Hague and how many more hiding in the closet?

When Guido Fawkes broke the news that ‘a senior cabinet minister’ had been enjoying a clandestine fling with a young research assistant during the election campaign earlier this year he was careful not to name names.

At about the same time Boggart Blog was outing William Hague as The Mekon, tyrannical ruler of the Universe in the Dan Dare comic strips. From this you should not infer there is any connection between the stories.

Mainstream media have now latched onto this however and named Mr. Hague as the minister who enjoyed a romp with a much younger employee in a North Yorkshire hotel during the campaign. The story in todays Daily Telegraph reports that rumours have been rife for some months in the Westminster Molly House as Mr. Hague and his alleged lover Chis Myers havw often been seen walking together dresed casually and ‘wearing sun glasses.’ (nudge nudge, wink wink)

They could of course have been on their way to a Village People Fan Club meeting so we should not jump to conclusions.

As it was only two weeks after the coalition took power that David Laws was brutally outed, some say by people connected with the Gaybour party and only a few days since Crispin Blunt came out and announced the was leaving his wife and in future was only going to go for walks up the old dirt road we must wonder exactly how many MPs are in the Westminster closet?

And how big must that closet be?

The New Guy Fawkes

Where are Catesby and his co – conspirators when we need them? Where is our gunpowder plot this bonfire night? Not that I’d want the buggers to blow up The Palace of Westminster, it is a wonderful building. If somebody would just put a rocket up the arses of our patetic, self serving politicians it would help lift the national mood.

Fortunately we have the new Guido Fawkes, the not very anonymous blogger whose Order-order blog has put details a few very big scandals into the public domain. Nice the see Guido getting a big write up in The Guardian (Guido knows the power of gossip) yesterday, even though he does not demur from being described as an extreme right winger. Now that the mainstream press, Guardian included, have abandoned honest, objective journalism in favour of partisan drivel in support of certain agendas Guido is a shining beacon and an inspiration for all us bloggers.

Phil Spector To Join Brown’s Media Team?

Hot on the heels of Damien McBride’s departure from the government public relations role he has fulfilled for some time Boggart Blog, thanks to our mole embedded in the government, can bring you news of a surprising and audacious move to replace McBride and his discredited sidekick Dolly Draper.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to announce in the next few days that American record producer, convicted murderer and veteran mentalist Phil Spector will take over the job of head of Communications for Downing Street.

Brown, whose reputation is in tatters following the revelation that his press team were making up scandals about leading Tories. “Cameron has clap” and “George Osborne” is a shirt lifter were two of the stories they planned to leak. What is really damaging for the government is they are so out of touch with reality they think they have to make up stories to discredit leading conservatives.

Where the NuLab media team really failed though is in admitting what they were up to and started blaming each other when uberblogger Guido Fawkes broke the allegations of jiggery pokery. In politics it is traditional when faced with accusations that they are telling tales about opponents embarrassing diseases or financial misdemeanours parties close ranks and meet the criticism with a wall of silence.

It is this failure that is though to have influenced the Prime Minister to invite Phil Spector to take the job on. Spector is most famous for shooting people or pointing loaded guns at their head but is also well known for creating the “Wall Of Sound.” The reason is if the government ramps up the volume of briefings on initiatives, crackdowns, schemes to save the world and justifications for assaults on our civil liberties all backed with oversized rhythm sections, saxophones and strings everyone will just start treating bad news as background music and the likes of your Boggart Bloggers and the estimable Mr. Fawkes will be left blogging in a void.

Perception is everything but deception is more.

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