Big Brands, Big Meetings, Big Summits, but Modern Slavery Still Problem for UK

It’s rather ironic that while british lefties and liberals agonise over the use of several kinds of slave labour in the clothing and electronics sweatshops of South-east Asia and Africa, their American counterparts are still grizzling over a form of slavery that was abolished in their country 150 years ago, constantly whining about how people whose grand – parent were not born when the slaves were freed are still suffering because of the Atlantic slave trade, but happy (and some seem ecstatic but maybe that’s the drugs,) to walk around wearing their Adidas or Nike trainers, clothes from Primark or H&M, or their Apple iPhones or iPads, or Samsung Galaxies. The case is that anything you have which is made in China, India, Bangla Desh, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigerea, Ghana or any other third world nation that manufactures for the global brands propable uses indentured (i.e. slave) labour in some stages of the production chain.

Online fashion giant Asos hosted an event in Mauritius this month to discuss issues surrounding modern slavery in the retail industry, meanwhile the UK is holding a Modern Slavery Summit to see how law enforcement agencies can prosecute more perpetrators of human trafficking. Will thins help? Well judge for yourselves but who can forget the story of the Romanian girl sold to a crime network that trafficked girls to western Europe to work as prostitutes. She was free by do-gooderfuckers in the UK, only to be shipped back to Romania where the authorities handed her back to her father … who immediately sold her back to the traffickers. The stotu came to light when she was freed a second time. but back to the most notoriously reliant on slave labour, the fashion industry.

Brand executives from Adidas, Puma, zLabels, Woolworths and Whistles which all manufacture goods in Mauritius, met anti-slavery lobby groups including the International Labour Organization, the Ethical Trading Initiative and Anti Slavery International and agreed that ‘something needed to be done. So they decided to have a few more meetings. Asos was the first online fashion business to sign up to the Global Framework agreement which aims to improve working conditions for 50 million people, making a public commitment to eradicate slavery from its supply chains but is rather vaguer about how it will achieve its aims.

Valter Sanches, General Secretary of IndustriALL, a federation of trade unions representing 70 milion people globally, said, “This agreement provides mechanisms and standards to empower our unions to safeguard workers’ rights across ASOS’ global supply chain. The GFA deepens our relationship with ASOS, and is an important step for supply chain industrial labour relations.”ASOS has long been committed to protecting the human rights of those who work in its
supply chainvia a dedicated Ethical Trade programme, which ensures sourcing practices are continually reviewed and improved, ASOS launched its first Modern Slavery Statement in 2017.
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It’s all good PR to be sure, but while the big brands will use it to polish their image, will it actually make any difference in the sweat shops of the third world.?


Human cost of cheap clothing
There is a hidden human cost of our comforable lifestyles however. Third World workers, clothing workers in particular, are employed under conditions that amount to slavery in everything but name. Even so the hand wringing, tree hiuggers of the progressive left are happy to enjoy what’s provided by the hardship of those wage-slave workers while lecturing less idealistic people about the evils of Europe’s slave trade which ended 200 years ago.

Human Rights: UK Not subject To EHRC says Judge

The oath that every British judge takes requires that they try every case according to the laws and usage of the realm, which means we have to comply with the law as set out by the british parliament and interpreted by higher courts. Parliament requires judges to take account of European decisions.

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Poverty tycoons who make themselves millionaires from taxpayer-funded foreign aid budget

In responce to questions about Britin’s overseas aid budget,David Cameron has said at the United Nations that rather than cutting aid to developing nations in these austere times UK taxpayers should be happy it is being increased. Meanwhile with her own millions safely tied up in trusts Hillary Clinton demands global wealth taxes to raise money for helping the disadvantaged.

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The Two Faces Of The Politics Of FailureWhat a mess the modern way of doing politics based on a politically correct consensus and social engineering has produced. The daily stirrer looks at how the bipolar left – right divide stops things getting better rather than helping get the developed world back on track.

Amnesty Says Britain Is Abolishing Human Rights
The Independent does not sell many papers these days but they sometimes have the best stories. Like this one: Britain is leading the charge against basic human rights, Amnesty claims Increased surveillance in Britain, along with the reduction of access to justice, have contributed to one of the worst assaults on human rights in Europe …

Climate Change and the Population Explosion
In all the debates about climate change and the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the environment there is one issue that has a huge bearing on humanity’s relationship with our planet that neither politicians nor scientists will discuss. Population growth. So a philosopher has to step up to the mark and ask why people are encouraged to have children when we face so many population related problems?

Israel May Be Guilty Of War Crimes – UN Human Rights Chief
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Elton John’s Dolce & Gabbana boycott is not a simple case of good versus evil

There’s nothing quite like an Elton John hissy fit for putting people off gays bigtime. Every time the old tart gets on his high horse (and falls off the other side like a comedy cowboy) another few million people join the homophobics union.

