Avast Behind Shipmates It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy there, ye scum of scurvey laaaaandlubbers, think ‘ee old Black Jack don’t see ‘ee handing around in the shadows like a bilge rat’s bollocks. It be time to set sail across The Spanish Main and fill yer boots with doubloons and moidores. Ha – harrr bonny lads, and tell they European Union scum to heave to or we’ll keelhaul their scuppers.

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Believe The Phoney Narrative Or Be Branded a Conspiracy Theorist

Living the fairy tale
living the fairy tale (Image Source)

The political, business and academic elites and their servants in the print and broadcast media have to make you believe a phoney narrative about the state of the world, they dare not let us start talking about how much trouble the west is really in. The economies of most of the developed nations, the western democracies, are in effect bankrupt, their debts and obligations exceed their assets by considerable margins.

Burdened by ageing populations, high labour costs, soaring unemployment, supportably generous welfare payments, punitive taxation and bloated public sectors they are losing out to the enemy, – i.e. any country that has resources or whose economies are surging on the strength of exports of cheap manufactured goods, like Russia, China, India, Brazil, anyone with oil, gas, minerals, metals, gold etc.

Rather than admit multicultualism has failed, open – doors immigration policy has been economically and socially disastrous, and the oligarchical system badged up as Marxism lite, with its populist promises of fairness, equality and redistribution of wealth has broken every promise, your government and it’s media mouthpieces requires you to believe a certain narrative.

The story goes like this: The world is divided into good guys (white hats) and bad guys (black hats). The good guys consist of all Western governments and their allies, whether taken individually or collectively as members of the ‘international community’. Forget that most of the recent troubles stem from the interference of the FUKUS axis powers (France, UK, USofA), the United Nations and NATO in the domestic political affairs of sovereign states, or blithely and unilaterally tearing up bilateral and legally binding treaties like the one agreed with Russia that prevented the EU and NATO seducing into their membership any of the former Soviet states that became independent following the break up of the USSR.

The bad guys are mostly Russia and Iran, not so much China, although they are not exactly best friends with the west, the Chinese hold to much of our debt for western governments to risk pissing them off, thus it is Russia and Vladimir Putin who has to be demonised. Unfortunately Putin is not an arrested adolescent who wants everybody to like him. he understands that his job is to look after Russian interests long and short term.

Like Don Quixote, these governments are out there in a perilous world, perpetually tilting a the windmills of economic recovery, slaying dragons of terrorism, and fighting injustice by ensuring the rich get richer and the poor get shafted (viz. green energy policies that have made home heating unaffordable for many).

Thus when Cameron and Obama engage in a love in, mutually congratulating each other for the deft economic management that has led to financial recovery nobody can feel, (GDP up, benefit payments up, debt up, sales and incomes down; unemployment down, part time working, zero hours contracts, people excluded from the workforce up; inflation down, wages, saving, pensions devalued etc. we are not supposed to point out the obvious contradictions in the statistics that ‘prove’ what a good job our politicians are doing.

Then there have been the various brutal, undemocratic dictatorships, authoritarian and oppressive regimes that may have crushed dissent but managed to keep the people who did not rock the boat in relative prosperity, they had to be reduced to at worst rubble like Syria and Iraq, or a failed state like Libya.

So western leaders are fighting terrorists, jihadists, gangster states and ‘bad guys’ like Boko Haram who are out there doing infamy. Or as Kenneth Williams once said in Carry On Cleo, Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me.”

In the fairy tale world politicians inhabit ‘we’ have no aggressive intentions (‘We’ did not fund and support the arab Spring uprisings, or the rebellion in Ukraine, ‘we’ do not engage in false flag outrages, on spy on other nations (who are planning to harm us) and ‘our’ citizens (for their increased safety). We do not engage in realpolitik. We do not kill people who know too much, in order to protect national security. We have no ulterior motives. Our foreign policy is guided entirely by lofty moral principles. We have no geostrategic or economic interests. Energy resources and pipeline routes do not interest us. We are the good guys (White hats).

We, the western allies, would never conspire to bring about ‘regime change’ by deploying the air forces of three of the worlds five major military power to bomb the crap out of a little country of 5 million population (though we might consider, on humanitarian grounds, providing air support for a legitimate rebellion led by religious fanatics, tribal warlords and gangster (see Libya link above) nor would ‘we’ meddle in other states’ affairs to ensure certain political outcomes that suit our economic interests. Anyone who says we do a ‘conspiracy theorist’, a bounder, a cad and an all round rotter. We do not engage in ‘terrorism’ and never ‘talk to terrorists’ or deal with states or organizations that do. We are led by decent folk, who only want to do the decent thing.

