4 Nation Cover Up On Fate Of MH17 – Laugh? I Nearly Shat

Perp Responsible For Downing In Ukraine of the Malaysian Airliner, Will Stay Hidden – five nation agreement to hide the facts implicates USA, Ukraine, Britain and Belgium

What about Malaysia, don’t they have an interest, you might well ask. Of course they do, but the government of Malaysia has an interest in the truth becoming public knowledge, while it seems to others do not.

But what amused me about the nearest thing we are going to get to a resolution to this terrible event? It was a laugh of bitter irony actually, not about the event itself but the vitriolic attacks on me by stupid people who wanted to brand me a conspiracy theorist and right wing extremist because I disbelieved the ludicrous claims made by Barack Obama that he had ‘compelling evidence’ (i.e. he read it on Twitter) that Russia was in some way responsible.

from Washington’s Blog – Posted on August 24, 2014 by Eric Zuesse

Regarding what caused the downing of the Malaysian airliner MH-17 in Ukraine on July 17th, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN, reported in a brief Russian-language news story on August 12th, that four days earlier (August 8th) a representative of that nation’s Prosecutor General office, Yuri Boychenko, had said that (as auto-translated by google), “the results [of the investigation] will be announced upon completion of the investigation and with the consent of all the parties who signed the corresponding agreement.”

This UNIAN report said that, “As part of the four-party agreement signed on August 8 between Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia [all of which nations are allies of the United States and are cooperating with its new Cold War against Russia], information on the investigation into the disaster Malaysian ‘Boeing-777’ will not be disclosed.” In other words: the official ‘investigation’ is being carried out by four nations that, as U.S. allies, are hostile toward Russia. One of those four nations, Ukraine, is not only a prime suspect in possibly having shot this airliner down, but is currently waging a hot war to ethnically-cleanse the pro-Russian population out of southeastern Ukraine; and the initial ‘news’ reports in Western ‘news’ media regarding the downing of MH-17 had said that this airliner was probably downed by the local rebels there, who were trying to shoot down the Ukrainian Government’s bombers that are constantly bombing them. Some Western ‘news’ reports even speculated that perhaps Russia itself had shot this airliner down.

If the UNIAN news-report is correct, then there is no way that the ‘investigation’ will be able to be released to the public if it indicates that the Ukrainian Government (which, according to that news-report has veto power over the making-public of the study’s findings) is blamed for having shot the airliner down.

On August 12th, another pro-Ukrainian-Government ‘news’ site, gordonua.com, headlined, as auto-translated by google, “GPU: The results of the investigation [into the] crash [of] the Boeing 777 will be released with the consent of the parties,” and said, “Information about the accident MH17 in the Donetsk region will be published in obtaining the consent of all the parties that are involved in the investigation.” UNIAN was cited there as gordonua’s sole source. ‘News’ media didn’t probe the matter further.

Read full post at Washington’s Blog

Another POV:
The Causes of the MH17 Crash are “Classified”. Ukraine, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium Signed a “Non-disclosure Agreement” – Global Research

And so that you are forewarned against illiterate clown who comes along trying to tell you that only people who wear tin foil hats believe in conspiracies, let me remind you that a conspiracy is simply a group of people who are working together towards a mutually beneficial end and who will go to some lengths to keep knowledge of their collaboration out of the public domain. Simples – and not a tinfoil hat wearing, paedophile, shapeshifting, baby eating, alien reptillian Zionist banker in sight.

lizard person
(Source: Blogspot commons)

The Real Agenda Of Internet Trolls (fans of free speech they are not)

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MH17 – Nothing is ever what it seems to be

MH17 – Nothing is ever what it seems to be

Having crossed swords this morning with someone who is quite sure that every word of propaganda is absolute gospel truth and he works in a university so knuckle dragging oiks such as me, who do not spend their lives insulated from reality in universities have no right to disagree with him (Boggart Blog tip: If you want to play the intellectual bully the first requirement is to actually possess an intellect,) therefore there can be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir Putin personally fired the missile that brought down the Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine (I love hyperbole).

I love the naive belief of these “evidence based thinkers” that the inability of us sceptics to prove the Russian separatists did not do it serves as proof that they did. But I would remind readers that Boggart Blog has never said the pro Russian rebels in Ukraine did not bring down the plane, only that the evidence they did that has so far been offered is flimsy and full of holes. There is also much stronger evidence emerging which implicates the Kiev government. This may turn out to prove nothing more that the Kermlin propaganda dept. is more competent than the British and American propaganda departments.

