Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants

A team of scientists has grown hybrid embryos in the womb of a sheep that contain human stem cells, moving the sci-fi idea of developing human organs inside animals one step closer to reality, and sparking ethical concerns.

The development could potentially save thousands lives among people who are in a need of vital organ transplants. Many patients die before they reach to the top of a queue, but scientists have long claimed organs like a pancreas for example, grown inside a pig, sheep or some other animal, could possibly not only save a life but also cure a chronic illness such Type 1 Diabetes.

This week, the team from Stanford University announced they had grown a sheep embryo injected with adult human stem cells for 28 days, including 21 days inside a sheep mother. The news was revealed at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas, the Guardian reports. The experiment had to be terminated, as U.S. law forbids developing cross-species embryos, called chimera, for more than 28 days.

Researchers had already created the first human-pig hybrid. The major difference this time is they achieved a much higher ratio of human cells to animal cells in the hybrid embryo, which is one human cell to about 10,000 sheep cells, according to Dr. Pablo Ross from the University of California.

To prevent the natural abortion of the unnatural embryo and create the part-human, part-animal chimera, the researchers use a gene-editing technique. First, they deleted genes needed for developing a certain organ in an animal embryo, then they injected human stem cells to fill the void. In 2010, Japanese scientists were the first to use this method to create a mouse and rat chimera, where the rat cells were introduced into a mouse to form a missing pancreas.

Last year, the same team that is now working on a sheep embryo, announced that it had, for the most part, cured diabetes in mice after transplanting a mouse pancreas it had grown in a rat.

There’s still a long way to go until this could be possible to replicate on humans, the researchers said. Unlike the rats or mice, both sheep and pigs have organs similar in size to those of a human.

“It could take five years or it could take 10 years but I think eventually we will be able to do this,” the study’s co-author Hiromitsu Nakauchi of Stanford University said.

GM babies? How About The Frankenstein Lobby Try A Bit Of Honesty And Call It Eugenics
As the British Parliament debated legalising the use of techniques to create three parent babies and the dishonest champions of scientific fascism claim is is a perfectly safe development to remove faulty genes from humanity and in no way similar to programs with the same aim carried out in Nazi Germany, we challenge them to be honest and admit what they propose is Eugenics, a morally repugnant quest to create a master race. And all three main political parties support it.

Transhumanism and Eugenics
We have said many times that the science community is at war with humanity. Scientists are out of control, evry day we hear of some new scheme to try to control nature, be it human nature or the climate. Given what we ought to have learned from all previous attempts to control nature we can only conclude that scientists are insane psychos willing to risk destroying life to show off how clever they are.
Transhumanism: Join The Resistance
Transhumanism, the creation of – or turning us into – part human, part machine cyborgs is generating a lot of discussion and a lot of spontaneous ejaculations in the scientific community as they contemplate having their brains replaced by a computer. There are no limits on the ambitions of scientists fantasies, they even envisage creating robots that can interbreed with us, but how much is realistic?
Transhumanism: They will get under your skin
We seem to be talking a lot about transhumanism, the process of turing us into human – animal or human -machine hybrids recently. The Daily Stirer thinks such technological visions are nothing more than the fantasies of sick minds, but politicians and corporate leaders, ever eager for more power and control, seem willing to stump up infintie funding.
Technology and Transhumanism
Prof Mark Post, a researcher at the University of Maastricht, has spent several years developing a technique for growing meat in the lab. Yesterday, he unveiled the product of his work: a petri-dish beefburger, grown from stem cells. Genetically, it is beef, but it has never seen a cow. The eye-watering price tag represents the cost of the whole project (Google’s Sergey Brin was picking up the bill). The shamburger was cooked via a live video stream on the internet, and was pronounced as basically meat-like (if lacking salt and fat) by a panel of chefs, who for some reason ate it without ketchup.

Artificial Intelligence: Will It Kill Human Society?
The media, the so called ‘experts’ and politicians hail every technological advance as if it will btransport us from reality to a utopian paradise. but does Artificial Intelligence and related internet and computer technology pose theats to human society that far outweigh any possible advantages? Whateve, Google plan to put machines in our place on top of the food chain.

