Maryam Adam and Behailu Kebede are listed as ‘fate uncertain’ on the Grenfell Tower safe/uncertain/dead list

Yet both spoke to the media after the fire.

After the fire - a Grenfell Tower interior
Sourse: The Daily Star

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At last I received confirmation that the 4th Floor of Grenfell Tower consisted of Flats 11-16, as I had guessed earlier, thanks to the appearance of a Google docs status report of the Tower listing all residents and their status – as either ‘safe’ ‘dead’ or unknown’.

Thanks to David Mortimer of Milton Keynes

What caught my eye is the supposed fate of the Adam family of number 14, being listed as ‘fate unknown’. This would include both Maryam, the central figure of the media narrative, who says she was awoken at 1.50 am by a neighbour knocking on her door, and her brother, Yasin Adam, who also appeared in some alternative versions of the narrative, and possibly another person sleeping in the flat, described as ‘a friend of Maryam’s’.

The fact is that the last we heard of pregnant Maryam was she was leaving to go to hospital, although her interviews by media must have taken place subsequently to that. She says she saw the fire in the kitchen of Number 16 through the door, and said it was a very small fire. She is a crucial witness to this event.

She says in one version of the narrative (Metro and that the person who knocked her door was a tall white British male, who she clearly did not know. There are no pictures of her or her brother Yasin anywhere in the media, as I have seen. It is odd that such a key person to the story has no picture anywhere.

Behailu Kebede, in another version of the news narrative (Sun, Daily Mail), is described as the person who knocked Maryam’s door at 1.50 am. The fire started in his flat, number 16, of which he is the longterm tenant, just as Maryam is the longterm tenant of number 14. He too is a crucial witness, who has, so far, been described as staying with friends, and too shocked to be able to be interviewed. On the google document, he is now listed as fate ‘uncertain’. No one knows who compiled the list.

Which version of the narrative is the true one?

I conjectured that as we are being fed various versions of the narrative by the media, we should take one of the versions as more likely to be true – and the tall white British male one would seem more persuasive than the Behailu Kebede one to me. We might imagine that we are being fed different stories and the truth tried to spill out via but that was overridden by the mainstream UK media narrative, which wants only listed tenants to be present in the narrative.

Either way this could all be cleared up simply enough if we could talk to Maryam Adam and Behailu Kebede. But where are they?

I also conjectured that if the fire was an Mi5 operation and was started and spread deliberately, these two individuals would be very unlikely to resurface, as they might unravel the narrative. The chaos agenda is running, and a big fire fits very well into that. As with 9/11, inconvenient witnesses to the truth are not required. The narrative must be defended at all costs.

That said, I could not help noticing that, in the safe/uncertain/dead list being assembled on google documents for the whole building, Maryam Adam is no longer referred to any more with her correct name, but now as ‘Adan’ – making her too a subject of name change and obfuscation (See my earlier posts). Both she and Behailu are surprisingly not listed as ‘safe’ but as ‘uncertain’. How come?

I hope I am wrong, and that these two individuals from the crucial 4th floor turn up later today. They quite clearly both survived the fire and could know a lot about what happened, and they could tell us all they know. It would set my mind at rest to hear them confirm the narrative we’ve been given. If they’ve disappeared without trace, that to me suggests something untoward has happened to them, and also that the main media narrative could very well be false. That would suggest arson.


I Will Take What Is Mine With Fire And Blood

fire and bloodSource : The organic prepper

Nice to see you, to see you … nice.

Have a bit of a think about that title; if you watch Game Of Thrones you will probably recognise is at the catchphrase of Daenerys Targaryen in series four of the HBO fantasy epic, but if you didn’t know that and you received a notification from a friends facebook account because someone had posted a picture of a child wearing that slogan on a T shirt, would you interpret that as a personal threat? Well if you tip the mental stability scales even slightly towards sane, you wouldn’t, after all it’s only an effing T shirt. If however you are an American democrat, a progressive liberal with acute paranoia, an irrational fear of everything but particularly your countrymen who love the constitution, and a job in the education system you would interpret it as a direct threat to your person from a check shirt wearin’, redneck, AK47 ownin’, pick up truck drivin’, burger chompin’ psychopath who was on the way round to your house to turn you into a human colander.

That was exactly the interpretation placed on it by the human resources director, two college officials, and a security official of the college where Prof. Francis Schmidt was employed. That motley crew were waiting when Schmidt arrived at a meeting to which he had been summoned. Schmidt had been reported by the dean of the school for sending a threatening email.