We are the good guys, as the picture below shows.

Pigs might fly
Pigs do fly according to politicians (Image source)

Europe In Crisis About The Mediterranean Boat People
The intervention in Libya by western powers France, UK and USA (the FUKUS axis) was morrally and politically wrong as well as being perhaps the most stupid example of balls out politics by an American president ever. To overthrow the leader of any nation, no matter how unpopular he is with other world leaders, is a dangerous game.

It’s Staring To Dawn On Economists That The Developed World’s Economic Problems Are Structural.

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Soon You Will Be Able To Give All Your Money To The EU … or face the consequences

gold - portable property Easily concealed portable property (source Blogspot Commons)

I should have come as no surprise to learn the German government has approved plans to force creditors into propping up struggling banks across Europe.

Boggart Blog warned at the time of the Cyprus bail out bank snatch that Germany was behind the confiscation of ten percent of deposit balances from accounts held in Cyprus banks. We learned at the time from contacts in The City that Germany and the Euronazis of the Brussels Bureaucratiic Dictatorship saw the Cyprus exercise as a trial run for the time when, inevitably, the ridiculous single currency system dragged down the large, solvent economies of northern Europe to the economic basket case status of the PIIGS nations (I predict a cypRiot) and it became necessary to impose a similar levy or savings tax across the Eurozone.

That time is not here yet, not quite. but Germany has a reputation for forward planning so we can be sure they see a time when citizens of the Eurozone are required to compensate the German central bank for the money it spends propping up lazy and incompetent ruling elites in the Eurozone nations just like the citizens and residents of Cyprus were required to.

As WSJ reports, Germany’s cabinet Wednesday approved plans to force creditors into propping up struggling banks beginning in 2015, one year earlier than required under European-wide plans that set rules for failing financial institutions.

The new bail-in rules are part of a package of German legislation on the European banking union–an ambitious project to centralize bank supervision in the euro zone and, when banks fail, to organize their rescue or winding-up at a European level.

Germany “leads the way” in Europe by implementing European rules quickly and “creates instruments that allow the winding-down of big systemically relevant institutions without putting the financial stability at risk.”

What this means is that taxpayers (theoretically) will not be on the hook (though in reality we are sure the mutually assured destruction defense will be played – especially if Deutsche runs into problems) but as German authorities explain, “This ensures that in times of crisis mainly owners and creditors will contribute to solving the crisis, and not taxpayers.” As a gentle reminder – creditors includes depositors…

Unfortunately not everyone’s buying the no-taxpayer-impact concept (remember Cyprus?) We certainly aren’t. going to be a busy time converting cash into easily concealed portable property, preferably gold (hard, shiny gold, definitely not ‘gold funds’ or ‘gold derivatives’) as that looks like being the de facto reserve currency soon.

And those of you who were recently wailing and gnashing teeth about UKIP’s alleged racism, we’ll let the Eurorats know you are so keen on their totalitarian single European superstate agenda you want to donate 100% of your saving to the cause of global fascism.


War On Cash Gathers Momentum – Germany Unveils Cash Controls
On Monday (1 February, 2016) just two days ago, Bloomberg called on the central banks of the world to “bring on a cashless future” in an Op-Ed that calls notes and coins “dirty, dangerous, unwieldy, and expensive.”
We can imagine it would be quite easy to harm someone by firing large coins at them from a gun and terrorists could probably stuff an improvised explosive device with small coins rather than nails or nuts and bolts. And if …

Why is Washington Worried As Georgia’s Turns To Russia?
Analysis of results from opinion polls taken conducted throughout 2015 in the small Caucasian nation of Georgia show a trend of reducing support for government’s aims of joining the European Union and NATO. “That coincides with increasing support for anti-West and pro-Russia political groups in Georgia’s elections,” a report suggests.
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So You Think Control Of Media Is A Conspiracy Theory

control of media
Picture Source: zengardner.com

Oh yeah, we hear it all, “Just a crazy conspiracy theory”, “There’s nothing going on that the government doesn’t tell the whole truth about”, “Only a paranoid nut job would doubt the information in government propaganda handouts.”

Well how about this story which I found on Zero hedge which is becoming one of my favourite websites for accurate, verifiable news on finance and business. It concerns a factual article posted on the Financial Times website which was quickly removed and never appeared in print. Zero Hedge reproduce the article in full so I was able to verify its content.

from Zero Hedge

Two days ago the FT released a clear, informative and fact-based article, titled simply enough “Gold price rigging fears put investors on alert” in which author Madison Marriage, citing a report by the Fideres consultancy, revealed that global gold prices may have been manipulated on 50 per cent of occasions between January 2010 and December 2013.