Saying “Our guys are wearing white hats so the other guys are guilty,” is not how scepticism works however. And the problem our “evidence based” chums often encounter is that evidence does not necessarily confirm their wild assumptions.

Take a look at this for example:

The Los Angeles Times:

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was cruising just 1,000 feet above restricted airspace when it was struck by a missile in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, according to aviation and intelligence officials.

Despite ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine, including the recent downing of two military aircraft, Ukrainian aviation officials had closed the region’s airspace only below 32,000 feet in altitude.

The Boeing 777, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, with 298 people aboard, was at 33,000 feet when it vanished from radar screens, according to European aviation authorities.

Read all

That report does not prove responsibility but it does show the failure of western governments to make commercial airlines aware of the risks of overflying Ukraine’s conflict zone. It does however note that western intelligence was aware the only SAM equipment the rebels have is the MANPAD shoulder held launcher which fires missiles effective up to altitudes of 17,000 feet.

Reuters comments:

Malaysia Airlines filed a flight plan requesting to fly at 35,000 feet throughout Ukraine airspace but was instructed by Ukraine air traffic control to fly at 33,000 feet upon entry ….

While CBS, in an article entitled “‘Big Question’ Is Why Plane Was Flying Over War Zone” asks the question many bloggers have been asking:

The Atlantic raises the competence issue:

Did aviation authorities know that this was a dangerous area?

Yes, they most certainly did. Nearly three months ago, on the “Special Rules” section of its site, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration put out an order prohibiting American pilots, airlines, charter carriers, and everyone else over whom the FAA has direct jurisdiction, from flying over parts of Ukraine.

So we see that it is not quite so clear cut as White Hats and Black Hats. I must admit to not having a clue who was responsible for bringing down Flight MH17 or whether it was a deliberate act of terrorism or a terrible accident.

What I find obscene however is the eagerness of politicians and media commentators in the west to blame Russia (and possibly provoke a global war – yesterday I wrote about what the mainstream media are not telling you, forgetting to mention that the Chinese have condemned the FUKUS axis rush to blame Russia). Has everyone forgotten already the false flag gas attack in Syria, the ‘humanitarian mission in Libya which turned into a regime change war and turned Libya into a failed state and the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan initiated by the western powers.

Western leaders don’t just want war, they’re mad for it. Perhaps they think that as in the 1930s, a global conflict will pull the west out of a prolonged economic depression.

Military Veterans Opinion: Probably A Bomb That Took Down MH-17!
Latest Developments in Flight MH17 Story

What The Media Is Not Writing About Flight MH17

Only hours after the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine, Western politicians, led by the dickhead in chief Barack Hussein Obama were jumping up and down screaming “It was Russia wot done it.” The sycophants in mainstream media were quick to join in, stating that the US / EU backed fascist government in Kiev had compelling evidence that pro Russian separatists in east Ukraine, with the complicity of The Kremlin were responsible for the outrage.

What immediately struck the more level headed and intelligent commentators of new media was that political leaders and their tame political hacks were just too quick off the mark.

“But it It had to be Russia; it had to be Putin, we so desperately need it to be Putin” they howled when the voice of common sense pointed out that the government of Ukraine saying it was pro Russian dissidents it hardly the compelling evidence they claimed it was

President Obama held a press conference to remind everyone that he is the most wonderful human being that ever lived and reiterate that if world leaders who just accept his supremacy and do what he told them there would be no more conflict. he went on to claim – even before an investigation – that it was certainly pro-Russian rebels in the region who were responsible. His ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, did the same at the UN Security Council – just one day after the crash and at a time when the back box flight recorders were still missing.

While western media outlets rush to broadcast government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report.

They will not for example remind you that the crisis in Ukraine started late last year, when EU and US-supported seditionists led moves to the overthrow the elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Without US-sponsored “regime change,” it is unlikely that hundreds would have been killed in the unrest that followed. Nor would the Malaysian Airlines crash have happened.

