Swedish Municipalities cut services to Swedes to cover cost of taking in migrants

Eight out of ten civic authorities in Sweden will have to slash basic public services provided to residents who have paid their civic taxes for years in order to offset the astronomical cost of taking in, housing, feeding and caring for thousands of uneducated, illiterate, unemployable, welfare-dependent migrants.

The survey found that 46 percent of authorities reported they have had to draw up plans to drastically reduce disability services, while half said that they would be forced to make serious spending cuts in individual and family care to save money, SVT News reports.

Göran Eriksson, the city manager of Bengstfors, a small town in Western Sweden told SVT that his municipality would not be able to fund the increasing costs of social services and welfare programs for immigrants without help from the federal government. Costs are increased due to the fact that many of the migrants refuse to learn even basic Swedish and interpreters hve to be employed.

Bengstfors faces a 2.4 million budget deficit for the current financial year and hopes to decrease that deficit by slashing social services and maintenance costs.

“The situation is strained, and we now are forced to take some effort after the council has decided on a new budget for 2020,” said Eriksson, adding “I think there are two reasons. We have been generous and received many new arrivals, but basically, it is also a demographic problem. We have an aging population and the municipality is shrinking.”

To reduce the cost of supporting Sweden’s continuing acceptance of overwhelming numbers of immigrants, state organizations tasked with promoting for migrant integration will be merged with those focused on welfare and employment. Money budgeted for subsidizing healthcare for schoolchildren and preschools will also be slashed. Street light usage is to be reduced by 20 percent and snow plowing will only occur when large amounts of snow are on the road.

Back in Voice of Europe reported that the city officials of Bengstfors had reached out to the federal government for a financial bail out because the municipality was facing bankruptcy having taken in too many welfare-dependent migrants.

Stig Bertilsson, a local politician of the center-right Moderate Party, explained the problem to reporters, saying: “Costs in municipalities that have received new arrivals have continued to be substantial even when government revenues have stopped. This creates a large negative hole in the municipal cash register.”

As Charles Dickens’ character Wilkins Micawber would have said, “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds, nineteen shillings and six pence – result happiness; annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and sixpence – result misery.

Olympic Disaster. What happened to globalism?

On June 17, with only arounf seven weeks to go before the start of the Olympic Games, the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has declared a “state of public calamity.”

A financial crisis is preventing the state from honoring its commitments to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the state governor told a press conference. The crisis is so severe, he said, it could eventually bring about “a total collapse in public security, health, education, mobility and environmental management.”

The authorities are now authorized to ration essential public services and the state is eligible for emergency funds from the federal government.

Recent visitors to Rio, asked how preparations for the Games are going tend to respond “not well”. The city reportedly looks like a huge construction site. Bricks and pipes are piled everywhere; a few workers lazily push wheelbarrows as if the Games were scheduled for 2017. Nobody knows what the construction sites will become, not even the people working on them:

“It’s for the Olympics” was the unanimous reply, followed by speculation about “tents for the judging panels of volleyball or soccer, I guess.”

Work on the beach volleyball arena at Copacabana Beach is at a standstill because the organizers failed to get the correct building licenses. Then the structure was damaged by waves. Only after that happened did workers erect a six-foot-high sand barrier to protect the site. The sand does not offer much protection against waves (we all learned as kids what happens to sand castles when the tide comes in) but it protects thugs; tourists are being mugged behind the embankment. A construction worker told me he’d seen a man stabbed there, and warned me to stay away. The robbers were so confident of plying their trade unmolested that they had left their backpacks and a beach chair nearby on the sand.

The unfinished beach volleyball court at Copacabana beach -doable in six weeks except the site looks abandoned according to European and American journalists.


At the Deodoro Olympic Park, which is apparently open to anyone who wants to wander in and have a nosey round, half-built grandstands were, according to people who did just that, stood abandoned in the middle of a Friday afternoon.

The few projects that have been completed don’t inspire much confidence either. In April, a newly built bike path along Rio’s seashore collapsed, killing two people.

