Is Cameron Crazier Than Blair Or Bush?

Call Me Dave said today “It is a ‘fact’ that North Korea could launch a nuclear strike against the UK”

This is in fact officially more insane than Tony Blair saying Saddam Hussein’s non existent Weapons Of Mass Destruction could be a threat to Britain.

It also shows Cammers is dumber than George W Bush who admitted he could not find a place called Eye Rack on a map of the world. Dubya deserves a bit of sympathy as there is no such place. Cameron however only has to look up the very real geographical and political entity of North Korea to see there is less chance of them hitting us with a nuclear strike than of a pantomime horse winning the Grand National.

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Peta’s High Horse Not Given Much Chance By The Bookies

Well, the Boat Race is safely behind us, no unhinged upper class twits got through the cordons of Marines patrolling the Thames after last year’s very unhinged class warrior’s antics, so now we’re into that other hotbed of controversy in the sporting calendar Already PETA are claiming that the races are cruel and exploitative of dumb animals, with many animals suffering injury and death in this most cold blooded of sports events, those that don’t make the grade being killed and their carcasses finding their way into the human food chain… oh wait, me that got it wrong, they’re not talking about the Grand National steeplechase, they’re talking about….. Pigeon Racing!

They could definitely be barking up the wrong tree here, whilst followers of the gee gees claim that the horses enjoy the jumps, admittedly probably moreso when they have shed their 9 stone burden along with his whip, as loose horses frequently continue to race and jump the hurdles until they get bored, oughtn’t PETA to be focusing on the fact that the people who breed and keep racing pigeons are known as “pigeon fanciers”. All they need to show is that one James Saville used to keep pigeons, visited lofts kept by other Radio 1 dee-jays and was allowed unsupervised access to young pigeons and the sport will be closed down in a matter of weeks.

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A Cruel And Unecessary Sporting Event.

Well, it’s that time of year again and Boggartblog is wondering how much longer the cruelty that is the Tour de France will be allowed to continue.

We are only up to Day 7 and already there have been several pile ups, leaving riders and bikes strewn on the tarmic, like a dropped potion of chips on a early Saturday morning.

Yesterday Britain’s other Great Hope, who is not quite as good on the flat as Mark Cavendish, but of whom great things were expected when we got to the silly hilly bits, was involved in a mass coming together which resulted in poor Bradley hobbling away nursing a broken collar bone.

Every year we see good riders pushed to the absolute limit, many of them allegedly involved in nefarious practices with drugs and other peoples’ blood, or sometimes even their own blood which has been removed earlier for just such a process.

Every year we see injuries and occasionally death in the afternoon on the notoriously unforgiving tar and gravel strips bisecting the ripening fields of rural France.

Every year we see men who should be in their prime forced to wear lycra which will doubtless not be doing their tackle and sperm counts much good, squashed as their meat and two veg is between their ergonomically designed saddles and their over-muscled, pumping thighs.

Whilst once upon a time such conditions may have been acceptable in sport, this is no longer the case.

The Tour de France is a cruel and unecessary challenge and should be banned forthwith, along with the Grand National and probably the perpetual football season we now have to put up with.

But it is exciting isn’t it?

And to be fair the bikes don’t feel any pain.

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The Not So Grand National

This year’s Grand National was a non event for me, none of the horses I had fancied made it to the post.

just for interert I had a small bet on Kilbeggan Blade. Much to my surprise the horse sent me a taxt as the runners aproached the 21st fence. It read: “Do you know how hard I’ve worked all through the winter and how much effort I’ve but in to still be incontention at this point? If a fiver each way is all you think I’m worth eff you!.”

And he refused the jump.

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Today at Aintree – it’s not Newcastle

Thank Gawd the G20 is over and that lot have all gone. Tomorrow is Grand National Day. We can all have a bet and show we don’t give a stuff about the economic meltdown.

Watching the racing this afternoon I noticed between races a presenter interviewing groups of tratily dressed and possibly drunk women.

This is Ladies Day at Aintree, he said, and except on a beach I have never seen so many women wearing so few clothes.

Obviously the lad had never been in Newcastle on a Friday night.

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