Musy Get My Eyes Tested … AND My Mind Cleaned Up

I opened the Times this morning and thought I had come across the perfect story for a post today.

My title was going to be:-


because the story was about Elton John and I thought the Headline said,


in fact it said, DON’T LET THE SON DO DOWN DAD.

Drat, think of all the hits we would have got with those four words as tags:)

Arse Banditry In The Turkish Bath Triggers Ban

Genital Profiling – We’re mad for it…

A couple of weeks ago French MEP and No 1 political hottie Rachida Dati, confused “inflation” with “fellatio” live on TV. Now it’s Brice Hortefeux’s turn. France’s answer to Theresa May committed his own Freudian slip while defending his country’s police force against the charge of ethnic profiling. Speaking on RTL’s “Le Grand Jury”, he momentarily confused “empreintes digitales” – fingerprint databases – with “empreintes génitales”. Well you don’t need to be a fluent French speaker – to recognise that’s something else entirely.

What a dick – or c***.

Now if it was Rachida who wanted to gential profile us most blokes would be well up for it.


Hottie French Politician Promises Blow Jobs For Votes

French politician Rachida Dati who in the political hottie stakes put even our own Carline Flint in the shade has become France’s most popular politician ever (wth male votes anyway) by promising all who vote for her a blow job.


Our undercover reporter in the French government reports:

President Sarkozy recognised Rachida’s potential popularity when he first asked her would she take on responsibility for getting inflation under control. She immediately dropped to her knees and unzipped Sarko’s trousers.

Realising that Ms. Dati was confused by the similarity between the French words for inflation and fellatio Sarko promoted her even further reasoning that getting a b.j. off a lady not half as attracive had done Bill Clinton’s career no harm.

Boggart Blog says we would welcome a few politicians like Rachida in the UK but even more important we must make sure MPs like Harriet Harman and Teresa May stick to dealing with financial matters.

Now read the real story

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Karmic Carnivores

Continuing on the same theme as yesterday’s “Compassionate Vegetarians” post we bring you today the concept of Karmic Carnivorism.
In response to a rant last week about how we must all become vegans if we are to save the world, a man of about my age (i.e. born post World War 2 when meat was still rationed and thus a committed carnivore) defends meat eating and demolishes the assumed moral superiority of vegans by raising points such as is it more morally justifiable to eat meat than vegetables when we consider that herbivores eat living plants while vegetables and fruit bearing plants are the only truly innocent life form on the planet? why are vegans so keen on salad when eating raw leves enables them to consumes thousands of microsopic creatures? and – (GET THIS EVERYONE)Should vegans swallow after fellatio as they are committed to never put any animal product in their mouth?