No Poofters

As Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (the screechers favourite statesman) pledges he will do all in his power to stop marriage between people of the same sex being made lawful in Australian and the Australian gay community erupts in outrage, we reflect that while Social Media gives the impression that there are no longer any straight men of women in Australia we reflect that it is not long since Australians were proud to say there were ‘no poofters’ in the country. As this factual documentary illustrates.

From Breitbart, London
Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott is no fan of gay marriage. At a personal level he has described himself as “probably the last holdout for the traditional position” in his family – a reference to his outspoken lesbian sister.

Last month Mr Abbott reaffirmed his view on gay marriage, with a spokesman telling the media: “The Prime Minister’s position remains the same as it has always been… he supports the current policy that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

At the political level that personal belief has held just as true. As recently as last May, Mr Abbott ruled out a national referendum on the matter after the Republic of Ireland voted in favour of constitutional changes to allow same-sex marriage.

Mr Abbott said “questions of marriage are the preserve of the Commonwealth Parliament. Referendums are held in this country where there’s a proposal to change the constitution. I don’t think anyone is suggesting the constitution needs to be changed in this respect.”

That was then and this is now. Today Mr Abbott is facing increasing pressure from some elements within his own coalition and opposition Labor Party to allow a conscience vote on the matter to go before the Parliament during this term.

This blog never needs an excuse to post a Monty Python clip, but if somebody gives us one (oops, pardon) we will happily take it. Thanks Tony, you’re an Okker legend mate.

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Keynans Tell Obama: Don’t Mention gay Rights

As the worlds greatest salesman for homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenerism and legalisation of paedophilia, bestiality and sniffing bicycle seats, US President Barack Hussein Obama prepares to visit Kenya, the country he once claimed as his homeland and of his estranged father’s birth, Kenyans are lining up to tell him: don’t come if you’re going to lecture us on gay marriage as we are still a God fearing nation.

Kenyan religious groups of several denominations have marched in Nairobi and other large towns ahead of President Obama’s visit to the country next month, to insist that he will not be allowed to promote gay marriage while on his visit. The protest came a day after the Kenyan Parliamentarian voted in support of a motion that Obama would be thrown out of their Parliamentary building if he dared raise the subject of gay rights while addressing the assembly.

Homosexuality is still a crime in Kenya and carries a seven year prison sentence. It will be interesting to see which side in this conflict of ‘anointed minorities’ is deemed by the authoritarian left to hold the moral high ground, Africans or Gays.

Still, because it is understood Obama plans to visit the rural community in which his alleged father was born, we can be sure he will be “the only gay in the village“.


Gay Rights Lobby Calls for Ban on LGBT Therapy After Finding Hundreds of Health Workers Believe in a Cure
The Daily Stirrer has noted many times that sheeple on the left of the political spectrum get very confused on finding not everybody agrees with their world view. but rather than accept they are bigots they turn on those who dissent. No surprise then that gay activist working in the NHS are turning on African, middle eastern and east Europan colleagues who believe homosexuality is a sin.

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Patrick Stewart Supports Gay Cake Bakery

Patrick Stewart with Sesame Street character The Count (image source)

Support from an unexpected direction for Ashers, the Northern Ireland bakery recently successfully prosecuted for refusing to make and decorate a cake bearing the text, “Support Same Sex Marriage” for a political event promoting the campaign to legalise gay and lesbian marriages in northern Ireland, where it is still not legal.

The Shakespearean actor who also starred in X men and Star Trek, Patrick Stewart, well known for his left wing political views, has backed the Northern Ireland bakery that declined an order for a cake promoting gay marriage, saying people should not be forced to write messages they disagree with.

Last month Ashers Bakery was fined £500 after it refused to decorate a celebration cake with images of Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie.the words “support gay marriage” for a gay rights activist. We should note that the gay rights lobby have been trying for years to sexualise the characters who are part of a TV show aimed at pre school age children.

The McArthur family who own the bakery are appealing against the verdict.

Although many said the ruling was a victory for “equal rights”, Patrick Stewart told BBC Newsnight: “I found myself on the side of the bakers.”

