Labour Bullies Try To Stop UKIP Event

Nigel Farage host UKIP Rotherham branch meeting under a golf umbrella (source)

In the week that the report from Louise Casey’s inquiry into the role of the local council in Rotherham’s CSE scandal, members of the local Labour Party showed solidarity with extremist groups like the neo – Nazi Unite Against Fascism and the neo – fascist Anti Nazi League by trying to disrupt a UKIP event planned long before the report’s publication date was known.

Casey’s report branded the Labour dominated council, “not fit for purpose” due to a culture of “bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced political correctness”. Ironic them that Labour had no defence against UKIP’s accusing them of institutionalised Political Correctness and could only resort to rent-a-mob bullying tactics to counter criticism.

I’ve actually read some extracts of the Casey report. At one point it states that part of the problem in Rotherham was Labour Party members using initimidation to shut down dissenting voices, critics of Islamophiliac policy and anyone who went off message in the immigration issue in Rotherham. The police, the report said, stood back and said ‘not our problem’.

It seems to us a poor show that South Yourkshires finest could not control a crowd of bad tempered, fat, inarticulate Labour protestors – but perhaps they been told that respecting UKIP’s right to free speech could be considered ‘racislly sensitive’ and rights British Citizens have enjoyed for hundreds of years must be withdrawn in the name of multi culturalism.

Report Calls for National Debate on Muslim Paedophile Sex Grooming
Oxfordshire grooming victims may have totalled 373 children

Were Rotherham Abuse Victimes sacrificed To Save The Labour Party

One of the victims of Rotherham’s grooming and child abuse gangs has put a political perspective on the scandal by claiming she and other victims were ignored, effectively sacrificed to the tender mercies of the gangs to ensure Labour did not lose votes in the town. The young girls were abused by Muslim men for years on end, but council did nothing to stop the crime.

Millie Tant, Tatchell’s Transphobia and Germain Greer’s Big Hairy Smelly Vagina

Multi-Cultural England: Are You Feeling The Progressive Diversity.
As racial and sectarian tension increase on the streets of Britain while politicians gear up for the election campaign, we take a look at the state of Britain today, Immigrant child abuse gangs, Clerics of alient faiths dictating moral strictures, and everywhere we look, foreigners being given privieged status. Is it any wonder the voters are angry?

Labour’s Multicultural, Utopian Paradise?
The other child abuse scandal
Meanwile the elite are at it in their ivory towers
Another abuse case in Birmingham, and more to come

The Real Significance Of The Jimmy Savile Case

I’ve always liked Anna Raccooon blog, it has always, since starting to look in about five years ago I have found it consistently intelligent, well written, unafraid of controversy and prepared to take a libertarian stance (for the benefit of Prof. Want – War, our resident academic village idiot, and other politically illiterate lefties, libertarian does not mean extreme right wing.

Forget that lefties in the UK have labelled UKIP as a rebranded BNP, the Labour left are really only part a global fascist movement dedicated to totalitarian rule by the elite.

Recently I went off Anna’s blog. Suzanne (the eponymous Ms. Raccoon) took a rather different view to mine on the Jimmy Savile case. No problem with that, she has spent years as a lawyer working in the Court Of Protection, so her opinion on the lack of reliable evidence on Savile and other cases of historic sex abuse and other aspects of law are from a legal perspective more valid than mine.

Jimmy Savile on Jim’ll Fiddle With It – the body language says it all

Unfortunately this reasonable line has attracted a type of commenter who is sure there is nothing underhand going on, that there is no corporate push to gain control of states and their insitutions, and that cases such as Jimmy Savile’s paedophile activities are a lot of fuss about nothing. Their attitude is a kind of argument from authority (the voice of reason?): “Any intelligent person would understand there are no great conspiracies (they haven’t heard of TTIP)and our governments would
never lie to us.

Now Anna is somewhat responsible for that, she doesn’t like ‘conspiracy theorist’ phrases such as New World Order (although the phrase has been used by David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Pappy Bush and many others in calling for the establishment of a global government controlled by the elite) mainstream media, Illuminati or Scientific Dictatorship. Again I don’t have a problem with Anna, her blog, her rules. What does piss me off is the frequency of comments sneering at ‘conspiracy theorists’ (who are for the most part really just people questioning the establishment), but I do get impatient with people whose only reason for commenting is to undermine others and dismiss valid opinions.

Back to the Savile case, which while Anna Raccoon makes valid points about unreliability of witness evidence on events which occurred many years ago, they smug, authority worshipping people who dismiss our concerns are truly naive when saying “its just a lot of fuss about nothing, only Daily Mail readers are taken in by it,” are the ones who really miss the point.

People are concerned not about the sex crimes of men like Savile and Cyril Smith who are now dead, or Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris although we accept their crimes were heinous and made worse by abuse of their status and the victims deserve justice – to be believed at last if nothing else.

Our real concern is and has been for decades among those who had our ear to the ground was that things which should have been investigated were covered up to protect celebrities and establishment figures. Unlike the smug, pompous bastards in Anna’s comment threads who are sure there is nothing going on and it’s just Daily Mail readers getting their knickers in a twist, some of us knew that suggestions about Jimmy Savile’s unsavoury sex drive were more than rumour, genial, jolly Stuart Hall was a notorious sex pest, bluff, straight talking Cyril Smith and Greville Janner with his magic tricks liked fiddling with little boys.

It is things like the news story linked below which concern us, not because we want retribution against dead men and geriatrics, but because despite who smug twats in comment threads who’re sure there is nothing they do not know many tell you, the culture of cover up is still very active and will continue to be until it is broken either by the democratic process or campaigns of civil disobedience.

Police admit they were told Jimmy Savile was a paedophile a DECADE before he was exposed


Taxi Customers In Heywood / Rochdale Ask For ‘Local’ Drivers

A taxi company in the child-sex scandal hit town Heywood, is now offering customers option of requesting white-only cab drivers, after two former ‘Asian’ drivers were imprisoned for their roles in the sexual exploitation gang.

