Gotcha! Labour Leadership Linked Lockerbie Bomber Release To Arms Deal

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. but it cannot survive treason from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, (circa 45 BC)

Lockerbie Bomber Release Linked To Blair and Gadaffi’s Secret arms Deal?

Cameron comes over all Gadaffi

The Tories are revolting! Amid major threats of a mutiny in the ranks over David Cameron’s imposition of a whip on the debate about whether we should have a referendum on Britain’s staying in the EU or deserting the sinking Euro ship.

As support for an in- out vote grew in the Conservtive party Cameron did a very passable impersonation of recently deceased third world tyrant Mumammar Gaddafi by threatening Conservative junior ministers that in a one man one vote system he was the man who had the one vote and he would kill them sack them if they supported the referendum motion rather than doing what he said.

Could it be that on his demise yesterday the soul of Mad Dog entered the vacuous emptiness of Shiny face Dave’s inner being like a rat up a drainpipe? Look at the picture below and decide.


Over to you Mr. Farage.

A hellish week ahead for our leaders

Gadaffi Flees To Jungle

Colonel Gadaffi is dead.

Oh no he isn’t.

Oh yes he is.

Oh no he isn’t, he’s behind you.

Well it is almost pantomime season. But as the ruling National Transitional Council in Libya search desperately for an idiot who looks a bit like a camel and is willing to pose as a corpse for pictures, the situation remains unclear. Meanwhile in The White House President Obama is reheasing a speech in which he would tell how he personally led that final assault on Sirte, Gadaffi’s last stronghold just as he had led the advance on Tripoli, the commando raid that took out an old bloke whose resembence to Osama bin Laden ended with the fact that they both had beards, and the Tottenham riots. Conflicting reports continue to come out of Libya however.

Some tabloid journalists were saying Gadaffi had left Libya months ago and was currently appearing under the name Frankie Cocozza in The X Factor or had ben sighted pretending to be Edwina Curie in Strictly Come Dancing.

Boggart Blog can exclusdively reveal the truth however. Having crossed the border from Libya to Chad some weeks ago Colonel Gadaffi is now heading for Australia where he will join the other has beens and Z listers appearing in the 2011 season of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.”

What next for Libya

As I am about to give Captain Ranty a million links to an excellent post on Libya, I can’t resist posting his opening para. in full for the benefit of people who were sceptical when I suggested western intervention to help a bunch of fanatical, tribalistic nutters not very organised rebels overthrow a despot might not be a good thing in the long run.

Captain Ranty – What Next For Libya

Human rights abuses, cronyism, massive amounts of taxpayer money gone in dubious circumstances, “difficult” people assassinated, law book thrown out when it suits the leader, excessive force used by power-crazed cops, bizarre political decisions, countrywide surveillance of its citizens, strange associations with foreign governments, people gaoled on a whim, and massive corruption. But enough about the UK. This is about New Libya …

But joking apart The Captain, who has spent a lot of time in Gaddafi’s Libya, says stuff like …

“Gadaffi did share the oil revenues-to a degree-in that he said any Libyan could simply fill in a few forms and they would be given £250 (500 dinars) each per month. That payment was for each member of the family. Parents with six kids? No problem, here’s your 4000 dinars. Friends in Tripoli told me it was a right pain to get the forms signed off, but when they were, free money! Nobody starves in Libya. The poor can get lots of help if they ask for it, and there was a good welfare program in place. They are a highly educated people. Mostly, they emigrate to pastures new when they get their degrees.”

Bit different to the usual Mad Dog Gadaffi, butcher of his people stuff. But then just as bloggers in this community, The Walrus and Banana the Poet who have spent a lot of time in Greece see different places to the ones most of us picture based on occasional visits to resorts and what we get from the news, so someone who knows a country would have a different perspective to someone who only sees television reports.

Try and find time to read Captain Ranty’s post and then next time shiny face Dave feels like undertaking another military adventure on behalf of the New World Order ( ? – Oh yeah, there will be more on that soon) maybe we can work up enough enthusiasm to get out on the streets and protest.

What happens in Libya is for Libyans to decide. What happens in Syria is the business of Syrians. And our Prime Wanker has enough shit going on in Britain to keep him fully occupied.

The First Casualty (Libya)

So Mad Dog Gadaffi is on the brink, in fact by the time I finish this short post he may well have been deposed. Few in Libya or elsewhere will regret his downfall, apparently for years he had to pay people to be his mates.

