Who Says Terrorist Don’t Have A Sense Of Humour

We usually think of terrorists as a pretty dour, intense lot of buggers, and that especially applies to those whose cause is defined by religious fanaticism. Thus nobody expects much irony, satire or parody from the ISIS fighters in the middle east. They do provide a kind of slapstick at times, but it is not intentional, so it is a surprise to find the movement does have a rather wonderful sense of Irony, as this story demonstrates.

ISIS Puts Captured Roman Amphitheatre Back Into Use as Venue for Execution as Entertainment

Source: The Independent

Good to see the Judean Peoples’ Front still talking the talk down there (Image source)

A Roman ampitheatre has been returned to its original use as a venue for public execution of prisoners before an audience. For the first time in many centuries, killing people has become a form of popular entertainment after ISIS forces captured the classical ruins at Palmyra.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports up to twenty prisoners, mostly captured Syrian soldiers who tried to defend the historic site from the Islamic State fighters were put to death before an audience of militants and locals. The human rights group states the people executed in the amphitheatre were among approximately 70 people executed in the area so far.

The 2,000 year-old amphitheatre is in the ruins of a city which is considered one of the most important architectural sites in the world.

The deliberate destruction caused to other ancient monuments captured by the Islamic State has caused widespread concern worldwide over the future of the UNESCO listed world heritage site at Palmyra.

Many relics of ancient middle eastern civilizations have been smashed with pneumatic drills and sledgehammers, blown up or bulldozed.

The execution of captive soldiers and criminals as a spectator sport was widespread in ampitheatres across the Roman world from the reign of emperor Augustus (31 BC – AD 14). Criminals were sometimes required to act in plays where characters were required to actually die on stage, while others were required to fight wild animals or trained gladiators.

Buggeration! Blair Is Being Rehabilitated


When I heard this morning that GQ magazine had given their prestigious previously unheard of Philanthropist of the Year awarn to Tony Blair for ‘his tireless work on behalf of charity (The charity involved being “Make Tony Blair popular again” we assume?) I thought, “Right, I’ll show those bastards, I’ll never buy their magazine again. Then I remembered I’d never bought it before. Hence my exasperation.

When Blair was improbably named the recipient of the award by GQ magazine in front of a a celebrity-packed, invited audience last night reporters present described the response as ‘muted’. That the honour was in recognition of his ‘philanthropy, establishing three charities’ (all with the goal of promoting the Tony Blair brand peace and understanding. – See ritual arse kissing in GQ)

GQ’s choice drew immediate criticism, Labour MP John Mann commented: ‘It sends the wrong message. This sort of award should go to an unsung hero who has given up their time for charity.’

Given Tony Blair’s pariah status in the UK after the deadly decision to join the US in destroying the Middle East it is hardly any surprise that he could use some good ‘PR’ back at home which raises the question, ‘How much did his ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ spend on schmoozing the adjudication panel’.

And looking back to the good old days of ‘sexing’ up documents, we also have to ask did Blair called up old chum, the spin doctor of spin doctors Alistair Campbell to ‘sex up’ his pitch for the award, old Al being a recently hired employee of GQ. You really couldn’t make it up, could you?

Some unkind souls are already saying that giving the notoriously self interested Blair an award for philanthropy would be as insane and unintentionally ironic as if, for example, the Nobel Prize committee gave the peace prize to warmonger – in chief, Mr. Drone Strike himself, Barack Hussein Obama. Oh ….. erm ….. I might want to rephrase that …
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If you thought American’s didn’t do irony … or is it Ironytology

Here’s Will Smith fronting a current campaign by sharing his wisdom with us.

Will Smith
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Strangely he seems to have forgotten he is a Scientologist.

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Animal loving Palestinian haters.

Listening to a radio phone in this morning I was as gobsmacked as the presenter at the enraged tone of callers wanting to rant about how Prince Edward should be ostracized / horsewhipped / hung drawn and quartered because he used a stick while trying to separate two dogs fighting over a pheasant. Nobody can confirm whether or not Prince Poncey actually hit the dogs but whatever happened it has The Great British Public up in arms.

Strangely, as it kicks off in Israel and Palestine again nobody seems to be in the least concerned about two tribes of religious fanatics each trying to exterminate the other in a 5000 year old squabble over a scrap of semi desert at the eastern end of the Mediterranean.

But then we are a nation of animal lovers.

Another incident over the holiday concerned a man who carelessly but accidentally killed his hamster. This again excited the kind of sad acts who call radio phone – ins. The consensus was the man should be banged up for such a heinous crime. One caller even promised to contact the RSPCA and demand they initiated a prosecution.

Nobody however demanded the imprisonment of a man who accidentally caused the death of his young daughter when a television he was carrying dropped on her. Evereybody seemed to accept the death was a freak accident that will haunt the parents for the rest of their lives.

So for many people the death of a child can be a tragic accident but the death of a hamster, no matter what the circumstances, must be cold blooded murder and the perpetrator deserves to be punished.

Yeah right. What a strange nation we are.

Examples of the very darkest irony there: be back later with something more lightweight.

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