Macron Threatens G20 On Climate Then Backs Off

France’s boy president and current climate scaremonger in chief and leading European federalist Emmanuel Macron arrived in Japan for the G-20 summit full of sound and fury, which like the stuff of Macbeth’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s play turned out to signify nothing. Having started with a threat that France would refuse to sign the concluding statement unless it included a renewed committment to actions agreed in The Paris Accord of 2015 according to Bloomberg.


French boy president Emmanuel Macron and Prime minister Abe of Japan: (picture: Reuters)

If we are not able to get around a table and defend the climate, then France won’t go along with it,” he said. “It’s that simple.”

Then, probably because is aides were reminding him in stage whispers that The Paris Accord did not committ some of the world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitters, including China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico and Turkey to do anything on the grounds that they are ‘developing nations, the boy president began to backpedal. One of his entourage suggested that it was impossible to discuss hypotheticals, and another said that the threat wasn’t a threat – rather, Macron was simply indicating France’s priorities.

European Council President Donald Tusk took issuer with Macron’s comments, saying during the Thursday press session that G20 leaders should instead help Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe draft a positive final declaration rather than threatening to boycott it.

Hours later, Macron rewound his position during a press conference with Abe, saying that he had only meant if France’s climate initiatives weren’t adopted, “We’ll have met for nothing.”

By Friday, Macron had backpedalled even more, saying only that climate would be a major issue at the G-20, a statement which did not contain a threat of any kind.

As Bloomberg notes, “Climate and bio-diversity have always been major issues for Macron — partly because the landmark 2015 Paris Accord was signed in the French capital while the former Goldman Sachs investment banker was a minister in Francopis Hollande’s socialist government, and we should not forget the even more politically significant fact that the French Green Party made major advances in May’s European parliamentary elections,, to become serious contenders alongside marine Le Pen’s EurosceptIc Rassemblement National to challenge Macron’s globalist, Europhile, neoliberal party. Macron has calculated that voters favoring tougher action on the environment could be an important source of support as he fights to stave off Le Pen’s challenge.

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G20 Elitists Club Teetering On The Edge Of The Abyss

World leaders at the G20 in Buenos Aeries

Ten years after The G20 first convened to bring together around a conference table the heads of state and government of the world’s largest economic powers and controllers of natural resources, the Group of 20 was doomed from the start. Russia and China were never going to agree to US economic hegemony, the European Union Nations were never going to accept Saudi Arabian human rights abuses and some of the third world nations were never going to be happy with the liberal democracies’ obsession with LGBT rights.

For a while the group held together, though it was doomed from day one to start falling apart as son as global trading conditions started to get tough. At the latest G20 jolly, in Buenos Aires, the loud and clear message was the G20 and globalism are both on the wane as a forum for shaping economies and solving global problems. Set up in 2008 to regulate spiraling financial markets in the midst of the toxic debt crisis, the G20 format has managed to though when Angela Merkel or Barack Obama invited attendes to “All join hands and sing Kumbaya, fewer and fewer world leaders were willing to join in.

It’s not that the idea of finding global solutions to global problems is a bad one, but that global problems require very different solutions in different parts of the globe. On top of this many of leaders sitting around the negotiating table have lost the political will to find such answers. President Donald Trump was elected leader of the USA was elected on a promise to ‘Make America Great Again’, which is not the extreme form of nationalism his opponents in the US claim, but nonetheless does not sit comfortably alongside leaders like Merkel or Emmanuel Macron, both of whom have recently asked citizens of the nations they lead to put the interests of people in other nations ahead of their own.

With Merkel’s Germany facing a social crisis because of the stresses caused by her open doors immigration policy which has seen an influx of uneducated, semi – literate third world migrants whose lawless beaviour has led to the creation of no go zones for police and emergency services in cities and large towns, while the failure of Marcon’s presidency has plunged France into civil unrest as protests against rising prices, immigration, unemployment and falling standards of living have morphed into violent riots in the streets of big cities, these leaders remain in denial about the failure of globalism..

Isolation, nationalism and protectionism have all been resurgent since the financial crisis of 2008, as the alleged consequences of globalization that has widely been perceived as impoverishing working and middle classes while benefitting the rich and corporate business.

The de facto leader of the movement to national interest is US president, Donald Trump. He is an avowed deconstructivist, — according to his critics someone who wants to tear down the existing order because he doesn’t think it works in his favor. Such criticism is unfair, all national leaders in nations that claim to be democracies are, in theory, elected to put the interests of their citizens first, never mind the rest of the world as Angela Merkel said in different words recently. Merkel however is clinging to power by her fingertips, at the head of a coalition that is too weak to get any controversial legislation though, simply because she is unable to accept that with German prosperity falling, her time is over, for the sake of her party and her country she should have step down. And yet Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel does not see the hypocrisy of asking German voters to put the interests of people in third world countries ahead of their own as she puts her personal interests ahead of her country’s and its peoples’. Macron too, though in power for less than two years, has seen his popularity fall in polls to unprecedented lows. This is partly because of his obsession with telling French voters that foreigners are more important to him than his own fellow citizens, as those fellow citizens struggle to make ends meet due to his tax increases and the inflation his policies on top of EU policies are causing.

