Saudi-Led Coalition Sends Over 10,000 Troops To Prepare For Assault On Yemem Port

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The Saudi-led military coalition which has been waging a genocial war on Yemen has now sent more than 10,000 troops towards a strategically important rebel-held port city ahead in preparation for a new assault on what is descriobed as Yemen’s humatitarian lifeline, Yemeni government officials said on Tuesday.

The Sunni Muslim coalition deployed the reinforcements to the Red Sea coast ahead of a new offensive on Hodeidah that will be launched “within days”, a military official told the AFP news agency. He said they would also “secure areas liberated” from the Houthi rebels, and that forces from Sudan, part of the coalition, had moved in to “secure” areas around the city.

The aim of this latest assault is to starve the people of the Shia – dominated nation into submission. Saudi coalition boming and artillery assaults have already reduced much of Yemen’s vital infrastructure, including transport systems, hospials, water and sewerage sytems and the electrical grid and communications network to rubble.

Houthi rebels have for the past 10 days been stationing fighters on rooftops of buildings in Hodeidah city, government military officials told AFP. The port is the entry point for three-quarters of imports to the impoverished country, which is teetering on the edge of famine and suffering epidemic levels of infectious diseases due to lack of medicines.

Saudi Arabia and its allies intervened in Yemen in 2015 to support President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi’s government after the Houthis ousted it and took swathes of territory including the capital Sanaa. The coalition has used air power to push the rebels back from much of Yemen, but the Houthis have held onto Hodeidah and Sanaa.

Sources: Middle east Eye, Reuters

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US Aiding Massive Genocide in Yemen at Behest of Saudi Arabia

As usual The Daily Stirrer was moths ahead of the mainstream in reporting this.

Civilians in Yemen are still in the grip of a major humanitarian crisis as Saudi Arabia’s war on the impoverished republic continues unabated. Shocking numbers are affected including 7 million civilians facing severe malnutrition, and 19 million out of the country’s 27 million population “in need of some form of aid.” However, all of this is made worse by the Saudis having imposed a blockade on humanitarian support. It effectively genocide and yet the United Nations does nothing and the USA and NATO allies impose sanctions on nations which try to help Yemen.

Yemen has been devastated by more than two years of brutal civil war, with Sunni Muslims loyal to the oppressive regime, supported by the Saudi Arabian government’s well equipped military and politically by the United States. President Abd-Rabu Mansour Hadi’s government is backed by the Saudi-led coalition and is fighting to drive the Shi’ite Houthi rebels out of cities they seized in 2014 and 2015.

Since the beginning of the conflict, US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen, started by Obama and continued by Trump, thousands of innocent civilians—including children—have been slaughtered by American and European manufactured weapons. In spite of the fact that the Saudis have been caught dropping US bombs on schools, hospitals, and marketplaces, (remember the faux outrage from liberal media and politicians when Assad’s forces were accused of doing that in Syria, even though a blind, deaf and dumb person could have seen those alleged atricities were false flag events.) The Saudis and their mercenaries have been directly targeting civilians yet the US and NATO continue to support the side controlled by the Saudis.

Last week, Houthi rebels in Yemen launched a ballistic missile toward the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh. In response to the attack which killed no one, the Saudis placed a blockade on all flights in Yemen, including humanitarian aid. The blockade has stopped the flow of the much needed medical supplies and the food for which millions of Yemenis are desperate and if not reversed will cause the largest genocide by starvation in modern history.

After briefing the UN Security Council last week, Mark Lowcock, the UN’s humanitarian chief, said the move will worsen a “catastrophic” humanitarian crisis that has pushed millions to the brink of famine and has caused a mass cholera epidemic, reports Al Jazeera. It is a safe bet however that three permanent members of the Security Council, Britain, France and USA will veto any move for actionagainst the Saudis.

“I have told the Council that unless those measures are lifted … there will be a famine in Yemen,” Lowcock, who visited Yemen late in October, told reporters last week. “It will not be like the famine that we saw in South Sudan earlier in the year, where tens of thousands of people were affected. It will not be like the famine which cost 250,000 people their lives in Somalia in 2011,” he added.

In spite all this being common knowledge, for three years the West has seen what was happening yet stood on the sidelines and refused to act. Strangely the same nations were eager to get involved in Syria and Ukraine until it became clear the price would be confrontation with Russia. Children are starving by the thousand in Yemen because of a US / NATO policy of supporting Saudi Arabia no matter what war crimes and human rights abuses the primitive theocracy is guilty of. All Western nations are complicit as is the United Nations by not only failing to step in and stop it but actually aiding it.


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Funny Things Happen In Ukraine.

