting in a sofa, spare chair and a tele impossible.

An investigative reporter from one of the national newspapers decided to put to the test the old phrase “not enough room to swing a cat.” by actually swinging a cat (he said it was a stuffed toy and we believe him don’t we?) in the deceptively spacious living room. Taking a firm grip on his cat’s tail he started to spin, arms outstretched. Long before he reached getting dizzy and falling over speed the cat’s head was bashing against the walls.

So with such restricted living space the dwelling cannot by any stretch of the cat … I mean imagination, be referred to as a starter home for a young family – or a cat lover. Ideal for agoraphobic perhaps…

Someone is bound to remind us the phrase “not enough room to swing a cat” refers not to a furry faced quadruped but a cat o’ nine tails, the knotted whip favoured by Victorian magistrates and their heavies, also by dominatrices who cater to senior judges, top ncivil servants and Tory MPs. So as well as being inadequate for young families or couples and cat lovers the houses are no god for people with an interest in S & M fun either. No wonder the Conservative Party housing spokesman is calling for radical changes in housing policy.

It is not just the living room that is teeny and cramped. Though the dining – kitchen contains a ceramic hob and a combined oven and grill it does not contain enough space for even a small table and four chairs. in fact there is hardly enough room to stand between the hob and work surface on one side and the “breakfast bar” (shelf) and sink on the other. Dinner parties are out then? No worries, the lucky mortgage owners will be so busy working at three jobs to pay the mortgage they will have no time for a social life.

In the starter home offering from different builder the sleeping area has another feature sure to appeal to those lacking a social life. The toilet is in the bedroom. What massive kudos that must gain the houseowner the first time one invites a new lover to sleep over.

What is really puzzling is people are buying these “starter homes” for over £100k. In Accrington you can still get a two up two down terrace with upstairs bathroom and toilet and a downstairs “deceptively spacious guest toilet” (OK, it’s at the end of the yard) for less that £50k. With sex and drugs available on the streetcorner, now that’s what I call gracious living.


The Tyranny Of Bricks And Mortar

A Revolution In Home Insulation A revolutionary new home insulation material has the potential to slash heating bills and save the planet. But would you want it in your house?

The Recession And The Nigerian Banker.

We were all conditioned to “get on the mortgage ladder” of course, instead of choosing accomodation arrangements that suit our individual lifestyle. And so, in response to “triggers” we do as we are programmed to. Pavlov’s Cat

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