Frequent shootouts near the Olympic arenas and on routes to them are also a concern: 76 people have been hit by stray bullets in Rio so far this year; 21 of them have died. On June 19, more than 20 men carrying assault rifles and hand grenades stormed the city’s largest public hospital to free an alleged drug kingpin in police custody, leaving one person dead and two hurt.

There’s a dearth of signs and tourist information on the streets and on public transportation to help visitors avoid the notorious Favelas, the slums where crime is rife and street gangs or drug barons are the only law. Few of the bus or tram stops displayed information about which lines go w here. Visitors could resort to asking street traders and passers-by for directions, but these people are from the Favelas. You’d better be alble to speak Portuguese and be handy with as knife or you’ll be fucked. Literally.

At this late stage it is difficult to see how the games can be a success, but you can bet the elites and corporate owned mainstream media channels will close ranks and paint a glossy picture. Those of us who watch on TV or read print media will see nothing of the rotting corpses in the side streets, alleyways and open sewers or the rats an stray dogs that feed on them.  The power elites are already crapping themselves because so many of us are aware of their abject failure to manage anything except propaganda. A high profile failure such as this could finish them.

As Aristotle said: “The greatest inequalities come from efforts to make unequal things equal.


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War Famine plague and all that …

It is no secret that “news” media in the developed world is owned by a few corporate empires whose ultimate owners’ are financial operators whose reach extends into manufacturing, extraction industries, big agriculture and food, healthcare and even, through networks of patronage and influence, into politics.

In terms of revenue genaerated the news and entertainment corporations are small fry but so long as they are the information source of choice for the majority these businesses punch above their weight in terms of social impact. An ill – informed population is a compliant population and the purpose of mainstream media, once to educate and inform is now to distract, deceive and direct away from the real issues towards trivialities and gossip and ensure most people are are sufficiently dumbed down and diverted from the real issues, by feeding you pointless irrelevant social trivia.

As long as we (the majority of us) are distracted, we will be unable to organize, get involved, protest or seek change, which is exactly what corporate media wants, and is exactly where they have you. You don’t think so? Answer the following questions:

We have been at war in Afghanistan for over 13 years, there are no British combat troops active now but we still have a presence; why? What are we fighting for? Who are we fighting? How many people under 35 can even find Afghanistan on a map after 13 years of war? What are the Taliban all about?

How about Iraq, America’s war? Most Americans cannot find Iraq on a world map, can you? British, European and American combat troops withdrew from Iraq but now are on the point of returning as Islamic state forces advance? Why did we go to war in Iraq and overthrow the dictator Saddam if we werren’t prepared to go the distance? Who are we fighting in Iraq? What do they want? What do we hope to achieve? Who TF are the Daesh?

How about Syria? Who are we fighting? Who are the ISIL? Who are the Alawi? Who or what is ISIS? What do they want? Are we with or against Assad? Why are we helping Al-Qaeda in their effort to overthrow Assad? how do Syriac Christians fit into the picture and what is a Syriac Christian anyway?

Let’s look at Libya? Why did we (the FUKUS axis -France, the United Kingdom and the United States) bomb it daily for seven consecutive months? Why did we engage in a regime change campaign when there was no regime in waiting to replace the one we overthrew? Why did we support Muammar Gadaffi, then help kill him? Why did our leaders allow Libya, the most prosperous state in Africa under Gadaffi to become a lawless, chaotic, failed state after we bombed them to save them from an oppressive dictator?

How about Egypt? Who is the current dictator of Egypt and why do we support a dictator? How do we support him?

How about Russia? Most people in the NATO states do not have a clue that we are now very close to a war with Russia, but then again most people never saw World War I or World War 2 coming either. Why do we now have troops in the all the Baltic States on the border with Russia? Why are we installing missiles close Russia’s border? What or where is Kaleningrad?

Where is the Ukraine in relation to the USA or EU? What is the relationship between Ukraine and Russia?

How many military bases does Russia have outside Russia? How many military bases does the US have outside of its borders?