The media has also reported unequivocally that the plane must have been shot down by Russian forces or Russian-backed separatists, because the missile that reportedly brought down the plane was Russian made. But they will not report that the Ukrainian government also uses the exact same Russian-made weapons. They will not report that while it is known that the Ukraine army have Buc missiles, launchers and trained crews, there is no evidence that the Pro – Russian dissidents did.

When lack of evidence of the rebels is pointed out the media luvvies scream “but that isn’t proof that they didn’t have them.”

Exactly. It is impossible to prove a negative. And the fact that the Ukraine Army did have SAM launchers capable of firing they type of missile allegedly responsible for bringing down the aircraft does not prove the Ukraine Army fired it. just because the rent boy President, brack Obama wants a thing to be true does not make it so. The fact that he can belive a thing is true because he wants it to be true only proves he is a solipsist.

We had a solipsist as Prime Minister of the UK not long ago, the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair. And he was as keen on war and killing as Obama. but I digress.

Mainstream media will not report that the EU / US sponsored government in Kiev has killed 250 people in the breakaway Lugansk region since June, according to OSCE monitors nor that the USA has strongly backed the Ukrainian government in these attacks on civilians, which a State Department spokeswoman called “measured and moderate.”

Their hysterical commentators will not point out that Russia and the pro Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have anything to gain but everything to lose by shooting down a passenger liner full of civilians, thus bringing down on their cause the anger of the world. Nor will they comment that the Ukrainian usurper’s government could give itself a kind of legitimacy gain by blaming the attack on Russia, or that the Ukrainian leader is openly gloating about Russia being blamed for the attack.

They will not report that the missile that apparently shot down the plane was from a sophisticated surface-to-air missile system that requires a good deal of training that the separatists do not have.

They will not report that the separatists in eastern Ukraine have inflicted considerable losses on the Ukrainian government in the week before the plane was downed.

And they will not even breathe a word about how similar this craptangle is to last summer’s US claim that the Assad government in Syria had used poison gas against civilians in Ghouta. Assad was also gaining the upper hand in his struggle with US-backed rebels and the US claimed that the attack came from Syrian government positions. US false claims and unsubstantiated accusations led us to the brink of war in that case too. Public opposition and support for Assad from Russia, China and Iran forced Obama to back down then, we have learned since then that US claims about the gas attack were false.

The word of a liar and a bunch of fascist thugs is not evidence so let’s all calm down for one simple reason. For decades we have been brainwashed with propaganda about American military supremacy. But now with a US President who seems hellbent on starting a real war with Russia and it’s allies are we sure we are willing to bank on the US wiping out their enemies without any return of fire.

We are very foolish if we are.

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The stink of rotting fish is permeating the mainstream news

The stink of rotting fish is permeating the mainstream news

Can you smell it, that distinctive miasma of rotting marine life, the kind of thing you only expect to get a whiff of in fish markets around The Mediterranean on hot summer days. Strangely it seems to be everywhere.

fish market
Fish market (source)

Do you smell it yet?

Today the news is full of the Israeli assault on Gaza. Israel’s armed forces have invaded Palestinian territory with tanks under cover of aerial bombardment of Gaza’s shanty towns by missiles and airborne assaults. It has been going on for a few days, well over a week if we are being honest.

Do we hear screams of protest from the Obama, stern condemnation from Cameron, does Hollande remove his lips from the nipple of his latest mistress long enough to express outrage? No, the mealy mouthed equivocal comments we hear seem to suggest that the Palestinians should surrender and agree to all Israeli demands including granting the Israelis the right to kick the crap out of Palestine any time they feel like it.

In fact it is only outrage in the blogosphere that has woken up mainstream media, where most of the luvvieocracy have been happy to suck up to The White House and Whitehall by calling for the head of Vladimir Putin by way of retribution for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

In spite of all the inconsistencies surrounding that story and the question everybody is asking but nobody wants to answer, WTF was a civilian passenger flight doing on a route that took it over a conflict zone, all the luvvieocracy want to talk about is the “compelling evidence” that pro Russian separatists acting on direct order from Putin. This compelling evidence seems to be that a bloke on combat fatigues who carries an AK47 everywhere told a reporter that a Russian bloke in a self propelled SAM launcher drove up and said, “My name is Putin, I want you to use this fully armed bit of kit to shoot down the next passenger aircraft that flies over.” Well OK, I’m paraphrasing a bit.

