Farage Shredded By Welsh Ministry Of Truth Newsman?


Under the headline:

Welsh TV reporter shredding Nigel Farage is the best interview you’ll watch today

An obscure far – left website https://inktank.fi reported that while campaigning for the European Parliament elections  in Wales, Nigel Farage was confronted by a BBC Wales reporter, Arwyn Jones, who asked him a question about Brexit, which you’d expect would be easy to answer:

A video clip of the exchange is going slightly viral on far – left, anto democracy sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with opponents of Brexit claiming Farage was ‘shredded’ by the reporter because he could not answer the question, “Can you name one WTO member nation that does not have a trade deal?

Of course Farage didn’t answer, how could anyone answer such a stupid question posed by an idiotic reporter working for an ogranisation tasked by The Fourth Reich’s ruling bureaucracy in Brussels and their puppets in Westminster  with presenting pro – EU propaganda as news. A quick count suggests the WTO has 170 member (give or take a few to allow for counting errors on my part, many of which are island nations with very small population and some of which few of us have ever heard. Eswatini anyone? Apparently, according to the WTO membership list, Eswatini is a WTO member.

(What? No I hadn’t heard of it either until I looked up the list of WTO members.)
Who knows if Eswatini has a trade deal? Who cares?

And who knew Tonga, (pop 100,000 spread across 36 islands) does not have a trade deal with anybody, not even nearby (well less than 1000 miles away) New Zealand, mainly because the Tongan economy is largely non – monetary. Their main sources of foreign exchange are payments from Britain, Australia and New Zealand, a small tourist industry (only the most intrepid would tracel so far to a place with so little to offer,) and remittances to family members from Tongans working overseas. They have no exports.

I only know this because I am at home on my computer with Wikipedia and Britannica Online at my fingertips. Almost every nation on the planet is now a member of the WTO, why would anyone know off the cuff the foreign trade policies of all of them. What is worthy of note is that no EU member states have trade deals either with each other, non EU trading partners or indeed the EU itself. They are bound by EU rules but those do not constitute a trade deal, free or otherwise. The EU itself is a member of the WTO and as its rules demand that member states surrender political sovereignty over trade policy to Brussels, not only the UK, but Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands and the rest of the member states cannot have any independent trade deals

But the item is reassuring in a way. If the Remainers are so far up shit creek with their efforts to get the Referendum overturned or Article 50 revoked they are celebrating imbecility, there’s hope for Brexit yet.

The Daily Stirrer

Farage Says New Brexit Party Will Spark “A Political Revolution” And Terrify The Tories

the daily stirrer
Nigel Farage (Picture: http://www.dailymail.co.uk )

Nigel Farage, who led the successful Brexit campaign, warned backsliding elitist politicians on Tuesday that his brexit Party would spark a political “revolution” – a cliched line but appropriate given the mood of the country – and strike fear into the hearts of ineffectual Tories who have so far failed to deliver on the promise of the Brexit referendum if the UK is forced to contest EU Parliament elections as part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s, the Sun newspaper reports.

In an interview with the Sun, Farage confirmed the official launch of the Brexit Party would happen during an event in Coventry on Friday. He promised the new party would contest every region in the May 23 European Parliamentary elections, which he is sure will happen if the UK is granted another Article 50 extension. He spoke as Theresa May (it rhymes with betray,) was in Brussels begging for more time to get her Brexit-in-name-only deal throgh parliament after it has already failed three times. Any extension the EU offers is likely to be laden with more unacceptable terms and conditions.

The Brexit party, Farage said, would dedicate itself to leading a fighting back against “the betrayal of democracy” by May and the Conservative Party she leads and the opposition Labour and Liberal Democrat prties. Though a twitter account for the Brexit Party, Farage added that if you supported Brexit, “both parties have failed you.”

Farage says that beyond resuing Brexit from Remainers of both the Conservative and Labour Parties who have been determined to overturn the referendum result, the goal of the Brexit Party is to upend the British two-party system in its current form. His announcement followed remarks from Tory Brexiteer MP Anne Morris, who said she might vote for the Brexit Party if European elections happen.