Is Technology Creating Physical and Psychological Hazards In The Digital Age?
Scientific research used to be the area of work that trailblazers, those with an unquenchable desire for new experience and a hyperactive sense of adventure wanted to be involved in. Now those who label themselves ‘scientists’ seem to have become the high priests of an ultra – conservative religion, determined at all costs to block progess that may lead to understanding that the dogmas of the past are just wrong

The Mummers: The Controlling system And The Illusion Of Freedom
We live in a world of deception, where truth is an ephemeral thing, slippery as an eel and shadowy as a spectre. What we are expected to perceive as reality is just spin and misinformation designed to ensure the elite maintain their control. There’s eff all you can do just get on with your life, say the shills for big government and authoritarianism. But are we really nothing more than slaves of the system?

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We Told You That GM Crops Are Harmless Claims Were Bollocks

Monsanto’s Roundup Read Crops And Roundup Herbicide Linked To Altered Testicular Function, Damaged Sperm and Reduced Fertility.

World Health Organization studies report about 20% of young European men have sperm counts below the reference level of 20 m/ml, and 40% have levels below 40 m/ml. Semen quality deterioration and fertility issues are also escalating, the research also concludes.

“Testicular germ cell cancer (TGC), which has been rising in the last five decades. Congenital malformations of the male reproductive tract, including undescended testes and incomplete fusion of the urethral folds that form the penis. Low testosterone.”

mutant human thing
Muntant human thing – messing up genes can cause problems (source:

from Natural Society
The effects of Monsanto’s RoundUp and its key ingredient glyphosate are becoming clearer with time as more research continues to be carried through. But even for years, scientists have suspected it of altering hormone and reproductive function. One of the most recent studies suggests it can impact testicular function in just eight days after exposure, meaning the need for precautions and interventions is an urgent one indeed.

About 20% of young European men have sperm counts below the World Health Organization reference level of 20 m/ml, and 40% have levels below 40 m/ml. Further, semen quality deterioration and fertility issues are also escalating.

“Testicular germ cell cancer (TGC), which has been rising in the last five decades. Congenital malformations of the male reproductive tract, including undescended testes and incomplete fusion of the urethral folds that form the penis. Low testosterone.”

The Institute of Science in Society points to endocrine-disrupting chemical glyphosate as a culprit.

The researchers, led by Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini from the University of Caen, France, exposed rats to a concentration of just 0.5% RoundUp, similar to the level found in water after a crop is sprayed with the herbicide. They then measured sperm function at 2, 3 and 4 months following exposure. Continue reading …

There are many such independent studies which agree with these findings but it is particularly unusual for the World health Organisation to publish anything that could even indirectly be used against their corporate buddies.

One report does not make a conclusive case however and there is plenty of research that gives Monsanto’s products a thumbs up. We at boggart Blog are not qualified to comment on the biological and medical .aspects of the work byt we are rather good at researching sleaziness, bungs, payola, research grant phishing and related activities and our research in that fied shows, surprise, surprise, all the research that produces results favourable to Monsanto and their business partners was funded by …………………………wait for it………………………..Monsanto and their business partners.

Before you rot your bollocks and ovaries by eating genetically modified plant produce then, remember that linkS most modern science the research that has produced genetically modified organism is a load of corporate friendly bollocks.


World Bank Aims to Hand Over Seed Industry to Agribusiness

Today Donald Trump will be inaugurated as 45h President of The United States, his victory in the November election having been a major setback to those dark forces that give the impression only one more big push was needed to drive the world into accepting a global authoritarian government. Trump’s victory, combined with ‘Brexit’ the vote by British citizens to leave the EU, combined to make 2026 a bad year for the globalists.

UN Report Says Small-Scale Organic Farming Only Way To Feed The World

Even as the United States government continues to push for the use of more chemically-intensive and corporate-dominated farming methods such as GMOs and monoculture-based crops, the United Nations is once against sounding the alarm about the urgent need to return to (and develop) a more sustainable, natural and organic system.

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Top anti-GMO scientists band together in film exposing threats and secrecy.