Protesters Gather Around Europe To Demonstrate Against Undemocratic Secret Agreement With USA

Protests against the secretive Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP) will take place today in cities all over Europe. The deal, the terms of which will give Corporate businesses the power to sue governments and overturn any laws made by the UK Parliament (or any elected elected assembly in nations that sign the treaty) which the corporate lawyers see as obstructing their ability to steal taxpayers’ money make a return their investment, has been largely negotiated in conditions ofr such secrecy that even our Members of Parliament and other elected representatives in European Unions and the USA have not been allowed to know what its clauses contain.

That which we do know of has only reached the public domain thanks to leaks and whistleblowing.

Today’s demonstrations will be held in fifteen locations across the UK including London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Bognor Regis to voice opposition to the deal. Those against it say it could lead to the privatisation of the NHS (see below) and the removal of food safety regulations to allow the sale of produce from GM crops and chlorine washed chicken to be sold in European shops without any legal requirement for labelling to inform consumers of what they are buying.

The European Commission (Euronazis) has done its best to suppress opposition to TTIP particularly in the UK by ruling out the involvement of public services in the deal. However, the UK Trade Minister Lord Livingston has admitted to the Huffington Post that talks about the NHS were still on the table. This is due to those enemies of democracy, The Labour Party having taken large chunks of the NHS outside the public sector by setting up independent health trusts and making General (family doctor) Practices into private businesses.

Another major concern for believers in democracy is the provisions in the treaty that would enable foreign investors – for example American firms investing in the NHS Trusts privatised by Blair’s Labour government – to sue a host government if they think their profits are affected by a change in policy.

The campaign against TTIP has been actively opposed by the usual suspects, the Occupy movement, the Unions and worker rights organisations and fringe left wing groups but has also aligned these groups with nationalist political movements that have seen an upsurge in popularity in the past few years as European nations surrendered more sovereign powers to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels while in the USA there has been an erosion of powers held by legislatures of the fifty states as more laws have centralized power in Washington D.C.

The controversial ACTA (Counter-terrorism) legislation, which was booted out of the European Parliament by MEPs after millions campaigned against it, is also said to have ben shoe-horned into the agreement at the insistence of the Obama administration. Plans to compel internet providers to monitor customers’ online activity and other breaches of an individual’s privacy and hand over data to security agencies, one of the core elements of ACTA, is rumoured to be included in TTIP.

These sneaky tactics to get authoritarian legislation onto the statute books by the back door when it has been thrown out by democratically elected lawmaking bodies is something Brussels has a track record for. The unpopular European Constitution, which would have been a massive step towards the creation of a single European superstate, was repackaged as ‘The Lisbon Treaty’ after convincing ‘No’ votes in the French and Dutch referendums in 2005. Two years later, when Ireland, the only European nation constitutionally bound to hold a referendum on any treaty affecting sovereign powers, voted down the Lisbon Treaty, the bureaucratic dictators said, “Wrong, vote again.”

And to give the Irish a clue as to what they could expect if they got it wrong again, the European Central Bank (ECB ) engineered the collapse of the Irish economy in the months before the second vote.

With Members Of The European Parliament making more noise that previously and the managers of the European Union under the closer scrutiny than previously (a European Commission candidate already rejected for conflicts of interest), campaigners hope they can repeat the success of ACTA and get TTIP kicked into touch as well.


Cameron Plays Deal Or No Deal In Europe
David Cameron, who was apparently up all night trying to make other European leaders understand why his country needs a better deal in order to poersuade the prople it is a good idea stay in the EU. Unless Cameron gets what will enable him to sell the idea of surrendering national sovereignty to a Federal European Superstate ruled by a committee of unelected bureaucrats in to the British public he will not campaign for the UK to remain in the bloc

Obama’s TTIP Trade Deal Would Be Disastrous for Europe, Says Independent Study
On November 14th, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Economic News – the German Financial Times or Wall Stret Journal) published two articles in print and on the Internet , covering the first independent study of probable short and long term impacts of the Obama administration’s pet American hegemony project, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

a href=””>Americans Are Waking Up To Obama’s Secret Treaty To Establish A Golbal Government System
Occupy Democracy Shows How Undemocratic Britain Has Become

Protesters Gather Around Europe To Demonstrate Against Undemocratic Secret Agreement With USA

American Bankers And Private Healthcare Firms Already Buying GP Practices

More Truth About Undemocratic TTIP”>
TTIP – USA and EU Putting Trade And Profit Before Liberty And Choice
EU Kommisar Admits Brussels Is At War With Democracy”>WAKE UP! TTIP Free Trade Treaty Will Enslave You

WAKE UP! TTIP Free Trade Treaty Will Enslave You

European Union Euro – Nazis Block Democratic Challenge To TTIP Travesty
This Kind Of Fascism Is What The Anti UKIP Whiners Want For Us
Hundreds of protesters arrested in Brussels as leaders debate ‘maintaining citizen’s trust’
Unhappy Lords
Slaves To The Machine
Evil Labour Government Helped Private Companies Profit From NHS
Captive Minds And Intellectual Cowardice
Chasing Bubbles – poem

Propaganda and Journalism: A lesson for the left

W W 1 - a bloodbath justified by propaganda World War One – a bloodbath justified to the public by the kind of propaganda now being directed against Russia (source)

A few days ago I posted an article on the significant details regarding the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine, and the inconsistencies in the US / EU narrative that the government propaganda was not discussing and that mainstream media were not questioning.

The article attracted a few comments and one troll, a wannabe intellectual bully who wanted to convince me that I had no right to question the ‘official’ (i.e. American) version of events. There have been swarms of such trolls around the web, citing spurious credentials in an effort to establish that their (politically-correct, oligarchic collectivist) opinions are somehow made more valid by the fact that they question nothing that comes out of the FUKUS axis propaganda machine.