Merkel and Macron are the outliers however. Donald Trump, in his isolationism and protectionism is far from alone.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, China’s Chairman Xi, the Saudi crown prince Mohammed (Mad Mo) bin Salaman, the Turkish autocrat Erdogan, at the G20 table don’t have much respect for international law which they precieve as favouring western or Christian interests. And more leader joining the “My country first” club. Italy’s Matteo Salvini has challenged the EU over its right to reject Italy’s budget. In Mexico, a populist has just taken office. In Brazil, a professed right-wing radical will be moving into the presidential palace come January. These changes, along with the possible collapse of Merkel and Macron’s governments make a grim outlook for globalists between now and the next G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

The German chancellor, the Canadian prime minister, the French president and EU representatives — those who waved the flag of multiculturalism and globalism, in Buenos Aires are facing an increasingly lonely struggle should they survive another year in office.

Even within the EU, populism and isolationism are spreading. After Brexit, followed by rebellions against Brussels diktat in Poland, Hungary, and Spain, the most recent example of this shift is the populist government in Italy.

Reading the thin communique adopted by G20 members, it appears that this assembly representing two thirds of humanity is little more than an empty shell. Admittedly, the leaders did commit to reforming the international trade system, although moves led by Rusia and China to replace the petrodollar as the main currency for world trade forced that decision on them. But in the meantime, members of the G20 impose punitive tariffs on each other in an attempt to get a bigger piece of the global economic pie. There’s certainly a wide gulf between theory and practice.

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A Chronicle Of Decay – poem

The Pompous Toad

The Pompous Toad(a piece of whimsical verse dedicated to those attending the G20 conference )

A pompous toad squatted atop a large turd
believing it to be an ivory tower;
the absurd amphibian seldom deferred
to good sense, maintaining that pomp is power.
A passing terrapod astutely observed
that the toad owed his lofty position
not to reason, logic or rhetorical skill,
but a random act of excretion.
The toad, undeterred by a critical word
or the peril of his precarious situation
chose to pontificate and thus irritate
humbler creatures of similar station.

A warning word blurted might have averted
the disaster that was to befall
but though other creatures saw danger approach,
the toad had offended them all
Tired of being hectored and harangued
and lectured none felt inclined to help
when danger flew, by so they turned a blind eye
as an ignorant crow swooped down very low
and swallowed the toad in one gulp.

What’s The Point Of G20 If The Children Will; Not Play Nicely Together

The G20 summit in St Petersburg should be hoding in depth discussions about global issues like Mutually Assured Destruction if America attacks Syria and Russia responds, Bee Apocalypse, Unemployment in the west, Hunger in the southern hemisphere, Same Sex Marriage, Miley Cyrus dry humping Keith Lemon and what to do in the event of an alien invasion. Instead they are faffing about like adolesecent girls, stamping their feet, saying “OMG” and discussing who is not talking to whom ever again, innit?

Barack Obama is throwing the mother of all hissy fits and not talking to Vladimir not only for granting political asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden but for thwarthing Obama’s desire to prove he’s The Man by bombing Syria. Obama has also said David Cameron and Angela Merkel are sooo not kewl because they refused to help him bomb Syria. Despite the urgency of the crisis over Syria Obama found time to give Francoise Hollande a quick hand job as a thank you for the Crapaud’s loyalty.

Obama gives Hollande a hand job
Obama reaches dow to give Hollande a Barclays Bank

Mr Obama is nothing if not egomaniacal and becomes very vindictive when anyone publicly disagrees with him (if they privately disagree with him they just go on his kill list.) He cancelled private meetings with Putin and our own Dave after the Prime Minister allowed Britain’s democratic process to withhold approval for British involvement in whatever military action the Americans are planning against Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons. As several other G20 nations have followed the United Nations lead and deferred joining Obama’s latest war the the Third World, fearing it will turn into The Third World War.

Instead the U.S. president is entertaining French President Francois Hollande, who suddenly finds himself in the unexpected position of being elevated from his former status as the leader of a country of cheese-eating surrender monkeys to Bammy’s bestest friend in the world ever and prospective fall guy when the UN weapons inspectors report that eith the poison gas was used by Syrian rebels or US / Israeli agents provocateur.

As for Mr Cameron, though nobody is talking to him it seems, his presence in St Petersburg is not entirely pointless. ”

According to Press reports he intends to raise with Putin not Syria and the Middle East but …. gay rights! God to know someone in the G20 has got their priorities right.

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Trouble in Obama – topia

You may remember that the G20 conference a couple of weeks ago Barack Obama was screaming for more stimulus spending to “restore growth to the global economy” and demanding the nations that are still solvent underwrite his existing debt and the extra borrowing needed to finance his loonytoons public spending programme.

To read the press one might think America’s love affair with Obama is still in its honeymoon period although in truth most of America was never in love and many only voted for him because he was the antithesis of George W Bush.

All is not well inn Obama’s promised utopia however. The Tea Party movement are stirring people who have not voted for many years, conservative radio and TV hosts are pushing a “take back America” line and there is a deep seated dissatisfaction with politics and politicians throughout the nation.

When Erskine Bowles, the Co-Chair of Obama’s Budget Commission, makes a public appearance and states that “our debt is a cancer that will destroy the country from within,” 250 million belt – tightening Americans respond with one voice:


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New Political Leaders let us down.

As satirical bloggers we have been waiting for David Cameron to fall flat on his face. It’s disappointing then that he has emerged from the G20 conference of political leaders as the figure the world looks to for common sense responses to Barack Obama’s loonytoons economics.

How do I know this? I saw it in Guardian online so it must be true. And if The Guardian is praising a Consrervative we have to conclude the boy done good – well better thn England’s footballers at least.

Even more upsetting was the description in the same article of George Osborne as “looking increasingly authoritative. Where does that leave satirical bloggers?

Well we can always get infantile. I can never take George Osborne seriously because when I look at him the first thing I notice is the tip of his nose looks like a little arse.


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