Two-Thirds of Italians Fear Riots, Social Unrest Over Coronavirus

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Nearly two-thirds of Italians now fear the country could see riots and social violence in the wake of the Wuhan coronavirus, while trust in politicians has reached single-digit lows.

The alarming figures were published in a poll conducted by Euromedia Research this week, and claimed that 65 per cent of Italians feared that the country, especially in the north which has been the hardest hit region by the Chinese virus, could see social tensions and rioting in the country’s industrial heartlands.

Alessandra Ghisleri, director of Euromedia Research, commented on the results saying, “After a hundred days of lockdown, Italians are beginning to be afraid: seven out of ten fear that the economic crisis will detonate social uprisings, especially in the North. Only five out of a hundred say they still have faith in politicians,” Il Giornale reports.

“The real issue is that confidence in Italian politicians today is at 4.6 per cent,” Ghisleri said and referenced the “Vaffanculo-Days” (“Fuck-off Days”) that were organised by Five Star Movement founder Beppe Grillo in 2007 the last time Italian confidence in politicians was recorded as so low … Continue reading >>>

Fear and Panic


Italian Political Chaos Resurfaces After Five Star Calls For Fresh Elections

Earlier today Italian newspaper La Republica  reported that nearly two months after a the near wipe – out of pro – EU establishment parties in the March 4 elections the Euroskeptic Five Star and League parties which between them won a majority of the vote, but not quite enough seats in the national assembly to form a coalition government, had abandoned talks with pro EU PD party and called for fresh elections.

On Sunday, La Republica revealed former Prime minister Mario Slavini said  his Democratic  party had lost the March 4 elections and it is not its role to govern Italy next, thus refusing to enter an agreement with either of the Eurosceptic parties which won more votes.  Commentators are  the PD has effectively washed its hands of Italy’s voters, having sen itsd pro – immigration, pro – federalisation policies rejected.

He added that the decision on whether Democratic Party can back a Five Star government lies with party assembly convened May 3 and with each member of Parliament.

In a shock response that amounts to giving Slavini the finger,  Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio, commenting on the former leaders remarks, said in a blog post that the movement “did everything to form a government in the interest of Italians” and that the “PD said ‘no’ to citizens’ issues and they will pay for it.”

The usual chaos that is Italian politics then resurfaced when the FiveStar leader, frustrated with being unable to form a government with either the PD or League, called for fresh elections:

“At this stage there is no solution other than returning to elections as soon as possible, then of course the decision will be up to President Mattarella,” Di Maio said in a video statement on Facebook, adding that no change is needed to the electoral law, such as the introduction of a second round, as the new elections would be a challenge between Five Star and League.

Di Maio called on League’s leader Matteo Salvini to join him on the call for new election in June to let the citizens decide, and accused the League of siding with Silvio Berlusconi instead of working with Five Star on a “government for change.”

As a reminder, the March 4 Italian general vote left the legislature divided between three main blocs – Five Star, the center-right coalition and the democrats – without any holding sufficient seats to form a government.

So what would happen if Di Maio gets his wish?

Well, as Bloomberg reported overnight, as in most European nations, Italian political sentiments are becoming more polarised, with right leaning, anti EU, anti – globalist parties gaining strength.  The political impasse in Italy drags on nearly two months after the March general election, which is much less than Germany spent without a government after an inconclusive election last September.

Italy however knows the experience of being ruled by a government appointed by Brussels bureaucrats and it is likely any move by EU bureaucrats to resolve the situation would result in civil unrest. The latest developments must then be troubling for Brussels: support for Matteo Salvini’s League was close to 22% compared to 17.4% at the March 4 election, according to the survey, which was conducted by Demos & Pi on April 26 and 27. The Five Star Movement is the most popular party with about 33% of backing, and the Democratic Party is third with 17.8% down from 18.7, the poll showed.

If no coalition deal is reached, new elections are the most likely option, according to Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister and leader of Forza Italia, which is part of the center-right coalition. “The risk is there if the impasse drags on,” Berlusconi said in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

And while interviews with party leaders published in the country’s main newspapers on Sunday indicated that the deadlock is getting no closer to a resolution, a new election held today that would, according to polls give the League and Fire Star 55% of the vote and an absolute majority which would come as a shock to the European Federalist project supported by Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and EU commission president Jean Claude Juncker.


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German Election: Will Another Term For Merkel destroy German Economy

According to the latest round of opinion polling ahead of the German elections, Angela Merkel looks set to become the joint longest-serving modern German chancellor, that’s despite having been accused of “putting problems on the back burner, and staved off several attempts to indict her on treason charges for her role in the immigrant crisis. Business organisations have also raised doubts about the economic consequences of re-electing her, warning that her new term may bring “stagnation” for Germany.

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A Week Before Election 30% Of German Voters Still Undecided

Polling companies in Germany are indicating that support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Party is still slipping with the election only one week away. More disturbingly perhaps for Hausfrau – Volkfuhere Merkel is the news that over a third of Germans are still unsure how they will vote. An opinion poll published today (15 September) on Friday showing the number of undecideds was not coming down fueled uncertainty about the kind of coalition that will emerge from an election on September 24.

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German Elections: Anti – EU party AfD 3rd In Polls

Elections take place in Germany this Sunday, September 24, for the federal assembly (Bundestag) and the presidency (Chancellor). While Angela Merkel looks set to win a fourth term as Chancellor and the most likely outcome of the election is another “Grand Coalition” between Christian Democrats and Social Democrats that coalition will be a much-weakened if late polls are to be believed.