This particular troll emphasised his lack of intelligence by accusing me of believing the Russian / Ukraine separatist version of events. All I had said in fact was that there was absolutely no evidence to support President Obama’s accusation made hours after the disaster, that the government of Russia was undoubtedly responsible. He chose to interpret this as implying that I accepted the Russian version of events which blamed the Ukrainian government in Kiev for shooting down flight MH17. Bizarrely he claims he is a scientists. Not the only scientist I’ve encountered who is in need of remedial education in reading and comprehension.

I accepted no such thing. And I was proved right (as always), when the US State Department was challenged to substantiate its claims, a spokesperson referred reporters to social media chit chat.

We still don’t know who was responsible, theories that point to both separatist rebels with Russian support and Kiev government troops with US/EU support are still circulating but no conclusive evidence has been produced either way.

This devotion to partisan propaganda is not confined to the left however. On a television news analysis today the veteran journalist Max Hastings, who identifies himself as a conservative, was talking about reactions from online readers to his articles for a top selling newspaper supporting the American / European line and damning Russia.

Hastings admitted that the line he had taken was “People must believe the west, we’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys.”

He then said that a theme repeated by many commenters from around the world was; Why should we believe the Americans and British, they are proven liars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, drone strikes on Pakistan and the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government.

And that acknowledgement, plus perhaps the fact that as days count down to the hundredth anniversary of the opening shots in World War One, explains why new media and many clear thinking, honest writers in mainstream media are taking a different line. People who have read a little history are remembering how as the world stumbled into that senseless bloodbath with governments on both sides lying to their citizens and the media of the day repeating those lies:

The World According to the Mainstream Media: Russia and Palestine are Guilty until Proven Innocent
Timothy Alexander Guzman
RINF Alternative News

They accused the Russian government and the Anti-Kiev militias in East Ukraine for its direct involvement in the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH-17 without any hard evidence to support their claim. US intelligence agencies did admit that Russia was not directly linked to the Malaysian Airlines incident, but they managed to blame Russia indirectly. They claimed “that Russia was responsible for “creating the conditions” that led to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but they offered no evidence of direct Russian government involvement” according to ABC news.

The accusations against Russia were baseless. What is important to the families of the Malaysian Airlines tragedy is for them to find out the truth about those responsible for the crimes. Blaming actors who are not responsible for the crime will not bring peace to the families. The MSM has been actively defending Israeli actions against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip declaring that it was Hamas that murdered the three Israeli teens, an accusation that was also never proven. Regardless of the facts on the tragic deaths of those teenagers, Israel had declared a “revenge” war on the Palestinians. The MSM is following Washington and Tel Aviv’s talking points.

The bias reporting on the situation in Gaza is shameful. The death toll surpassed 800 for the Palestinians and for the Israeli’s it’s close to 40 casualties. The US and their Western partners along with their Israeli counterparts are working in conjunction against their political adversaries through its MSM Empire. They want war and they will do anything even have their media lie to the public in order to go what they want. What had occurred in the last couple of weeks concerning events in the Ukraine and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are both tragic incidents, but the point I am making reflects on the MSM itself and their lack of journalistic principals.

Read all the article on the loss of journalistic and academic integrity in RINF

white hat back hatWhite hats versus black hats – reality is seldom that simple (source)

Here’s another view of the Malaysia Airlines controversy authored by two people whose names alone are guaranteed to kick off an irrational two minutes hate session from the neo – fascist left, Chris. Booker and Richard North:

Could Barack Obama have prevented the MH17 disaster?

US intelligence would have known the separatists had captured missile-launchers, and where they were being used

Christopher Booker in The Daily Telegraph

The most alarming unanswered question over the shooting-down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is so fearful to contemplate that it has scarcely even been asked. Had President Obama in fact been better placed than anyone else to prevent that disaster from taking place? When, in his statement 24 hours after the plane was downed, the President stoked speculation about the involvement of President Putin, did he deliberately obscure the fact that, days earlier, he had already learned enough from his many intelligence sources to know that the 55 international airliners travelling every day along that flight path over eastern Ukraine faced the threat of precisely such a disaster? If so, why did the US authorities not make it a top priority to ensure that such flights were immediately halted?

In all the initial confusion over what Mr Obama called “this outrage of unspeakable proportions”, there was a hysterical rush to pin the blame on Russia’s president. “Putin’s killed my son”, as one newspaper front page had it. But, over the days that followed, as ever more information emerged about this story, the US government appeared to be backtracking on its original narrative.

Read full article at The Daily Telegraph

I don’t necessarily agree with Booker but he presents information that is worth considering as we classical liberals, libertarians and freethinkers consider all aspects of the case and form our own individual opinions. The notion of presenting an argument we may not totally and utterly agree with is incomprehensible to the knee jerkers (and wrist jerkers?) of the neo – fascist left of course. They love to march in lockstep, chant the slogans, and embrace the causes along with the rest of the crowd.

BUK missile launcher - infographicBUK Missile Launcher -NB people who think mathematical modelling is involved in aiming and firing these, it’s a radar guided system, sorree.

The spectacle of the progressive left or progressive liberals exposing inner fascist as the support authoritarian governments and clamour for war is becoming a major topic for freethinkers, radicals and true liberals. In this and my other blogs I have constantly taken an anti war line, the troll referred to in the first part of this article accuses me of being a right wing extremist (I suppose the scum sucking spawn of a pox whores scablouse thinks he is insulting me – well I said he’s not very good at English,) yet over the past few years he has consistently been in favour of war and military intervention by the FUKUS axis in the domestic affairs of sovereign states. It’s supposed to be the left who are pacifists and the right who love war, yet the neo fascist left seem to be mad for war and slaughter.

Perhaps this article goes some way to explaining why liberals and left wing thinkers hold the masses is such contempt:

How did liberals become so elitist and contemptuous of the public?

liberal democrat brain
The new left brain does not collect and process information in a logical,orderly, reasonable, and objective manner. Rather, liberal thinking is dominated by an obsession with power, and use of that power to preserve and or advance elitist advantages. (source)

How did liberals become so elitist and contemptuous of the public?

Daniel Ben-Ami
Journalist and author

10 July 2014

iberalism is one of a select band of troublesome political concepts that has multiple meanings. Indeed, ‘liberalism’ as used in one context can be the opposite of what it means in another.

