U2 Celeb Bono partners with Monsanto, G8, to biowreck African farms with GMOs

bono africa saviour

Professional do – gooder and former rock star Bono (full name Pro – Bono because everything he does is for Bono) is very fond of strutting around the world proclaiming his love for Africa. Like most celebrity lefties he is a hypocrite; if he really wanted to help Africans improve their lot he would not be helping some of the most evil corporations in the world to enslave African peasant farmers while simultaneously kissing the arses and filling the coffers of the tyrants who are responsible for making things so shite across most of the African continent.

from News Beacon Ireland:

At the G8 Summit held two weeks ago at Camp David, President Obama met with private industry and African heads of state to launch the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, a euphemism for monocultured, genetically modified crops and toxic agrochemicals aimed at making poor farmers debt slaves to corporations, while destroying the ecosphere for profit.

And Bono, of the rock group U2, is out shilling for Monsanto on this one. It’s phase 2 of the Green Revolution. Tanzania, Ghana, and Ethiopia are the first to fall for the deception, with Mozambique, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and other African nations lining up for the “Grow Africa Partnership,” under Obama’s “Global Agricultural Development” plan.

In Obama Pitches India Model of GM Genocide to Africa, Scott Creighton writes: … Continue reading

A while ago in a comment thread under an article about third world problems someone asked was I advocating recolonizing Africa? I wasn’t, I was advocating non intervention (as usual) but as recolonization is inevitable, if we’re not going to stop throwing money at them perhaps we should be in their grabbing some of the goodies alongside our G8 partners – led inevitably by the Politically correct hypocrites of Obamaland.

“A landmark G8 initiative to boost agriculture and relieve poverty has been damned as a new form of colonialism after African governments agreed to change seed, land and tax laws to favour private investors over small farmers.

Ten countries made more than 200 policy commitments, including changes to laws and regulations after giant agribusinesses were granted unprecedented access to decision-makers over the past two years.

The pledges will make it easier for companies to do business in Africa through the easing of export controls and tax laws, and through governments ringfencing huge chunks of land for investment.”

So as we can now clearly see, the landmark initiative was not aimed at helping African farmers shake off the yoke of economic colonialism, but at helping fascistic American Corporations enslave African subsistence farmers. And of course, helping Bono sell a few records to emotionally retarded, mentally defective American liberals.

Africa would be better off perhaps if it was recolonised by the old European colonial powers rather than by greedy American corporations that don’t give a flying fuck about the local population and only care about how much profit they can squeeze out of their assets. but the European power are all bankrupt so the Africans are stuck with America and Bono, Russia or China. none of those are good options.

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Green Ham

Today am special treats for BoggartBlog fans; while ghost writer Ian dayoffs having to cover world events in Singapore big Boggart Boss Jenny am fillings in for. Generous and considerate boss boggart amn’t Jenny?
Send Ian to report on Olympian Gamings I have, sayings “tell them bog snorkelling must be Olympian sport or I am turn atty – letics track into swamp, oh yes.
Yesterdays Jenny have jollies too, I am go Scottishland for help with protestings about G8. What them X – Factors singing people go to do with third world poverty I asking, oh yes? Nessun Dorma my algae covered arse, they am not sleep in Africy because too hungry. So Jenny thinking “security am protecting world leader from realities and crusties, protest am needing 20,000 year olds pan dimensional being to confronting they and telling no more fuckupings world or I make floods and hurricanes and big shit hittings wind turbine am.”
Americy they am causings Jenny big bog problem, draining aquifers for diswasher usings. So bad now, in New Orly – leans stiffs staying underground and not popping ups like they should from waterlogged graveses. What scary about stiffs what stayings underground? What good to boggart are place without bogs coz all water in dishwasher, oh yes?
So Jenny go through streams and rivers and swamps and a toad tunnel under motorway and hide ready to make protest. When Americy – can guy am go for walk near ornamental pond there much bubbling and farty smells and gushings swirlings vortices then Jenny am confront him in all her irresistibe loveliness and leg of cured pork behind my back am have, Oh yes.
“What am goings on?” him say. “Shoot this crazy old bitch,” him say but security guards am not see pan dimensional manifest stations so I whack him with pork and say “It ham, Bush.”
Then back into pond and swimming away in all directions at once am with sound of manic laughter booming out of every toilet and sewer outlet in Scottishland.
love and peas,
Jenny Greenteeth.

