This Is What A Hypocrite Looks Like

The “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt proudly worn by Harriet Harman during Prime Ministers Questions last Wednesday was made by factory girls in the Mauritius who earn just 62p an hour and sleep 16 to a room. The shirts are currently being sold at Whistles for £45 each, with all profits donated to the Fawcett Society, a campaigning group for women’s rights.

The t-shirts are being promoted by women’s magazine Elle in their forthcoming edition, which features a number of men including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Labour Leader Ed Miliband, and the actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard E Grant and Simon Pegg all sporting the shirt.

Prime Minister David Cameron landed himself in hot water by repeatedly refusing to take part in the feature by wearing one of the shirts, but it appears that he may have the last laugh as an investigation by the Mail on Sunday has revealed that the girls making the shirts are committed to 45 hour weeks for which they are paid just 6000 rupees – about £120 – a month, meaning that it would take them a week and a half to earn the money required to buy one of the shirts.

Francois Woo, managing director of CMT’s factory in La Tour Koenig, north Mauritius told the Mail: “The Mauritian government has set out a minimum wage that we must pay and we abide by their rules. “I am like a parent to the workers. They are free to come and go as they please but if they go out on a weeknight I will not be happy because then they will turn up for work the next day hung-over.

If people didn’t want to work for us then they don’t have to, nobody is forcing them. If they have the chance to earn more somewhere else then they should go elsewhere. If they didn’t like it, then we would not have existed as a company for 28 years.”

But the workers disagreed. One 30 year old migrant worker told a Mail On Sunday investigative reporter: “I have worked here for four years and I have not been able to see my son or husband in Bangladesh during all that time. We work very hard, sometimes 12 hour days, for not much money. I send all my money home and could not afford to fly back and see my family.”

Another said, “It is awful but we have no choice. In my country, the rupees I earn here are worth three times as much as they are in Mauritius. “How can this T-shirt be a symbol of feminism?”

And that £45 price tag? I phoned my bother who has a clothing business, he reckons he could buy that quality T shirt with a better slogan for £5 and retail at £10. So we must wonder how much of the £35 ectra profit is going to charity and how much is landing in the pockets of hypocrites promoting this ‘feminist’ ( for which read Marxist) shite?

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Tits Out for The President

Half naked feminist protestors make frau Merkel frown butput a smile on little Vlad Puttin’s sour face.

Femen, a surprisingly good looking Russian or German feminist group who protest against inequality and injustice by getting their tits out managed to disrupt a Volkswagen new model launch attended by Merkel and Putin.

The Hausfrau Chancellor looked decidedly pissed off but Vlad seemed to be enjoying himself (about 10 seconds in)


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Olympic Womens’ Boxing, Another Resounding Triumph For Feminism

Those redoubtable campaigners for women’s rights have won another notable victory against the dark forces of masculine superiority. In the next Olympic games women will box competitively for medals. This is not naked mud wrestling type fighting we are talking about but real pulling on boxing goves and beating the crap out of each other type fighting.

What a resounding triumph for the Politically Correct Thought Police but am I the only one who remembers when, not so long ago, these same people were calling for boxing to be banned entirely as it was a brutal and barbaric sport?

Perhaps I am being curmudgeonly. We should all celebrate the wonderful progress the feminist movement has helped women to make. In the past forty years feminist led campaigns have also won women the right to work down coalmines, serve as combat troops in battle zones and earn their living as professional boxers.

In a comment thread on Daily Telegraph I saw one visitor ask “what exactly is a faminist.”

That’s an easy question to answer. On the above evidence a feminist is a misogynist with tits.

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Politically Correct Thought Police To Abolish High Heels?

During the Trade Union Congress (doesn’t that sound like a sex technique from The Kama Sutra specially for factory workers ?) annual conference this week the New Labour Politically Correct Thought Police (chairperson Hattie Harridan) have sponsored a debate about whether women being forced to wear high heels violates their human rights.

Boggart Blog has not always been believed when we warn of the innate Nazism of militant left wing thinking but here is a very good example of that 21st century political phenomenon at work. The Politically Correct Thought Police can defend the actions of a religious leader (provided he is non Christian of course) who demands women be flogged for going out in public places without completely covering their hair and yet condemn those who “force women to wear high heels.”