The attitude of liberalism to freedom provides a prime example of these contradictory meanings. Classical liberalism, which was to the fore in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, typically placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of individual autonomy and liberty. In sharp contrast, contemporary liberalism tends to be deeply intolerant and elitist.

Fred Siegel, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank based in New York, has provided an enormous service with his innovative history of modern American liberalism, The Revolt Against the Masses. It helps put many of the most retrograde trends in the US into their proper context. It also helps shed light on parallel developments in other countries, including Britain, even though they are outside Siegel’s remit.

For Siegel, a defining feature of modern liberalism is its attachment to what he calls the clerisy – a technocratic elite which he identifies with academia, Hollywood, the prestige press, Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Despite its professed attachment to equality of opportunity, this elite holds the mass of the American public, what Siegel refers to as ‘the middle class’, in contempt. The clerisy sees itself as superior to the rest of the population on meritocratic grounds.

As the reach of the state has burgeoned, the clerisy has taken on an increasingly important social role. Over the years, American government has grown vastly, commanding more resources and employing more people, than ever before. As Joel Kotkin, one of the sharpest observers of contemporary American politics, has pointed out: ‘Since 1990, the number of government workers has expanded by some five million to some 20million. That’s four times the number who were employed by the government at the end of the Second World War, a growth rate roughly twice that of the population as a whole.’ Members of the technocratic elite present themselves as impartial experts, but their interests are closely tied to the fortunes of this vast state apparatus.

Read full article at Spiked

So there you are. Once you stop yourself being caught up in the medieval witch hunt tactics of the ‘left’, take a step back and view the bigger picture and start thinking for yourself, a very different picture emerges to the one painted by our hysterical leftie trolls as they clamour for the global war their bankster sponsors want for purposes of increasing their control, grabbing even more money and reducing the global population. Now are you still prepared to believe these facists because they tell you they are the cuddly side of the argument.

Told You So – You Wouldn’t Vote UKIP, Now Tha Nazis Are In Charge

BERLIN (Reuters) – The head of the European Parliament said on Wednesday that the “radically anti-European” views of Jonathan Hill, British premier David Cameron’s nominee for the European Commission, might prevent him getting onto the EU’s executive body.

As the progressive liberal (aka authoritarian fascist) bandwagon rolls on through the ancient nation states of Europe, Hitler and Mussolini, Stalin and Sultan Suyeman must be laughing their megalomaniacal heads off in whatever firey pit or dark abyss they inhabit.

First we had the new President of the EU Commission, Jean – Claude Drunkard telling European leaders he wanted half the new Commissioners to be women and would veto appointments if he did not get his wish. It has always been the prerogative of member nations to nominate their own choices.

jean claude drunkard e u commission
Jean – Claude Drunkard prepares to address the European Parliament (source)

Now we have the Kraut who says democracy must not be allowed to stand in the way of creating a European federal Superstate (run, no doubt, by a committee of unelected bureaucrats).

Martin Schulz, the German socialist president of the parliament, warned national leaders on Tuesday that unless they nominate what he calls “enough” women as commissioners, the parliament will reject the entire incoming college of commissioners.

Schulz, who was one of the organisers of the new system of “Spitzenkandidat” or lead candidate which in effect chose Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the commission despite opposition by British Prime Minister David Cameron, says that the three or four women’s names now circulating are not enough.

According to EU Observer, Schulz said: “Looking at the information currently available on the number of female candidates, the commission would not receive the backing of majority in the European Parliament. I will make that point to the [EU leaders] tomorrow.”

Schulz meant the heads of state and government who make up the European Council, which meets today, Wednesday, in a special session to discuss candidates for the other top jobs in Brussels which become vacant later this year.

Although commissioners are nominated by member states, they must be approved by a majority of the European Parliament.

If these shits are allowed to have their wait we will no longer have democracy in the sense rule according to the will of the majority but democracy of demographics, or label politics. In order to maginalise the majority, wannabe dictators will demand that the correct number of women, GayBLT, Muslims, Jews, Black, Asian, and Orientals in government.

Quotas (aka tokenism) have long been a dream of the authoritarian left. One might think even people as stupid and self centred as the ‘progressive left’ would have learned from the example of the incompetent, war mongering, child murdering, cocaine addicted rent boy who is posing as President of the USA the folly of selecting people for top jobs by demographic.

But no, according to the EU having tits is the second best qualification for a job. The best apparently is being a neo Nazi piss head who is usually so rat arsed after lunch he falls asleep in meetigs and dribbles on his order paper. And its all in the name of ‘diversity’.

The more “diverse” these cherry picked commissioners get, the less they will pay attention to such trifling matters as fixing the economy, creating jobs, reining in the rampant greed of corporate industries and anything else that voters might think is important. They will all have politically correct proportions of XY and XX chromosomes, melanin, and sexual preferences. And they’ll all have spent at least eighteen years being brainwashed with globalist propaganda in state run educational institutions so that they think exactly the same way.

Some people are suggesting Cameron ought to veto any European Commission nominee not suported by the national assembly of their country. Boggart Blog would go further. Cameron should veto with immediate effect the £52million the Euronazis get from our tax money.

Atrocities In Iraq As Syrias brave Freedom Fighters Advance

““When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain


Back in 2003 when I was arguing against western intervention in Iraq (not on this blog, because if existed then I did not know about it,) people who flatter themselves that they are on the left of the political spectrum, the political position which, its supporters claim, has a monopoly on goodness, truth, intelligence and virtue, were screaming “But we must intervene on humanitarian grounds to stop that nasty tyrant Saddam Hussein doing nasty things to his lovely people. Why don’t you want to help those lovely people, is is because they have darker skin than us, you nasty racist, swivel eyed right wing nutter.”

Well OK, I have given up expecting intelligent, reasoned argument form the neo fascist-left,in any debate we ought to know that the socialists are right because … well they jut are, OK?