Rotherham Child Sex Abuse Probe Puts 42 Police Officers Under Invesitigation

allegations against police officers include neglect of duty by failing to adequately investigate on the basis of evidence or to deal with incidents appropriately, inappropriate comments and evidence of corrupt relationships between police officers and offenders.

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Mouse Science Explains Why People’s Ears Get Bigger As They Age

One of the goals we set ourselves on Boggart Blog is to keep readers informed on the latest developments in mouse science, that branch of biology dedicated to proving humans and mice are descended from a common ancestor and that experiments carried out on mice apply equally to humans.

One of the things that remains a mystery to medical science is the way humans age. The onset of wrinkles, greying of hair, muscle wasting and cataracts awaits us all as the years pass. Some say it is psychosomatic, that we are so obsessed with numbers we think ourselves old by counting birthdays, other think it is related to declining fertility. One thing is for sure, animals to do go through that long period of declining vitality, dogs and cats can remain glossy coated, bright eyed and in the case of males up for trying to shag items of furniture, cushions and shoes until close to the end. Then while some go into a rapid decline, others simply keel over while still apparently at the height of their powers.

So why, according to studies, do humans start to wind down before they even reach the halfway point in their anticipated lifespan of about 80 years. If this only occurred in humans whose kids are in their teens as parents approach 40 we could understand it, but apparently it happens to childless people too. And might science discover an elixir of life able to keep us healthy and virile for another twenty years. Well there is hope. The onset of ageing has successfully been delayed and even eliminated by “flushing out” retired cells that had stopped dividing, say researchers in the US.

The study, published in Nature magazine, focused on what are known as “senescent cells”. They stop dividing into new cells and have an important role in preventing tumours from progressing.

Senescent cells are normally cleared out by the immune system, but their numbers build up with time. The researchers estimated that around 10% of cells are senescent in very old people.

These cells accumulate naturally with age. The scientists believe their findings could eventually “really have an impact” in the care of the elderly and in reducing the burden on health services of an ageing population. Experts sound a note of caution however by warning that while results were “fascinating”, they should be taken with a bit of caution. So far the technique has only been tried on mice.

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic, in the US, devised a way to kill all senescent cells in genetically engineered mice. The animals would age far more quickly than normal, and when they were given a drug, the senescent cells would die. The researchers looked at three symptoms of old age: formation of cataracts in the eye; the wasting away of muscle tissue; and the loss of fat deposits under the skin, which keep it smooth. Researchers said the onset of these symptoms was “dramatically delayed” when the animals were treated with the drug.

This is all very well but can we look forward to a population full of healthy looking young people who say things like, “I’m seventy eight you know, complain about the price of everything and smell if piss and wintergreen. And has anyone looked at the possible long term effects of the drug. It may work on mice but will it cause humans to run round and round little wheels, become addicted to cheese or dive into holes in the skirting when anyone enters the room. And will people taking the drug develop superhuman powers like the ability to pick up cast iron frying pans many times their own weight and hit cats in the face.

On reading the report we came to the conclusion that like climate science or the long awaited vaccine against death, this is a scientific scam. Did you notice the experiment worked on mice that had been genetically engineered to age more quickly than normal? The report states: “When it was given after the mice had been allowed to age, there was an improvement in muscle function.” So are these medics proposing to genetically modify our bodies to age more quickly then give is drugs to stop us ageing, demand thousands of pounds for the treatment and when we complain tell us they’ve done us a favour? They are going to give us progeria just so they can cure it? Is this a job creation scheme for scientists?

And the big question is will it actually work on humans or will old people simply grow long tails and large ears and develop behavioural traits of “wee cow’ring, sleekit, tim’rous beasties? One of the researchers, Dr James Kirkland, said: “I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

Like what? you mght well ask. Old ladies with large ears and long tails giving birth to six litters of mouselets a year?

Does this research really hold out the tantalising prospect of eternal youth? The treatment had no effect on lifespan, but that may be due to the type of genetically engineered mouse used. Doctors not involved in the research grant phishing scam research were sceptical however, arguing that younger, fitter, non mouse-hybrid people are already clearing out their senescent cells when they have a dump.

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