Why did the USA spend 5 billion dollars promoting unrest and engineering a coup against a democratically elected government in the Ukraine and why did the EU support it? Why did the foul mouthed neocon US ambassador, Victoria Nuland say, and what did she mean, when she so eloquently said: “F… the EU”? Why do media continue to present Barack Obama as the peacemaker and joybringer when his administration is the most right wing and hawkish the USA has had on everything except gay related issues.

OK, we haven’t even touched on famine and plague, but do you see my point? These foreign policy failures cost billions of £$€ and continue to cost western taxpayers at a time when systemic debt and ongoing current account deficits are hamstringing efforts to recover from the 2008 economic crash and trashing jobs and lifestyles. And all the time the media feeeds us celebrity chit chat, animal stories, junk science (how many breakthroughs in the war on cancer were announced last month) and scare stories.

Switch to new media, feed your inner sceptic.

Europe Says Eff U To Democracy

Only the Bureautwats of Brussels would be unable to see the joke in calling their new financial integration treaty the F U treaty.

But in their defence the Brussels mafia are as unfamiliar with humour as they are with what constitutes democracy. Ireland used to have exemplary rules on the implementation of neo – Fascist assaults on it’s sovereign powers by the Eurotwats. The Irish constitution stated that there must be a referendum on any new measure that affected it’s sovereignty. It also provided for the distribution of a summary of each side’s case to every household and a fair allocation of broadcast time. In order to get the Nice Treaty (a slightly disguised version of the Lisbon Treat which the Irish rejected) ratified by the voters, these rules were altered, basically making it a civil offence to tell the truth about what the new rules would be to Irish sovereignty. All Irish referendums, not just those on new EU federalist laws, are now conducted in a biased way.

The F U treaty (or financial stability pact as the BBC like to call it) poses two questions. First, are bank bailouts right in principle? Ought taxpayers to rescue financiers from the consequences of their incompetence? Second, even if they are right in principle, is it fair for Ireland to be stuck with the bill for propping up the entire European banking system?

The case of the pro Federalism, Pro-Treaty Forces is to say: ‘Never mind the bollocks, if you vote “No”, the E U will not lend your crippled economy any more money, so F U.

Ireland is the only country allowed a referendum. All other nations only require the vote of their Parliament to ratify a treaty that will effectively make their nation a province of Greater Germany. And politicians are such weak self indulgent creatures it is easy to guarantee their support by videoing them taking bungs or in compromising positions with prostitutes procured by Dominique Strauss Khan Associates Ltd.

If you think this is just anti New World Order hyperbole, look at this website a supposedly a factual resource funded by the Irish government. It is so extreme, so blatantly biased it even makes BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme look fair and balanced. counterproductive.

Why should Irish voters rely on their government, deeply in thrall to Brussels, to interpret the the ‘Stability Treaty’ for them when the clue is in the name.

Eff You.

Cameron’s EU Deal As Worthless As Neville Chamberlain’s ‘Peace In Our Time.’?
Opinion polls show Britain is evenly divided on the question of whether to leave or remain in the EU, though it has been suggested up to 10 million other voters, many of them women, have yet to make a decision. How they cast their vote will shape the future of the world’s fifth largest economy and the EU itself.

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The Bucket Of Water Song

I wrote a long blog for today but the news about the next financial crisis, Afghanistan, unemployment, rising prices and all the heartache and the thousand shocks that flesh is heir to made me so depressed I couldn’t be arsed typing it.

So I cheered myself up with a bit of nostalgia from the 1970s, a time when we did not have mobile phones and MP3 players and designer labels and all the other status affirming shite but someow were happier and nicer to each other.

Let’s all sing The Bucket Of Water Song with this video… from Tiswaz

And what brought this on? you might well ask: When less was more

Will Cheese save The Economy

As the world teeters on the edge of another financial crisis even more catastrophic that the 2008 toxic bankers meltdown a member of the government has put forward a proposal to save the economy by exporting more Cheese.