How The US Is Arming Both sides In The Iraq Conflict

It’s unfortunate that because the left dominated media show pictures of burned children and bereaved parents, and appeal to the embedded sentimentality of people in societies where Nanny State has protected them for too long from the harsh realities of the world, the unthinking majority are easily whipped into line behind a course that suits the interests of the military – indistrial complex which makes loadsa money out of selling equipment to governments so terrorists supported by the same governments can blow it up.

Actually it’s not OK, self righteousness is not a virtue. The left mindset tends to be binary, in everything it sees only two possible positions, the one they support and the evil one. It was thus on same sex marriage where any argument other tht total and enthusiastic support marked one as a homophobe, it was the same in the recent European Parliament elections when even the slightest suggestion that it might be a good idea to enforce existing immigration controls branded one a racist.

And it is the same when America’s leader, the Jug Eared Jihadist, the Rent Boy President, Barack Hussein Obama (or whatever American President happens to be in power) is phishing for support for yet another ‘humanitarian’ intervention in the domestic politics of a sovereign state with drones, bomb strikes and ground troops equipped with white phosphorus and delpeted uranium shells.

Some political nation states, particularly those cobbled together by western bureaucrats after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire followig World War 1 or the disintegration of the British Empire and other colonial systems in the wake of World War 2, were never suited to democracy and have done well to last as long as they have. Similar problems are starting to emerge in Eastern Europe.

isis atrocities in Iraq

The current crisis in Iraq, an overflow from the western sponsored civil war in Syria, where the powers of the FUKUS axis (France, UK and USA) were eager to barge in and create another failed state until Vladimir Putin and his Chinese and Iranian allies said “stop right there”, is a direct result of the intervention in 2003 which was justified by false claims of Saddam Hussein’s regime possessing WMDs.

And if our lefty friends thought Saddam’s brutal rule warranted humanitarian intervention, they should see the stuff going on in Iraq now, the atrocities being committed by ISIS terrorists armed with American and European weapons supplied to help with the overthrow of another middle eastern dictator, Assad of Syria, who did not dance to the American tune.

from Zero Hedge:

Gruesome Footage Of ISIS Atrocities Reveals Al Qaeda Jihadists “Will Stop At Nothing”

Judging by the gruesome propaganda video being released by ISIS, it is no wonder the Iraqi soldiers and police stripped off uniforms and ran… As The Daily Mail reports, blood-thirsty jihadists are carrying out summary executions on civilians, Iraqi soldiers and police officers – including 17 in one street alone – on their warpath to Baghdad, the UN said today. As a shocking picture of the ISIS insurgency continues to develop, the Islamist group are posting barbaric videos online with the intent of showing the world they will stop at nothing to achieve their end game. The aim is to terrorise Sunnis in Iraq’s army and police forces and deepen their already low morale. It appears to be working as that fear is one factor behind the stunning collapse of Iraqi security forces.

Read full article:

Still thing there is a case for intervention to overthrow leaders of non democratic nations that the American President of the day does not like very much. Or that having intervened with bombing campaigns, cruise missile and drone strikes etc. to destroy the political and logistical infrastructure it is OK to withdraw for purely political reasons related to winning elections, rather than leave in place an army of occupation.

And lefties, don’t try to undermine me by saying I want recolonisation, you are the one who scream for ‘humanitarian’ intervention remember. I have always supported non intervention from the start.

propaganda executionRELATED POSTS
Pals (in memoriam)

Ve Haff Vay Of Making You Konform

mental illness

We have warned for years of what would happen if people did not assert themselves against the creeping fascism of Politically Correct thinkers.

“Oh but you can’t disagree with us, we love puppies and kittens and want them to be safe and we want all those little Dickensian orphans to have warm safe homes to live in,” they respond. And true, in an ideal world few people would object to such things.

Fast forward a little and it is, “But you can’t disagree with us, we want to take money of rich people and give it to poor people, and we want women and blacks and unemployable retards to have the same change of getting top jobs as people with top degrees from the best universities who have built a strong record in management so we need affirmative action.

And now the realists say, “Now hang on a minute, we can agree that a job should go to the best candidate regardless of race, sex or faith, but saying that minority status should be the main qualification is insane.”

To which the lefties respond: “Oh so you don’t like fairness, you want to push the disadvantaged deeper into poverty and further to the margins. We must have quotas to make sure everything is fair.

And so they go on, inching gradually closer to fascism but all the time justifying the erosion of individual freedom by taking about fairness and equality. The push to abolish free speech and the right to dissent is becoming quite blatant now. Here’s an example:

“While the current rash of anti-democratic measures largely targets non-citizens, mainly of Middle-Eastern descent, they constitute a fundamental attack on the basic rights of the entire population. These attacks will be extended to American citizens, especially those who oppose the government?s policies, sooner rather than later.?

So declared the World Socialist Web Site more than a dozen years ago, commenting on the passage of the United States Government Patriot Act and establishment of military tribunals by the Bush administration. The actions of the Obama administration, whose ?anti-terror? policies represent an escalation of the assault on democratic rights under Bush, fully vindicate this warning. Surprised to learn that Obama, the peacemaker and joybringer, they hopey -change man, super hero who was going to transform everything, who can feed the blind, heal the poor and maketh the sick to see, is carrying on the policies of the Bush Administration? More surprised that you were to find the UK’s Conservative led Coalition were carrying on the policies of Labour?

Shame on you if you are, you should have been reading Boggart Blog, we warned of what was coming and exposed the Shadow Government that truly rules no matter who wins elections. Well you can catch up with the leaders now, or you can join that gand of wiling, teeth gnashing, emotionally need inadquates who unable to cope with reality are heading for the wilderness, still deluding themselves victory is in their grasp.

Anyone who has read twentieth century political history knows of cours that socialism only ever leads to fascism, economic disaster and dystopian social decay. And yet the lefties, the control freaks, in government and down at street level, keep plugging the same failed ideas and the same authoritarian bullying tactics.