To those who have been following the price action of gold in the past four years, gold manipulation is not only not surprising, but accepted and widely appreciated (because like the Chinese those who buy gold would rather do so at artificially low rather than artificially high fiat prices) and at this point, after every other product has been exposed to be blatantly and maliciously manipulated by the banking estate, it is taken for granted that the central banks’ primary fiat alternative, and biggest threat to the monetary status quo, has not …

Read full article at Zero Hedge (scroll down past the screenshot of what is at that Financial Times url now

If you still think there is no powerful group or cartel manipulating the world economy and that the global, totalitarian government called for by Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Bill Gates, Pappy Bush, Barack Obama and Tony Blair amongst other criminals and undesirables is a jolly good idea and in everyone’s best interests, leave a comment and we’ll put your name forward for enrolment in the “Useless Eaters” regiment under the new Nazi progressive regime.]

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Rumplestilskin needed by Federal Exchange

Last Week in The Daily Stirrer I wrote of Germany’ missing gold, that is the three hundred tons of gold Germany had on deposit in the vaults of the Federal Exchange in New York. Last year German asked for it’s gold to be returned. The Americans refused.

“OK then, at least let us see our gold,” the Germans said, not unresonably.

gold bullion
Gold: source australianmetals.gov.au

The Americans again refused and feigned outrage at Germany’s lack of trust. Rumours quickly spread that the American’s had used all Germany’s gold to pay interest on its debts to China (the Chinese stopped accepting American paper money a while ago)

The story of Germany’s missing gold now seems to be going global. The Financial Times writes today (see the story at Zero Hedge to avoid paywall):

A year ago the Bundesbank announced that it intended to repatriate 700 tons of Germany’s gold from Paris and New York. Although a couple of jumbo jets could have managed the transatlantic removal, it made security sense to ship the load in smaller consignments. Just how small, and over how long, has only just become apparent.

Last month Jens Weidmann, Bundesbank president, admitted that just 37 tons had arrived in Frankfurt. The original timescale, to complete the transfer by 2020, was leisurely enough, but at this rate it would take 20 years for a simple operation. Well, perhaps not so simple. While he awaits delivery, Herr Weidmann is welcome to come and look through the bars in the Federal Reserve’s vaults, but the question is: whose bars are they?

In the “armchair farmer” fraud you are told: “Look, this is your pig, in the sty.” It works until everyone wants physical delivery of their pig, which is why Buba’s move last year caused such a stir. After all nobody knows whether there are really 260m ounces of gold in Fort Knox, because the US government won’t let auditors inside.

The delivery problem for the Fed is a different breed of pig. The gold market is far more than exchanging paper money for precious metal. Indeed the metal seems something of a sideshow. In June last year the average volume of gold cleared in London hit 29m ounces per day. The world’s mines are producing 90m ounces per year. The traded volume was many times the cleared volume.

The paper gold in the London Bullion Market takes the familiar forms that bankers have turned into profit machines: futures, options, leveraged trades, collateralised obligations, ETFs . . . a storm of exotic instruments, each of which is carefully logged, cross-checked and audited.

Or perhaps not. High-flying traders find such backroom work tedious, and prefer to let some drone do it, just as they did with those money-market instruments that fuelled the banking crisis. The drones will have full control of the paper trail, won’t they? There’s surely no chance that the Fed’s little delivery difficulty has anything to do with the cat’s-cradle of pledges based on the gold in its vaults?

John Hathaway suspects there is. He worries about all the paper (and pixels) linked to gold. He runs the Tocqueville gold fund (the clue is in the name) and doesn’t share the near-universal gloom of London’s gold analysts, who a year ago forecast an average $1700 for 2013. It is currently $1,260.

As has been remarked here before, forecasting the price is for mugs and bugs. But one day the ties that bind this pixelated gold may break, with potentially catastrophic results. So if you fancy gold at today’s depressed price, learn from Buba and demand delivery.


Obviously The Fed needs a visit from the fairy tale character Rumplestiltskin who gold spin gold from straw. because they obviously ain’t go no gold in the vaults and with the debt ceiling about to be hit again, there’s no money to buy any.

It’s par for the course that those of us who reported this startling story on our blogs were dismissed as “Conspiracy Theorists” by the advocates of global government. They reasoned as always that governments, especially governments of the left, are as incapable of malfeasance as they are of financial mismanagement and that if the story had not been reported by the propaganda ministry mainstream media then there could be no substance in it.

Fools if you believe them.The fact is that with China and India hoarding gold, the shiny yellow stuff is on its way to once again becoming the de facto reserve currency. Hold on to your wedding rings, if the government get their hands on your gold all you are likely to get when you ask for it back is a bit of paper with the words “I promise to pay bearer on demand one bit of gold” printed on it.