Jim Paice (Conservative; Cheddar) the Coalition Minister for Fremented Dairy Products told the House of Commons that the UK imports £2.3 billion worth of dairy produce but only exports £900 million worth.

“Clearly the Cheesemakers, blessed though they may be, are falling down on the job” said Mr. Paice, “There are over 700 varieties of British cheese and only 400 French varieties. We have to tell the world about British Cheese.”

Opposition spokesman on cheese related issues Mr. Wallace said he and his assistant Grommet had been looking into Mr. Paice’s claims and thought the easiest way of solving the cheese deficit would be to repeal the loony policies that make it cheaper to have milk flown in form former Soviet Republics than to buy the stuff produced on British dairy farms.

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Euro Crisis: Greece To Name And Shame Tax Dodgers?

News from the financial crisis.

One of the first items to land on the Boggart Blog newsdesk today reported that in a move to reassure German and French taxpayers Greece’s bankrupt government is worth bailing out in future the Greek Tax Service will publish a list of tax evaders.

This came as something of a surprise to our Greek Corrspondent as he was sure the Greeks had always published an annual list of tax dodgers. It’s called The Telephone Directory.

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The Crackfart Of The Financial Firmament.

I love that word “crackfart” don’t you? They certainly knew how to turn a fine insult in the eighteenth century. Crackfart is like “gobshite” which I have always used but I’ve been fancying a change.

So who is “The crackfart of the financial firmament” you might well ask.

He is none other than Alvin Hall an American money management pundit who pops up on television all the time telling us to cut up our credit cards, use the bog paper at least three times and eat lots of cabbage because it is really really cheap. It may be pure coincidence but “cabbage shitter” is another antique profanity, this time of medieval provenance.

Another financial crackfart is a man called Martin Lewis, not the newsreaders but the bank statement reader who keeps track of every penny that passes through his hands. Martin at least “knows his onions” according to my wife. Well he would, onions are always cheap. He also knows his carrots and Brussels Sprouts and, I’d be willing to wager, could tell you the individual cost of each frozen pea in a packet of Bird’s Eyes best. But though Martin is sad he is not irritatingly patronising like Alvin.

At the moment Alvin is spreading fear and panic (on behalf of Gordon Brown no doubt) about the way we are all not saving for our retirement. Alvin thinks that with warnings of hyper inflation and imminent collapse of currency and stock markets widely predicted we should be thinking about putting money into pension schemes before we think about putting food in our bellies.


Does this self – proclaimed money expert not know what happened to the money ploughed into pension schemes by those of us hoodwinked into signing up in the 1980s? If you stretched yourself to start a pension twenty-five years ago you would now be likely to get back somewhat less that the total amount you paid in. Your money would have done better in the bog standard Post Office Savings Account your granny opened the day you were born. If you take into account inflation and what the government and banks have stolen along the way you will be lucky to have enough to pay your bus fare home from the bank when you go to draw your money out.

Oh yes, when they sell an investment plan they never mention the effects of inflation or the big fat fee they charge for sending you a yearly statement. So when we mug punters finally claim our savings we learn the hard way we would have been better off putting our money on a 500-1 outsider in The Grand National. So when you hear any “expert” extolling the virtues of saving, remember saving is a mugs game.

The Dickens character Wilkins Micawber had financial planning sussed. He said, “Annual income Twenty Pounds, annual expenditure Nineteen Pounds, Nineteen Shillings and Sixpence; result happiness. Annual income Twenty Pounds, Annual expenditure Twenty Pounds and Sixpence; result misery.

Money experts my arse. These crackfarts are paid to scare us into trusting the banks. But why do you think the whole banking and finance industry and the politicians get so worked up about fraudsters like Bernie Madoff (with all the money) or Alan Stanford? I’ll tell you. It’s because they are afraid these characters may start blabbing and reveal to us poor mug punters the whose financial sector is nothing but a giant Ponzi scheme. The crackfarts and cabbage shitters never had any intention of investing our money. They just spend it all on champagne and Ferraris.