He told BBC Newsnight: “It was not because it was a gay couple that they objected, it was not because they were celebrating some sort of marriage or an agreement between them, (they weren’t, the cake was for a political gathering).

“It was the actual words on the cake they objected to. Because they found the words offensive.”

“I would support their rights to say no, this is personally offensive to my beliefs, I will not do it,” he said.

It’s reassuring to see that some people on the left of the political spectrum still understand the importance of free speech and the right to one’s opinion in a democracy. Far too many leftie sheeple would happily trade individual liberty and several of the most basic human rights for a few Facebook likes from the kind of sad acts who are happy to ride the facist bandwagon so long as nobody points out that it is fascist.

We should all support Ashers right to refuse their support to a cause they disagree with. We notice the gay activists behind this prosecution did not approach a Muslim bakery with their order.

Kudos too to the makers of Sesame Street, who after years of lobbying from the Gay BLT social justics warriors issues a stastement that said Bert and Ernie are best friends, they’re not gay, they’re not straight, they’re puppets. Bert and Ernie do not exist below the waist.

In fact I have found the efforts of gay activists to sexualise characters in children’s television and literature rather disturbing for some time. For years supporters off gay rights tried to dispel the belief that all gay men fancied little boys. Most of us were happy to support them. So WTF is all this crap about sexualising childhood supposed to be telling us.

The Great Gay Cake Scandal
As tensions rise between the USA and its rivals Russia and China, taking the world to the brink of global conflict, as the economic crisis drags on, reducing more nations to economic basket case status, as extremists rampage through the middle east and Africa and threaten to turn their attention to Europe next, it seems our British champions of love, pece and tolerance can find nothing more important to occupy them than persecutiong a christian bakery that refused to bake a gay cake.

Seinfeld: Comedians Tell Me ‘Don’t Go Near Colleges — They’re So PC’
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld speaking on ESPNU and ESPN Radio’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on Thursday (5 June) referred to how other comedians have warned him to not take his comedy act to college campuses because they are so politically correct now.
Human Rights Fascism
Human Richts Activism restricting liberty
human Rights Omnibus

Elton John’s Dolce & Gabbana boycott is not a simple case of good versus evil

There’s nothing quite like an Elton John hissy fit for putting people off gays bigtime. Every time the old tart gets on his high horse (and falls off the other side like a comedy cowboy) another few million people join the homophobics union.

Few subjects are as certain to kick off an internet flame war as what constitutes a proper family. You would the wisdom of Solomon and delicate tread of an Angel to deal with the topic painlessly; and were you to lucky enough to find one, that Angel would probably refuse to offer an opinion, not daring to tread on such easily offended tootsies.

Instead then, find a fool, or a bunch of fools. Let them rush in, as did the ever sillier former rock star ‘Sir’ Elton John when fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana, made some less than laudatory comments about non standard families.

One of the fashionistas made a comment about same-sex parents: “Every child should have a mother,” he said, which Sir Elton interpreted as an insult; (these days he interprets everything as an insult); consequently, the singer has demanded a boycott of the Italian’s designer clothing. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Well the topic of same sex marriages will be debated for a long time and the issues if IVF and same sex parents will become more rather than less controversial.

But whether we think a child fares better with natural parents or not, I’m sure we can all agree no child deserves the stigma of being related to Elton John

Eugenics by any other name: Scientists call for ban on editing human genome
Transhumanism: With A Chip Under Your Skin You Will Be Superhuman
The Dark Side Of Biotech Just Got Even Darker
Of Mice and Men and Mad Scientists. The Lunatics Trying To Create Man – Mouse Hybrids
Freaky Frankenstein Fishes
We Must Let Darwinism Do Its Work.
The human egg trade is science meets creepy
Scientists making human / animal hybrid embryos
Eugenics to create Frankenstein babies
Eugenics belongs to the political left not the right

Millie Tant, Tatchell’s Transphobia and Germain Greer’s Big Hairy Smelly Vagina

(A snippet from Wikipedia page on Viz character millie Tant: Millicent “Millie” Buckridge Tant is a fictional comic strip character in the British comic Viz. She is a caricature of a left-wing militant feminist.[1][2] She thinks of herself as a champion of “wimmin‘s” rights but is often self-centred and dismissive of the feelings of others. She rants, raises her fist in the air and foams at the mouth.

