Shag and Blab

Scandal once again rears its ugly head in the world of football with the news that Wayne Rooney allegedly paid a hooker £1200 for a night of sex.

Two well known adages spring to mind:

“More money than sense” for Roo, but then again he is a footballer so what can you expect?

I know he’s not the best looking chap in the game but I imagine there are plenty of slappers who would do it just for the sake of bedding a premier league footballer.

“Ideas above her station,” for the prostitute who managed to sell her services at such an exorbitant fee.
My god has she got a gold plated vagina or what?

And all that money didn’t even buy her discretion.

Today she claims to have slept with thirteen other top footballers and says she’ll name them all.

To which Boggartblog replies on behalf of men and women everywhere

“Who gives a flying fuck?”

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