Troll Alert – disinformation trolls sighted near Boggart Blog, shoot them on sight.

Regular readers may have noticed that while Boggart Blog’s editor was busy with other things, the team carried on endeavouring with the persistence of old fashioned investigative reporters who wore grubby Aquascutum raincoats and battered brown trilby hats tilted towards the back of their heads, always had a cigarette in their mouths and were never far from a glass of whisky (sorry, while we had builders in I rediscovered an old Dashiell Hammet novel) our efforts to present ALL the latest news and opinion on the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine have attracted trolls who seem to work on the principle that any ideas straying from the FUKUS axis propaganda must be suppressed.

I’ll deal with them another time.

While media attention was focused on the accusations and denials, claims and counterclaims and general incoherent babble from the two sides, another strange episode was unfolding in Ukraine, the case of The Convoy That Never Existed.

A story that broke in mainstream media last Thursday (14 August). headlined by one online news site as Disinformation War In Ukraine Escalates”, it reported a Russian military convoy was attacked and almost completely “eliminated” on Ukraine territory on Thursday night, a statement which was also “confirmed” by none other than the Ukraine president, yet where not a single trace of evidence was released showing any such convoy destruction. Strange really because reporters from The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph reported having witnessed the burned out vehicles of the convoy “with their own eyes.” (echoing Gulf War Iraqi information minister Comical Ali.

So we were obviously in for yet another round of the war of disinformation, misinformation, deception, spin and downright lying, which we got on Sunday when Ukraine accused pro-Russian rebels on Monday of hitting a refugee convoy of buses with rocket fire near the eastern city of Luhansk, killing people trapped in the burning vehicles.

Andrei Purgin, deputy prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic countered by saying, “The Ukrainians themselves have bombed the road constantly with airplanes and Grads. It seems they’ve now killed more civilians like they’ve been doing for months now. We don’t have the ability to send Grads into that territory,” said .

Another rebel spokesman denied any civilian convoy had been struck, challenging the Kiev authorities to produce evidence. (Given the Kiev government or their supporters abysmal record on producing evidence to support Kiev’s claims, we would advise you not to hold your breath.)

So what if anything might have happened – and bear in mind that any statements from’s resident simple minded scientist (read the comment thread under that link) to the effect that “Barack Obama says the Kiev regime are the good guys so they must be telling the truth,” do not constitute evidence.

Soon after reports of the alleged Ukrainian attack on Russia’s convoy hit western news feeds, the Russian defense ministry responded, saying that no Russian military column had crossed into Eastern Ukraine, and that reports were based on “some fantasies.”

This is where the breakdown of logic occurs, because for Russia to make such a formal statement the Russian government obviously believes there is no evidence of destruction of a Russian convoy in Ukraine territory, something which obviously would exist if indeed as Ukraine’s president had claimed, the “majority of the machines had been eliminated.”

If true, it also implies that either Ukraine had fabricated the entire story, and certainly the part about the destruction of the convoy and by extension that Russians had ever entered into East Ukraine.

Unless, of course, there is evidence in the form of wrecked vehicles that something had happened, in which case the eye witness reports from the Guardian and Telegraph reporters (who, no matter what you think of their respective papers, are not idiots) are valid but a misunderstanding of what was seen.

More to the point, the onus is on Ukraine to present some evidence, in fact any evidence, of a destroyed Russian military convoy instead of merely building upon a story conceived by the two UK media outlets, because if Ukraine indeed has no evidence, then its story falls apart and what’s worse, the credibility and reputation of its government, of NATO and certainly of the UK press would be in tatters.

So if Ukraine did not destroy a Russian convoy because there was no Russian convoy, but the British reporters saw wreckage that was evidence of an attack, what other possibility is there? Well, one that would destroy the credibility of the Ukraine government even more comprehensively than being caugh lying again, namely that in their enthusiasm for blowing things up, the Ukrainian military may have destroyed a convoy of its own military vehicles. A possible lead to such a turn of events comes from this Interfax report citing the leadership of the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic.

“The leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has dismissed the Ukrainian government’s statement on destroying a convoy of what appeared to be Russian armored vehicles in eastern Ukraine.

“We haven’t received any armored vehicles from Russia. No Russian units, including Russian armored vehicles, have crossed the border. Hence, no Russian armored vehicles could have been destroyed,” DPR First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin told Interfax on Friday evening.

But perhaps the most damning evidence comes from none other than the White House itself, which according to CNN just admitted that while it accuses Moscow of “incursions” it can’t confirm the convoy was destroyed by Kiev.