A hundred and thirty Leftie luvvies have signed an open letter condemning the actions of the Millie Tant type extremists whose neo – fascist tactics have been denying free speech to people who digress however slightly from the increasingly narrow and authoritarian range of approved opinions defined by the hierachy of the Islington Screechers cult.

(picture: Viz character Millie Tant – source)

Among those prevented recently from speaking on university campuses are those two swivel eyed right wing loonies Peter Tatchell and Gremain Greer. The response? Intimidation and attempts to silence them from the increasingly shrill and intolerant transgender lobby.

Tatchell, one-time Labour candidate, now Green party member, father of the British gay rights movement and champion of every nutty left wing cause in the past few decades was denounced as “bigoted” and “transphobic” by the ‘trans’ lobby on Twitter last weekend.

“Sad to see that I am now THE ENEMY of some #trans people after supporting their freedom struggle for 40 years,” tweeted Tatchell, who received “100s of hate mails [sic] today falsely accusing me of being transphobic” as the Twitter hate mob responded to his support of open letter printed in the Guardian.(linked above)

“I protest people who oppose the rights of trans people & sex workers but I don’t seek to deny them free speech unless they urge violence,” tweeted Peter, who has long been pro-free speech and has become an unlikely conservative and libertarian hero in recent years for his strident defence of classical liberalism and his rejection of censorship.

The letter was written by writer and activist Beatrix Campbell to denounce “a worrying pattern of intimidation and silencing of individuals whose views are deemed ‘transphobic’ or ‘whorephobic.’” There were calls for the letter to be censored and many of the signatories encountered aggressive intimidation following publication. They included trans people.

The letter attacked the deployment of “no-platforming” policies in British universities. “‘No platforming’ used to be a tactic used against self-proclaimed fascists, racists and Holocaust-deniers,” the letter states, “But today it is being used to prevent the expression of feminist arguments critical of the sex industry and of some demands made by trans activists. The feminists who hold these views have never advocated or engaged in violence against any group of people.

“Yet it is argued that the mere presence of anyone said to hold those views is a threat to a protected minority group’s safety.”

What is unacceptable, and surely shows these self – styled left wing activists are about as right wing as it is possible to be, is that instead of allowing the audience to hear a range of opinions and make up their own minds, a small but highly vocal minority are seeking to silence opposition and give the impression there is no diversity of opinion on these highly controversial topics.

Coming as it does from the people who are always screeching about diversity, it must surely be the best example yet of the left’s gross hypocrisy.

The Gay BLT movement and the trans lobby now regard only a very narrow set of views on gender, including acknowledging that snip-and-tuck jobs are as truly female as women with wombs and ovaries, as acceptable, and that those who critique the sex change industry are now considered ‘hateful’ to women and transsexuals.

Suddenly the left have become so loony that yesterday’s political correctness is now politically incorrect. The idea that hairy arsed men can be turned into real women with the help of a scalpel, a few hormone pills and breast implants has led to several women’s rights campaigners have found themselves in trouble for discriminating against ‘women’ who only have a scar where their baby making gear should be.

Another signatory of the letter, feminist icon of the past, Germaine Greer, was almost no-platformed at Cambridge University last week for her alleged “transphobia”.

Peter TatchellTatchell is opposed to the blanket ban on feminist Julie Bindel speaking in student unions and in 2010 even voiced concerns about the disgraceful prosecution of anti gay protester Dale Mcalpine. “In a democratic society, he has a right to express his point of view, even if it is misguided and wrong. Freedom of speech should only be limited or penalised in extreme circumstances, such as when a person incites violence against others,” wrote Tatchell at the time.