While the EU, fearing a wave of euroscepticism that could easily turn into a tsunami of nationalism, has backed off it’s latest batch of anto freedom regulations, the past month has brought the criminalization of political dissent in the United States to a new stage, with the May 5 conviction of 25-year-old Cecily McMillan for assaulting a policeman during the protests in New York City, and the April 25 sentencing of three anti-NATO protesters to long prison terms for taking part in discussions about violence initiated by two Chicago police infiltrators.

The circumstances of both cases are outrageous, with severe penalties being imposed on individuals who are not criminals, but political opponents of the policies of the Obama administration and corporate America, for which they have become victims of police violence and provocation. The cases involve people who took part in peaceful, legal protests in New York City and Chicago, only to be framed up and convicted on felony charges.

Redently I reblogged an article on how the psychiatry and psychology industries have gradually been widening the range of symptoms than can lead to diagnosis of mental illness until now we have reached as stage at which almost anything you do can prove you are mad. There is even a mental illness for which the symptoms are displaying individualistic or non conformist behaviour. It’s called ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) which means of course insisting on thinking for oneself.

With that in mind, read the following from and article on how Communists use psychiatry in the suppression of dissent at Freedom Outpost:

?Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose communist goals.?

This list of goals, as mentioned several times already, was entered into the (US) congressional record in 1963. In other words, congress knows these goals exist, and if you have ever taken the time to read them you would see that nearly all of these ?goals? have either been accomplished, or are in progress.

Today, many people on the left are living under the delusion that communism is a higher form of society. This belief is actually derived from Darwin?s theory of evolution, they believe that societies can ?evolve? and that communism is the highest, fairest economic system that can be aspired to. Capitalism, in the eyes of the left, is oppressive and creates class divisions and economic inequality. What those on the left fail to realize is that the communist actually uses and creates economic inequality to foment discontent in order to achieve communist objectives. This is best realized by studying the tactics of Saul Alinsky and watching Barrack Obama implement them.

Communism, on paper and in theory sounds good; however it is an impossible goal to reach as man is not capable of creating such a perfect system without God. Even Vladimir Lenin admitted that communism cannot be immediately achieved, and there would be a need for ‘psychological conditioning’?

Only if the proletariat is prepared to accept its responsibilities under the socialistic dictatorship of the proletariat and to use its power to develop the objective and psychological conditions essential to full communism will the highest stage of communism be ushered in.? (Vladimir Lenin)

Communists believed that their ideas were the absolute truth and that everyone should want to see a society in which total fairness and complete equality were being administered by an all-powerful state. Again, this belief derives from Darwin?s thesis that man is an accident and needs to be managed. Communism is atheistic in nature or the antithesis of God because the ideals of equality that Christians hold, as compared to those of communists are the exact opposite. Communists seek to create a world in which everyone is ?equal? (this means everyone is equally poor) and Christians believe God created us all with equal rights under natural law. Looking through this lens it?s easy to see why the communists had to achieve this goal first in order to get people to accept communism.

Continue reading at Freedom Outpost

Today’s publication of polls showing The Labour Party lead crumbling even against an incumbent government as unpopular at the coalition really shows how sick voters are of the arrogant, hypocritical, condescending attitude of the left. These intellectual snobs claim to care about the masses, but really they expect the masses to remain subservient and eternally grateful for patronage. Once the masses decline the role assigned to them, refuse to give a flying fuck about gay rights, demand immigration controls because they see mass immigration destroying communities, objecting to members of favoured minorities being given preferential treatment and challenging the politically correct idiocies of the ‘liberal’ bigots, the hand wringers and do gooders suddenly turn against them.

military boot on face
Who knows why the left like to boss people around so much, its not as if their lives are so great; have you ever met a happy one? Perhaps it’s the emotional inadequacy that makes them so. Or maybe they just like this image? Whatever, they are incapable of learning that telling grown up they must obey is never going to be a election winner.

Which is why Labour are going to lose the 2015 election. In the real world nobody is bothered if a UKIP candidate says Lenny Henry is a twat, or that we don’t need any more immigrants from eastern Europe. Real women knew that Godfrey Blooms crack about women who don’t clean behind the fridge being sluts was a joke, only the angry, humoursless, self righteous, politically correct snobs were upset. Nobody cares that Assad is a bastard to his people, Syria is a long way away and the people who would replace Assad are bigger, nastier bastards than him. And nobody cares about the emotional cripples of the left, they need to learn you can’t keep shitting on people and expect them to like you.

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You can vote UKIP or you can vote Nazi, simples

euronazi flag

I do wish people at this site would either wake up to what is going on in Europe or just acknowledge they are politically illiterate STF up about UKIP. It seems we are importing yet another unfortunate trait from American and that the only positions people can occupy on any issue are the extremes. Thus because I say “Vote UKIP and get us out of the Euroreich” I am taken for a swivel eyed loon who supports a racist party (they’re not racist – don’t believe what Labour and Tory propagandists tell you, look it up in the OED).

Well actually I think UKIP are a bunch of amateurs but I’d rather be represented by amateurs who care about our country than by elitist traitors who have already sold out to fascism for the sake of securing their own ticket on the gravy train.

A friend, Ann Evans Wylie posted this:

Ukip’s manifesto

by Abevanswylie @ 05.05.2014 – 20:20:20

“I read it and… had a good laugh. Sending UKip to represent the UK in Europe is like sending a pacifist to fight a war! Rolling with laughter!”

Don’t know quite where Ann gets the pacifist thing from, at least UKIP haven’t surrendered before the war begins. But I agree with ann, UKIP only have one real policy, get us out of Europe. But when the only policy the other three parties can muster between them is to smear UKIP as a bunch of racists, one actual policy looks pretty good.

So who should we send to represent us in Europe? Labour are committed to neo Nazi global government and all out war on the working class (and always have been – ever read Marx’s Communist Manifesto? – thought not, well read my take on the elitist left,Left Wing Intellectuals despise the masses) The Tories are committed to TPP and TTIP Corporate hegemony and the Lib Dems are committed to selling out to anyone who offers them a sniff of power.