Few subjects are as certain to kick off an internet flame war as what constitutes a proper family. You would the wisdom of Solomon and delicate tread of an Angel to deal with the topic painlessly; and were you to lucky enough to find one, that Angel would probably refuse to offer an opinion, not daring to tread on such easily offended tootsies.

Instead then, find a fool, or a bunch of fools. Let them rush in, as did the ever sillier former rock star ‘Sir’ Elton John when fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana, made some less than laudatory comments about non standard families.

One of the fashionistas made a comment about same-sex parents: “Every child should have a mother,” he said, which Sir Elton interpreted as an insult; (these days he interprets everything as an insult); consequently, the singer has demanded a boycott of the Italian’s designer clothing. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Well the topic of same sex marriages will be debated for a long time and the issues if IVF and same sex parents will become more rather than less controversial.

But whether we think a child fares better with natural parents or not, I’m sure we can all agree no child deserves the stigma of being related to Elton John

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Fashion Disaster

Do you ever look at a picture of how someone is dressed and wonder how a grown up human being who presumable had at lease a little education could get it so wrong. All of us at Boggart Blog, me, fatsally, cleohart and our occasional gues contributors have in the past ridiculed the excesses of fashion designers and the self importance of that modern profession, personal stylists.

What is so difficult about choosing what clothes to wear that in the twenty first century we need help with this task, we might well ask. But then in the twenty first century there are all sorts of oddball new service industries springing up, personal shoppers, dog walkers, shirt wearers, who are paid to wear shirts apparently,and even a Contest Queen who sells assistance with magazine contests for people who want to win but can’t be arsed thinking up a slogan.

But choosing everyday clothes, T shirt, jacket, trousers or skirt as appropriate, should not be beyond most of us.

But on reflection, some people need help, they really do:


National Wind Day

The insane weather continues. With all but the highest upland areas now under more that fifty feet of water and more flooding on the way according to our Prime Minister, while the assorted incompetents, dickheads and arseholes who should be sorting this out run round like headless chickens as they try to escape the flood of criticism, wetsuits have become the de rigeur clothing for fashionable flood victims.

flood fashion
Flood bound fashionistas promenade in their designer wetsuits

It is not just the flood waters that are pissing people off of course, the enture nation has been battered by wind. And as we all know, wind and wetsuits are not a good combination.

Wind and wetsuits don’t mix

The Ultimate Hand Job?

Robotics engineeers at an international robotics and technology show recently exhibited latest advances aimed at allowing disabled people to have the same opportunities the able bodied.

The result of projects in development will, doctors and engineers think, result in an (unimaginatively dubbed but they are scientists) i-limb ultra prosthetic hand connected to sensors in the body, allowing the mechanical hand to move as a biological one would. Movement in these prosthetic limbs would then be possible by thought alone. This allows the disabled person to have almost the same physical abilities as anyone else.

Work on such innovations is now well enough advanced for some people with limited mobility in one hand to have chosen to have their disabled limb amputated and replaced with a prototype i-limb ultra hand instead. Will this happen more in the future? Indeed, will people without disabilities start to get false limbs because they find their real ones are not good enough or bionic ones earn more brownie points with the fashion set? Gok Wan is just never going to allow women to walk around on home made legs.

Maybe false limbs will become a fashion trend. Eat you heart out Heather Mills, Victoria Beckham’s false legs will make you look a klutz. Grace Jones has already ordered her bionic arse and several supermodels have ordered i-Hands with a small finger that converts to a hyperdermic syringe.

We forsee problems if the makers do not come up with a better name. Apple Corp. are never going to let them get away with i-Hand. Unless of course a secret deal has already been arranged giving the computer company exclusive rights to sell an i – Wank app.

.Things Must Be Pretty Bad When Primark Fakes Are Selling In Dubai

Fake Christian Louboutin shoes I can understand although those wanting to plug such crap in my comments thread can eff off, I’ll just delete you. Fake Louis Vuitton bags, Dolce and Gabbana wossits, Tommy Hilfiger hoodies, or Stella McCartney frocks I can understand, these high fashion brands are unaffordable for most people. But a store selling Primark fakes? Has it really come to this?

What is even more gobsmacking is the shop selling fake Primark stuff has opened in Dubai, world capital of obscene wealth, the domain of Sheik Phil T Lucre where people send their kids off to school with Pate de Fois Gras and white truffle sarnis for a packed lunch or bung said little darlings £4,200 for a caviar pizza drssed with gold flakes. Dubai is home to people who think nothing of paying £3,000 for a Kobe Beef sirloin steak or adding £1000 extra to their bill for a side order of Matsutake mushrooms grown on composted Unicorn shit. (world’s most expensive foods) Dubai it the place that is too expensive even for seriously rich people. Only the fuck off rich can afford to live in Dubai.

So WTF do they want with a budget clothing shop like Primark? And fake Primark stuff, even chavs would turn their noses up at that. What can we expect to see opining up in Accrington next month, a new shop selling fake poundstretcher stuff.

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Lay Off Our Adele, Limpdick.

