Market Rigging: Another Conspiracy Theory Is Expose As Truth

Evidence of market rigging

A few days ago I had a comment from outside the community complaining about my having suggested several times in one article that the Rothschild Banking Dynasty was well served by the latest scaremongering pack of lies about climate catastrophe to come out of the United Nations Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I was gobsmacked to learn that there was still somebody who either did not know Goldman Sachs is owned by Rothschilds or did not know that Goldman Sachs was the leading player in efforts to create a trillion dollar carbon trading market. G. S. made many times more money from the putative carbon cap and trade scam than even Al Gore.

But after a promising start back in 2009 the putative carbon cap and trade market stalled and the Rothschilds had to look elsewhere for opportunities to loot the saving and pensions of ordinary punters. And their greedy, beady eyes focused on other cash cattle. And that is where out latest “conspiracy theory” that has proved to be pure, 24 carat truth.

Why then did Goldman re decide to redesign its uber-profitable FX vertical and redo it from scratch? Simples – their ability to rig and manipulate FX markets, which are now under every global regulator’s microscope after the “Cartel” members so foolishly let themselves be caught with their fingers in the till, no longer exists. The last big sting by the Goldman banksters was the gold bubble a couple of years ago when after spiking briefly at around $1900 an ounce, the yellow, shiny stuff crashed back to below $1200. That was done by short selling, a system for getting rich in the markets by selling stuff you don’t have and that probably does not exist at all as I explained in Naked Finance.

Exposure of a conspiracy to rig FX markets, coming so soon after the Libor scandal which exposed the manipulation of interest rates was a gift to make us “conspiracy theorists” (aka truth tellers) feel a little tingle in our lower abdomen.

Goldman’s move out of the naked shorting business in foreign exchange was confirmed when news broke that a dozen large investors have filed law suit against 12 major banks for “allegedly conspiring to rig global foreign-exchange prices.” Actually, “allegedly” is redundant in that sentence, anyone who has not known for years that the foreign exchange markets were rigged is either a Buddhist monk or a heavy drug user.

Wall Street Journal had this to say:

“The class-action lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York late Monday, was from a group of investors across the U.S. and Caribbean, including city and state pension plans.

“They accused the banks of communicating “with one another, including in chat rooms, via instant messages, and by emails, to carry out their conspiracy,” and for rigging foreign-exchange rates as far back as January 2003, the lawsuit said.

The banks sued are BofA, Barclays, BNP, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche, Goldman, HSBC, JPM, Morgan Stanley, RBS and UBS, or, in other words all the usual suspects. And certainly all the Too Big To Fail banks that know they can rely on our money being stumped up to cover their arses.

In the complaint, the investors accused the banks of controlling foreign-exchange rates via a “small and close-knit group of traders.” They allege it became possible for banks to rig the market because the traders “have strong ties formed by working with one another in prior trading positions” and by in many cases living “in the same neighborhoods in the Essex countryside just northeast of London’s financial district.”

“They belong to the same social clubs, golf together, dine together and sit on many of the same charity boards,” the complaint adds.

And I can tell you they are often linked by having shagged the same women, oh yes, it’s an incesteous little world out there.

But the punchline is not that FX is rigged, as I said everybody who was paying attention knew that, but that as Goldman has shown by shifting its focus, the commodity market is the only one where manipulation, rigging and fraud are not only possible but smiled upon by regulators. Because one of the key commodities in said market is gold. And as everyone knows, alongside getting the stock market indices to all time highs, the other core mandate of central bankers everywhere is to push gold to 0, thus making fiat money the only currency in which goods can be traded and making us all slaves of our debts.

The worst news for champions of scepticism and freethinking is we are rapidly running out of “conspiracy theories” that haven’t been revealed as conspiracy facts yet.

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