Orthorexia: The New Eating Disorder – healthy eating is now a mental illness

OK, I will not say anything facetious, if you don’t know by now what I think of the kind of people who come up with this crap you never will.

Think back for a moment on all those patronising lectures we have had from Nanny State and her finger wagging, food fascist cohorts.

Mustn’t eat fatty food, it’s bad for you. No fizzy drinks, they’re bad for you. Don’t even look at any processed food that contains chemical additives in the form of colouring, flavouring or preservative, that stuff will kill you. No salt on your chips, it will kill you. And no chips, they are deadly too. STOP! Don’t eat that peanut, if the allergic reaction does not kill you, you will choke on it.

That is of course if alcohol has not already killed you or cigarettes have not condemned you to a miserable, lingering death.

So you ate lentils and cabbage soup and tofu and healthy options, you drank bottled water and you exercised until you were so thing when you took off your t shirt on the beach people would come up and spread barbecue sauce on your ribs.

You did everything Nanny State’s Thought Police told you. YOU STUPID, INSANE, IRRESPONSIBE IDIOT !!!!!!!!! Don’t you know healthy eating is an eating disorder, a form of mental illness.

According to the latest from ‘health experts’ if you are nibbling a celery stick when you should be sucking on a Havana cigar, if you are siping Perrier when you should be glugging Dom Perignon, if you are supping lentil soup when you should be swallowing deep fried lard or picking at a salad when you should be chomping on a king size burger, you need professional help now!

Taken to an extreme, healthy eating is now treated as an eating disorder called “Orthorexia”.

This is how Boston University Nutritionist Jenn Culbert defines Orthorexia:

“What it essentially means is that someone is obsessed with eating only healthy food that they consider to be pure.”

Huh! Are you telling us all those finger wagging ‘eperts’ were eating steaks fried in garlic butter when they were lecturing us about our favourite foods?

The problem, Culbert says rather patronizingly, is our bodies need those so called bad foods.

Yes well that’s what we’ve been telling you for years Jenn, you overeducated arsehole.

Staying healthy means following a balanced diet. A growing number of people, however, are eliminating entire food groups, seeing only negative qualities in things like dairy, eggs, meats, grains, and fats.

Does it occur to you clever clogs they did that because smart alec fuckwits like you told them to?

Over time, the only things left in their diet are fruits and vegetables. The obession with eating only healthy foods becomes an onsession, it’s now treated as an eating disorder called “Orthorexia”.

Ah, now we’re getting to it? If you refuse to become a patient for life because you are obese, alcoholic, starved of essential vitamins and minerals or generally fucked, we’ll invent an illness caused by being to healthy. It’s another money making scam then.

That’s right, they’re saying being healthy is an illness. Even George Orwell, who invented the concept of ‘Doublethink’ in his novel 1984 could not find a way to rationalise that. Oh, and dig the “warning signs”:

Culbert says the warning signs are not hard to spot. “When you are no longer able to enjoy any of the foods that you once did, and you are no longer able to participate in a family meal, or going out with a friend.”

You think I’m making this crap up? Not even Professor Bonkers of bonkers University, Bonkersville, United States of Bonkers could make this up. Only in the real world could anything so insane be believed. Read source

Everything you Do Is A Sign Of Mental Illness
Salt health Risk – A Big Pinch Of Scepticism


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The Latest Food Scare Can Be Sent To Your Recycle Bin

The food fascists have warned us off red meat, salt, eggs, butter, alcohol,white bread and just about everything else we might consume.

Professor Sabine Rohrmann, who led the analysis of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study, said: “Risks of dying earlier from cancer and cardiovascular disease also increased with the amount of processed meat eaten.

“Overall, we estimate that three per cent of premature deaths each year could be prevented if people ate less than 20g processed meat per day.”

Now they’re telling us processed meat is a no – no too. Processed meat, which includes, pies, bacon, sausages and any meat that has been prepared for eating, with a little salt, garlic, herbs and spices or anything to enhance the flavour is dodgy. Worse than dodgy in fact, it’s deadly. Processed meat causes one in 30 early deaths.

One – in – thirty, as many as that? It amounts to about 3000 people per year in the UK, somewhat less than who die prematurely after being put on the government’s state sponsored euthanasia project, the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Forgive me if I’m a tad more than sceptical about yet another health scare. For more years than was good for my sanity I was a Guardian reader and at least three articles would appear in each issue on the evils of eating anything but lentils.

The food scare warnings come with such regularity that we become desensitized and do not notice the U turns. There’s been plenty of those over the last few years. Wine has gone from being deadly poison to life saver and back to deadly poison and is poised to become life saver again. Eggs were killers, not they are packed with essential nutrients. Coffee was demonised for years as a cause of heart attacks, ulcers, high blood pressure and acute atrophicillification of the nadgers, then we discover it was one of the best things for preserving us from Alzheimer’s disease.

Let the food fascists avoid bacon if they want to, it’s their choice. I will hold fast to my sinful ways and nosh a bacon sandwich whenever I feel like it. And I will exercise my free will and regard reports like this one from European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study as SPAM.