The threatening email was an automatic notification of a photo posted on a social media outlet, it shows Schmidt’s little girl, doing “yoga”. Are you scared? Do you feel threatened? Because these senior executives of a higher education establishment were terrorized and in fear that Schmidt was going to go on some kind of armed rampage with an “assault weapon.”

Anyone who has ever watched HBO’s Game of Thrones knows that this is a catchphrase on the program, a line used by Daenerys Stormborn, the Dragon Queen (YouTube). The video and the line are all over the internet, well you know how people love a catchphrase (Yeah, I know).

During the meeting with his employers Schmidt Googled the phrase to show the Inquisitors school officials, that this was just a line from a TV program. But the security official argued that the word “fire” could actually be a reference to an AK-47, and with that, Schmidt was suspended, without pay. Ah well, Valar morghulis as they say in series three.

Schmidt was not allowed to return to work until he had a psychiatric evaluation.

Once again I am reminded of John Lennon’s words, “The world is run by insane people doing insane things.”

Not only the world it seems, but schools and colleges too. It’s time to make politically correct fascism a capital offence.

Privatization of Water as an Owned Commodity Rather Than a Universal Human Right
Measles Witch Hunt – Propaganda War Against Parents Who Refuse Vaccine

Call me an evil bastard if you like possums, but boiled frog therapy made me laugh

Favourite news story today concerned an elderly woman was left floating in an isolation tank with her headphones in as fire engulfed a holistic health centre and other clients jumped out of the window, a court heard.

As the fire alarms sounded and staff ran from the burning building Erlinda Chin, 70, lay oblivious until it went dark and she realised she could smell smoke. It just reminded me of that thing about putting a frog in a pan of water and warming it slowly.

By the Mrs Chin hopped out of the tank the fire had trapped her on the top floor and was forced to wait “shaking and disorientated” until she was rescued by the emergency services. Read all

The moral of this story is keep away from isolation tanks. In fact keep away from all new age therapies.


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Chip Pan Fire At The Fire Station

After all those patronising Health and Safety films there’s a kind of poetic justice in this.

A news agency story reports a blaze broke out at the fire station in Nagoya City, Japan last week after a fire-fighter left a cooking stove burning as crew members left the station to respond to emergency calls. Most of the duty staffers were out on a call when their colleague, alone at the station and cooking dinner for the crew, was himself called out. In his haste to respond to the call, he forgot to turn the stove off, said Seiji Hori, a Nagoya City Fire Department official. Ten fire trucks from other stations were required to put out the fire, Hori added. “We are an institute that should be in a position to educate people about fire, so we are extremely sorry that such an incident happened,” Hori said, adding that they would consider ordering-in for dinner from now on.

Hands up who thought it was only drunken pikeys on sink estates like the characters in Shameless who had chip pan fires?

The Anorak brings us this story of people in China being killed by exploding cellphones. Mobile Phone Explodes Killing Chinese Shop Worker

More humour every day from Boggart Blog.

Disaster Spreading Like Wildfire

The latest catastrophe to completely fail to knock the market forces worshipping Rabid Right out of their complacency over climate change is the fire currently consuming a huge tract of the most valuable real estate on the California coastline. Looking round American news and opinion blogs yesterday I was struck by the number of people enthusing about the business opportunities reconstruction will offer.
As usual their tunnel vision prevents them seing the big picture. But maybe Boggart Blog’s no nonsense approach can bring them back to reality.
The value of properties and woodland destroyed around Malibu is piddling; even the number of movie and television projects cancelled because stars faces, breasts and bulging biceps have melted is insignificant.
We only start to understand the scale of the disaster when we think about the cost of recreating that celebrity cosmetic surgery look so popular among showbiz people.
Hollywood insiders guess the cost of recreating Cher and Michael Jackson will bankrupt three major insurance companies. That’s before they get to Sharon Osbourne, William Shatner and Joan Rivers.

Holy City
Copenhagen Climate Talks Set To Fail

Die Hard in a Towering Inferno

America has determination to demonstrate its technological superiority but their efforts have one again served only to underline a deficiency in the ability to think things through properly.

American Government scientists have designed a “human cannonball” device for getting fire-fighters, police or special forces soldiers on to the roofs of tall buildings. The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency patented the device, powered by compressed air, in which a chair is propelled up a ramp.
The chair stops at the top, shooting the person onto the roof. A British Fire Brigade officer said: “I would rather use the stairs.”

Boggart Blog is with that fire fighter totally. The device should not go into use until they patent a device for getting people down, past the towering inferno and heavily armed Die Hard terrorists again. Do these people not watch the movies?