As for the Greens, they’re nice people but politically they’re as naive as infants. I think some of them really believe singing Kumbaya will change fascists into anarchists.

D’you know who Herman Von Rompuy is. He is one of the (unelected) Presidents of the EU. There are three presidents, each with their own bureaucratic empire. Von Rompuy Pump has been openly talking about an expanded EU to include Ukraine, other former Soviet Republics, the Balkans and Turkey (just for starters) will be run by an unelected committee of bureaucrats in Brussels, you have a straight choice, vote UKIP or vote for fascism. Simples.

Not convinced? Here’s some background on Van Rompuy.
‘In an interview with De Standaard newspaper, Van Rompuy speaks about his “dreams” that all the Balkan states will join the EU. He calls it an “inspiring thought” that in the long term “the whole of European territory outside Russia” will be tied in some way to the EU.

He admits he does not know if there is public support for such a move, “But we do it anyway.”‘

What did he mean by that? Just think back to the French and Dutch referenda of the European Constitution and the Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution lite). All were overturned by the Euronazis because they did not deliver the right result. The people of Europe voted against further integration as a step towards a Federal Superstate, the Euronazis did it anyway.

You need more to be convinced. “Van Rompuy holds EU Election superfluous” (this page via Google translate from a German online news service.)

See for yourself what the EU President thinks of European democracy (remember is is via Google translate from a Flemish newspaper so the English can be a bit crazy.)

In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the outgoing Council President Herman Van Rompuy gave a revealing insight into the importance played by the democracy in the EU today.

In short: none.

In technocrat jargon the Council President said when asked why hardly any interest in Europe for the European elections:

“There was always low voter turnout, from 1979 to today, well before the financial crisis and even before the euro crisis. The citizens were not so interested because it has not influenced their daily lives. ”

That is different today, replies the SZ.

Van Rompuy:
“Yes, Europe is changing our everyday lives. And of course, the European Parliament plays an important role, at least since the Lisbon Treaty is applicable. But citizens also know that the big decisions are made not only in Parliament but also elsewhere. ”

The SZ, startled, because they would rather have really want to hear that they all should go as good democrats for EU election, asks: “Namely, where?”

Van Rompuy:
“The European Council, under the Heads of State and Government. This difference between the Parliament and those who really decide is the citizens very clear.”

The SZ asks if the top candidate of a major party had the best chances to become President.

It is Van Rompuy’s credit that he all the mumbo to a “campaign” of two top candidates that beat a democratic election in which citizens have at least indirectly, the right to a say, refers to the realm of dreams. He does not believe in the idea of the top candidates, because the Europeans do not care about the EU Parliament. Van Rompuy:

“I’m not an avid supporter of this idea with the top candidates. This is, to put it mildly, influence the behavior of voters not great. The election outcome depends on many other factors, of national sensibilities that have nothing to do with Europe or the top candidates. ”

So with the three main parties having sold out to fascism, what do we do? Roll over and surrender our national sovereignty anong with 2000 years of culture and tradition, or throw Captain Mainwaring and his lads at them?

To anyone who thinks surrender is the right answer I have only one thing to say. STUPID BOY!

Additional Reading on the EU idea of democracy:

In 2012 Herman Van Rompuy was ‘elected’ to a second two and ahalf year term as as President of the European Council. This is despite the fact that no election appears to have been held and there was little mention of the event in mainstream media. His appointment by private acclaim underscores the farcical nature of the pretence that European Union institutions are democratic and accountable, rather than part of a vast supranational entity headed by bureaucrats and technocrats that rides roughshod over national sovereignty and personal liberty.

To get an idea of the extent to which these elitists despise the people over whom they exercise power take a peep as Van Rompuy Pumpy’s vainglorious acceptance speech made to a small private audience. Against a backdrop of economic turmoil from Greece to Portugal to Italy, with the very future of the single currency sill in doubt, the EU president remained in denial over the scale of the crisis.

Herman Van Rompuy’s Delusions of Grandeur Underscore the Folly of the European Project

In a way my job is to be the guardian of trust: fostering mutual understanding around this table among ourselves, knowing that for us together, our duty is to preserve the trust of citizens in the Union.

We are already harvesting the first results of our work on stabilising the Eurozone, for instance in terms of lower interest rates. But more is needed. Together we must bring Europe back on the path to structural growth and jobs. Exploiting the full potential of our great market. Using the EU’s central budget to foster competitiveness and employment. Investing in innovation, education and green technology, precisely when we reduce deficits. We must provide a positive outlook for jobs and prosperity, in fairness and in justice.

We must convince people across Europe that their sacrifices in these crisis years were not made in vain, that they are leading to results, that the Eurozone in the end comes out stronger: this has to be our biggest concern. It is our only way to win over the hearts and minds of the Europeans. Such a crisis must not be allowed to ever happen again. Ensuring this must be our legacy.

The word “Europe” has long been a sign of hope, embodying peace and prosperity. In the crisis, this equation has come under stress. It is my and our role, that Europe again becomes a symbol of hope. Of a better future for all.

I see something else around this table: a sense of common responsibility, the political resolve to continue our road together. I know you all share my deep conviction that the euro and the Union are irreversible projects. They support and embody the ideals of a peaceful, prosperous and democratic continent. It is our duty to continue this historical endeavour.

His whole speech can be read here, in terms of literary value it is dire but it confirms his total and utter detachment from reality.

Or going back to 2009, we see Van Rompuy Pumpy has quite a track record for making neo Nazi speeches and getting away with it.

New EU President Rompuy Announces 2009 as ?First Year of Global Governance?

You can say what you like about UKIP but clearly a vote for any party that is not totally opposed to the EU is a vote for the ultimate victory of Adolf Hitler.

Don’t call me a conspiracy theorist
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Is Europe Waking Up To The Threat Of Globalism Posed by Secret Trade Treaties

sevran rebellion

Wikipedia describes Sevran as a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, about 16 km (10 miles) from the city centre. A nondescript sort of place you might think and pictures like the one above bear out that impression. But in the near future Sevran could play an important role in the shaping of history and like another place few people have heard of which, like Speenhamland, change the direction if the developed world (The Speenhamland poor relief system raised awareness of the urgent ned for social reform in newly industrialised Britain).

