Transhumanism – the fascist dictator’s wet dream

I didn’t write this myself but I though it important enough to be speard around – and I have posted a lot on transhumanism and the psychotic insanity of modern scientists recently. You may be surprised to find such an article on a site names farm wars, but farmers know that the intensive cultivation techniques being developed by scientists for Big Ag Corporations are producing nutritionally depleted food.

Reinventing Humanity: That all-consuming quest for the key to eternal life.

Barbara H. Peterson -Farm Wars

Science will control our shapes, our intelligence, even create new breeds of men – violent men to fight our wars, docile men to do our work – hell on earth. (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde)

Synthetic food, synthetic voice, synthetic body, synthetic memory, synthetic brain, synthetic everything. That is what we are headed for at an increasingly accelerated rate. We are losing our humanity minute by minute and replacing it with technology. This is not an accident. No, it is quite intentional. We are being programmed to accept the theory that technology is somehow better than nature, and that those who use it are superior to those who don’t, when in actuality, we are becoming hopelessly dependent on it.

There is nothing wrong with technology when it is used as a tool for accomplishing worthy goals. However, there is a big difference between using it in a positive, beneficial way, and as a manipulative tool to create terminal dependence as a way of life.

When you become dependent on the machine, those who own the machine own you.

We are increasingly using unnatural means to achieve “real” sounding and “real” looking artificial constructs to replace what nature has provided. Take for example, Auto-Tune technology. This is used to make singers sound on key when in reality they are taking a shortcut to what normally takes talent and years of practice. We have now replaced true human excellence in art with a microwave version of computerized sounds made to appear as human.

In January of 2010, Kesha Sebert, known as ‘Ke$ha’ debuted at number one on Billboard with her album, Animal. Her style is electro pop-y dance music: she alternates between rapping and singing, the choruses of her songs are typically melodic party hooks that bore deep into your brain: “Your love, your love, your love, is my drug!” And at times, her voice is so heavily processed that it sounds like a cross between a girl and a synthesizer. Much of her sound is due to the pitch correction software, Auto-Tune. LINK

This is the society of the future – Auto-Tuned, genetically manipulated, and living in a fantasy world. Not to worry if you can’t do something as good as the next person, or aren’t as physically attractive. Just add this enhancement and that enhancement and in less than the time it takes to say “hey, I want that too,” you will be just as good as the person who has worked for years to perfect his/her talent, nothing required but the bucks to buy the technology. An instant, microwave solution to life.

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Was The Flooding Of The Somerset Levels Deliberate?

When Chris Smith, former Labour minister and now head of the Environment Agency, arrived on the Somerset Levels, severely affected by flooding for several weeks, few people turned out to welcome him. Was this because the good people of Somerset were so pised off with The Environment Agency, you might well ask. Apparently not, it turns out Smith didn’t let anyone know exactly where he planned to arrive or when.

MP Ian Liddell-Grainger, Conservative – Bridgewater and West Somerset, was furious when he spoke about it to BBC News:

“I will tell him what I bloody well think of him – he should go, he should walk. I’m livid. This little git has never even been on the telephone to me. When I find out where he is, I will give it to him. He has not told the local MPs, the local council or the local press where he is going to be,” stormed Liddell – Granger.

pickles-the-huttDue to the indifference shown by Environment Agency chief Chis Smith, Communities Minister Eric Pickles (above) had to apologise on behalf of government to Somerset Levels residents.

This failure to even contact the constituency MP and local authority officials is typical of the high handed and authoritarian response to this crisis. And it gives us grounds to suspect the whole thing was anticipated and is being used for political reasons, to shore up the discredited attempts to use climate change in order to spread enough fear and panic to soften us up for punitive taxes on carbon based fuels.

Even for the New World Order deniers who cling to a belief that all the recent stormy weather is ‘an act of God’ (in insurance terms) – rather than an act of HAARP – there is one inescapable smoking gun. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist, because in this case the records of government consultations and EU Directives are a matter of public record, the flooding of the Somerset Levels is largely due to a deliberate run-down of the necessary maintenance to drainage infrastructure which is required for geo-engineered land.

The neglect of river dredging, and other land maintenance work needed for adequate drainage in areas where natural drainage has been disrupted by building, planting of huge concrete rafts as foundations for wind turbines and removal of peat beds for commercial reasons has been carried out in line with EU policy which in turn is part of with UN Agenda 21, a global fascist program designed to move people out of the countryside and into the cities, because of course, people and ancient villages get in the way of modern intensive farming techniques. .

What will happen next? My guess is that the banksters, who hold mortgages and secured loans on most farm land and so get first bite at the cherry will move to buy land in the levels at give away prices when farmers are forced to sell because the land contaminated from overflowing raw sewerage is unuseable for food crops for a number of years. The banksters will then sell on that land on to gas extraction firms for fracking, as the area stands over a huge shale gas field which they’ve been itching to get their hands on.

And now you have read this, it all makes sense doesn’t it? Even the HAARP deniers have to agree that the banksters are known for playing the long game. And it was inevitable that even without assistance from the

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

flooding due to freak weather was bound to occur sooner or later.

HAARP note: Though I do not believe all the things HAARP is said to be capable of are realistic (mind control for example – though low frequency emissions can cause depression) weather control technology has been a goal of the US Government Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) since the 1950s

The International Elite’s Contempt For National Sovereignty