Still, with reports of a bloodbath in Tripoli being conspicuously absent from mainstream news services that old adage that truth is the first castualty of war holds good.

Having said that, how nice it was to see Barack Hussein Obama accepting the congratulations of supporters after personally leading the Libyan rebels advance on Tripoli, his loyal lieutenant Dave Shiny Face Cameron at his side throughout the whole campaign.

Humanitarian Intervention Or The Third World War?

Where have you been looking these last few days? While everyone has been worrying about the nuclear accident in Japan, World War 3 has kicked off without fanfare or ceremony. Sudan has been bombing the newly independent north; more than 70,000 refugees have fled violence in Darfur, bloodletting is tearing apart Côte d’Ivoire; 43 people have been killed in Karachi in the last few days. Yemen, its president tells us, is teetering on the edge of a civil war; another’s looming in Syria.

In Afghanistan the military leaders of the western alliance tell us it’s all going to plan and the Taliban are on the back foot. They have been telling us the same for at least five years it seems.

The embattled Palestinians in Gaza have launched missiles at Israel and sent suicide bombers into Jewish territory, there is still a little kerfuffle in Egypt to be sorted out but it looks like the next government will be led by the Muslim Brotherhood, new best mates of Mad Jad in Iran. Saudi Arabia is on the brink of a sectarian insurrection.

Oh, and there’s a small matter in Libya that the western nations have recently become embroiled in.

For several days, western leaders have been trying to convince sceptical voters that the war in Libya is driven by ethical and humanitarian concerns. They really do not understand the electorates they represent. The voters want our forces to get in there and secure the oil before it is costing us a year’s wages to fill up the car…

David Cameron was outraged that the “world has watched” as Muammar Gaddafi “brutally crushed his own people. (We didn’t Dave, we watched football, rugby, celebrities ice skating and Red Nose Day.) ” Barack Obama says the war is intended to make the Colonel “face the cost of continued violations of human rights.” Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, invoked the history of his parents, who found refuge in Britain from Nazi Germany thus hinting that if he was Prime Minister he would invite them all to come and live here. What a bunch of c…..ompletely deluded idiots.

Humanitarian concern is a more justifiable reason to go to war than most but still not very good. If Cammers had any humanity he would have William Hague humanely put down.

But what is it Gaddafi’s regime has done, or might have done, that makes it different and more blameworthy than Zimbabwe or Indonesia, Saudi Arabia or Burma which have abused human rights just as blatantly but have not warranted intervention? Under what circumstances is going to go to war justified? And when is it OK to do nothing? Could the distinction be related to oil perhaps? Then let’s stop pussyfooting around and admit it.

Ming – Mong – Moon, the UN secretary general and the leading useless fucker international bureaucrat referred to “egregious violations” of human rights in Libya. WTF? What’s the difference between an egregious human rights violation and cutting some poor bastard’s head off or boiling them alive. The UN official has apparently not heard there are similarly egregious goings-on in Iran, North Korea, Uzbekistan, Darfur and a bunch of other countries that he has not yet asked anyone to bomb.

Liberal interventionists who only go to war in the name of peace (like Tony Blair), who argue that violations of international norms must be punished, and who insist “if I say going to war is justified then it’s effing justified, OK?” will argue that other people being just as egregious isn’t the point: making an example of Colonel Gaddafi is intended to deter other would-be violators. Ming Mong Moon, Obama, CAmeron and the others have not learned that making an example of the very very egregious Saddam Hussein quite clearly did not frighten other egregious tyrants into being nice children…

Children being children however, for intervention to be effective the same rules must apply. Why should Gaddafi learn his lesson from being made to stand on the naughty step when he sees Mugabe being rewarded for being even naughtier. Children are obsessed with fairness and if Gadaffi thinks he has been treated unfairly he will lash out and hit us in the oil wells.

Another danger is that if the west claims Gaddafi’s slaughter of civilian non combatants justified the intervention might opponents of the regimes in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere not be tempted to provoke similar attacks on civilians in order to secure western military support for their cause. The jug eared streak of piss in the White House, the simpleton who leads the world’s most powerful nation has already encouraged rebels to think this way. He has said if the USA sends ground forces into Libya it must be to support the rebels and help depose Gadaffi.

Now that goes way beyond humanitarian intervention. but it was a similar to that given by Barry in his speech in Cairo in 2009, his promise of US support for Islamist groups trying to overthrow some pretty nasty but broadly west – friendly regimes that led to the present deteriorating situation in the middle east. So World War 3 it seems it will have started not with a bang but with a wimp.

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