Here at the ASccrington end of the Boggart Blog operation we love Adele. She is a talented and original songwriter, has a wonderful voice and comes across as a really fun person who is not up her own arse.

OK she’s not a bag of bones like Lady Gaga or a glorified dancer from Kelley Rowland’s backing group like Beyonce. But she can sing the tits of either of them.

We don’t know how the Barnsley office feel on this topic but they are sophisticated and cultured people so we think there will be some common ground.

Assuming that I speak on behalf of the whole Boggart Blog team then I have to take issue with fashion designer and professional screaming queen Karl Lagerfeld who has been mincing around saying our Adele is too fat.

The fact that Lagerfeld can only design clothes that fit broom handles and therefore has to use semi anorexic coke heads for models does not qualify him to comment on the female form. And given his well known sexual proclivities WTF does he know about it anyway. Give me a proper lady over a broom handle every time.

Lady Gaga seems quite sensible but disappointing
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Penis Trousers (with picture) The latest in male fashion.

After last week’s news was full of cloying sentiment from the fashion world over the death of a designer whose best trick was to make his models look like grotesques (so as to make his clothes look less grotesque?) we bring you a sneak peek (if you’ve the stomach for it) at a new line in mens fashion from the world of haute couture. Unveiled (or flashed?)for the first time at the Madrid fashion week Penis Trousers have a false dick and bollocks sewn on the outside. You don’t believe me?

Then take a look at this shot from the Isabel Mastache show.

Still, if that is an accurate representation it at least proves Spanish men are all talk. I’ve seen thicker pencils. It also proves that far from being the delicate and sensitive creative artists they think they are, most fashion designers are just pathetic, inadequate attention seekers.

Swimsuit Edition
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Politically Correct Thought Police To Abolish High Heels?

During the Trade Union Congress (doesn’t that sound like a sex technique from The Kama Sutra specially for factory workers ?) annual conference this week the New Labour Politically Correct Thought Police (chairperson Hattie Harridan) have sponsored a debate about whether women being forced to wear high heels violates their human rights.

Boggart Blog has not always been believed when we warn of the innate Nazism of militant left wing thinking but here is a very good example of that 21st century political phenomenon at work. The Politically Correct Thought Police can defend the actions of a religious leader (provided he is non Christian of course) who demands women be flogged for going out in public places without completely covering their hair and yet condemn those who “force women to wear high heels.”

I have always been something of a ladies man and have “known” more that my fair share of women, most but not all of whom wore high heels. None of them to the best of my knowledge were forced to wear high heels. My wife and daughter both choose to wear high heels sometimes and “sensible shoes” at others. After thirty five years together my wife does not wear La Perla lingerie for me but for herself, to feel good about herself, partly perhaps because it is morale-boostingly expensive. But it is her choice as are the designer sandals with wedge heels that are her favourite shoes this summer. Cleo Hart on the other hand, because she is working in Majorca, will have spent most of the summer in her Birkenstocks. Her dressier shoes are taking up space in my computer room so I’m well aware she has dressier shoes. Nobody forces her to wear them.

Can we say the same of those women we see walking in British towns in a Niqab or Burqa? Do thy have a choice? Can they say, “bit hot for the old Burqa today, I’ll put me mini skirt on with a halter top.”

During her week as acting Prime Minister, Harriet Harman did little but bang on about how unfairly women are treated in Britain, how gender inequality has led to women being treated as second class citizens. “In Sudan,” she said at one point, “A woman has been flogged for wearing trousers in public.”

You have to wonder if Hattie is really up to acting as Prime Minister if she has not worked out that we are not in Sudan and the way women are treated in such places somewhat undermines the case of the Politically Correct Thought Police (women’s branch) that women are being demeaned and denied their human rights by not actually being forced to wear high heels but given the freedom to choose to do so if they wish.

Now if I was to point out that Ms Harman’s stance strengthens the age old male argument that women are irrational I would probably be accused of sexism.

Bitching About Bitch.

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Sarah Palin resigns – Boggart Blog exclusive interview

The media across the pond is getting its knickers in a twist speculating on why fomer Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has quit her political career. Shortly after Mrs. Palin denied rumours she was divorcing her fisherman hubby Tank or Truck or whatever his stupid redneck name is Boggart Blog secured this exclusive interview with the outgoing Governor of Alaska.

Boggart Blog:
Mrs Palin, thank you for agreeing to talk to us. Naturally we want to know what has prompted your decision to resign and what your next move will be. First though, on a fashion note, for someone like yourself who has aspired to high office do you not think it a little trashy to have glitter on your cleaveage. Ah, erm sorry, it isn’t glitter is it, it’s fishscales.

Sarah Palin’s Gay Paedophile Stalker CAn you imagine a worse person to be stalked by. Good thing Mrs Palin knows how to handle a powerful weapon.

The Palin Nightmare
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Palins Resistible March To The Presidency boggart Blog Exclusive – Sarah Palin’s Agenda Revealed.

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