France’s President Hollande Says ‘Non’ To Obama’s Demand for Corporate Global Oligarchy

The embattled French President has become the first national leader to state categorically his country will not sign the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being pushed by the USA’s Obama Administration.

Before we start applauding this sudden attack of testicular fortitude and comparing Hollande’s defence of French sovereignty against the Muslim (allegedly)conqueror to the stand of brave Roland and his twelve companions at Roncesvalles (I’d bet that will send a few readers rushing off to Google or Wikipedia, we should remember the current socialist government is already the most unpopular France has ever had and the President knows that to give away French sovereignty to US Corporate businesses would be political suicide.

France’s President Hollande Says ‘Non’ To Obama’s Demand for Corporate Global Oligarchy

Hollande’s ex lover: Don’t kick a man when he’s down … stamp on his bollocks

hollande trierweiler
                       President Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler – happy in each other’s company                                          

Pauvre, pauvre M. Hollande, il est dans la merde profond; things just go from bad to worse for the hapless French President. With his UMP opponents in disarray (those who’re not in prison) the Socialist leader should be having an easy ride.

But the Front Nationale are topping the polls, their leader Marine Le Pen is an increasingly popular figure and Hollande’s popularity rating is the lowest for any French leader since Louis XIV lost his head over bad polling figures, the economic disintegration of the French nation becomes more apparent every day, Hollande’s sycophancy in supporting all America’s wars is going down like a lead balloon with voters.

And then when Hollande already looks down and almost out for the count, along comes his former girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler and stomps on his bollocks.

Hollande has always traded on his image as a gentle, if somewhat befuddled looking left wing intellectual. Alas, the lovely Valerie has just trashed that image in a new book, Merci pour ce moment (Thank You For This Moment), a tell-all memoir chronicling her seven years at his side.

In her words Hollande is presented as mean, cold, curmudgeonly, mean spirited, with a penchant for offensive sexist put-downs and snobbish contempt, a serial liar in love and in politics and a media-obsessed egomaniac. And that’s just Chapter One.

“He campaigned as the enemy of the rich, but the truth is that he despises the poor,” she writes, recalling their single visit with her working-class family at their council house, in which Hollande looked “bored to tears – he would rather have dined with his sophisticated Parisian friends than with us”. The President shows a nasty streak with his joke that “all those Massonneaus [her maiden name] aren’t very pretty, are they?” In a further damning revelation, she says he calls the poor “the toothless” and is “very satisfied” with his own witticism.

This kind of attack has far greater potential to harm him than political ineptitude. The French may have been willing to forgive the affairs – with Trierweiler while he was in a long term relationship with Ségolène Royal, his partner of 29 years and the mother of his four children; with the actress Julie Gayet, the perfectly typecast luvvie supporter with the Marilyn Monroe figure while he was with Trierweiler and who knows how many others, they might forgive the deceitfulness Hollande must have a talent for in order to simultaneously run several relationships but will they forgive his hypocrisy?

French politicians whose private life attracts adverse attention usually claim that the personal should be separate from the political, and that private behaviour holds the key to public conduct. But Trierweiler’s revelations about The Presidents attitude to the poor are so toxic it’s hard to see how Holland can survive.

Unflattering anecdotes about the President’s macho side have been picked up gleefully by the press and will be particularly damaging with women voters who are traditionally more sympathetic to the political left. These stories include accounts of Hollande’s dismissive comments made to Valérie just before a State dinner, that “it does take you a long time to look that beautiful, but then, that’s the only thing that’s expected of you”.

That little snark was overheard by many guests.

And she will have caused Hollande even greater damage with her claim that he instructed her to be given high doses of tranquilisers, shortly after they had split, in order to keep her in hospital and out of his way.

As an ex – journalist herself, Trierweiler is nothing if not media savvy. When she started to write her book she disconnected from the internet, and never sent anything by email. The manuscript was secretly printed in Germany by an independent publishing house, and Hollande only knew of its existence last Tuesday. It’s all reminiscent of the operation surrounding the ‘hatchet job’ books published by Mikael Blomqvist in the ‘Millennium Trilogy’ novels.

According to reports in French media, the President dispatched aides all over France to try to get hold of an advance copy, the effort failed – just as he failed to get hold of the fateful issue of Closer magazine with pictures of him astride a motor scooter last outside Julie Gayet’s apartment, which kicked off the whole debacle, just as every policy he has implemented during his two and a half year Presidency has failed.

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I’ll Save EU" War Criminal Blair tells Angela Merkel.

bliar - merkels white knight
Picture courtesy David Icke

As I have said before the world of politics and business is now so insane, it has become impossible to write satire. No worries, reporting the news should be enough to give you a laugh.

One of this morning’s main stories was the row brewing over who is to be the next president of the EU Commission. German leader Angela Merkel and most of Europe’s federalist parties support Jean-Claude Junker who apart from being the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and for many years a leading advocate of the dissolution of sovereign states in the EU and their replacement with a centralised bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels can offer among the many qualifications that make him ideal for the job the fat that he has held the title of world’s most boring man for the past twenty years.

When I worked in Luxembourg in the 1980s, Junker was known as Mr. Personality (all together now) because when God made him he missed a personality.

David Cameron and Francois Hollande however are vehemently opposed to Junker’s candidacy, saying such a boring bell end can only make politicians like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen who have a little charisma look even more attractive to voters.

It was looking as if poor Angela was outnumbered until a knight in shining armour rode to her rescue.

“I will defend Europe from the extreme right,” Blair said, as he threw himself into the fray, thus fuelling speculation that he was preparing to mount another bid to become President of Europe.

The former Prime Minister reacted angrily after the Financial Times ran a leaked account of his meeting with Angela Merkel last Tuesday, claiming he had offered his services to the German Chancellor in a high-profile ‘pro-European role’.

The newspaper – which enjoys a close relationship with the Brussels elite – said the former PM had made it clear to Ms Merkel that he was willing to ‘defend the EU from its increasingly vocal critics’.

It good be a good offer for the federalist camp. Junker has an amazing track record of under achievement whereas the traitor and war criminal Blair has proved his ability, having saved Britain from the political right by selling us out to the American right.

Blair, who is increasingly believed to have been directly intrumental in blocking publication of the Chilcot Inquiry* that could prove him guilty of war crimes in Iraq (a charge which the former Prime Minister denies) remains unashamedly active on the political stage and is desperate to get into any postition of power.

According to numerous reports he is angling for a Brussels position which would give him a ‘pan-European role’ campaigning against Euroscepticism, which sounds suspiciously like a disguised bid to become the next president of the European Council.

*Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry was expected to report in 2010. But since then, blair and his advisers have been locked in a dispute with Chilcot and Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood over which Government documents could be released as part of the final report.