Aspergers Egg Hunt

It’s easter, and as usual the breast beating do gooders in society are going out of their way to ensure everybody can join in the fun.

In our caring, sharing, inclusive society this means changing the way the tradition egg hunts that have been part of the celebrations for the festival of pagan goddess Ostara, need to be changed a little. For example, a special kind of egg hunt has to be organised for people afficted with autistic spectrum disorders.

Ever resourceful however, civic leaders are on the case.


Reasons Why This Pagan Will Not Vote Labour, Conservative Or Liberal Democrat.
As we prepare to vote in a General Election that we are told will change British Politucs forever, Ian looks at a choice of three main parties that basically offer the same set of globalist, multiculturalist policies and consideres which way a pagan should vote.

The Real Goddess of British Easter

Lots of misinformation flying around today about pagan goddess on whom Easter is based. Surprising how many people linked Easter to the Babylonian TART Ishtar however.

Ishtar was a Babylonian TART who seduced mortals, and those who yielded to her charms came to a very bad end. The confusion arises because Ishtar resurrected her brother / lover Marduk after he pissed off the chief god and came to a very bad end (see Esther and Mordecai in the Bible.)

Ostara, sometimes aka Eostra, the Norse or Germanic goddess (of the swollen grain) is the Goddess of west European Easter, the bunnies (Hares actually) are sacred to Artemis, the Greek fertility goddess. Now she’s an interesting girl, she got to renew her virginity each year by bathing in a sacred spring and if any man looked at her … well read AC Swinburne’s Atalanta of Calydon, he came to a very bad end. It’s thought the hare is her sacred animal because of its triangular furry face and cleft upper lip – picture it.

Eggs are just a general fertility thing.

The equivalent Celtic goddess is Dwyfach (honestly). With her husband, Dwyvan(who looked a bit like Russell Crowe, Dwyfach (pronounced – well use your imagination) built an ark called Nefyed Nav Nevion in which they and their animals escaped the great flood caused by the Dragon King Aegon the Conqueror sorry Addanc, nothing to do with Game Of Thrones). In Welsh their names simply mean God and Goddess.

Welsh legend says that Dwyfach and her husband were each part of one river which flowed in to Bala Lake which was at one time called Lake Dyfrdwy, from the term dyfr-dwyf meaning ‘water of the divinity’. This confluence image links them to lost creation myths. Dwyvach embodies the feminine principle of creation. she was generous with her favours but she was not a tart – I’m a Celt, I’m biased OK?

A question for mature, red blooded males – but women can play too.

Not much to write about today but I promised UKsnowolf I would try and send them some traffic for an absolutely stonkingly funny and brilliant post.

So here’s your question boys – and ladies you can join in too.

First compare these two women:

mckeithWoman aged 51 lawsonWoman aged 50

Now go and read the Snowolf post Food For Thought to get thebackground information…

Now your question is: One of these women says her body is a temple, the other is a domestic goddess.

Which do you think gets more worshippers?

Flexitarianism – The Thinking Way Of Eating

Food fascists Will Not Meat Me Halfway

The Ultimate Goddess

Matt K asked for sexiest cartoon characters. All the usual suspects were suggested but nobody knew the sexiest as my book Ashless Fire was not published in the UK. But here is the cover pic of the Celtic Goddess Morrigan, created by graphic Artist Sara L. Russell from my written description in the text.


She is, is she not, a hottie? Careful though, when she appears to a bloke in her warrior woman aspect it generally means he is doomed.

See Matt’s post Sexy Cartoon Characters to leave your suggestion for sexy cartoon character.


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