The Dirty Digger Changes The Game While Internet pundits are claiming Rupert Murdoch’s decision to cease putting his newspapers online as free content is an admission of defeat, more experienced obercers think The Dirty Digger has wrongfooted the upstarts of the geek community.

Concerns that Finance Bill may put penions and savings at risk.

Read how the Fantasy Finance games of The City and Wall Street destroyed our jobs, savings and industrial base

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The Regulator and the Wrestler

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown, fresh from performing analingus on Barack Obama and sensing perhaps that the game is up for him and Labour is still pushing the outrageous claim that he steered the British economy through a decade of stability in support of his pitch to be acknowledged as the man most likely to broker an international agreement on the regulation of the financial system.

This is just great coming from a man who in eleven years in charge of economic policy conspicuously failed to regulate the banking system.

Meanwhile the feeling is growing across the pond that the rookie politician in The White House, as he tries to get to grips with the realities of international politics is grappling with something so big he cannot hope to effectively control it.

What could the “it” be? Wife Michelle’s arse perhaps. it certainly is big and appears to be expanding faster than the Universe.

Was Obama’s gift to Gordon Brown of a Boxed set of DVDs a cluculated sunb to britain. Jeff Scheiber at America’s Right thinks so as he says in Obama White House Has The Gift Of Gaffe. Michelle’s gift of a couple of cheap toy helicopters to the Brown boys in return for Sarah Brown’s thoughtful gifts to Obama’s daughters show what we all suspected. Mrs. Obama is a grasping tightwad with nn manners. Mrs. brown however, though she may not enjoy the largesse of internationally acclaimed dress designers has more class in her little finger than Michelle O. will ever have in the whole of her big fat arse.

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Now gambling is as bad for you as booze and pies

Following on from our recent news report about Nu Labour’s War On Pies comes a leaked report from a government Think Tank that has been looking at the evils of gambling.

The report describes gambling as being “as addictive as booze, drugs, cigarettes, tasty food, Daniel O’Donnell records, soap operas, stamp collecting, popular fiction and sex.” The report details how gambling has led to people losing their homes, cars, shirts, savings, self respect and careers.

Best stick to investing in The Financial Markets, Insurance company savings plans, pension funds or buying property to develop then.

A spokesman for the Think Tank said “It is difficult to understand how anybody would prefer to be at a racetrack putting money on a horse or dog or in a casino playing fruit machines or roulette when they could be reading improving literature, preferably non fiction of course. It seems the NuLab moralists have decided that after ciggies, booze and pies gambling is the great working class evil.

It is interesting to note that after just twelve years indulging themselves with delusions of moral superiority New Labour have already developed a Disgusted Of Tunbridge Wells faction. The Guardian is the new Daily Mail it seems as trendy left wing academics or media professionals wring their hands and bleed their hearts at the damage the working classes are doing to themselves by insisting on enjoying life.

The Think Tank mouthpiece, Ms. Stropetta McStalin went on to give Boggart Blog an exclusive interview telling us: “Ideally we would like to ban all gambling in all its forms. Click the mouse, lose your house is a well known maxim but being in that situation is only a short step from “Have a pound on the lottery, lose your pottery. We would even go as far as banning children from playing cards for matchsticks as that not only encourages the young to ignore the health and safety risks of matches but teaches that gambling for matchsticks is normal behaviour. Once they think playing snap is normal they are on the slippery slope and those who plat Strip Jack Naked are likely to end up as sex workers. Where does it end? In adult life children who have been encouraged to gamble with matchsticks will be inclined to spend all day in the betting shop chasing unrealistic dreams of winning fortunes when they could be out looking for jobs that do not exist or enrolling on workfare schemes that prepare them to return to the workforce.

It was a very motivational speech but we are not convinced motivational speaking and harassing the unemployed will be enough to turn around the economy. So where does Boggart Blog stand on gambling? We deplore all moral vices of course but a few months ago we would have advised you to have a very substantial bet on Labour finishing third with less than 100 MPs at the next election. Now we say that would be stupid, irresponsible behaviour. All the value is gone, you just can’t get decent odds for such a bet now.

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