Western Nations Are Not The Only Ones Having Problems With Islam

Late last month the European Court of Justice (ECJ), an offshoot of the Cultural Marxist empire known as the European Union ruled that a woman who had referred to Mohammed, the prophet of Islam as a paedophile was guilty of blasphemy under Sharia Law it was the most abject, snivelling surrender yet by any western government or judiciary to the bullying and threats of fanatical Muslim hate preachers. Sharia Law has no standing in any non Muslim nation, what’s more it is a barbaric medieval legal codex that imposes sentences of death and torture for trivial offences.

The waily, gnashy – teethy snowflakes who are stupid and emotionally needy enough to believe if we are tolerant of Muslin intolerance we can somehow show them our way is best, refuse to accept that Islam poses any threat to civilised nations. The still insist that the grooming and rape gangs given licence by politically correct politicians in Britain to abuse vulnerable young women is ‘Fake News’ dreamed up by right wing extremists, in spite of two separate independent reports by sociologists finding failings on the part of police, government officials and politicians had allowed the crimes to go uninvestigated and the perpetrator unpunished.

Such people, who claim our culture is enriched by third world criminals, want government to encourage more mass migration form the third world shitholes, and to spend huge fortunes on persuading them to integrate into British society perhaps need to read this article on the problems large Muslim minorities cause, from a nation where an Islamic minority has existed for a thousand years and still has not integrated.

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When India gave up a large chunk of its land to Muslims in order to create Pakistan in 1947, it should have mandated that all Muslims residing in India move to Pakistan

That’s why now, India is having the same problems with their Muslim population that every country with a Muslim minority is experiencing. However, in India, the Muslim minority is nearly 180 million and they are constantly whining that Prime Minister Narenda Modi’s (photo right) India has become a living nightmare for them. How long before India will be forced to give up more of its land to appease the squeaky wheel Muslims? As everyone knows, that is their goal – to create an Islamic state within the Hindu nation, with the ultimate long-term goal of taking over the whole country one day.


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Dutch professor: “Western countries have never managed to integrate Muslims”
Dutch professor of sociology Ruud Koopmans has carried out a 20-year research project embracing several large scale studies on integration and assimilation, and at the end of it all he concludes that Muslims are more difficult to integrate than other migrant groups.

Naked Hindus Protest Against Global Waqrming

You know people are getting srriously insane about global warming when somethink like this happens. Thousands of Hindus gathered for the Kumbha Mela one of the biggest festivals of their religion got their kit off to send out a message that will make world leaders sit up and take notice.

Yeah right.

As these naked protesters are all about 90 we cannot see the protest having a big effect on public opinion. Had the naked Hindus been aged between 18 and 30 their protest might have made a difference.

People whould have cranked up the emissions producing tackle in the of seeing more naked protests.

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Sacred Cows and other Bulls…

A Hindu sect are upset today over plans to slaughter their sacred bull.
Now I have always had a lot of time for Hinduism, its a belief system with no creed, dogma or hierarchy and it has good stories and lots of sex. Recently though Hinduism has experienced a surge of (funda)mentalism that is seriously damaging its cred. Those stories are allegories, themyths lose their potency if taken literally.
Consider the sacred cow thing and this business of Shambo the bullock. Yes, it may look like a cow but that does not necessarily mean it is a cow. If everything that looked like a cow was sacred, Hindus would have to worship Jordan.
When the sacred cow myth is understood, the totral and utter non – sacredness of Shambo the bullock becomes obvious.
According to a book I have, published by a Hindu sect that gives people books, our first food is the milk we suckle from our mothers breast. So because our mothers give us milk and cows give us milk, cows are our mothers. The allegory of the Earth Mother is obvious. It’s a bit like the miracle of transubstantiation in the Catholic communion which requires Catholics to believe a wafer of flour and water turns into the body of Christ in the communicant’s mouth, no symbolism, no allegories, it does OK, so in Hinduism every cow is your mother, not your mother – in – law, not your wicked stepmother but your real Dear Old Mum. It’s to do with the oneness of all things I think.
Now for those whose experience of dairy farming consists of having a shotgun pointed at them while a rotund, ruddy cheeked, bad tempered man says “Get orf moi laaaand,” the very bullness of Shambo ought to preculde him from sacredness in the eyes of all rational people. Creatures with willies cannot be the mother of anything.
But when did rational thinking have anything to do with religion?
When you see the newsreels do not be swayed by the cute, wet nose, the big sad eyes and that stoical expression. Shambo carries and infectious disease. And do not be swayed by the sentiments of sect members. All this could have been avoided if only they had thought things through properly. As it stands their claims of Shambo’s sacredness are a load of bull.

To Hell And Back (Before The Pubs Close)

With religions having such a downer on sex one might think they would be in favour of drink, I mean if you drink enough you are going to be too busy choking on your own vomit to bother about shagging. In spite of that religious leaders continue to promise hell and buggeration to people who like a bevvy. Not so, unfortunately…

Yesterday we brought you news that Dear Old Pope Benny wants us all to be a bit more worried about Hell as we give the impression of having forgotten the wages of sin is death and hell is a real place with real hot, scary flames, real tortures being inflicted by big, brutish guys in gimp masks and the only alcoholic drink available is Supermarket own-brand lager.

Ever eager to jump on any passing bandwagon, other church leaders were quick to put in their two – penn’orth, advancing their claims that as they are all The Only Church That Understands The Message Of The One True God Properly the teachings of their crackpot philosopher are all that stands between us and eternal fire.

Beware of false Gods and false Hells.

The Church of England posits that rather than being a blazing inferno of eternal tortures, it is in fact a cold, dark, lonely place. Sounds a bit like Accrington on a Sunday afternoon.

Muslims who qualify for Hell, according to Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra from Leicester (a member of the Muslim Council of Britain) will burn in fire but will experience deepening levels of pain according to the degree of their sin. Some will be constantly bitten by snakes and Scorpions while others will be made to drink boiling water or pus. He is not clear whether the pus is boiling or served at room temperature.

Taoism and Buddhism are quite a surprise for such touchy – feely religions; well I suppose they did not want to feel left out. Apparently they provide 18 different chambers for different sizes of sin. Gossips will have tongues ripped out, hypocrites and tomb robbers (don’t quite see the connection but there we go) will be dishonourably disembowelled, pimps will be dismembered and blasphemers will be skinned. No mention of what happens to murderers, thieves and people who voted for Tony Blair.

The Hindus however believe that in between incarnations the spirit will live in a heaven of its own making. Well that would do for me, you die, live in a place of your own making for a bit and with any luck you can be back before the pubs close.