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Sanctions backfire, Iran Pulls America’s Pisser. I Told You So.

Iran Sanctions Kick the USA in the bollocks as Iran responds with Petro Gold system and pulls America’s pissser.

It’s almost impossible to do satire these days, the world is so insane it is impossible to use irony and exaggeration to ridicule it.

It was back in 2011 in The Daily Stirrer I started warning that American belligerence and bullying were well on the way to destroying the only thing keeping the US economy afloat, the Petrodollar.

In spite of many warnings from people who were awake to the effect that that as long as Iran was on good terms with China and Russia all the bluff and bluster of the Obama administration was only undermining the position of the USA, America continued trying to meddle in Iran’s internet affairs.

The move to dump the dollar started back in 2001, not with Iran but Iraq when Saddam Hussein began accepting payment for his country’s oil in Euros, Pounds, Australian dollars, Yen, food, etc. There has been talk since then about Iran circumventing American sanctions by circumventing SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) agreements which stipulate oil must be paid for in US Dollars.

The Iranians took over when Saddam fell and gave impetus to the move to dump the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency by initiating what could now be called the PETRO GOLD system. The move, on top of the economic sanctions caused great hardship, devastating inflation and civil unrest in Iran Iran has taken the hits from the sanctions but founded . It has however allowed Iran to sell oil to China, India and Japan for gold and now other oil producing nations are following suit.

The Chinese, Russians, the Arab oil states and their trading partners have been concluding private deals to trade oil and other commodities using the currency of the vendor nation.

Iran has been shipping oil in shadow (no GPS) tankers and receiving bulk shipments of grain and edibles or transfers of gold in exchange. Dubai, and several tax haven states served as the international exchange route for these deals with Turkey as a transhipment point the gold payments.

Now Iran has demonstrated the system can work without the dollar, the USA may find itself paying a high price for the arrogance of its leaders. Once the Petrodollar is out of the picture, American Presidents can no longer impose a political price on top of the normal currency exchange rate. The ride of Petrogold fits nicely into China’s plans to replace the USA as the dominant global economy.

We should never underestimate the ability of Americans to shoot themselves in the foot. In the Bush administration the Vice President did it literally, President barack Hussein Obama does it metaphorically but no less spectacularly on a daily basis. Perhaps this is because The Rent Boy President is more concerned with gay rights, abolishing immigration controls, opening the border to Mexican drug cartels and throwing extravagant parties for Hollywood and music industry celebrities than with running the country.

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The One ‘Climate Change’ Question That Really Matters But Is Never Asked?
After looking at the latest opinion survey on climate change which is full of the usual pseudo – science babble but does not ask the one important question politicians and their advisers need answered to be able to form policy, we ask it.

Russia responds to America’s latest empty threat

Reverse Midas

You can always rely on Gordon Brown. More than any other Labour chancellor he has the reverse Midas touch. Everything he does turns to shit.

Since Gordon, desperate for revenue to underwrite his burgeoning public sector deficit, decided to sell off Britain’s god reserves not only has the price of gold quadrupled but the major trading nations (China and India) having lost confidence in the pound and dollar, are once more doing business in gold. The interest on our nation’s debts has to be paid in gold and thanks to Gordon we ain’t got none and so are at the mercy of a market n which the people who own the gold we must buy to pay our debts are the people we owe money to.

All together now, Gordon is a moron, Gordon is a moron.


I always say I will not be watching the Olympic Games but as soon as a British competitor looks to have a chance of winning I get into it. This time it happened sooner that usual.

Sitting in bed this morning, sipping my tea and watching television I slowly (about my eighth sip of enlivening Yorkshire Tea) became aware that a cycling road race was going on in a torrential downpour. The racers were competing not only against each other but against the wind and rain.

And as I watched, gobsmacked, the camera picked up something that looked as if it had been dumped by the kind of people that get Bill Bryson well wound up. It looked like a pile of junk at the side of the road. Then the cameraman zoomed in and I could make out a pair of yellowy brown legs sticking up out of a rainwater channel at the side of the road, no head, body or legs, just a body and a few bits of racing bike. The legs were waving about furiously, that was a good sign at least.

One of the chinese riiders had skidded on the wet surface and come off, landing in the drain. hoping for more such action I started to pay attention and I’m glad I did. The race and the Gold medal were won by Nicole Cooke from South Wales. BRILLIANT!

It is perhaps a good thing the cycling and rowing, the sports in which we usually do well, are happening early on. A few medals helps sustain our interest and our runners have little hope. They are not even good at taking drugs.

More Olympic humour tomorrow from boggart Blog