So as I said, this post is to help readers deal with pro war trolls, sick neo-fascist freaks that they are. It shows how to assemble evidence from many sources and analyse it. Trolls have no use for evidence, they work for one side or the other and merely repeat propaganda. And you’ve seen above how reliable a source propaganda is.

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Atrocities In Iraq As Syrias brave Freedom Fighters Advance

““When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain


Back in 2003 when I was arguing against western intervention in Iraq (not on this blog, because if existed then I did not know about it,) people who flatter themselves that they are on the left of the political spectrum, the political position which, its supporters claim, has a monopoly on goodness, truth, intelligence and virtue, were screaming “But we must intervene on humanitarian grounds to stop that nasty tyrant Saddam Hussein doing nasty things to his lovely people. Why don’t you want to help those lovely people, is is because they have darker skin than us, you nasty racist, swivel eyed right wing nutter.”

Well OK, I have given up expecting intelligent, reasoned argument form the neo fascist-left,in any debate we ought to know that the socialists are right because … well they jut are, OK?

How The US Is Arming Both sides In The Iraq Conflict

It’s unfortunate that because the left dominated media show pictures of burned children and bereaved parents, and appeal to the embedded sentimentality of people in societies where Nanny State has protected them for too long from the harsh realities of the world, the unthinking majority are easily whipped into line behind a course that suits the interests of the military – indistrial complex which makes loadsa money out of selling equipment to governments so terrorists supported by the same governments can blow it up.

Actually it’s not OK, self righteousness is not a virtue. The left mindset tends to be binary, in everything it sees only two possible positions, the one they support and the evil one. It was thus on same sex marriage where any argument other tht total and enthusiastic support marked one as a homophobe, it was the same in the recent European Parliament elections when even the slightest suggestion that it might be a good idea to enforce existing immigration controls branded one a racist.

And it is the same when America’s leader, the Jug Eared Jihadist, the Rent Boy President, Barack Hussein Obama (or whatever American President happens to be in power) is phishing for support for yet another ‘humanitarian’ intervention in the domestic politics of a sovereign state with drones, bomb strikes and ground troops equipped with white phosphorus and delpeted uranium shells.

Some political nation states, particularly those cobbled together by western bureaucrats after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire followig World War 1 or the disintegration of the British Empire and other colonial systems in the wake of World War 2, were never suited to democracy and have done well to last as long as they have. Similar problems are starting to emerge in Eastern Europe.

isis atrocities in Iraq

The current crisis in Iraq, an overflow from the western sponsored civil war in Syria, where the powers of the FUKUS axis (France, UK and USA) were eager to barge in and create another failed state until Vladimir Putin and his Chinese and Iranian allies said “stop right there”, is a direct result of the intervention in 2003 which was justified by false claims of Saddam Hussein’s regime possessing WMDs.

And if our lefty friends thought Saddam’s brutal rule warranted humanitarian intervention, they should see the stuff going on in Iraq now, the atrocities being committed by ISIS terrorists armed with American and European weapons supplied to help with the overthrow of another middle eastern dictator, Assad of Syria, who did not dance to the American tune.

from Zero Hedge:

Gruesome Footage Of ISIS Atrocities Reveals Al Qaeda Jihadists “Will Stop At Nothing”

Judging by the gruesome propaganda video being released by ISIS, it is no wonder the Iraqi soldiers and police stripped off uniforms and ran… As The Daily Mail reports, blood-thirsty jihadists are carrying out summary executions on civilians, Iraqi soldiers and police officers – including 17 in one street alone – on their warpath to Baghdad, the UN said today. As a shocking picture of the ISIS insurgency continues to develop, the Islamist group are posting barbaric videos online with the intent of showing the world they will stop at nothing to achieve their end game. The aim is to terrorise Sunnis in Iraq’s army and police forces and deepen their already low morale. It appears to be working as that fear is one factor behind the stunning collapse of Iraqi security forces.

Read full article:

Still thing there is a case for intervention to overthrow leaders of non democratic nations that the American President of the day does not like very much. Or that having intervened with bombing campaigns, cruise missile and drone strikes etc. to destroy the political and logistical infrastructure it is OK to withdraw for purely political reasons related to winning elections, rather than leave in place an army of occupation.

And lefties, don’t try to undermine me by saying I want recolonisation, you are the one who scream for ‘humanitarian’ intervention remember. I have always supported non intervention from the start.

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The Meddling Fruit

Some of my readers were interventionists, they fully supported the war waged by the FUKUS axis of evil against little Libya. They were all for intervention in Syria “humanitarian grounds” (standard leftie code for kicking the shit out of a conservative regime and replacing them with a far less humane bunch of bloodthirsty savages who publicly behead prisoners). I hope they have learned from experience and understand their folly now.

