Swiss police confirm bomb threat at FIFA congress in Zurich

Blatter where most football fans would like to see him (Image source)

At last some encouraging news about FIFA.

A bomb threat has been received at the FIFA congress in Zurich, Swiss police have confirmed to SRF News.

“I can confirm there has been a bomb threat against the FIFA congress, officers have been dispatched,” a spokeswoman for the city police said.

Authorities were alerted around 11 a.m. local time, police spokesman Marco Cortesi confirmed. FIFA also acknowledged receipt of the threat to news website

Local journalists reported that they were forced to leave their places at the venue.

Police spokeswoman Brigitte Vogt earlier confirmed to AFP that a bomb alert had been received at the venue, and that officers were at the scene.

The FIFA presidential election is set to take place on Today (Friday 29 May), with many influential voices in the west’s footballing nation calling for current president, the corrupt and devious Sepp Blatter to step down following an investigation into FIFA’s culture of bribes, bungs and kickbacks led to the arrest of several of the organization’s officials. However, Blatter is expected to be re-elected for a fifth five-year term (we can only wonder how many football administrators from third world nations he had to bribe to get to that position, and how much money it campaign cost the ordinary punters who pay to watch football.

The question about terrorists that has always plagued me is why are the such effing amateurs. I mean you get a crooked fucker like Blatter and all his rent seeking sidekicks together under one roof, and you phone up and warn them you’ve planted a bomb? Another such good opportunity might not occur for years.

Red Card For FIFA

And long overdue it is too for this self serving organisation and its corrupt officials. I have always hated international football (well, apart from that one day in 1966), it has always seemed to me to be about expanding the role of the bureaucracies that run the game rather than ordinary punters supporting their local team.

And when you look at FIFA officials, apart from the odd token former player, they are smooth faced elitists, industinguishable from the people who sit on the International Olympic Committee, run the EU, the United Nations, the Eurovision Song Contest and all the rest of it. In other words they are the type of people who in a former age would have talked about their divine right to rule, and God having created their ancestrs as a finer species of humans than us ordinary punters.

it is bollocks of course. The growth of international and trans national competitions (e.g. The World Cup and the European Champions League) has gone hand in hand with the expansion of the bureaucracies that run the game.

Well most participants in the Champions League are not champions of anything and the World Cup has turned into a massive and meaningless jollies (in fact several massive and meaningless jollies) for the games’ bosses, funded by fans.

As always however, the smooth faced back stabbers forgot that we are many and they are few, and they overreached themselves. Hubris always gets its just reward. The real damage was done when a World Cup tournament was awarded to Qatar, a small nation that did not boast a single decent stadium but had shitloads of oil money with which to sweeten the panel that chose future venues.

Things progressed from there until eventually a massive US investigation culminated in an early morning raid by Swiss police on senior football officials staying at a Zurich hotel. The suspects face federal corruption charges and may be extradited to the United States.

The organization’s officials reportedly stand accused of making World Cup bid bribes, arranging broadcaster and marketing deals, as well as wire fraud (a U.S. legal term for any fraud involving transactions dependent on telecommunications ), racketeering and money laundering.

An official statement by the Swiss Federal Office of Justice said the six FIFA officials have received millions of dollars over the years for crimes set up and organized from the US (the Boggart Blog bookies is refusing to take bets on Sepp Blatter being one of them), with American banks involved in the payments. The crimes reportedly go all the way back to the early 1990s.

“The bribery suspects – representatives of sports media and sports promotion firms – are alleged to have been involved in schemes to make payments to the soccer functionaries – delegates of FIFA and other functionaries of FIFA sub-organizations – totaling more than US$100 million,” the Swiss Federal Office of Justice said in a statement. “In return, it is believed that they received media, marketing, and sponsorship rights in connection with soccer tournaments in Latin America.

“The US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York is investigating these individuals on suspicion of the acceptance of bribes and kickbacks between the early 1990s and the present day,” sources in the USA revealed.

In an update on the investigation, the Swiss Attorney-General’s office says electronic and other information and documents were seized from FIFA headquarters as part of the investigation.

