Hypocrites and Political CHIMPS

Coalition CHIMPS
A Coalition of CHIMPS (that’s singular as well as plural – each of the men you see is CHIMPS, see below. Picture Source)

The hypocrites of the left are getting their knickers in a twist of double standards again, this time it is because of their hate figure in chief Michael Gove (I’m not a fan of Gove but lets have a bit of truth here, the reason lefties hate him is because he is more working class than anyone on the Labour front bench.)

It’s actually the Lib Dems who have kicked it off this time, protesting over the removal of Labour’s Sally Morgan as chair of schools inspectorate Ofsted. Now as it is one of the few good guys in the Lib Dems, David Laws, who raised the issue I’m inclined to think there might be substance to the complaint.

But the usual suspects, idiot University lecturers, media chatterati and showbiz luvvies have jumped on the band wagon and accused Gove of trying to politicise education. They are being two faced twats as usual (remember how a week after the Coalition took office the lefties were trying to blame the “evil Tories” for the economic follies of Gordon Brown and Ed Bollocks?

A brave soul in the Guardian Comment Is Free thread had these very valid points to make:

01 February 2014 10:50pm
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Two reality points.

Point (1) Politicise? … what about Education Education Education

Point (2) Huge imbalance at with political affiliated public appointees:

Figures out yesterday show that 77 per cent of politically active quango appointees last year were Labour supporters. Not even Gordon Brown dared top up his government-in-exile at such a rate – 25/10/2013 – The Telegraph

Reforming Public Appointments …”When the editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson suggested in October 2012 that David Cameron had, according to his political allies, been “too much of a gentleman to play Labour’s game and start stuffing quangos with Tory placemen”, he based this view on figures issued by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments for 2011-12 showing that “77 percent of politically active quango appointees last year were Labour supporters.” He warned of serious political consequences, calling Labour-supporting quango appointees a Labour Party ‘government-in-exile’ – Policy Exchange (2013)

p10 – Figure 5: Annual number of appointees with declared
Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat affiliations,

If NuLabour can stuff their cronies into public roles during 13 years why can’t The Coalition appoint people to ensure their reforms have a better chance of succeeding.

So again we are reminded that most of the stuff lefties complain about now, this and NHS privatisation being good examples) was actually begun by The British National Socialist Workers Party between 1997 and 2010.

Before you cast your vote in 2015, make sure you know what you will be choosing to replace The coalition CHIMPS (Completely Hopeless In Most Political Situations – h/t Chris Spivey)

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