I have always been something of a ladies man and have “known” more that my fair share of women, most but not all of whom wore high heels. None of them to the best of my knowledge were forced to wear high heels. My wife and daughter both choose to wear high heels sometimes and “sensible shoes” at others. After thirty five years together my wife does not wear La Perla lingerie for me but for herself, to feel good about herself, partly perhaps because it is morale-boostingly expensive. But it is her choice as are the designer sandals with wedge heels that are her favourite shoes this summer. Cleo Hart on the other hand, because she is working in Majorca, will have spent most of the summer in her Birkenstocks. Her dressier shoes are taking up space in my computer room so I’m well aware she has dressier shoes. Nobody forces her to wear them.

Can we say the same of those women we see walking in British towns in a Niqab or Burqa? Do thy have a choice? Can they say, “bit hot for the old Burqa today, I’ll put me mini skirt on with a halter top.”

During her week as acting Prime Minister, Harriet Harman did little but bang on about how unfairly women are treated in Britain, how gender inequality has led to women being treated as second class citizens. “In Sudan,” she said at one point, “A woman has been flogged for wearing trousers in public.”

You have to wonder if Hattie is really up to acting as Prime Minister if she has not worked out that we are not in Sudan and the way women are treated in such places somewhat undermines the case of the Politically Correct Thought Police (women’s branch) that women are being demeaned and denied their human rights by not actually being forced to wear high heels but given the freedom to choose to do so if they wish.

Now if I was to point out that Ms Harman’s stance strengthens the age old male argument that women are irrational I would probably be accused of sexism.

Bitching About Bitch.

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Still Topless In St Trop.

A trend noted with glee by feminist writers in The Guardian is that women are covering up more on Mediterranean beaches. They say many more women are now prepared to go topless. Being female Guardian writers they proclaim this is a great victory for feminism as women are at last learning they do not have to conform to stereotypes created by male prejudices.

Articles I have read that discuss the topic are full of the usual propaganda disseminated by the Politically Correct Thought Police and the middle class angst so beloved of those who don’t have any real problems in life and have to make up a few so they can go to a shrink like all their flaky mates. These writers claim that women, by putting on a bikini top are reclaiming their bodies. They will be demanding compulsory niqabs in public places next.

In the Boggart Blog newsroom we were intrigued by these reports because we all agreed that each time any of us go to the Med. there are more busty substances than ever on display. To get to the bottom of what is going on we sent our invisible reporter Soft Mick to the French Riviera. He reports thus:

“The cover-up, if it is indeed a cover up” seems to apply only to British women. This may have a lot to do with the recession causing people to adopt a junk food diet or cancel their gym subscriptions. The girls are perhaps not as pert as they would like to be. Among French, German, Italian and Scandinavian holiday makers the trend is to get even more kit off. Perhaps their national economies are even worse hit by the credit crunch and they cannot afford even bikini bottoms or maybe they are hoping for an invitation to one of Don Vito Berlusconi’s elegant

The only place our reporter heard of the presence of bare naked ladies causing a problem was on the beach in front of the Cannes Yacht Club. The club secretary Commodore “Splicer” Mainbrace said, “Dammit, the sight of naked women cavorting on the sand is putting diners in the Terrace Restaurant off their fois gras and poached Bird of Paradise breasts. There are only two things smell of fish so if one has not ordered fish it is the last thing one would wish to smell at the table.”

Nice to know that the wealthy elite are not being brainwashed by politically correct thinking.

Sun, Sand and Sweaty Feet
Sex On The Beach

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In Prase Of White, Heterosexual Males

When an Oxford College elected as its representative on the student body a candidate who described himself as a “white heterosexual male” it was bound to make the feminists and the equal rights whiners kick off.

In fact, it was probably done to deliberately wind up the feminists and equal rights whiners. Yet what is wrong with being a white heterosexual male. That description alone does not imply somebody is a racist or a woman hater.

Sure enough though, a feminist writer has posted an article titled stupid white heterosexual male which describes the joke as immature and sexist.