Threat Of Major Scandal Prompted Early Election Move – UKIP
Leaders of the (UKIP) have made astonishing claim that Prime Minister Teresa May’s calling an early General Election was done to pre-empt a series of by-elections that could be called following alleged electoral fraud. Accusing the Conservative government of “putting party before country”, UKIP appeared to suggest the scandal and ensuing disqualification of MPs could rob the government of its slender majority.

Nigel Farage Swipes Back At Irrational, Screeching, Crazy Clinton
US Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched a hysterical, irrational attack, filled with half truths and blatant lies, against the most prominent figure in the campaign to get Britain out of the EU (Brexit), UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, during a speech at a rally today. Mrs Clinton, responding to Farage’s address to a large and enthusiastic audience at a Donald Trump rally, may have been rattled at the prospect of having such a hihly effective campaigner in the rival camp …

Rebellion Against EU Authoritarianism Escalates As 8th Member Nation Threatens Referendum
Brussels went too far, they crossed the line in moving from an economic union to a political pan – European political empire. In the end it was a race as to which member state would quit first, Britain, Natherlands, Denmark or Italy. In the event it is Britain.

Is Brexit A Harbinger Of Doom For The ‘Experts’
The Brexit vote, the decision by a democratic majority in Britain to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves around the world. Not only does the EU now face a tsunami of departures, the usurpation of democracy by ‘experts’ ( technocrats ) has been challenged and exposed as a sham.

BREXIT vs. GREXIT – The Truth About The European Union And How It Treats Members
Unless the testicularly deficient politicians stand up for their nations he only thing that will halt the European Union’s push beyond Europe’s geographical borders to incorporate Asian, middle eastern and north African nations is war. Power is addictive and the bean counters of Brussels have ambitions far beyond Europe.

The Hypocrisy and Snobbery Of The Remain Campaign And The Antidote

When I had to defriend a Facebook contact because she was arguing in favour of the EU, it was not simply because I support Brexit that I had become pissed of with her, it was the snobbish and condescending way she dismissed supporters of LEAVE and their case. People are entitled to their opinion on the European Union, but they should check the ‘facts’ they post in support of their arguments.

The Labour Case For Brexit by Kate Hoey M.P.
After my short intro is a savage indictment by Brexit supporting Labour MP Kate Hoey of the way the Labour Party has abandoned the working class and is now trying to betray the party’s proud heritage and its roots in the industrial areas by taking Britain into an undemocratic, corporate controlled, capitalist friendly, elite dominated globalist control freak project.

Dutch Referendum This Week Shows why We Should Leave The EU.
Few of you were aware probably that there is an EU referendum vote in The Netherlands this week. As usual with anything negative about the EU barely a word has been printed in the topic in mainstream media and the silence from our notionally unbiased national broadcaster The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been deafening.

French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians Follow Britain in Euroskepticism
Europeans want us British to lead them out of Europe. Don’t be fooled by project fear, the European Union (aka the Euronazi Federal Superstate) is falling apart. There will not be chaos if we leave, there will be chaos if we stay.

Head Of European Institute: Brexit ‘Better’ For Everyone
Brexit would be the best result of Britain’s in / out referendum for both Britain and the EU i a Belgian professor who heads up the European Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE) has said.

Johnson’s article lines up his reasons why Britain must exit on June 23rd. It’s time to be brave
OK, I know a lot of you think Boris is most accurately described by a word many people find offensive, but he’s put together a very good argument here on why we must leave the EU. Published in part here under ‘fair use’ terms and conditions, in the public interest …

Farage Blames EU Drunkard Juncker For Merkel’s migration ‘CATASTROPHE’

(Image: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk )

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel fights for her political life while the immigration crisis theatens to split the coalition which governs germany, former UKIP leader and the man who did more than anyone to ensure Britain voted to leave the corrupt, failing EU, NIGEL FARAGE  European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker – insisting he should take credit for the ‘catastrophe’ that is the European Union’s migration policy.

