How Politically Correct Thinking Leads Into A Moral Maze

halat slaughter method
Halal butchery: incompatible with British animal welfare law.

We don’t have much time for lefties here at Boggart Blog, these emotionally crippled people whose raison d’ être is to seek the approval of their peers. Such people have little to offer to general debate as they jump on every bandwagon but have nothing original to say, propagate every meme and chant every mantra that briefly bursts out on those websites for the terminally shallow, Facebook and Twitter.

Being a leftie can be hard work however, with so many of the causes they must embrace being in direct opposition to other favoured causes, lefties encounter a lot of moral dilemmas.

Dilemmas such as these for example

So being a believer in all -isms, the kind of idiot who equates calls for immigration controls with South African Apartheid or Stalinist genocide and is quite sure that equality means members of favoured minorities should be given me the privileged status of an elite class, can get hairy at times. Take as an illustration a case reported in the Toronto Sun of a Muslim Barber who refused to give a lesbian a ‘businessman’s haircut’:

So a lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop, and asks for a “businessmen’s haircut”.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it really happened, and now a government agency called the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will hear her complaint.

Faith McGregor is the lesbian who doesn’t like the girly cuts that they do at a salon. She wants the boy’s hairdo.

Omar Mahrouk is the owner of the Terminal Barber Shop in Toronto. He follows Shariah law, so he thinks women have cooties. As Mahrouk and the other barbers there say, they don’t believe in touching women other than their own wives.

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That is an old story, my friend Renee who runs Liberty Unyielding has used it before to illustrate the pitfalls of politically correct thinking. And I have used similar stories to highlight the same thing.

Stories like the one about the lefties who started screaming racism when people objected to only halal meat being used in school dinners in a British council run school.

“Halal meat will not harm you children, you nasty racists,” the idiots chorused, doing their usual trick of jumping to crazy conclusions. Well no, it will not, and nobody was suggesting it would.

Some of the people who raised objections were quite reasonably protesting that the council had caved in to Muslim demands without condidering the feelings of Christians, Jews, Hindus and non religious secularists; others pointed out that many Secularists and Christians have moral objections to the methods used to kill; animals in halal and kosher abbatoirs. This involves the animal being conscious when its throat is cut and the still living carcass is hoisted up and left dangling head down as the creature bleeds to death.

Such killing is against the law in slaughterhouses owned and operated by people and organisations that cannot claim religious exemption. Literate commentators of course will tell you that such exemption have nothing to do with equality or democracy and everything to do with they liars and hypocrites of the left trying to divide our society, the better to create a one party Marxist state.

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We have the right to know what we are eating.

Another silly kerfuffle is being blown up out of all proportion by the kind of idiot lefties who think parroting Labour’s anti – British propaganda is a sign of intelligence. This time its about the revelation that some fast food chains are using only halal meat in pizzas and other prepared foods.

Naturally anyone voicing objections to this will at once be attacked by howling mobs of lefties all screaming “racist, racist.”

The government has denied requests to make food companies label products that contain halal meat. They say there is no reason to object to halal meat, it is perfectly good and poses no health risk.

But that isn’t the point is it?

halal half time
Halal half time pies (Source: Daily Mail)

Just step back and think about this for a moment. Oops, I asked you to think, which is a bit unfair to Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem voters but in this instance we need to get some kind of public debate going and as the LibLabConfidence trick’s only policy is to shout down intelligent debate with screams of racism, I feel no need to dumb down my blog to accomodate them.

Jewish, Muslim and Hindu people who practice their religion fully have restrictions on what they can eat. It’s a little more complicated than just ‘no pork’ or ‘no beef’ but we will not go too deeply into that. For Jewish people all food must be kosher and the Muslim equivalent is halal. As far as permitted meat goes this means animals must be slaughtered according to certain rituals. Christianity has no such restrictions (although various sects may). Now it is right and proper that Jews and Muslims should be able to confirm that meat is kosher or halal when buying their food. Few people would object to that.

Many people however, not just Christians but atheists and non theists, pagans, shamanic animists, shinto and so on do have objections to the ritual slaughter favoured by Judaeism and Islam. Why do these people not have the right to know what they are eating. Why are the lefties and professional wailers and gnashers of teeth once again demanding one law for their favoured minorities and another for those with more traditional British values. Animal rights group Viva! made an excellent point with this response: ‘Other practices which may be undertaken for religious reasons – such as polygamy or the stoning of adulterers – are not permitted in the UK.

So can we expect those squealing lefties to be noisily demanding legalisation of wife beating, marital rape, forced marriages and flogging for women who go out alone or with hair uncovered, and the death penalty for homosexuals all in the name of diversity and multiculturalism? how ironic. I don’t think many UKIP supporters would agree with any of those things.

Personally I would not boycott Pizza Express, Costa Coffee, Toby Carveries, Beefeater and Brewers Fayre, and catering outlets at railway stations, airports and motorway services or Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury own brand readymeals for fear of eating halal meat. I already boycott their food because it is shite. The Ganesh Balti Restaurant in town is different however but even so I think ritual slaughter which insists the animal be sentient when it’s throat is cut is inhumane and should remain the exception rather than the rule if we are not prepared to close abbatoirs that refuse to stun creatures prior to killing them.

We have here another example of the double standards of the left, which is why you should ignore them. Quite why they hate everything connected with British or North European culture is not clear. It may be rooted in self loathing and the fact that left wing thinking appeals to emotional retards who seek the affirmation that comes from being part of a mob.

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