If some haven’t, here’s a little refresher lesson:

gadaffi's libya

But don’t go thinking, “Oh well things are bound to be a bit rough after a tyrannical regime is overthrown but the situation will surely start to improve soon.”

Because it will not, in fact things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Assassination and violence around Banghazi pushes Libya towards civil war

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Yep, the conflict is centred on Benghazi where it all began. Do you understand the futility of those 50,000 deaths in 2011 now? Or does your left wing self righteousness still make you hunger for more of the Meddling Fruit?

Humanitarian Intervention Or The Third World War?

Where have you been looking these last few days? While everyone has been worrying about the nuclear accident in Japan, World War 3 has kicked off without fanfare or ceremony. Sudan has been bombing the newly independent north; more than 70,000 refugees have fled violence in Darfur, bloodletting is tearing apart Côte d’Ivoire; 43 people have been killed in Karachi in the last few days. Yemen, its president tells us, is teetering on the edge of a civil war; another’s looming in Syria.

In Afghanistan the military leaders of the western alliance tell us it’s all going to plan and the Taliban are on the back foot. They have been telling us the same for at least five years it seems.

The embattled Palestinians in Gaza have launched missiles at Israel and sent suicide bombers into Jewish territory, there is still a little kerfuffle in Egypt to be sorted out but it looks like the next government will be led by the Muslim Brotherhood, new best mates of Mad Jad in Iran. Saudi Arabia is on the brink of a sectarian insurrection.

Oh, and there’s a small matter in Libya that the western nations have recently become embroiled in.

For several days, western leaders have been trying to convince sceptical voters that the war in Libya is driven by ethical and humanitarian concerns. They really do not understand the electorates they represent. The voters want our forces to get in there and secure the oil before it is costing us a year’s wages to fill up the car…

David Cameron was outraged that the “world has watched” as Muammar Gaddafi “brutally crushed his own people. (We didn’t Dave, we watched football, rugby, celebrities ice skating and Red Nose Day.) ” Barack Obama says the war is intended to make the Colonel “face the cost of continued violations of human rights.” Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, invoked the history of his parents, who found refuge in Britain from Nazi Germany thus hinting that if he was Prime Minister he would invite them all to come and live here. What a bunch of c…..ompletely deluded idiots.

Humanitarian concern is a more justifiable reason to go to war than most but still not very good. If Cammers had any humanity he would have William Hague humanely put down.

But what is it Gaddafi’s regime has done, or might have done, that makes it different and more blameworthy than Zimbabwe or Indonesia, Saudi Arabia or Burma which have abused human rights just as blatantly but have not warranted intervention? Under what circumstances is going to go to war justified? And when is it OK to do nothing? Could the distinction be related to oil perhaps? Then let’s stop pussyfooting around and admit it.

Ming – Mong – Moon, the UN secretary general and the leading useless fucker international bureaucrat referred to “egregious violations” of human rights in Libya. WTF? What’s the difference between an egregious human rights violation and cutting some poor bastard’s head off or boiling them alive. The UN official has apparently not heard there are similarly egregious goings-on in Iran, North Korea, Uzbekistan, Darfur and a bunch of other countries that he has not yet asked anyone to bomb.

Liberal interventionists who only go to war in the name of peace (like Tony Blair), who argue that violations of international norms must be punished, and who insist “if I say going to war is justified then it’s effing justified, OK?” will argue that other people being just as egregious isn’t the point: making an example of Colonel Gaddafi is intended to deter other would-be violators. Ming Mong Moon, Obama, CAmeron and the others have not learned that making an example of the very very egregious Saddam Hussein quite clearly did not frighten other egregious tyrants into being nice children…

Children being children however, for intervention to be effective the same rules must apply. Why should Gaddafi learn his lesson from being made to stand on the naughty step when he sees Mugabe being rewarded for being even naughtier. Children are obsessed with fairness and if Gadaffi thinks he has been treated unfairly he will lash out and hit us in the oil wells.

Another danger is that if the west claims Gaddafi’s slaughter of civilian non combatants justified the intervention might opponents of the regimes in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere not be tempted to provoke similar attacks on civilians in order to secure western military support for their cause. The jug eared streak of piss in the White House, the simpleton who leads the world’s most powerful nation has already encouraged rebels to think this way. He has said if the USA sends ground forces into Libya it must be to support the rebels and help depose Gadaffi.

Now that goes way beyond humanitarian intervention. but it was a similar to that given by Barry in his speech in Cairo in 2009, his promise of US support for Islamist groups trying to overthrow some pretty nasty but broadly west – friendly regimes that led to the present deteriorating situation in the middle east. So World War 3 it seems it will have started not with a bang but with a wimp.

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