Final moments of Flight MH17 – The Russian Version Of The Story

So while the luvvieocracy have been running round like headless chickens trying to find a way to blame Putin for the Flight MH17 outrage, the Israelis have as usual been getting a free pass to slaughter Palestinians. (Read more at BBC News)

So if we join up the dots the picture that emerges is somewhat confused, if fact all that emerges with any clarity is that for those who had an interest in diverting attention from what was happening in Gaza (i.e. Israel and its only international ally, the USA) a major disaster such as the shooting down of Flight 17 could not have happened at a more convenient time. If you know what I mean.

Now do you smell the rotting fish.

Latest Developments in Flight MH17 Story

CIA Black Site and UK Government linked to flight MH370 mystery

Even Malaysian officials are now claiming that the government is withholding information on MH370

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim recently came forth on the world stage, claiming that Malaysian officials are withholding evidence surrounding flight 370 which went missing Mar. 8, 2014.

Ibrahim stated “I owe it as a Malaysian […] it is our duty to find out”, referring to missing airliner and its 239 occupants.

“We want to know what happened in terms of the [two] stolen passports. Why were these passports allowed to be used?”, pointed out Ibrahim on Sky News.

Well nobody is in a hurry to tell them what happened, which makes us wonder could it be anything to do with this?

Cori Crider, strategic director at Reprieve”>Pressure mounts on UK government over CIA black site jail on Diego Garcia

The U.S. air base on Diego Garcia, a remote, british ruled island in the Indian Ocean from which native inhabitants were evicted when the USA requisitioned it for military use, has been all over the press recently following the release of the Mar. 31 Intellihub News article titled Freelance Journalist: Hijacked flight 370 passenger sent photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base which went ultra-viral on the Internet.

In fact, the article even prompted a response from the White House as U.S. Press Secretary Jay Carney denied any involvement with the matter after a journalist attending a White House press meeting raised the question.

A writer on US military affairs, John Pike, once described Diego Garcia as “the most important facility the U.S. has”. Pike also stated that the military’s goal is to run the planet from the island by 2015. That may seem a bit far fetched but America has been run by paranoiac psychopaths for several decades now, and it is no more far fetched that the evidence offered by reality deniers that the coordinates of the alleged photo pointed to what appeared to be a storage shed.

Do these Trekkies think a modern airforce base would be so high tech and scientific they would not need storage sheds to store spare parts, tools, surplus office furniture, other mundane stuff and people the government did not want regular air force personnel to be aware of? These people have clearly never visited any military sites, usually what is visible to outsiders is very mundane. Such naivete and childlike trust in government is quite charming really.

Now, according to Russia Today, the human rights group (see above) is pressing Britain to “come clean” about their involvement with the black site which houses a rendition facility, lending credibility to the missing flight 370 abduction theory believed by many, including Sara Bajc, girlfriend of passenger Phillip Wood an IBM executive who was aboard MH370. Continue reading at Russia Today

diego garcia - black site prison
Diego Garcia – high tech military equipment, low tech sheds

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Malaysia Airlines flight 370 Flown To Diego Garcia?

Flight MH370 Shock – Not Really, Looks Like Boggart Blog Was Right Again

mystery mh370Picture source

We told you so weeks ago, , now officials are saying that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur LANDED somewhere. Now Boggart Blog is not a global news organisation, we don’t have a multi million dollar news gathering operation but we managed to piece together the available information and come up with this:

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 Flown To Diego Garcia?

It is impossible to say if the plane did actually fly to the US air base on Diego Garcia but while it is not well known that the engines of long haul jet aircraft are monitored via satellite during the flight and report flight data to the plane maker (Boeing and engine supplier (Rolls Royce) on landing, mainstream media completely failed to report both those respected organisations reported that the landing report had been made, thus proving the aircraft landed safely somewhere.

We were also very sceptical about the sham search carried out off western Australia, the aircraft could not have flown that far with the fuel it had on board. Obviously the floating wreckage, oil slicks and electronic pings were part of an elaborate cover up.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – The Cover Up Proceeds

Now officials have admitted the aircraft landed according to this newly released video report from Dahboo7 via the original story from the Daily Mail.

WHERE did this LOST flight land then? Was it Diego Garcia as I and other alternative news outlets speculated? Why are we just finding out that this plane MAY HAVE LANDED now if it was known only days after the flight disappeared?

