The Pope Wants You to Pray for a One World Religion

‘You will all obey the world religion’ – Pope Francis (Image source)

The Marxist, globalist, Soros apparatchik currently posing as head of the Catholic faith wants to scrap the Catholic Church. He didn’t say that in so many words but he has called on Catholics to pray for the creation of a world religion (because love and peace) which would embrace Catholicism, the Protestant denominations, Orthodox, Syriac, Armenian, Ethiopian and Coptic Christians, Christian Scientists, Rosicrucians, Theosophists, Freemasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Amish, Latter Day Saints, and presumably Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jain, Sikh, Shinto, Pagans, Shamanistic Animists, Jedi, Wiccans and Satanists. In other words they guy’s a deluded fuckwit.

from Truthstream Media:
The Hegelian dialectic has been defined as “the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution”. What we’re seeing now is the thesis + antithesis = synthesis of a centuries-long plot unfold before our eyes — politically, economically, and religiously.

The Pope (or the guy with the pope robe and silly hat everyone is calling the Pope, whichever you prefer) is now openly calling for everyone to pray for a one world religion “because love and peace”. It’s the closest we’ll get to a one world religion commercial, complete with swelling emotional music and claims that this is about peace and love and acceptance and love and peace. They sure do always promise a utopia, don’t they? Reminds us of Jeremiah 6:14, when they say “peace, peace,” when there is no peace…

Funny, while he calls for this open discussion about religions coming together, the comments section of the original YouTube video have been closed.

For the rest of the article and a video CLICK HERE The punchline? The video was put together by the Jesuit global prayer network.

This latest move will come as no surprise to those who have dubbed Frankie, “The New World Order’s Pope” because of his support for globalist, anything-but-christian ideology, his contempt for Catholic theology, dictatorial attitude towards the College of Cardinals and his determination to trash traditional Catholic values.

It is very doubtful that Pope Frankie is The Antichrist as some are suggesting, he seems to us to be just another shallow, opportunistic, egomaniacal world domination freak pitching for a global totalitarian government in which he probably has been promised a role.

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Equal Rights For Jedi

jedi wedding
Jedi Wedding (
picture source

Today we return to political activism, not in the cause of getting us out of Europe or convincing the sheeple that a country’s infrastructure adx tax revenue can only support so many immigrants. No this time we are drawing your attention to a blatant piece of discrimination that, for all their self righteous wailing and gnashing of teeth over “Yooman Right”, our friends on the authoriarian left have been strangely silent about.

Jedi are being discriminated against.

A new law will greatly widen the range of venues allowed as suitable for the solemnization of weddings. Visit area of natural beauty, rock shaped like a wolf’s head or site of some supposed medieval miracle in the land, old buildings with the tiniest smidgin of historical significance, any place that might in some way be meaningful to people, and someone will be getting married there.

People will be getting betrothed on the beach, wed in the woodshed, spliced in the sports centre, hitched in the hostel, married in the malthouse or even celebrate their nuptials in the alley behind the pub (because that’s where they had their first upright.

I cannot say at this stage whether marriages will take place in the back seat of cars, but speaking from experience I can confirm that requests for weddings in the back seat of an original Mini could be justified. Trumph Spitfires, no. You have to take out the passenger seat to get coupled.

And not only will there be more diversity in where couples can be married and what gender configuration the couple may me, thre will be many moretypes of wedding available. Secularist and humanitarian groups will be able to offer weddings, there will be pagan weddings (lots of nakedness, bonfires and unrestrained coupling) tree hugger weddings (but really these are just weddings fot ugly pagans, weddings at which existentialist philosophophers officiate and weddings over which former football managers preside.

It seems there is only one type of wedding that will not be allowed, Jedi weddings. The powers that be have decreed Jedi weddings are not acceptable in fact, assuming the law is enacted, there will be specifically “strict criteria” to stop them happening.

WTF? Where’s all that grandiose talk about equal rights for all, why can Jedi not have the same rights as bearded queens in bridal gowns. OK, I know it might prove difficult to hold a wedding on a small planet in a galaxy on the far side of the universe (but hey,, to us Jedi many things are possible that humans cannot even imagine)but we’d be quite happy to be joined in matrimony at the local registry office so long as we could take our light sabres in.


Bakery Sued For Refusing to Produce Pro-Gay Marriage Cake

Joined In The Eyes Of Obi Wan

Worried Scottish Presbyterians have warned that Jedi knights could soon be performing marriage rites. Their fears stem from the popularity of humanist weddings in Scotland, which are now more popular than Roman Catholic Church in popularity.

The Humanist Society of Scotland has been registered to perform weddings since 2005 on a temporary basis but the new bill would set that on a permanent footing and create a new class of marriage.

But The Rev Iver Martin, spokesman for the Free Church of Scotland, said the plan was “nonsensical” as humanists are already free to conduct weddings in Scotland. The Wee Frees also fear that celebrants could be ordained by organisations like The Flat Earth Society, the Justified Ancients Of MuMu or Stenhousemuir F C Supporters Club (forget that last one, Stenhousemuir don’t have any supporters, I was being evil)

As someone who in the last two census questionnaires has given his religion as Jedi Knight you might think I would be pleased by this news. Not so; for one thing I’m not really a Jedi, I’m a Druid but the government does not need to know that and secondly of course, Jedi don’t need weddings because they are all joined by The Force.