The former Ukip leader said the EU’s open doors on immigration has been a “complete disaster”.

Speaking in European Parliament on Tuesday, said: “As citizens look on at changes in their communities that none of them ever asked for, governments will be blamed. But I think it is unfair that everyone is blaming Mrs Merkel for what has happened in Germany.

“Credit is due, I think, to the man on my left, . It was he that opened the doors back in 2015 to a million people crossing the Mediterranean.

“So, I think, credit clearly is due to Mr Juncker for this catastrophe. As borders and walls are being constructed all over Europe, isn’t it about time that everybody here faced a couple of realities?”

Ms Merkel’s political future has been in the balance  for several weeks, since her interior minister, CSU party leader Horst Seehofer threatened to take his party out of the government coalition if the country does not adopt a stronger stance on immigration.

With migration at the centre of discussion at the EU summit at the end of June, European Council President Donald Tusk urged Brussels leaders to get “tough” on migration, warning that “time is short” to resolve the crisis.

What a turn round from a few months ago, when Merkel and Tusk, with the boy Macron in France and Juncker the drunkard were trying to bully anti immigration government to fall into line behind Brussels policy and welcome all comers without any identity checks at all

Good, better and even better

Just after seeing the news that Nigel Farage in to stay on as UKIP leader (which will surely gladden the hearts of our leftie friends, I took a look on Guido Fawkes blog and saw the old conspirator is predicting Ed Balls will soon be back in Westminster.
Could Ed Balls soon be back in the Commons? There is a rumour going round that Labour’s veteran MP in Coventry North West, Geoffrey Robinson, who was at the centre of a huge internal row about whether he would stand down before the election, could quit and trigger a by-election This soon had Coventry Labour members tweeting:

Jason Cowley @JasonCowleyNS Whisper it but will Geoffrey Robinson fall on his sword offering his dear friend @edballsmp a route back to the Commons? If not now, when? 8:27 PM – 10 May 2015

Jayne Innes @JayneInnes Cov NW needs diverse long list – I’ve already said I’ll help put it together

Ciarán Norris @ciarannorris@JayneInnes it would be insane for Cov NW to give it to an outsider

Jayne Innes @JayneInnesPersonally I don’t want Cov NW to have someone who was rejected by voters elsewhere.

See more tweets on Guido’s post

Left and Right Unite – Against British Interests

There is something sadly wrong with an election campaign when two weeks before the big day there is no news worth blogging. Oh well OK, I haven’t looked very hard because I’ve been busy most of the day moving my money offshore as a hedge against the inevitable wealth grab if a Labour / Scottish Nazi Party coalition gain power. But even so there is little news, except for this item from South Thanet:

Labour / Tory Love In

Labour and Conservative candidates in Thanet South have joined forces to demand that UKIP not be allowed to ?break our great love? (are they both gay then?) This unprecedented cuddle up follows claims by activists to have been attacked by a “UKIP-supporting National Front gang”. Note that strange wording, not a National Front gang, not a UKIP gang but a UKIP supporting National Front gang.

The point both Labour and Conservatives seem to have missed is that in a democracy National Front members (if they really were NF members and not UAF / ANL scum on a faslse flag mission), they could have been Millwall fans,) are free to support who they like, UKIP have no control over who supports them.

The Thanet branch of trade union-backed Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU), claim they had just packed up their street stall on Saturday when they were attacked by the ?far right?. Canvassers from the Conservatives and Labour also claimed to have been targeted although they did not specify what happened. They also worded their allegations carefully to avoid implying UKIP members were involved in the alleged attacks.

The two major parties were quick to react. Will Scobie and Craig Mackinlay appeared to back claims the National Front group was supportive of UKIP. Their comments were carefully worded to avoid directly accusing UKIP of being involved but they were clear that people should not vote for Nigel Farage as a result of the incidents.