Tatchell has also ventured into taboo territory with his views on extremist Islam, a subject the authoritarian Left is deeply uncomfortable addressing. He told student newspaper The Tab: “These Islamist clerics are worse than the BNP – the BNP doesn’t advocate killing gay people, women who have had sex outside of marriage, and Muslims who turn away from their faith.”

In an article for The Observer (15 Feb 2015) Germaine Greer described the activities of the left as censorship. This is not the first time Prof. Greer’s views on transwomen have been the subject of controversy.

In 2012, the author of The Female Eunuch was glitter-bombed at a book signing in New Zealand by gay rights activist group Queer Avengers for comments she made in a column in 2009. She wrote that transwomen “seem ghastly parodies” and claimed the idea of being trans was a “delusion”.

Greer faced similar protests ahead of her address at Cambridge Union Society this week. A counter-event was staged against what one student called Greer’s “hate speech” by student activist group CUSU LGBT+. And it turns out her talk contained as much potentially inflammatory material as they predicted.

The Cambridge Student newsletter Varsity quoted her as telling the Union: “I didn’t know there was such a thing [as transphobia]. Arachnaphobia, yes. Transphobia, no.”

According to Varsity, She went on to suggest that trans women are not women because they do not know what it is like “to have a big, hairy, smelly vagina”.

Elsewhere, she said that allowing individuals to undergo surgical procedures during transitioning was “unethical” because they “remove healthy tissue and create lifelong dependence on medicine”.

Greer continued that she hoped there would be more opportunities for people to exist within their own orientations and sexualities in the future without reliance on medical assistance.

“To invite Germaine Greer back to speak in Cambridge condones her transmisogny,” CUSU LGBT+ said.
She has a point however, mental health problems such as depression are frequent among transgender people and often lead to suicide. They are
encouraged by medical professionals and the equal rights movement to believe that surgery and hormone treatment will solve all their problems. It is a cruel deception, the outward appearance can be changed but the person inside is still the same. Germain Greer is right.

The British Left Is In Open Civil War Over Free Speech And Transexuals

Germain Greer, about when The Female Eunuch was published

UK General Election, 2015: David Cameron Hugged A Hoodie but Nobody Wants To Hug A Tory.
So far, no matter what the political leaders do, the public are not responding to electioneering. The biggest losers from this disengagement with establishment politics are likely to be David Cameron’s Conservatives who ned a five point lead over Labour to be in with a chance. So are the polls being distorted by the UKIP effect or is something more significant going on?

Our humour hits the bottom

Casually browsing ‘t internet my attention was caught by a story of two turd burglars brilliant and beautiful young gays who were asked to leave a London bus by its driver who did not approved of homosexual behaviour.

Now yoiu can read the rest of the story HERE if you like, but it isn’t worth the effort, I promise. Neither is most of the comment thread which as you might expect consists of people expressing dislike of homosexuality and people who think homosexuality is so wonderful it is a violation of same sex couples’ rights, a hate crime and an act of religious bigotry to refuse them licence to get their kit off and have full sex in public.

There was one little section of the comment thread that is really worth looking at however. You’d never have thought there were so many arseholes in London …


Comparethemarxists • 40 minutes ago

Where were they off to on the bus, Ponders End?

Harry Meneely @ Comparethemarxists • 39 minutes ago

Crouch end???

Ed Butt @ Harry Meneely • 3 minutes ago

or Pratt’s Bottom?

Comparethemarxists @ Harry Meneely • 38 minutes ago

They would have to take the ring road if they were going there.

Harry Meneely @ Comparethemarxists • 36 minutes ago

That’s worth 1000 “ups”

Ace55 @ Harry Meneely • 15 minutes ago


Old Goat Ace55 • 14 minutes ago


Old Goat @ Old Goat • 14 minutes ago

Or even Welwyn…

Strictly Come Cruising

With its glitz, glamour and flamboyant routines, the world of ballroom dancing may seem an unlikely battleground for same-sex politics.

