£1 Billion Migrant Bill:Remain Campaign Rattled As Welfare Spending Soars


David Cameron with Europe’s three Presidents (which should tell you all you need to know about how bloated EU bureaucracy is; ‘Gaulieter’ Martin Schultz, who says public opinion is irrelevant; Donald Tusk who says the European Council with veto and deal that benefits Britain; and bottom, Jean Claude Drunkard, President of the EU commission who has brandy for breakfast

The UK welfare system is expected to pay out more than £1 billion to unemployed European Union (EU) migrants, government data has revealed. The figure does not include spending on the estimated 1 million plus non-EU illegal immigrants in the country. The findings will come as a major blow for the campaign led by David Cameron and supported by most of the Labour party (and even Jeremy Corbyn a longtime opponent of the EU is supporting ‘In’ although in a very lukewarm way) to keep Britain in the EU. Supporters of the ‘Brexit’ campaigns have argued that they demonstrate what anti – EU campaigners have wanted for a long time, that there is an urgent need to reclaim control of our own borders.

This news will be particularly hurtful to the IN campaign because one of their main (though entirely dishonest) arguments is that being in the EU brings our economy net benefits.

In 2013/14, British taxpayers forked out a whopping £886million for unemployed EU migrants living in the UK, and a further £814 million for EU migrants in work, according to a government paper. Ironically, it was released in support of a dossier entitled The Best of Both Worlds, which aims to make the government’s case for Britain remaining within the EU.

In the foreword to the report, the Prime Minister David Cameron wrote: “Our special status gives us the best of both worlds. We will be in the parts of Europe that work for us – influencing the decisions that affect us, in the driving seat of the world’s biggest market and with the ability to take action to keep our people safe.”

But the government was not keen to release the report, and Mr Cameron’s own MPs have ridiculed him. Philip Davies, MP for Shipley told The Express: “It’s amazing we’ve got some figures at last, but one has to question how reliable they are. He’s right; with the supposedly politically neutral civil service having backed IN (bigger bureaucratic empires, bigger jollies for civil servants) the figure could well be deliberately understated, and the issue has been misreported by mainstream media and the ultra globalist BBC.

“It’s quite clear that immigration has gone up recently so the figures must be well over a billion pounds now, even by the Government’s own estimates.

“At last we are laying bare the huge cost of being a member of the EU. The changes the Prime Minister has negotiated are trifling – the only way to restrict benefits to EU migrants is to leave the EU.”

The eye-watering figures, and the failure to renegotiate a better deal have led to a number of pro-Brexit politicians warning that the only way to take control of immigration from the EU, and the welfare payments that come with it, is to leave the EU. It is also the only way to limit the flow of illegal immigrants into the country after they have illegally entered the EU through countries that cannot or choose not to enforce border controls.

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Politically Unbiased BBC Launches Left Wing Attack On Donald Trump For Illegal Immigrants Stance

Illegal immigrants threaten to overwhelm police as they try to get to Germany (Picture source)

No doubt some brainwashed left wing idiots will try to claim I am a Trump supporter for saying this, but the BBC are well out of order here. Mr. Trump is a contender for the chance to be Republican Party candidate in the United States Presidential election, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is required by its (now rarely observed) charter to avoid political partisanship.

To publish partisan views on the democratic process of another nation is doubly out of order. OK, everybody is entitled to an opinion but the BBC is rather different to UK only publishers or broadcasters; not only because of its status as Britain’s publicly funded official broadcaster, but because as well as having the highly regarded World Service radio channel, it also has a US TV channel, BBC America.

So clearly, involving a British QANGO (Quasi – Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation in US Presidential elections is wrong or the democratic process of any nation other than Britain (where BBC Programmes are not officially allowed to take sides, although the left wing bias is acknowledged by BBC bosses).

Only Yesterday, Swedish MP Kent Ekeroth, told Breitbart London the poll – topping Swedish party intended to protest to the UK regulator over the BBC’s alleged political bias in portraying his party, which is opposed to the integration of EU member states into a single political entity, as a “Neo Nazi” party. On the same day a BBC News reporter covering the EU Malta summit said (untruthfully) that all EU leaders agreed in an era of globalism, mass migration is a fact and cannot be reversed, so the debate should be about how to manage it.

Now the publicly funded broadcaster, which is often said to be the most influential news broadcaster in the world, has turned its guns on U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, in an article entitled: “Donald Trump wants to deport every single illegal immigrant – could he?”

Viewers of the Republican presidential debate on Tuesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be aware of the heated exchange with Gov. Jeb Bush, who ostensibly wants to do very little about the “12 million” illegal immigrants in the United States (mainly because the Bush clan’s big business buddies benefit hugely from the cheap labour of illegal immigrants), and Donald Trump, who wants to see a policy of repatriation, and a preference for legal immigrants.