I’m all for this, lets go back to the days when Saturday was football day and it was inconceivable that the entire Premiership programme would be cancelled because England had a midweek friendly match with Faroe Islands or somewhere.

Is football governing body FIFA Corrupt?

Years too late there seems to be a kerfuffle about the FIFA decision to stage the 2022 World cup in Qatar, a tiny but oil rich nation that has no football stadiums, no football teams, no football pitches, no grass (not of the kind involved in lawns anyway) but shitloads of money and a despotic ruler whose son likes football.

As the decision to hold a World Cup tournament in Qatar in the middle of summer when temperatures in the desert nation can reach a zillion degrees fuckmeitshotigrade was made far earlier than was necessary some curmudgeonly types said bungs had been handed to officials of football world governing body FIFA to help them make the decision that was best for football and for fans who could afford to stay in any of the Kingdom’s many incredibly expensive six star hotels and support their national team.

How very dare you accuse us upholders of the Corinthian spirit of corruption, howled FIFA officials, hastily trying to stuff bundles of banknotes and anonymous bearer bonds into their pockets.

So can we believe their protestations of innocence or is the football governig body corrupt. The clue is in the name. FIFA – a fee fa this, a fee fa that.

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Another F – F – F – FIFA Fiasco

The 57 old farts have hijacked football.

Do you remeber the 57 old farts who, according to former Engand Rugby Union captain Will Carling, ran English Rugby.

Boggart Blog has long suspected these same 57 old farts, all drawn from that self appointed elite of international bureaucrats who run everything, have hijacked all sports where there is money to be made, because where there is money to be made there are bungs to be sought. They certainly control the Olympic Committee which is no longer about the Corinthian spirit but is a quadrennial self aggrandizing exercidse for committee members.

And now they have hijacked the common peoples’ game, football.

Sepp Blatter, a greedy, smug, graft enriched nonentity (I look forward to hearing from your lawyers Sepp)who has presided over the most incompetent and self serving governing body in world sport says he wants four more years at the helm to reform the game.

And what reform does he plan? Selling control of all fixture lists to Rupert Murdoch? Demanding copyright on all glamour pix of WAGs? Changing the name from football to Gizzabung?

Olympic Leg – acy

Russia’ Wikileaks moment and England’s fury

Yesterday was a day of mixed fortunes for Russia according to news reports.

The latest Wikileaks … erm … leaks told us that corruption, extortion and violence have made Russia a mafia state. This is a totally unsubstantiated allegaton of course.

Then came the news of the expected FIFA stitch up decision. England’s contingent were furious when it was announced the 2018 World Cup would be held in Russia.

David Cameron refused to congratulate his Russian counterpart Vlad (The Impaler) Putin, David Beckham refused to pose for photographs and Prince William refused to eat his porridge until Nanny had given him a hug.

Many sports writers immediately suggested that the FIFA executive, already exposed as bung seekers, had been handsomely paid to arrive at their decision.

Boggart Blog can exclusively reveal this is not true. Russia (which is NOT a Mafia state, such allegations are completely unsubstantiated we were assured by a gentleman wearking an Astrakahn Fedora and carrying a violin case) presented gifts to FIFA officials which were well within the definition of “acceptable hospitality.”

Mr. Putin merely arranged for ever member of the FIFA panel to be sent a big dead fish.


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Shock Horror – FIFA Is Corrupt: Great Week For Non News Continues

I can’t be arsed, I really can’t be arsed writing a post about today’s big news, the revelation that officials of International Football’s governing body FIFA are on the take.

The news media will be telling us next the International Olympic Committee are a bunch of self important, grasping, self sevring crooks, that members of the Bliderberg Group are all power crazed, partanoid, rich bastards and that the United Nations is a useless talking shop for well connected imbeciles.

And if any news organisation dares to try try to tell me world leaders meeting in Cancun this week are only there for a pre – Christmas jolly at taxpayers’ expence because there was never the slightest chance they would achieve anything I will take the Boggart Blog for Journalistic Stating Of The Obvious and ram it so far up their collective arse they will choke on it.

And I’ll tell youse somethin’ else. If those Wiki leaks contain anything you did not already know you haven’t ben living on this planet have you?