Funny though, we didn’t hear a squeak out of either main party candidate when the neo Nazi and Neo Fascist thugs of Hope Not Hate (a group so stupid they got their name the wrong way round) launched one of their hate attacks at UKIP supporters attending a Nigel Farage campaign event. Take a look:

In this election you can vote for UKIP or you can vote for hypocrisy, hate, violence, thuggery and bullying, the political techniques favoured by Labour and The Conservatives. (You could vote Lib Dem of course but they’ll only sell out.)

The Baltimore Riots: The Verdict Of Baseball Team The Orioles Owner’s Son
In the wake of violent protests that left eastern USA port city Baltimore in flames and were triggered by the funeral of Freddie Gray who died after sustaining a spinal injury while being taken into policy custody, American politicians and media commentators are struggling to explain to the public how the events of Monday evening could happen in twenty – first century America.

The UKIP Surge Is Under Way – Boggart Blog’s Work Is Done For Now

Two weeks to the election and despite all the screeching from sub – idiotic lefties in mainstream media about UKIP’s support collapsing (on the strength of one outlier poll that showed UKIP down 2 points (the same poll showed a Conservative lead of 6 points but the lefties were strangely silent about that) the people’s army does seem to be on the march. In other pols however …

An old poll but it illustrates the point – Image Source

An article from Sky News owned Breitbart London online news site goes a long way towards explaining why:

from an article by Martin Daubney

Just last week, on the day of the Labour manifesto launch, I probed Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls live on Sky News, telling him the tale of my father, a lifelong Nottingham coal miner and, until recently, Labour voter who, along with the rest of my family and all their friends, have switched to UKIP, as many in the working classes feel abandoned by an aloof Labour party that is increasingly out of touch with the commoner.

I said to Balls: “Why do so many of the working classes feel abandoned by your party? I’m a working class lad who’s done well, and now I’ve done well you want to hammer me with more tax. Lots of people like me are being lost. Where my parents live, lots of people are switching over to UKIP. We see the Labour party as not representing the working man any more. What are you going to do for the working classes?”

What I got was a parrot-like rendition about the mansion tax and zero-hours contracts before adding UKIP’s decision to leave the EU is “stupid for working people”. Read more …

Then there was a big media hoo-ha on the basis of a single poll about how the race was very close in Thanet South, the seat being contested by Nigel Farage with Conservatives one point ahead of UKIP, two ahead of Labour.

Unfortunately that was from a poll conducted by Com Res was commissioned by a Conservative Party donor. The latest poll from Survation and commissioned by a UKIP donor showed a very different pictures:

from Anthony Wells, UK Polling Report:

As well as today’s GB voting intention polls Survation have released a new poll of Thanet South commissioned by the UKIP donor Alan Bown. The poll shows Nigel Farage with a nine point lead over the Conservatives in second place, full topline figures are CON 30%, LAB 26%, LDEM 2%, UKIP 39%, GRN 2% (tabs).

The poll is broadly in line with Survation’s previous poll in Thanet South, which was conducted back in February and showed Farage with an eleven point lead. However, it contrasts with the ComRes poll of the same constituency earlier this month which showed the Conservatives, UKIP and Labour all neck-and-neck.

I wrote about the differences between the ComRes and Survation polling in Thanet South earlier this month here. In short there are some obvious contrasts between the two companies approaches … Read all …

Does this mean polling companies give the result their customers want?

Not at all, they’d have no credibility if that was the case. But where customers do have influence is in framing the questions responsents are asked. And I have learned that while the Com Res poll asked people to state which prty they were voting for, Survation named candidates and their parties, e.g. Joe Bloggs, The Silly Party.

So what these polls prove really is that Nigel Farage has a name people recognise. but few among us could not have guess that. As for who will wing the seat, we’ll have to wait and see. but the ballot paper will bear candidates names as well as the party they represent.