Immature certainly. This is an ex public schoolboy now attending Oxford University we are talking about. Immature is de rigeur. Sexist? Only if we accept that anything the humourless, whining feminists of the Politically Correct Thought Police don’t like or can’t see the funny side of is sexist.

Boggart Blog has had another visit from the Politically Correct Thought Police. A regular reader commented on a post about The Apprentice, telling us Surralan had asked the BEEB if he could employ both finalists.

In reply, and in the spirit of this blog I commented:
“I knew it. Surralan fancies a BJ off Kate because he is a risk taker.”

Sure enough a PCTP agent trolls along and tells me I’m crude. sexist and of low intelligence (that is some judgement on the basis of one short comment – I thought Politically Correct Thinking was all about not making pejorative statements based on one’s personal prejudices. Oh well, one rule for them, one rule for the rest of us. Effing elitists.)

So yes, the comment is crude, yes it is politically incorrect because that is Boggart Blog’s editorial policy but sexist? If it insults anyone it insults Alan Sugar. Kate from The Apprentice knows she has big teeth and has a laugh about it. Obviously Kate is not a feminist. The idea of a feminist ever having a laugh about anything is too ridiculous for words.

Women In Labour

Because some people insist on reading Boggart Blog as a personal diary of our innermost thoughts and feelings rather that the spoof it is intended to be read as, can I just remind you on this article I don’t actually believe in the stuff I write here, it is satire.

Last week (the news was a tad slow in arriving) 85 female Labour Party activists descended like harpies on London for the 2009 Labour Party women’s summit. You missed this inspirational and life affirming event didn’t you? Shame on you all.

There is, I always feel, something deeply unappealing about female Labour activists. It is perhaps to do with their earnest demeanour, their patronising tendency to put one right should one stray “off message” and say something ever so slightly politically incorrect, their intensity and their irritating habit of blaming all the troubles of the world on “unreconstructed” middle class white men. Though there are no doubt some attractive Labour women (no names spring to mind but there must be some) for warmth and a sense of fun The Liberal Democrats have a monopoly on political hot ladies – and even theirs are only slightly warm. Find links to pictures of Lib-Dem warmies at this Boggart Blog post

When middle class white men all have to have chips implanted in our brains that override all male instincts, are regularly injected with female hormones to inhibit sexist behaviour, interest in football and a taste for full English breakfasts and are modified with a few African genes so we can all dance the world will be perfect will it not?

(Snapshot of a post Apocalyptic scene: a Politically Correct Labour Female (PCLF) and her reconstructed mate are surveying a bleak, post apocalyptic landscape hoping to find shelter, food, water and a non – sexist, non racist commune to join when a band of ugly mutants appear over the skyline.

“Oh darling”, says the PCLF, you must save us in a non – violent, right-on, politically correct way from the evil, flesh eating mutants .”

“But how, vis – a – vis their penchant for dressing in animal skins, total lack of interest in personal hygiene and grooming and their brutish obsession with extreme violence and eating anything they can’t fuck I hardly think they are likely to listen to our appeals to their feminine side?”

“You are a man, it’s your job to protect your mate and her children” says PCLF.

“Hmm” says the male who is finding his enlightened, metrosexual attitudes are not serving him well in post apocalyptic world, “I guess I could reach out to them, tell them about hope and change and show them some of my dance moves. That might make them understand the advantages of sharing their space and resources with members of a superior, right – on species. If it doesn’t work I don’t know what I can do, they’re monsters.”

“Don’t call them monsters, you racist bigot, thy have a right to live the lifestyle they choose and we must respect their culture and celebrate their diversity.” says PCLF.

You think I exaggerate? Consider some of the ideas discussed by this conference, organised by the party that gave us such democratic and libertarian ideas as all women or all back selection lists for Labour constituency parties in safe seats to choose their candidates, deselection of sitting MPs who dare to think for themselves and 42 day detention without for people suspected of having beards or possessing equipment that could be used in the growing of beards.

One senior Labour woman told the Boggart Blog political correspondent covering the conference: “I have found myself asking ‘What would have happened last September if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters?”

We can tell her they would still have gone bankrupt but the offices at Corporate HQ would have had nice curtains.