More importantly, what has happened to the passengers of Flight MH370 whom, it is reasonable to assume were still alive after the aircraft landed? And why were officials able to keep this secret for so long? Who silenced the mai9nstream media, or are they so cowed by big power and big money they dare not go anywhere near controversial stories.

We may never find out the truth of Flight MH370’s fate? But the lesson you need to learn from all this is when you see someone being decried as a “Conspiracy Theorist” they are probably nothing of the kind but simply sane and rational people who are asking the questions the powerful and wealthy do not want anybody to ask.

Journalism is reporting the news somebody does not want reported, anything else is public relations. – George Orwell

More unpopular questions are asked at the linked pages below:

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Who Knows The Fate Of Flight MA 370? My Name’s Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild

So we’ve chased down where Malasian Airlines Boeing 777, flight 370 probably is; at the massive and highly secretive US Air Base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia.

It does not really matter how it go there, someone flew it a trained pilot, either one of the aircrew or a hijcker. What is more interesting is why it is and its two hunderd and thirty something passengers are there instead of where it should be. To understand, we need to look at the backgrounds of those passengers and their business connections.

from Pakalert Press

Malaysian Airlines was on its way to China and its transponder did not respond. Many passenger cell phones were called and GPS information exists somewhere. The flight had an all-Malaysian crew of 12 and a total of 239 passengers of which the majorities were Chinese and Malaysian. One group of passengers included 12 Malaysians and eight Chinese all from the same company, Freescale Semiconductor.

In my experience, this defies all company policies. You don’t “put all your eggs in basket.” Generally travel groups are split up to reduce business risk. This company is called Freescale Semiconductor and is based out of Austin TX with manufacturing and design facilities in the Far East. Their products and services are across the board of applications from automotive, medical, military etc.

They now produce the world’s smallest micro controller at a size of 4 square millimeters using integrated circuitry which includes Radon Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM) and a High Frequency Counter/Clock. This product known as Kinesis KL02 uses adaptive (learning and correcting) and is useful for Drones that are smaller than a fly, Micro Submarines and Micro Satellites. The technology is duel use so it can have the best of both markets; high volume low cost and high tech low volume giving it commercial access to automotive, medical, robotic etc., as well as high tech military applications.

Military benefits of this technology include, but not limited to:

(1) Radar Jamming (2)Target Modification (3)RF Power (4)Missile Guidance (5) Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) (6) Electronic Counter Measure
(7) Cloaking for Radar & Visual Disappearance

In 2007 the Syrian Military experienced the use of this technology. Israeli planes were spotted on the countries air defense radar. At first, it appeared that no jets were in the sky. Then in an instant, it made the radar believe there were hundreds of planes.

The flight path of MH370 was headed NNW to China over Vietnam, but the plane “vanished” when the transponder was turned off . The Malaysian military reported the plane was directed west across the Malacca Strait. Is it possible that it was taken down or hijacked? Some people in the Maldives reported hearing a low flying jet making a noise like a loud fan. Also, the Malaysian Prime Minister has been quoted saying there was no mechanical error and their focus is now on the passengers and crew.

This technology could have been used on this very plane. Looking at this situation, we have Western Military technology being designed in a Muslim country with ties to China and Russia, who are often at odds with US foreign policy. Apparently, there is a sister plane made by Boeing on the tarmac in Tel Aviv. The theory is that the Israelis would claim the Iranians hijacked it, loaded it with explosives and used it for a false flag attack on the US.

Apparently Jacob Rothschild is the owner of Freescale Semiconductors. The ownership of the patent would be solely owned by Rothschild if four other owners who were on the plane are deceased.

“If the patent holder dies, the other owners share equally in dividends from the deceased. If four of the five patentees die, then the patentee left alive gets 100% of the patent. That remaining patent holder is the company Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? The answer is: Jacob Rothschild. The British billionaire owns the company Blackstone, which in turn owns the company Freescale Semiconductors. Several speculations on the Internet now pay attention to this circumstance.”

Without witness testimony it is impossible to prove this speculation but something along these lines seems the only plausible explanation for the disappearance of MA-370. As one leading aviation expert said, “You can’t just disappear a Boeing 370. Especilly not when in addition to all the navigation and air traffic control kit on board, the engines were being monitored by both Boeing and engine make Rolls Royce.

