FBI Collaborating With Deep State To Discredit Trump

What struck me as someone who worked in digital communications from right back in the early 1970s was how from Trump’s using the generic phrase ‘tapping my phones’, the contoversy became centred on ‘wiretapping’ an obsolete technique using physical circuit breakers, that probably would not even work with the technology in Trump tower (each floor would have a wi-fi server and link via a fibreoptic backbone to a central comms hub).
Thus while Obama, Comey et al can truthfully deny ‘wiretapping trump’s phone they have not actually denied involvement in electronic eavesdropping by mean of software.
It is well known the NSA and GCHQ (and probably the CIA too) as well as agencies in Russia and China monitor all electronic communication, filtering text files and phone call metadata for keywords.



Former FBI Chief Comey Caught In Another Lie, He Buried Evidence Of Spying On Trump
Evidence given in a congressional hearing revealed that former FBI director James Comey, recently fired by President Trump, seized and buried evidence that Trump was the target of government surveillance before he became president. Former FBI director Comey seized and buried volumes of information that demonstrated a wide-ranging government surveillance operation targeting Donald Trump before he became president …

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Thousands To Make Legal Stand Againt UK Government Surveillance

Digital Surveillance – everything your gadgets do is monitored (Image source)

On Monday, the human rights group Privacy International launched a campaign that will make it possible for people anywhere in the world to challenge covert spying operations involving Government Communications Headquarters(GCHQ), or the USA’s National Security Agency.

In the few days since the launch, thousands of people have already signed up to join the unprecedented legal campaign against government mass surveillance programmes.

A historic court ruling earlier this month that deemed intelligence sharing between GCHQ and the NSA to have been unlawful because of the extreme secrecy shrouding it has made such a challenge to the two governments possible.

Members of the public now may now take part in a lawsuit against the spying in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the court that handles complaints in the UK about surveillance operations conducted by police and security agencies.

Anyone wanting to join the legal challenge to submit their name, email address and phone number through a this page on the Privacy International website. The group intends to lodge a case against GCHQ with the court that will seek to discover whether each participant’s emails or phone calls have been illegally obtained by surveillance organisations in violation of the privacy and freedom of expression provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights and The Geneva Convention.

If it is established that any of the communications have been unlawfully collected, the court could force GCHQ to delete them from its vast repositories of intercepted data.

By Tuesday evening,(16 February) more than 10,000 people had signed up to the campaign, a spokesman for Privacy International said.


Government Paid Trolls Are Using ‘Psychology-Based Influence Techniques’ in Social Media

Have you ever come across someone on the Internet that you suspected was a paid government troll? Well, there is a very good chance that you were not imagining things. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have solid proof that paid government trolls are using “psychology-based influence techniques” on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

“Smart City” Projects are Really Police Extreme Surveillance Programs.

World’s largest supercomputers took 40 minutes to calculate 1 second worth of human brain activity

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GCHQ employs more than 100 dyslexic spies. So what?

GCHQ: Setting dyslexics to catch sewer side bummers

A lot of people in comment threads seemed eager to get their knickers in a twist this morning about a story headlined:

GCHQ employs more than 100 dyslexic and dyspraxic spies

The story tells how the government snoopers intelligence agency down in Cheltenham uses dyslexics’ ability to analyse complex information in a ‘dispassionate, logical and analytical’ in the fight against terror.

from The Daily Telegraph:

While many people with dyslexia struggle with reading or writing, they are often extremely skilled at deciphering facts from patterns or events.

IT specialist Matt, 35, chairman of the dyslexic and dyspraxic support community at GCHQ, told The Sunday Times: “What people don’t realise is that people with neuro diversity usually have a ‘spikyskills’ profile, which means that certain skill areas will be below par and others may be well above,” he said.

“My reading might be slower than some individuals and maybe my spelling is appalling, and my handwriting definitely is … but if you look at the positive side, my 3D spacial-perception awareness and creativity is in the top 1% of my peer group.”

Well he would say that wouldn’t he?

While that does not seem quite right, (surely it’s people with Aspergers syndrome who have an innate ability for dispassionate analysis), if it is government policy to hire people who don’t read very well as IT managers it goes a long way to explaining why Government IT projects always come in at a million times over budget and don’t work. The project managers had obviously failed to understand the specification or manage the budget control spreadsheet properly.

Apart from that however, if GCHQ wants to employ dyslexics to analyse my email exchanges with Janet and Kelly, that doesn’t give me a problem. It’s people who CAN read, i.e. lawyers working for my wife, I want to keep that stuff away from.

Surveillance Society
Ever had that feeling you are being watched, unseen eyes are monitoring your every move, recording your every action, even knowing what you think. We live in a surveillance society but few really understand how intrusive the activiries of the watchers are. Welcome to the Panopticon. Jeremy Bentham’s ideal prison has become a metaphor for the world we have created.
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Are GCHQ Snooping On You?

The latest uproar is about new laws which will allow GCHQ to snoop on our emails and online activity. All the usual suspects in the media are screaming about violation of personal liberties and internet freedom and our civil right of free speech.

Well I’ve got news for you. Everything you do on the internet has been monitored for more than ten years. When the project was set up it even had one of those cryptic code names the military and civil service so love. I’m not going to mention what it was, last time I did so online I got my knuckles rapped. So is this internet snooping justified or is it a threat to free speech.

The actual data collection is done not at GCHQ but in three huge subterranean centres stuffed with comms equipment, one in the south east, one in the west country and one in the north west. I’d bet Mr. Walrus knows where they are.

If I told you the locations on here I’d have to kill you (LOL, always wanted to say that) But I have been in two of them, full body search and all.

Private organisations know more about us than the government, GCHQ are only interested in criminal, subversive or terrorist activity. Under the new laws they think they will know about our financial dealings through bank transactions etc. They will still not know about those transactions conducted in cash just the same as they underestimate the number of people who smoke because the guy down the pub who sells ciggies out of a holdall doesn’t accept credit or debit cards.

Google and Facebook want to know who you’re sleeping with and what position you prefer but it’s really up to you how much you tell them.

It’s easy to thwart online snoopers however. Google keep bombarding me with ads for Steig Larsson Millennium trilogy books 2 and 3 because the last book I bought on Amazon was Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. They’ve no idea that I picked up the other two books for £1 each on a second hand book stall in the flea market.

It is really up to us how much search engines or the government can learn from our browsing unless we become creatures of habit.

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