One of the dirty little secrets of mainstream consensus politics is that while our leaders blether about democracy and “yoomin rights” they are quietly selling us out to the elitists whose agenda leads to a totalitarian world government.

The Daily Stirrer has reported on the secret negotiations now in progress in which, as clauses of benign sounding multinational agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TATP) by which Nazi puppets like Barack Obama, David Cameron and Angela Merkel and dupes like Ed Miliband and Francoise Hollande will betray the people they were elected to serve by surrendering national sovereignty to Corporate Bosses and Bankers. It is any wonder the political establishments and the academic creeps who advise them have been keeping silent about these treaties (which are about anything but free trade – just take a look at the plans of the unelected world government to control the internet and abolish free speech by making publication of views that dissent from the official line a criminal offence.

Wannabe Weltfuhrer Obama gave the game away with a typically petulant and adolescsent outburst in a meeting with the Malaysian leader in which the Rent Boy President condemned those questioning the treaties as conspiracy theorists:

from Infojustice

At his joint press conference with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Obama addressed concerns that intellectual property provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will lead to “higher costs of medical supplies.” His response was that people who raise concerns about TPP intellectual property provisions and access to medicines have a “lack of knowledge” about what is happening in (secret) negotiations, and are therefore prone to “rumors” and “conspiracy theories.”

Obama is reported to have elaborated on that by saying:

If you take an issue like drugs, for example, the United States does extraordinary work in research and development, and providing medical breakthroughs that save a lot of lives around the world. Those companies that make those investments in that research oftentimes want a return, and so there are all kinds of issues around intellectual property and patents, and so forth.”

Obama’s comments could almost be considered an argument in favor of greater transparency, though that was obviously not his intent because leaked texts of the draft agreements for TPP and TATP show that among many corporate and business friendly, people hostile issues concerning patents and intellectual property are proposals to allow corporations to overule laws passed by the elected governments of sovereign nations if it is felt those laws obstruct the achievement of business goals.

So when The Rent Boy President talks of making medicines avaiable in poor counties, what he means is allowing Big Pharma to sue those who manufacture and sell generic versions of drugs in third world nations in order to protect patents and make available to the world’s poor only the most expensive versions of drugs and madicines. The full transcript of the joint Razak-Obama press conference, posted by Inside U.S. Trade, is available here.

We know from experience that the provisions found in the leaked texts are the same types of provisions that have been shown to raise drug prices in other countries that have implemented trade agreements with the United States. Last year’s joint report by the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, and World Intellectual Property Organization describes the impact of TRIPS Plus intellectual property provisions dictated by trade agreements in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Jordan. Extensive analyses of the most recently leaked TPP intellectual property text by civil society and academics are available here.

It is also worth noting that the provisions Obama boasts so proudly of will not only allow but assist Big Pharma and Big Ag to obtain patents on plants that have been evolving in the natural world, thus making it possible for corporate lawyers to sue herbalists and purveyors of traditional remedies such as the medicinal herb Fennel (recently the subject of a patent application by Nestle) which has been used by healers for thousands of years and is still an important medicine in poor areas.

Those are just small examples of the shitiness that is contained in the TPP and TATP agreements.

Fortunately for democracy, in Sevran resistance has already begun. Since April 11 the city has been a self-declared area free from TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It is up to the rest of us to follow their lead.

A resolution introduced by the anarchistic group Sevran Solidaire et Citoyen has been adopted by a large majority of Sevran’s Council. The city is petitioning the French government to halt negotiations concerning the creation of a free trade zone between America and Europe.

In Sevran they have understood that the treaty “is not so much about free competition and lack of barriers as a threat against the European democratic model and the French way of life: the dismantling of all social and environmental protections, salary structures and regulations preventing price dumping, anti – monopoly laws, in fact the French state will be subject to attack by multinational corporations in law courts and arbitrations tribunals.”

This may paint a grim picture of America’s last shot at establishing a global hegemony, but concern is spreading around Europe in spite of the fact that mainstream European media (controlled by the same dark forces that control US media) has been deafeningly silent on the topic. With European elections imminent the Federal European Superstate camp, facing humiliation by Eurosceptic national parties don’t want to talk about such a divisive issue as their attempt to revive Naziism by dressing it in touchy – feely, caring, sharing mawkish sentiment (“oh but fascism so nice will help the poor” – well maybe, but it doesn’t do much good for the “useless eaters” of Hitler’s political philosophy.)

The way in which Brussels has been trying to present the treaty is typical of a Europe that lacks a political heart; an elitist club whose idea of democracy is to regulate every aspect of life, even a zucchini’s length, or the proper radius for a banana but to disregards the diverse needs of humanity.

Call me a Conspiracy Theorist if you like, Sidi Obama. I’m with the citoyens opposing Corporate Fascism, Go Sevran!.


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The Nazi Left Want To Boycott A Facist Football Manager

Todays wailing and gnashing of teeth from our ever full of shit friends on the left is a demand for a boycott of Sunderland Football Club because their newly appointed manager once admitted he was a fascist.

One commentator astutely asked if there would be the same outcry from the closet Nazis of the left if a football club had appointed a Communist. I think we all know the answer to that one.

Sunderland are a football club FFS, they are not involved in politics nor are they a news provider in the print or broadcast media. It does not matter if their manager is a supporter of The Inquisition, a Leveller, one of Guido Fawkes fellow conspirators, a molester of small furry animals or a fan of Charles Manson. His job is to manage a football team.

We should not be worried about Paulo Di Canio’s politics, he has as much right to his opinion as any of us. What we should be concerned about is the number of left wing reporters and political figures joining in calls to boycott the team he manages. These people do like to think they are opinion makers and thought leaders.

And once again they are showing their contempt for democratic principles like free speech and freedom of opinion.

Boycott the left, boycott the political parties who are not speaking out against the left’s authoritarianism. Vote UKIP.