Meanwhile numbers from polls published today are as follows:

Panelbase CON 31%, LAB 34%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 17%, GRN 4%
Survation CON 33%, LAB 29%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 18%, GRN 4%
ComRes CON 36%, LAB 32%, LAB 8%, UKIP 10%, GRN 5%
YouGov CON 33%, LAB 35%, LD 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 5%

Clearly UKIP are not dead in the water as those left wing screechers are saying, other than that if you think you can discern a trend in any of those numbers that might point to a likely election result, you’re welcome to try. Although ……………. there could be something in this story:

UKIP ‘Will Be Second’ in Many Northern Seats

A theme repeated here:

Ukip are on track for a huge success on election night

Nigel Farage Named Man Of The Year – Wankerati In Meltdown

Guardian reading Lefty trolls on Facebook, Twitter and other social media have been working themselves into a blue funk over the fact that The Times (London) newspaper has awarded UKIP leader Nigel Farage its Briton of the Year accolade. You would think, to hear the screeching that Nige had been declared God – King, Pontifex Maxiums, Great Panjandrum and chief Wizard of the entire world.

Conservative Party activists and left-wingers led the attack, launching memes claiming the Murdoch owned paper had handed the award to a “waycist” (yes, that’s still the only argument they can screech against the rise of UKIP despite appeals by Cameron, Gove, Miliband and Yvette Cooper to stop doing it as it is counter productive and wanting to control immigration is actually not racism. One of the most tweeted memes compares the award to Time Magazine naming Adolf Hitler man of the year in 1938. Some of the lefty wankers even managed to confuse Time Magazine and the Times newspaper.

There are plenty of Britons who have achieved great things this year but The Times has always regarded itself as the newspaper of record on political matters and it is beyond dispute that Nigen Farage has been the most influential and most talked about politician of 2014, he is now setting the agenda for Convervative and Labour politicians as they backpedal furiously on their open doors immigration and pro – EU integration policies.

So from that perspective the award has gone to the right proper recipient. The question now is whether UKIP can silence the Wankerati and change politics to the extent that voting means something again.

Surprisinly though The Times, traditionally The Conservative Party’s bestest friend in Fleet Street (although it has not lived in Fleet Street for many years)  was always one of the most ferocious news organisations in its attacks on UKIP.  It even reinvented a few old News Of The World dirt digging hacks as “Investigations Reporters” to lend a veneer of respectability to their real job which was to dig up or invent stories about UKIP members who once said something like “Hey lads, shall we go for a chinky,” or “Have you seen the jugs on that new girl in accounts.”

Question Time. Time Out for Brand.

I was looking forward to the BBC’s Question Time last night, the big face off between Russell Brand and Nigel Farage it was billed as. Unfortunately it turned out to be as much a non event as those World heavyweight Boxing Championship contests in the 1970s when Muhammed Ali was on his bum o’ the month campaign, with the UKIP leader taking the role of Ali and Brand huffing and puffing a little but fearing to come out of his corner before throwing in the towel at around the halfway mark.
(Nice sustained metaphor Ian, take a bow)

Brand, audience member who savaged him, Farage, gobby woman who screams ‘racist’.
Pictures shamlessly stolen from BBC Question Time web page under terms of Fair Use

The fact is when Russell Brand decided about a year ago I guess, to revive his flagging career by coming over all political, he was talking like a libertarian (or maybe just channeling Alex Jones or David Icke) but while that grabbed headlines it did not play to Russell’s natural audience who love globalism, big government, immigration, the dissolution of national sovereignty and national cultures and the idea that if we all join hands and sing Kumbaya we’ll turn into fairies and live happily ever after.

Still, despite the destruction of the Brand brand, the show was worth watching, for the man in the audience who excoriated Brand for patronising the disabled, and for the Labout representative on the panel who excoriated him for sexism when he tried to shout down the voluptuous but otherwise uninteresting Conservative, Penny Morduant.

Particularly enjoyable however was the blue-haired, loud mouthed female audience member who raged that Farage was a racist and advised that she was “coming for you Farage, don’t you bl**dy worry.”