IBM Engineer On Flight 370 Dials Out Of Diego Garcia: fact or pulp fiction

This is my favourite Flight 370 story. An man claiming to be an IBM engineeer who was on the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 when it disappeared, managed to send a text while being held prisoner at the US airbase on Diego Garcia.

Apparently while the aircraft was flying fron the Gulf of Thailand to the remore atoll in the Indian Ocean the engineer managed to conceal his iPhone up his arse. The rest of the story resembles Christopher Walken’s famous watch scene from the Tarentino film Pulp Fiction.

Should we believe him? Not without substantial proof. Should we dismiss him as a nut job or attention seeker? Ahain not without substantial proof.

Before I give you the story here’s a clip from Pulp Fiction:

Flight MH370 – IBM engineer gets text message out from prison cell after hiding cell phone ‘in my ass’
from The Tap

An image, which appears black was posted as taken in a dark cell by an IBM engineer. The picture malfunctioned because the cell was too dark, but a critical piece of information was embedded in the Exif data, the coordinates to Diego Garcia, where the picture was taken. And it’s real, this is NOT a hoax.

The coordinates in the picture indicate that the photo was taken within 3 miles of Diego Garcia. It is NOT what comes up on Google. It is off a couple miles, so NO ONE GOOGLED THIS, thus helping to confirm it’s authenticity.

I don’t know how big the island is, but if it has a runway, that certainly fits. The picture posted with the following text: “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded).

I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly”

I have not googled Phillip Wood or tried to extract the exif data from the image file posted online. I have however watched the Pulp fiction clip and concluded that the iPhone up Wood’s arse must have been about as uncomfortable as the watch up Walken’s character’s. If Wood concealed that uncomfortable item up his arse for several days, he’s a hero.

More Floating Debris, More Lies, More Smoke And Mirrors

boeing jet engine
A jet engine of the type used by Boeing

The latest bizarre twists in the Malaysian airlines Flight 370 Mystery serve only to show how desperate the elite are becoming in their attempts to cover up the truth.

While yet another piece of “floating debris that could be from the missing Boeing 777 aircraft” sighted in satellite pictures could have been photoshopped or faked in a free video editor by an averagely skilled twelve year old, a story carried by the Daily Mail suggesting that the plane was downed by a consignment of lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold catching fire.

Now lithium ion batteries are known to be highly volatile and apart from the many airborne incidents in which they have been involved, there are numerous reports of cellphone and laptop computer batteries exploding or bursting into flames inexplicably.

OK, so QED, you might say, it was the lithium ion batteries. Case closed.

Not so fast, there are numerous elements of the story that reveal it to be pure, unadulterated bullshit.

First, if there was a fire on board or even an explosion, that would have shown on communications data from the Boeing plane, and the black box flight recorder would not have stopped.

Second, The Daily Mail story reports the aircraft climbed to 45,000 feet in order that the fire would be extinguished by oxygen starvation.

WRONG! If the Boeing 777 climbed to 45,000 feet did not do so to put out any fire. It would have been done to maximize range (to reach Diego Garcia?). Lithium ion battery malfunctions cannot be solved via oxygen starvation.

On top of that the plane makers Boeing, a company that has been hit by safety concerns after battery failure caused fires in its 787 Dreamliner, they are not going to commit commercial suicide by fuelling doubts about their engineering competence.

It has not been widely reported in mainstream media (surprise, surprise) that the engines of a 777 are equipped with cellular communicators (built in mobile phones) which contact Boeing when the aircraft lands and upload maintenance status from the engine control computers. The time and cell location obtained by Boeing prove the plane flew for seven additional hours after “vanishing” from radar and landed safely, invoking the automatic calls. This is reported by Boeing, and confirmed by the fact that passengers cell phones worked where they were taken to (this was demonstrated on TV in the presence of Daly Mirror reporters in Malaysia. Those facts alone kill the mid-air fire lie.

The Awacs hijacking and subsequent flight to Diego Garcia story HAS TO be subverted at all cost by the American government. The White House and Department Of Defence have think tanks trying to fabricate logical explanations for the disappearance that will stand up to scrutiny. So far the blogosphere is winning hands down.

