Told You So, Wind Farms Are Just A Tax Scam

You know how Boggart Blog hates to have to say “We told you so”. Really, we would much rather be wrong because our being right only proves the world is run by greedy, theiving, self interested bastards and their lapdogs, the political parties of all shades (except UKIP although Little Nicky sees New World Order attempts to subvert and corrupt them have started).

Get your head round this:

‘Energy giant nPower has admitted paying no UK corporation tax for three years despite making £766million in profits.

The revelation emerged yesterday during fierce questioning of the company’s chief executive by MPs. NPower joins Amazon, Google and Starbucks in coming under fire for making millions in Britain while contributing little to the Treasury’s coffers.

The company’s average dual fuel bill has risen by £257 in just two years – leaving households facing punishing annual payments of £1,352.’

And yesd, much of that increase on your fuel bill is the resut of stealth taxes imposed under Blair and Brown to pay corporate bastards like Npower for NOT GENERATING ELECTRICITY.

Having said that The Coalition have done chuff all to put things right, in fact if it was up to the Lib Dems raffia mafia we would all be out in the forest collecting sticks to burn by now while each and every one of us would have a chuffing wind turbine on our head.

Under questioning from the panel of MPs, CEO Paul Massara admitted the firm had paid no corporation tax in the three years.

He explained the situation was perfectly in order because nPower had put the cost of building wind farms against its tax liability.

Labour MP John Robertson said: ‘Everyone watching these proceedings will be absolutely shocked that you are willing to stand up and say we deserve not to pay tax. If I said that, I would be crucified.

‘You have used the rules to suit yourself. I am glad I don’t get my energy from you, if I did I would be switching as soon as I left this room, I am so annoyed about it.’

Mr Massara replied: ‘We have invested £5billion in the last five years building power plants, creating jobs, creating employment and helping to keep the lights on.

‘There is no mystery to it, there is no desire not to pay tax. The fact is you are allowed depreciation for your investments. And we have been the biggest investor by a mile in the renewable offshore business.

‘If we had not made that investment, we would not have the (tax) deductibility that we would be allowed. That is a simple UK accounting rule.’

Mr Massara said the only way the UK will get the £110billion of investment needed in new power supplies by 2020 will be through tax breaks for energy firms.

Isn’t it ironic that those who scream loudest for more money wasting wind farms are the same people as wail and gnash teeth about corporate tax dodging. Good job the elitist, petite bourgeois, cupid stunts all have two faces isn’t it.


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