I read in a comment thread earlier her name was Penny La Roche, if that is true then she is a professional race baiter who makes her living charging local Anti – Nazi League and Unite Against Fascism groups exorbitant fees for personal appearances at anti – BNP or anti – EDL demonstrations. If that is true it’s sad sad commentary on the mentality of the ANL and UAF that they can’t screech, “Racists, Fascists,” for themselves.

Whoever the woman was, she epitomised the thoughtful, reasonable and liberal face of the modern left.

After a second interruption as she tried to shout down a female audience member and was firmly put in her place by the commenter (“It is not racist to want to stop murderers and rapists coming into our country”) the stewards must have decided she had fretted and strutted her hour upon the stage because she was heard no more.

Our next Prime Minister commented that she was “lovely”. Or maybe he was referring to the extra votes she had just pushed UKIP’s way.

Farage Reckless Facing Rabid Left Wing Fanatics

Reckless confronted by pissed off Conservatives in Rochester (Source: Channel 4)

Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP’s conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests today from far left and far right extremists during a walkabout.

Mr Reckless and Mr Farage were joined by UKIP supporters for a day of campaigning for the upcoming by election in the constituency of Rochester and Strood. Mr. Reckless will resign his seat and fight the election as UKIP candidate rather than impose his switch on constituents. Lacking the same level of personal popularity that fellow defector Douglas Carswell enjoys in Clacton, Reckless might not find his return to Westminster quite so easy.

Whilst the former Tory MP was met with cheers and applause on the final day of the conference in Doncaster he met with quite a different reception in the town he, until yesterday, represented in Westminster.

Nigel Farage told media representatives “There was an organised protest by the Conservative Party,” Mr Farage said, “including Craig Mackinlay who lives in Rochester and who was beaten to the Conservative nomination by Mark Reckless.”

“Also supporters of the extreme left who have been busy on social media after they were notified that I would be in Rochester today decided to turn up.”

“Because of that I had to be removed quickly from the situation,” Mr Farage said, adding, “Kent Police were excellent”. He explained that the situation would not be taken any further.

At the core of the protest were members of the Socialist Worker Party and other left wing extremists who were also involved in violent scenes at UKIP meetings earlier in the year which resulted in a magistrate finding Andrew Scott guilty of common assault.

Mr Farage and his security team have made it clear that UKIP will continue to hold public events despite the threats of violence.

It is notable that as is the case with EDL and Britain First demonstrations, it is always the left that start the fighting. Are these people so insane they can’t control their anger when anyone disagrees with their fascistic world view … or are they just a bunch of rent-a-mob thugs who are trying to suppress free speech.

UKIP and Immigration
UKIP racist smear backfired
Threat to free speech from mainstream political parties
Threat to free speech from left
Free speech under attack
Left’s hatred of diversity is a psychosis
The left are not immune to being bigoted
What makes lefties think they have a monopoly on goodness and truth

The Real Racists Are The People Calling UKIP Racist

It is really pathetic to see the leaders oif the three main political parties, bereft of ideas, bereft of intellect, bereft of charisma, trying to make a big deal of the fact that Nigel Farage will not be standing as a candidate in the Newark by – election.

Now we can disregard Nige’s claims that it wouldn’t be right as he has no connection with the East Midlands. If he thought he had a chance of winning he’d be in there like a ferret up a drainpipe. Newark however is one of the safest Conservative seats in the country, if you stuck a blue rosette on a dog turd they’d vote for it in Newark, if Karl Marx stood as the Conservative candidate, he’d win.

A more credible excuse from Farage is he’s currently fully occupied leading the party that looks like topping the polls in the European election.