When women take on the task of talking about how to put the world to rights the assumption that in the same circumstances and given the same tools and resources as men they would be certain to do a better job is, is it not, a tad lacking in logical foundations?

There was much talk at the Labour women’s conference of rebuilding the financial sector as a “gender neutral zone” whatever that is. The main topic to excite the PCLFs though was their idea that the recession could actually work in favour of women. As Corporations seek to make savings on executive pay they see opportunities for women executives to ascend the career ladder as they have always had to accept lower pay than men and are therefor more recruitable.

So then, after all these decades of feminist grizzling about equal pay, you would think women might acknowledge the fact that by ignoring them we were doing them a favour.

UPDATED 21 Feb 2009:
As the most influential women of the NuLab “project” whinge about how women are hardest hit by the recession let us remind you it was, was it not, New Labour with their enthusiasm for Neo-con free market policies that brought us to the current chaos. Worship of markets could only have one end as Ian’s poems Holy City and Chasing Bubbles describe.

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The Crisis In Paxo’s Undercrackers

Playing catch up this week as although the past few days have yielded little in the way of news, stories that were just made for Boggart Blog were coming in thick and fast. One we missed was Jeremy Paxman’s complaint on television that his underpants do not support his dangly bits. My initial reaction was that Paxo should think himself lucky, it is not so long ago that BBC journalists were not permitted to have dangly bits because the shows they appeared on were broadcast to homes in Surrey. In fact as recently as the 1990s female presenters working on BBC Children’s programmes were, like Sindy dolls, not allowed vaginas. Anthea Turner was the living proof of this.
I digress, we are discussing guzzies and dangly bits. All my adult life I have chosen jockey briefs, the kind with no fly, you just yank the elastic down, whack your willie over the top, take aim and let it rip. Y fronts were OK but could be terribly fiddly especially if you needed a waz while walking home from the pub on a cold night, but jockeys are more elegant and have the effect of lifting and pushing forward whereas if an opportunity to doff your Daks and pleasure a lady occurred unexpectedly, a pair of baggy, grey Y fronts would make the wearer look like Mr. Semi-detached Suburban.
The move to boxers in the 1980s, the decade that style forgot, was a complete mystery to all men who like to look good while getting their kit off. Boxer shorts are shapeless, sexless and silly, only fit to be worn by hapless actors caught with their pants down in low-budget sitcoms.
Wearing boxer shorts is pointless, they offer no support, you may as well let your wedding tackle waft to and fro in the breeze, no shape enhancement to impress potential partners and they do not even catch the drips, you just have to endure the sensation of cold wetness tricking down your leg.
Boxer shorts were promoted by lesbian feminist writers who rave about how sexy men looked in them. What is sexy about having a picture of Mickey Mouse covering your meat and two veg. At the risk of sounding paranoid here, I sense a gay conspiracy, while male fashion designers created clothes to make women look ridiculous, women writers put men in clown underpants. The hidden message was that straight sex is just uncool.
The situation carried on unchanged (although hopefully the guzzies were changed regularly) throughout the 1990s but since the turn of the century, the industrialisation of Asia, the export of jobs to low labour cost countries, and the abandonment of prudence has seen a rapid decline in quality in favour of cheap. It was not how good your guzzies were that mattered but how many pairs you had. Modern boxers can be had for pennies from Wal-Mart / Asda but seem to be made from the same stuff as Kleenex, while size M jockeys, supposedly for a medium sized man, look as if they would fit a medium sized ten year old. And the cut. jockey briefs need to have a bit of pouching at the front, you know, like the bag you carried your marbles in as a child, but now I find the bit that connects front to back is so skimpily cut, if I do not arrange things very carefully I walk around with one bollock dangling down each side while that thin band of cloth disappears up my crevice.
I sometimes feel I would be as well off wearing my daughter’s thongs (apart from the probability of her killing me,) but this is the way of the world.
Our grandparents told us, (well mine told me*,) buy cheap, buy twice. Now of course we have no choice, there is cheap cheap from the budget stores, or there is expensive cheap which is the same cheap crap but with a designer label. So congratulations to Jeremy Paxman for airing his underpant issues. We should all be up in arms about the crappification of our lives.

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