The Screaming Queens lobby have turned the volume up to eleven for today’s “We’re being denied the privileged status we demand,” scream, which relates to same sex couples and ballroom dancing

The feather boas are flying over a proposal that same-sex dancing partners should be banned from competitive ballroom dancing circuit.
Funny don’t you think how it’s the gay rights brigade who’ve decided to kick up a fuss although the ban would apply only to same sex dancing partners who may of course both be heterosexual. Are we dealing with professional victims here rather than professional dancers?

Members of the British Dance Council (BDC) are considering changing the rules to define a partnership as “one man and one lady” (lady, how quaintly old fashioned – but that’s ballroom for you), for all amateur and professional competitions, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Critics claim that the change in rules would mean same-sex couples may be “banned” from competing in all but a handful of specially designated competitions, despite facing no impediment to their participation until now.

Same-sex couples — both men and women — currently compete regularly across Britain, and have appeared on international versions of television snoozothon Strictly Come Dancing. Complaints have been raised arguing that, in the case of men, they have an advantage, due to their superior strength.

Peter Tatchell, simpering doyen of the gay rights lobby, said the ban would “probably be illegal” and Heather Devine, a dancer who, with her female partners, competes in competition wrote an open letter to the president of the BDC urging the proposal be rejected as it is unfair.

Is there going to be a similar outcry I wonder when the screaming queen lobby realise that the Lawn Tennis Association insists that “Mixed Doubles” matches may not include same sex teams?

But as usual (and unlike the neo Nazo gay lobby) Boggart Blog doesn’t demand that you agree with us, make up your own minds. Here’s a video of a female couple dancing that very sexy Latin American dance The Rhumba on the Israeli version of Strictly. Now I don’t mind watching a bit of girl on girl action but I think you’ll agree this is a tad too close to soft porn for primetime TV. And just think how creepy two blokes carrying on like this would look.

At Last: Political Leaders Are Getting The Message About Blair

You’ve got to love this headline:

Serbian Prime Minster Refuses To Hire ‘English Gay Fart Tony Blair’

Several news gathering services are reporting today that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Meerkat Vucic has refused to hire Tony Blair as his advisor on the country’s accession to the EU on the grounds he’s too expensive. Instead the prince of darkness Peter Mandelson has got the gig. It the press release Vucic failed to mention that he previously edited a book entitled “English Gay Fart Tony Blair”.

Earlier this month Vucic met Blair in Belgrade to discuss engaging him as his personal advisor. It has now emerged the discussion were related to Serbia’s ambition to gain membership of the European Union so they can get their hands on some of Germany’s money and send their rapists, thugs, pimp, ponces and people traffickers to Britain. Slovenia is the only former Yougoslavian Republic to have gained EU membership so far.

But Mr Vucic has not always been such a big fan of Blair. As Yugoslavia began to breakup Blair persuaded the international community to pursue a very hard-line with Belgrade. This ultimately led to the West invading both Bosnia and Kosovo, allowing both to secede from Yugoslavia, effectively ending its existence.

The book’s title, Vucic’s press officer claims, was not intended to cast aspersions on Mr Blair’s sexuality but instead to suggests that he is comparable to flatulence. The writers are thought to have believed that being compared to a gay person’s flatulence would be more offensive.

Yeah right. So they were not referring to that hushed up conviction for cottaging then. The linked page does not provide a date, I can tell you Blair was convicted in 1983 but my source, though 100% reliable is not available online.

Austerity and Globalism Driving Civil Unrest

Primary School Teacher Forced Out For Teaching It’s OK To Be Gay

from The Daily Telegraph

A gay assistant head teacher who wrote books challenging homophobia for primary school pupils has resigned after parents complained that they did not want their children “learning that it’s OK to be gay”.

Andrew Moffat was a target for protests at Chilwell Croft Academy in Birmingham from mainly Muslim parents. It is the latest in a series of controversies at secular schools in the city.

A dozen schools in Birmingham are currently under investigation by the Department for Education over allegations of financial mismanagement and Islamic extremism.

Mr Moffat resigned from Chilwell Croft Academy’s primary school in December and will leave his post later this month. He said some Christian parents had also complained.