Today’s polls:
TNS-BMRB have European figures of CON 18%(-3), LAB 27%(-3), LDEM 10%(+1), UKIP 36%(+7), Others 9% (tabs here). Changes are from their last poll in early April.
ComRes/ITV have European figures of CON 18%(-4), LAB 27%(-3), LDEM 8%(nc), UKIP 38%(+8!), GREEN 4%.
More poll info:

Still, with an eagerness only equalled by their enthusiasm for covering up the activities of the crooks, liars and paedophiles among their MPs, supporters of the LibLabConsensus in the media continue trying to smear UKIP, blissfully unaware that it is backfiring.

Dan Hodges, a regular UKIP hater who wites as a Blairite New Labour supporter for the Daily Telegraph (this boy is very confused)today includes in his blog this paragraph:

“Not so long ago, the Ukip leader was a mildly eccentric – but fresh and interesting – addition to the British political scene. But he’s made two fatal mistakes. The first is to believe his own publicity. The second is to take the British people for fools. When he says that “the ordinary voters who are worried about immigration aren’t racist”, he’s right. But when those voters look at the likes of Andre Lampitt and William Henwood, then at themselves, they know how to spot the difference.” (more …)

Hodges suffers from the typical progressive left, arrested adolescent delusion that he’s the only person in the world who understands what’s going on and one he has expressed his opinion everyone with understand how wrong they have been and will agree with him. A total bell end in other words.

Is this metrosexual, metropolitan wanker really so hidebound by his “inside the M25 mentality” that he believes people in Bristol and Birmingham, Manchester and Merseyside, Blackburn and Bradford, Gateshead and Glasgow are going to be put off by nonentities like Lampitt and Harewood. The traitor and war criminal Tony Blair is campaigning for Labour, does that put off most traditional Labour voters (clue: they vote for the benefits not the politics), does he think the bluster of Bollocks or the mumblings of Miliband will influence 2010’s Tory defectors to Lib Dems to switch to the Labour (clue: they’ll vote for the tax cuts)

There are two reasons people will support UKIP, 1) protest vote because everyone is sick of politics as usual and the main parties have done nothing to show they plan to change 2) We have to get out of an EU that is galloping towards fascism. The three main parties aren’t, they are one party. I was gobsmacked to read recently that Cameron regularly wines and dines and consults the war criminal Blair for advice on how to run the Country. Now, that’s treason! No wonder there’s not a cigarette paper between the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservative! UKIP is our only hope of breaking the mould!

The real question, but one which mainstream media will not address is; do the press think we (the British voter) are morons?

If you are with Hodges, you probably think that we the voters be shocked when someone in UKIP said “bloody foreigners” five years ago, in comparison to the serial sex offenders, expenses cheats, criminals, rent seekers, bung takers, liars and crooks in the LibLabConsensus who have much less coverage in a scale of seriousness of offenses?

OK, so was Andre Lampitt, who featured on UKIP’s recent election broadcast, has tweeted: “I was born and grew up in Africa please leave Africa for the Africans lets [sic] them kill themselves off don’t go there.” Or Ukip council candidate William Henwood, who told Lenny Henry to “go and live in a black country”

I don’t really understand what Lampitt was on about, Harewood, in fairness was responding to comments made by that pompous, pontificating racist tit Lenny Henry who opined that “there aren’t enough dark skinned people in media”. That was the nearest Lenny has come to saying something funny for twenty five years. If there is one industry in which dark skinned people are over represented (apart from cab driving) it’s the media.

But mainstream media forgets to mention that UKIP removes or suspends these people. The overt racist Diane Abbott, along with other black supremacists and Islamists still holds a prominent position in The Labour Party? And don’t get me started on Labour’s other leading racist David Lammy.
(I’ll make clear here that I have not found Ms. Abbott’s remarks offensive, she’s a person of strong opinions and I respect her right to free speech. It’s when coprophagiac media luvvies like Dan Hodges say that I and others who hold different opinions should not have the same right, I get pissed off.)

So do you agree with Hodges then that Farage is taking us voters for fools, or are you on the mind that for far too many years the LibLabConsensus and their loyal supporters in the media has taken us for a bunch of cunts.

According to the polls, with around 50% opting out of the political process and 30% planning to vote UKIP, we’re not.