So all the sightings of “floating debris” mysterious phone calls to anonymous women, unlikely technical failures and reports of the aircraft flying way beyond its range and finally coming down in Antarctica to disappear into a vast hangar hewn out of the ice, there plane and passengers are being held by a bald, wheelchair bound, Persian Cat loving criminal mastermind with a dodgy east European accent are just smoke and mirrors to divert people away from the truth – that the plane was hijacked by America to allow the CIA to obtain secret information about secure Chinese made processors and operating systems which some of the passengers were carrying.

If the plane flew on for seven hours and landed safely as the actual evidence proves, a fact made ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN when the engines reported electronically to Boeing’s maintentance program via satellite, (which they can only do on the aircraft landing safely, you can ignore all theories of fires or anything else happening to the plane because had disaster befallen the jet the post landing log in by the engines would have not been impossible.

The powers that be know all this and they know we know it, all the news now being released by the global government crooks and liars is just damage limitation. And of course the online shills employed to suppress the truth are busy screaming “conspiracy theory.” I’ve deleted many comments at the moderation stage, none of them put forward an alternative explanation, they just contained ad hominem attacks on “right wing not jobs from people seemingly unaware that big government and authoritarianism are the teritory of the right, while anarchism and the business of asking difficult questions is anarchism.

and scammers out there, this is a fact that could NOT BE MISSED. Here we enter the perception management phase of a failed “secret” hijacking, where they are grasping at everything they can to shut reality out of people’s minds.

Malaysian Airlines Missing Flight – Conspiracy
Missing Malaysian Aircraft: Crash Or Cover Up?
Giant Whitewash Slick Sighted In Indian Ocean

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 Flown To Diego Garcia?

Even if we discount capture by an alien mothership leading the invasion fleet (very very unlikely), there are still numerous theories in circulation about the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Even David Blaine can’t make a Boeing 777 disappear into thin air, so the absence of wreckage, black box signals or any material evidence suggests malfeasance was involved.

But who would do such a thing? The Illuminati? The Priory of Sion? SPECTRE, Lex Luthor? we can’t rule anything out, but maybe we should be looking closer to planet reality.

One of the front runners in today’s Conspiracy Theory Of The Day stakes is that the aircraft was diverted to the giant American Air Force base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. For what reason we can only guess, but that destination makes sense and the Boeing 777 could have flown that far with the fuel it had on board.

And as any fule kno, the USA is a terrorist state led by a jug eared jihadist, that has been causing unrest and trying to depose legitimate regimes for many years – long before the present administration took office in fact.

Here’s what New-World-Order watch site cabaltimes.com says (sorry, but you will not find a word on this in mainstream media which is still pushing the “looking for wreckage” line:

Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Redirected to Diego Garcia?

It has now become fairly evident that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is not accidental. In fact, there is a strong possibility that the flight was commandeered to the US military base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. A bizarre “extraordinary rendition“?

Please note that this article is being expanded and updated regularly. I have decided to keep all the information in one place, as opposed to having it scattered across several different posts. So do check back. Also note that some commentators have posted very insightful information.
Why did Flight 370 try to hide its whereabouts?

MH370 was a 777-200 service carrying 239 passenger and crew on a regular Kuala Lumpur to Beijing service. To recap, it left KL at 12.40 am, it disappeared as a commercial radar trace at 1.22 am close to the area where such radar visibility to the Malaysia air traffic control system drops off, and was never observed as entering Vietnam controlled air space on a path intended to cross that country to the South China Sea and continue past Hong Kong toward its destination. The transponders on Flight 370 was switched off immediately after it was outside the visibility of Malaysia’s air traffic control! To quote a poster GarageYears on a forum for professional pilots,

Turning off the transponder isn’t just a toggle or push-button, the switch is a rotary and you’d have to move it two positions to get it into the standby condition.

This could only have been done by a compromised crew, or by hijackers. To quote another forum member Tfor2,

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The question remains then, how did Flight 370 get from The Malay Peninsula to Diego Garcia without being tracked. Theories that it flew under the radar are nonsense, flying at below 5000 feet would have a huge impact on fuel economy as the air density is much higher than at cruising altitude, and the aircraft could not have reached Diego Garcia while flying at that height.

dieigo garcia indian ocean map
Diego Garcia (highlighted in blue square) – an ideal hidey hole

It was no surprise to be to see that as soon as this theory was put forward, those “voices of reason” (online shills paid to promote government propaganda) were on it, trying to discredit the idea with a classic piece of misinformation. “The flight could not have reached Diego Garcia with the amount of fuel it had on board,” they sneered. Look at the map below and you will see Diego Garcia is about the same distance from the aircraft’s last known position as it’s original destination, Beijing.