But the BBC’s report – which coincided with a Newsnight video hit job – begins: “US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to deport every illegal immigrant from the United States. The other Republican candidates say it can’t be done – one called it a “silly argument”.”

The corporation, which has also been the subject of investigations for anti-Israel bias, as well as on the receiving end of accusations of left-wing political bias in the United Kingdom, leans heavily on the testimony of the ‘Center For American Progress’ – avowedly left wing, pro-mass migration organisation run by a former Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton employee. The organisation enjoys the financial support of the left-leaning Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

Where the BBC really loses the plot as it has over Europe’s illegal immigrant crisis, is if they’re illegal immigrants (or bogus refugees and asylum seekers) then surely they should be deported. Only ultra-marxists Labour Party supporters and BBC media luvvies could see a problem with that.

Read any of the ,any storie about German or Scandinavian towns undergoing social breakdown and on the verge of economic collapse because they have neither the money nor the infrastructure to support the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants arriving.

From enthusiatically encouraging immigrants just a few weeks ago, the governments of Sweden and Germany have no realised their socities cannot cope with the numbers arriving and with the lawlessness those arrivals bring with them. Sweden, not long ago one of the safest nations in the world, is now the rape capital of Europe, while Germany is close to civil unrest as migrant gangs simply refuse to be bound by German law. Both governments are now appealing to the EU to save them, yet the Bureaucrats of Brussels are making deals with African tyrants that will bring more immigrant to Europe.

I guess these self righteous elitists just feel so good about themselves, having been seen by the brainwashed left to be caring, sharing, join-hands-and-sing-Kumbayaing ‘progressives that they are willing to accept consequences that will inevitably result in the fall of western civilisation. There really is no cure for stupid.

That’s the lovely irony in the moral relativism of the left however.

We have a self – styled elite that claims to be enlightened, educated, and civilized, and who happen to live in societies where the highest legal power is not a person, but the rule of law (Marcus Tullius Cicero, in 70BC defined civilization as “When our ancestors came out of the hills and forests and learned to live under the rule of law.) Then these enlightened paragons of greatness simply state that the law should be ignored if a person doesn’t like that law in the name of diversity and multiculturalism.

This is the basis of civil disobedience, a hallmark of leftist protests. They think that because they are a (self-declared) intellectual elite (smarter than everyone else), that they get to choose which laws should be followed and which are “racist, sexist, homophobic and regressive” and should be willfully broken.

In essence, they reject the rule of law, and go back to the individual person making the law, and each one of them is their own king.

Thus when the BBC attacks Donald Trump’s position on illegal immigrants, it is really attacking his defence of the rule of law, the foundation of our civilized world.

Officials have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants

                                               Migrants trying to get to Britain (source)

The Daily Telegraph reports that the government’s Borders Agency have lost track of 50,000 illegal immigrants who have been ordered to leave the country and then simply allowed to disappear into the ether rather than being put on a boat / plane / piece of driftwood.

Mandie Campbell, director general of Immigration Enforcement at the Home Office, said that immigration enforcement officers are not even looking for the individuals because they can’t be arsed and don’t want to be called racist of limited resources.

MPs on the Public Accounts Committee described the lack of information and apparent lack of concern at the systemic failure as “scary and complacent”.

The Home Office has hired a consultancy, Capita to track down migrants whose applications to remain in Britain has been refused but their whereabouts were unknown. They’d do better hiring Rebus.

These numbers refer of course to people we know about who came here and tried to enter the country ilegaly, were caught, given a ticking off and told to be on their way. What a charmingly Dixon-Of-Dock-Green approach to policing our borders the Borders Agency must have.

Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, has been quoted as saying: “These figures are of real concern and a worry in the context of the current security situation. It is of particular concern given the threat from returning British jihadists. We should be getting better, not worse, at dealing with those who are absconding. I will be seeking an urgent explanation from the Home Secretary as to why this is happening.”

The Home Office figures appear to show a “hard core” of several thousand illegal immigrants coming to the UK each year determined to evade security.

David Hanson, the shadow Home Office minister, said that the figures showed Britain’s borders “simply weren’t protected”. “Fewer people who abscond are now being tracked down and caught. Only 24 per cent are being picked up. This is totally unacceptable,” he said.

An illustration of this ocurred recently when two groups of migrants were seen trying to force their way onto a P&O ferry bound for Dover as tension in Calais among migrants camped in illegal settlements escalates.

The first group of 85 immigrants forced their way through security and overpowered guards, but were foiled when the ferry ramp was raised and a fire hose was turned on them.

Soon after, another group – this time around 150 immigrants stormed the ferry terminal and got inside – but were repelled by police officers before they could reach the ferry.

Eye-witness Mark Salt said: “Looks like loads of immigrants have managed, somehow, to get into the port.

And Cameron wants us to believe he is doing something about the illegal immigration problem caused by thirteen years of Labour’s policy of simply not enforcing the existing laws?


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