Oxford Sex Abusers? Bronn In Game Of Thrones Summed Them Up

Oxford: city of dreaming spires and dirty sex (image source)

I’ve been watching Game Of Thrones (already read the books). My fave charcaters are Tyrion and Bronn, the sellsword he hires as a bodyguard. Peter Drinklage and Jerome Flynn (yes, of Robson and Jerome) are a great double act, and at one point Bronn delivers a line that must surely be a contender in the ‘best one liner ever.’ It ranks right up there alongside “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.”
You have to read to the end to find out what it is though. :> I’ve also been having a quick look at the Official Report from the Oxford child abuse scandal. Though not ideal bedtime reading it ought to be required reading for those left wing idiots and meme followers who think UKIP are racist and uncontrolled immigration is great for the economy and our culture, and for the screeching sistahs who love immigrants and think all British men are sexist pigs because we sometimes look at a girl in a figure hugging dress and think “Phwoar.”

Below is a list of some of the comments made to investigators by girls from Oxforshire’s social care system who had their lives culturally enriched by much older men of different ethnicities. It isn’t pretty, I hate to think what was in the stuff the reports authors felt they could not include in the public version.

Get ready to learn what sexism is, screeching sistahs, get ready to find out how you would be treated in a culture where unattached women are regarded as sub human, things to be used rather than human beings. Hold tight …

They threatened to blow up my house with my Mum in it
I was expected to do things – if I didn’t they said they would come to my house and burn me alive. I had a baby brother
They took us to a field where there were other men who had come to have sex with us. I tried not to do it. There were five of them
I took so many drugs – it was just a mish-mash
Now I feel I was raped – I didn’t have any choice
I wouldn’t ever have said no – they’d have beaten the shit out of me
It was always Asian men
I got deeper and deeper into this group
Sometimes I was driven into alleys and woods and men would have sex with me
I wouldn’t have done this if I was sober. That’s why the men gave us so much to drink
Both men had sex with me lots of times – oral and vaginal
I hate them… all they do is rape you… all they want is sex… it’s happened to girls I know, not me before you ask, I not like that
When we were at the flats I knew I was there to have sex with whichever men were brought there.
He urinated on me
I was spit roasted [made to have sex simultaneously with two men]
I didn’t want to go to the places to do what I did, but it was my job
I went to London on my own to have sex with men they arranged
The fear is still very real for me – though they are in jail I still check the cars

Those of you who have supported the ConLabLib line on changing national demographics through mass immigration, or joined in the Marxist yelling that these cases are all fabricated, you might as well have held down these vulnerable, emotionally needy girls down while the rapists did their work, because you are as culpable as the criminals themselves.

What should we do with the convicted men, you might well ask? To my mind there’s only one option, dump them on St. Kilda and leave them to fend for themselves. As Bronn the Sellsword in Game Of Thrones says, “There’s no cure for being a cunt.”

Here’s that link again to The official OSCD Report online (pdf document)

Bronn (Jerome Flynn) with Tyrion (the short one) Double act?

15 More Men of South Asian Descent Charged With Child Sex Offences
West Yorkshire Police have charged 14 men and a 16-year-old boy with sex offences including the rape of a girl under the age of 16 in Keighley, a small town in the old Woollen Industry distict of the county. The offences centre on one female victim, with one allegation involving a second who was also under 16 at the time.
Adolescent Girl Raped By 60 Men In Asian Grooming Gang
A trial jury atThe Old Bailey, London, heard yesterday the harrowing ddetails of how two schoolgirls were groomed and raped by an paedophile gang based in Aylesbury, Bucks, while aged just 12 and 13. Eleven gang members, accused of carrying out the crimes between 2006 and 2012 face 49 criminal charges between them including statutory rape, child prostitution and creating child pornography, The Daily Mirror reports.

Daenerys Farage Prepares To Invade Westminster

daenerys farage

Anyone who has been watching Game Of Thrones (I haven’t, I’m reading the books and so know what’s going on) will know that while the Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters, Tullys, Tyrells and the rest are preoccupied with mutual homicde, Daenerys ‘Stormborn’ Targaryen and her motley crew, backed up by drone strikes from her dragons is conquering the lands across the sea and building a strong enough force to take Westeros.

Could it all be a metaphor for the political power games now being played out in Britain and across Europe, as people alerted by the diligent reporting of selfless citizen journalists (ahem ~ I’m mentioning no names here) to the global government ambitions of the power elites prepare to defend their freedom by voting UKIP, Front Nationale, Lombard League, Freedom Party, True Finns or Alternatif fur Deutscheland? And why not, after all Daenerys has a better catchphrase than the New World Order’s “Resistance is futile.”

Daenerys – Fire and Blood


I Will Take What Is Mine With Fire And Blood

fire and bloodSource : The organic prepper

Nice to see you, to see you … nice.

Have a bit of a think about that title; if you watch Game Of Thrones you will probably recognise is at the catchphrase of Daenerys Targaryen in series four of the HBO fantasy epic, but if you didn’t know that and you received a notification from a friends facebook account because someone had posted a picture of a child wearing that slogan on a T shirt, would you interpret that as a personal threat? Well if you tip the mental stability scales even slightly towards sane, you wouldn’t, after all it’s only an effing T shirt. If however you are an American democrat, a progressive liberal with acute paranoia, an irrational fear of everything but particularly your countrymen who love the constitution, and a job in the education system you would interpret it as a direct threat to your person from a check shirt wearin’, redneck, AK47 ownin’, pick up truck drivin’, burger chompin’ psychopath who was on the way round to your house to turn you into a human colander.

That was exactly the interpretation placed on it by the human resources director, two college officials, and a security official of the college where Prof. Francis Schmidt was employed. That motley crew were waiting when Schmidt arrived at a meeting to which he had been summoned. Schmidt had been reported by the dean of the school for sending a threatening email.

The threatening email was an automatic notification of a photo posted on a social media outlet, it shows Schmidt’s little girl, doing “yoga”. Are you scared? Do you feel threatened? Because these senior executives of a higher education establishment were terrorized and in fear that Schmidt was going to go on some kind of armed rampage with an “assault weapon.”

Anyone who has ever watched HBO’s Game of Thrones knows that this is a catchphrase on the program, a line used by Daenerys Stormborn, the Dragon Queen (YouTube). The video and the line are all over the internet, well you know how people love a catchphrase (Yeah, I know).

During the meeting with his employers Schmidt Googled the phrase to show the Inquisitors school officials, that this was just a line from a TV program. But the security official argued that the word “fire” could actually be a reference to an AK-47, and with that, Schmidt was suspended, without pay. Ah well, Valar morghulis as they say in series three.

Schmidt was not allowed to return to work until he had a psychiatric evaluation.

Once again I am reminded of John Lennon’s words, “The world is run by insane people doing insane things.”

Not only the world it seems, but schools and colleges too. It’s time to make politically correct fascism a capital offence.

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