The Apprentice: Return of the one trick pony

It was good to see Jedi Jim, the vacuum cleaner salesman with delusions of grandeur, the slick manipulator with the bifurcated tongue skewered last night. Jim, who used the Jedi mind trick on weaker minded opponents by persuading them they should tell ‘Lord’ Sugar they were crap and deserved to be sacked far more than their Jedi colleague, who had presented a completely unfeasible business plan then tried to use the Jedi mind trick on four experienced business people by baffling them with cliches and mangement speak.

Like the famous Stuart ‘Baggs the brand’ last year Jim declared he was not a one trick pony (WTF is a one trick pony?) and then unlike Stuart who waited to be told he was not even a pony, Jim proceeded to demonstrate that he is in fact a no trick pony by answering every question with a cliche as if he was trying to compete at selling tat with Del Boy down the market.

Eventually he was cornered by the excellent Margaret Mountford.

“Without using a cliche Jim can you sum yourself up in a single sentence for me,” Margaret asked.

“I am exactly what it says on the tin so I am,” said Jim as if his brain was running a computer programme. (He didn’t actually say ‘so I am, but he implied it.)

Margaret’s raised eyebrow said it all.

The Apprentice – The Roman Circus Is Back
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Learing To Grow Hashish At College

It had to happen, there have been courses available in subjects such as Klingon studies, the Jedi Philosophy and Atheist Theology in American Colleges for years. It was inevitable that a course in being a stoner would be offered sooner or later.

When the U.S. State Of Michigan indtrduced the Michigan Medicinal Marijuana act (try saying that after a good joint) in 2008 making the growing of Marijuana for medical purposes legal in the state, a 24 year old entrepreneur (a.k.a. drug pusher) founded the state’s first college dedicatied to pot related studies.

The course in growing the weed (six weeks, $485)covers horticultural skills,legal pitfalls and methods of preparing hash for consumption.

Now all we are waiting for is somebody offering a PhD in smoking it.

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Med Grow Cannabis College

Return Of The Jedi (without his Cornflakes)

It is the task of Jedi Knights to save the Universe from evil emperors, criminally insane slugs or toads, I never quite worked out what Jabba the Hutt of Star Wars fame was supposed to be, droids, clones, lizard men and blokes that of gone over to the dark side because they get to wear silly helmets and talk in silly voices.
To enable them to combat the forces of the dark side effective Jedi Knights must wear hoods similar to those worn by teenage thugs and people trying to smuggle illicit beards into the country. A Jedi, according to the official Church of Jedism (I would have thought it should be Jediism but there we go) a Jedi may not be seen in public without his hood up.

Even Jedi Knights who are attuned to The Force cannot fight the dark side 24/7 of course. They have to sleep, eat, have a wash, go for a dump and get their shopping in.

Shopping and eating can pose particular problems for Jedi as the founder of the official church has found. The local Tesco store where he lives in North Wales have banned him for refusing to lower his hood while standing in the queue for the checkout.

The Jedi, who asked not to be named as he has a day job and his boss does not know he’s a professional twat in his spare time, told Boggart Blog,

“Iy aff to keep my ’ood up when I am out and about see to stop the force leaking out of my lug’oles look you.” said the Jedi when Boggart Blog asked him to comment.

When pressed he said “I’d only gone in for a loaf, a bottle of milk and some Cornflakes isn’it but I ended up ’aving my ’ooman rights violated. It’s is a clear cut case of discrimination cause of my religion bach. Ach – i – fey, they wouldn’t dare treat someone like that ’oo was wearning a Niquab see boyo.

OK, I hear what you’re saying, how can we take seriously a Jedi with a Welsh accent? Well Torchwood had Welsh accents and you didn’t laugh at them.

In the interests of balanced reporting we asked Tesco why they had taken this action. A spokesman for the retail giant told our reporter, “ Jedi Knights are welcome in all our stores but the hoods are a problem because people think they are standing next to a terrorist or mugger. We have to consider the feelings of all our customers.

Both sides have a point we felt put on the whole Tesco should perhaps be more wary of people with raised hoods lurking in the cosmetics aisle where they can pick up peroxide from the hair dyes shelf and acetone nail polish remover.

Read the proper story of the Jedi Knight here if you like Obviously it is not as funny as our version.

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May the Force be with e-petitions

A Labour minister has gone on record as saying that whoever thought of the Downing Dtreet e-petitions site is “a prat.” This may be true, but let’s hope the e-petitions site stays up and running because it promises to be a happy hunting ground for seekers of the silly and surreal.

One of the less well publicised petitions posted last week requested the Prime Minister recognise Jedi Knights as a real religion.
The petition posited that the core belief of Jedi Knights in “The Force” is no more irrational than the core beliefs of any other religion.
The site declined to let the petition go online saying that people are free to form their own religions so long as they operate within the law.
The Downing Street staffie who wrote the response added “may the force be with you.”
Someone with a bit of wit and style in the New Labour project?
Hope for us yet there is, my fellow Jedi…