Another theory that can be dismissed as deception, diversion or distraction is that a cabin fire first caused the instuments to shut down which is why the plane lost contact, (what? Black Box flight recorders are built to withstand fire and explosion) and then forced the aircraft to crash land in the Indian Ocean (what? so where’s the wreckage – we’ve been over this before).

The cabin fire story has another inconsistency – the plane had to have landed intact, because the engines uplink to satellite upon landing to report maintenance status to Boeing and Boeing have admitted THEY DID, which proves this plane landed safely.

ANYWHERE this plane landed, the cellular communications systems could have connected, there are no airfields with runways big enough to take a 777 anywhere in the world that are far enough away from cell towers to prevent this from happening. So the NSA knows where they are, and probably for what reason they are there. What is the US Government hiding from us?

So what is now being peddled in mainstream media and by government propaganda as the “most plausible report out there” is either stupidly, incompentently wrong, or a deliberate lie.

The Diego Garcia theory is far the most logical location of flight 370 for three main reasons and a host of smaller ones.

The first major reason is that the Malaysian military plotted flight 370 on radar as it turned around and flew for a full hour in the direction of Diego Garcia until it disappeared from their military radars far sooner than it should have indicating the kind of jamming of radio signals only possible with AWACS (Airborne early-warning and Control)equipped aircraft.

awac equipped plane
AWACS equipment could ave jammed all communications from flight 370

As has been shown the flying at 5,000 feet to escape detection propaganda is just that, a misdirection for the purpose of heading off difficult questions. The last radar signal from this plane happened at 29,500 feet(according to unofficial sources in Malaysian military Air Traffic Control – official reports from that source have now been slienced) and at that altitude it disappeared from military radars after previously vanishing from civilian radars at 36,000 feet.

Terrain mapping stories which are being disseminated by government controlled sources do not hold water and shoow the utter contempt the congenital idiots who run the world have for ordinary people. If this plane was vanished while at altitude there is absolutely nothing to support the low altitude radar evasion stories other than the highly convenient possibility of justifying the shifting of blame to Iran, China or Russia.

Whatever was done must obviously have involved the U.S. air force. This plane not only vanished while in clear sight of civilian radars, it vanished a second time while in full sight of military radars, the plane remained within range of military radars for at least a full 300 miles after it vanished from them.

The second big reason Diego Garcia is the most feasible destination is the simple fact that it is out in the middle of nowhere. Diego Garcia is so isolated that it would be the equivalent of sending some seven and eight year olds into a one hundred square mile forest to play hide and seek. If you have ever been lost in a forest, you will know what I mean.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did not crash into the sea, it did not make a forced landing, it was not hijacked by terrorists and flown to Iran, nor, thern Pakistan or anywhere else. It disappeared without trace and all joking aside there is no way that could happen. Even if a directed energy beam weapon capable of vapourising a large aircraft existed, the electro magnetic pulse necessary to disappear a large aircraft would be registered all around the world. Diego Garcia is such an ideal place to hide a kidnapped plane that the US Department Of Defence chose it as the location of their Indian Ocean base for the sole reason that they did not want anybody else controlling it.

The third reason to take flight 370 to Diego Garcia is the island an ideal location for a holding camp for victims of “extraordinary rendition” those people snatched by the US Government simply for expressing hostility to its world domination agenda. Furthermore Diego Garcia is so far “off the radar” (if you’ll pardon the pun) as far as mainstream media is concerned, nothing that happens there is ever going to be reported. The fact that the US Air Force control Diego Garcia places the involvement of Washington beyond doubt in my mind. The US government is not going to let any unfriendly organisation land a hijacked plane there. Added to that the initial operation and the ensuing cover up have the fingerprints of a heavy handed CIA operation all over them.
You can then, with some confidence, place a modest wager with The Boggart Blog bookie that the missing plane and at least some of it’s passengers are on Diego Garcia. Who knows what else we may find there if the democratic governments of the world unite against the wold’s greatest terrorist state and seize that island.

Smaller reasons to point the finger at Diego Garcia is the fact that as far as the MSM goes, the place is not on the map. Cute. Small world, eh?

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