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Live 8 – The Hidden Sting

The party is over and the guests are all gone. While people are asking “will it do any good, will anything really change? while we all have our eye off the ball, we have already been hit with the sting.
You will have all seen the insincere grin of Tony Blair hovering around the proceedings not actually accompanied by the Prime Minister himself. Like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, the substance of Mr Blair’s being has gradually faded until only the grin remains.
Live 8 gave Blair something to grin about of course. Just as September 11, 2001 was for the government a great day to bury bad news, so was the day we all became caring sharing human beings for a few hours.
After the scandal of the September 11 “bad news” memo was exposed the insincere grin, in one of its first independent appearances promised us such a thing would never be allowed to happen again. The grin lied (lusty chorus of “tell us something we don’t know Ian.”) It happened again late of Friday afternoon while we were all in the pub talking about Live 8, struggling with the Friday traffic or watching pictures of the build up to the gig. The government, after being harassed by a leading newspaper for months finally released, as there are obliged to under their own freedom of information act, details of the work of Mr. Blair’s “Blue Skies Thinking” consultant John Birt. You may remember Mr. Birt from his days as Director General of the BBC. His was the regime under which our state broadcaster virtually abandoned the concept of entertainment in favour of “reality” programmes featuring Lawrence Llewelyn effing Bowen turning some poor unsuspecting punter’s living space into a replica of a Babylonian Brothel egged on by the ubiquitous Smiley Smiley Carol Smillie (another grin that we have to bear.)
Birt is an accountant with an accountant’s mindset and an accountant’s mindset only sees the difference between a dramatisation of Vanity Fair and another banal makeover show when looking at the bottom line.
I suspect nobody truly knows what Blue Skies Thinking is, not even Tony Blair. It is the kind of phrase that an insincere grin might invent without the need for any human intervention. Details that have emerged suggest however what is going on is not so much clear blue skies as the murky, grey overcast of bureaucracy and obfuscation. Birt’s project is all about juggling statistics to pull the wool over our eyes so we think everything is hunky – dory as society disintegrates around us. Pull that off and it is Blue skies, nothing but blue skies all the way to a fourth term for Blair and buddies.
A major Blue Skies initiative is to create a method of quantifying the notional cost to the nation of a crime in order that a police accountant may decide if investigation would be cost effective. If the scheme is implemented it will probably cost so much to hire the crime accountants that there will be nothing left to pay police officers.
Another Birt promotion is the scheme to establish the differential between the cost per mile of urban travel against rural travel. Everybody knows that it costs more per mile to travel in town, whether by bus, car, or train than in the country but That is countered by the fact that you have to go a lot further to get anywhere in the country. So this scheme can only be a prelude to banning everything that moves from towns.
The real stinger though is Birt’s cost analysis of NHS patient care. Now although this project has been acknowledged, no details have emerged. Could it be that Mr Birt is developing a way to calculate the cost – benefit ratio of treating each individual patient. The thought of that has really got me crapping myself because as a disabled person I am well up that creek of brown smelly stuff.
Might I go to the surgery in a couple of years only to be told “your problem is easily treatable Ian but we have run a cost analysis and as you have not been economically active for quite a while now we can’t see any financial benefit in curing you. Here are some pain killers, now fuck off and die.

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Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

It was probably around forty years ago that a geeky student wandered onto the Top Of The Pops set and warbled a song about the degeneration of Society. Everyone’s Gone To The Moon was Jonathan King’s first hit record. I the years that followed we all wished he would go to the moon. Or at least fuck off somewhere…anywhere.

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