His books, entitled Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools, have been used in literacy lessons for 10- and 11-year-olds, including some of the 363 pupils at Chilwell Croft.

Continue reading:

I love it when multiculturalism bites these politically correct fools on the backside. Too many unrepresentative minorities that seem to have the ear of politicians in the main parties are guilty of demanding for only their opinions, and these are nothing more than opinions, to be taught to children.

When the politically correct ethos of the public services yields to such pressure it creates a dangerous precedent for other children to be taught only the opinions of their parents (i.e. that homosexuality is an abomination, that women “taken in adultery” should be stoned or beheaded and that women who go out in public without a male companion or with their hair uncovered must be flogged. To quote Lou Reed “You’re going to reap just what you sow,” and having spent years appeasing Muslim fundamentalists in the name of multiculturalism, the cohorts of political correctness are reaping.

Many parents have felt that Islam is a corrosive, backward, intolerant and violent set of beliefs, which has held back the development of Islamic countries and societies and that decisions such as the one taken by the London Borough of Harrow to serve only halal meat at school dinners (Halal in Harrow) are offensive, sanction cruel and inhumane methods of slaughter and are not compatible with British values .
On matters of opinion, an acknowledgement of different points of view should be made, on matters of fact…only the factual should be taught.

What we see here is an illustration that a hierarchy of victimhood exists in the bizarre world of left wing hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. but we are beginners in Britain (and fortunately it is not too late for us to pull back from the edge of the abyss – vote UKIP). Take a look at the proceedings of the 15th annual national White Privilege Conference held last week at the in Madison Wisconsin to see how much more fucked society is in the USA. It appears that the self righteous wankers who pose as teachers and education managers over the pond think children spend 13 years going through school simply to be indoctrinated with politically correct, ideological shite about racism, homophobia, sexist, and equal rights.

teaching the sheeple
School for sheeple (source)

In a session titled “Stories from the front lines of education: Confessions of a white, high school English teacher” facilitated by Kim Radersma, a former high school English teacher in California and Colorado. Radersma who is currently working toward her Ph. D. in critical whiteness (WTF?) studies at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, argued that teachers must fight against the oppressive structure in education and society. She said anyone who is going into teaching and education must be a political figure.

“Teaching is a political act, and you can’t choose to be neutral. You are either a pawn used to perpetuate a system of oppression or you are fighting against it,” Radersma said during the session. “And if you think you are neutral, you are a pawn.”

She said educators need to challenge the system, otherwise they are giving in to white supremacy. Radersma also argued the first step is realizing that all white people are carrying the signs of oppression.

“Being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic. I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor,” Radersma said. “I have to everyday wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply imbedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.”

For fuck’s sake, even Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union weren’t that insane.

Anti Gay Law? Goodluck With That Jonathan

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has this week signed into law, in the face of massive western pressure over gay rights, a bill that criminalizes same-sex relationships in Africa’s most heavily populated nation.

nigerian President Goodluck Johnathan

Jonathan signed the bill on Monday after long delays due to the bullying of western leaders, Presidency Spokesperson Reuben Abati said, adding, that the national assembly had passed the act last May. We suspect President Jonathan may have had his backbone stiffened by support from Russia and China, both of which would love to be Nigeria’s new best mate.

The new law contains penalties of up to 14 years in prison and bans gay marriage, same-sex romantic relationships and membership of gay rights groups.

“Persons who enter into a same-sex marriage contract or civil union commit an offence and are each liable on conviction to a term of 14 years in prison,” the bill says, adding that, “Any person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organizations or directly or indirectly make public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offence and shall each be liable on conviction to a term of 10 years in prison.

Western leaders, including “Rent Boy” Obama, “Eton Bum Boy” Cameron and, “Je-suis-desolee-but-I-prefer-shagging-good-looking-young-actresses Hollande, are said to be furious.

And before you comment, no I’m not anti gay but I am totally against the west meddling in the internal politics of third world nations. What happens in Nigeria is for Nigerians to decide.

Afrophilia – The Eagerness Of Academics And Liberals To Glorify Africa