BBC and Savile: Phrases like ‘Tip of the iceberg’ come to mind

Boggart Blog has not done a lot on the Jimmy Savile scandal, it seemed everybody else (except the mainstream media and the government’s propaganda ministry national broadcaster, The BBC of course.

It seems we were remiss in bypassing this story and leaving it to others. Two years after first breaking the Savile /BBC paedophile scandal is still making news and still producing new shocks. And I will never forgive myself for commenting to my family, on hearing Rolf Harris was being question, “Not dear old Rolf, he might have had dubious reasons for tying his Kangaroo down but kiddie fiddling, surely not.”

Well its time to play catch up on this aspect of a much bigger scandal that now looks set to have a major influence on the outcome of the General Election in May as ongoing revelations of malfeasance, corruption and cover – up expose how thoroughly rotten and corrupt the establishment is.

We have reported the Westminster Paedophile Ring allegations quite fully so to get readers up to speed on the Jimmy Savile affair, there’s a comprehensive summary to be in The Coleman Report. Here’s a taster:

from The Coleman Experience:

(scroll past a gallery of newspaper front pages to get to the story – and please don’t assume I agree with the writers’ conclusions or political positions, the idea is you look at the information and make up your own mind about how valid it is. I find this works well for most people except those silly scienceheads and university lecturers who have a binary mindset and are incapable of filtering information, thus only being able to believe a thing totally or dismiss it completely)

The BBC And The Paedophile Ring

If you thought for one minute that the BBC is, in anyway, as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Behind the comforting British TV façade, lies a paedophile network ,so vast and sordid it literally beggars belief.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Jimmy Savile was a lone pervert stalking the broadcast centre.

He wasn’t.

Savile was, in fact, working as a VIP pimp, procuring children to be abused and often murdered, by Royalty, Government and showbiz entertainers.

He managed to hoodwink the British public for over 50 years due to his close links to Prince Philip, the Secret Services and Margaret Thatcher, who were themselves up to their necks in filth of the highest order.

In 2013, reports emerged of a paedophile ring on the set of Eastenders:

Police are investigating allegations of a paedophile ring operating around the set of the popular BBC soap EastEnders.

Police say that former members of the show’s staff may have abused their jobs to groom vulnerable underage youngsters, who flock to the set hoping to catch a glimpse of its stars.

Arrests are said to be imminent, according to the Sun.

“Police are shocked at what they have unearthed,” a source told the tabloid. “Arrests are very likely. This is bigger than anyone imagined. (h/t Ben Pursglove)


The Public Interest to Protect Powerful Paedophiles
The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute serial paedophile Greville Janner, for many years the leader of the Zionist lobby in the UK. I presume that his convenient senility is the reason for non-prosecution …

The Public Interest to Protect Powerful Paedophiles
The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute serial paedophile Greville Janner, for many years the leader of the Zionist lobby in the UK. I presume that his convenient senility is the reason for non-prosecution …

BBC Democracy Day: Europe ‘faces political earthquakes’
We can’t prove sex with children does them harm’ says Labour-linked NCCL

Children In Need or Keep silent night

I hope most of my late afternoon readers are off out to the pub for a few drinks with some witty and entertaining mates, or better still going to a restaurant with a charming and engaging partner. Unforturnately Mrs T has not been very well and so on this night of all nights I shall be stuck indoors with only the television for entertainment.

And entertainment on TV will be more sparse than usual because tonight is the annual charity telethon Children In Need.

Or as Jimmy Savile used to call it, CHRISTMAS!

Paedophile TV presenter Jimmy Savile with two scared looking victims excited fans

Bassetlaw MP John Mann’s campaign to expose Westminster child abuse
Retired Scotland Yard detectives back up claims that paedo MPs murdered boys at sex orgies
One of the worst aspects of the Westminster Paedophile Ring cover up was the way mainstream media caved in to political pressure and did not digigently pursue their investigations when rumours first began to circulate.

Paedophile Former BBC Chauffeur Implicated In Jimmy Savile Scandal Found Dead

Candle In The Wind (the original version) was IMNSHO one of Elton John’s best song and Bernie Taupin’s poignant lyric really made the tragedy of Marilyn Monroe, the first victim of the Hollywood MK Ulta mindfuck, vividly real. One of my favourite lines from that song was “You had the grace to hold yourself while those around you crawled.”

What did it mean? To me it meant Marilyn understood what had been done to her, the abuse, drugs and booze had destroyed her and by taking her own life she held her dignity rather than becoming and increasingly pathetic figure.

So what does that have to do with former BBC employee and driver to paedophile, serial sex monster and BBC created icon Jimmy Savile? Did Smith, due to give evidence in court, hold himself? He was already a convicted paedophile with over sixty abuse offences on his record so there was little dignity to be salvaged.

Or was there a more sinister aspect to his death.

It had been widely anticipated that in court smith would reveal information that would implicate Judges and senior lawyers, front line politicians and wealthy, powerful businessmen and media figures in the paedophile ring Savile was at the centre of.

So we must wonder one again was this the suicide of a lonely, frightened, disgraced individual or was Smith’s death assisted by agents of the state because what he knew posed too great a threat to the establishment. It will be interesting to see what emerges in the next few days.

I have always seen the law as the protector of the privileged and that is as it should be. In this politically correct nightmare however, while blacks and gays are treated as superior castes and celebrities and elitists are above the law, an ordinary citizen is hounded to hell and back for parking his car on a yellow line for a couple of minutes or failing to pay the television tax to fund the Stalinist propaganda pumped out by the state propaganda machine known as the BBC while privileged people like Savile and company can get away with repugnant crimes for years, protected by the very people and organisations that scream most loudly about equal rights.

And what about the rumours of big names in the political establishment being involved? Everything has gone hush puppies hush hush about that yet several prominent Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MPs must have a lot of explaining to do. Like these people? or maybe these people.

Not one MP, Peer or high establishment figure has even been questioned about their close relationship to Savile,not even the home secretary at the time Edwina Currie who not only made him ‘ head of an enquiry ‘ into Broadmoor even though he had absolutely no qualifications for such a role but also allowed him to have his own set of keys to Broadmoor so he could come and go as he pleased to have cosy little chats with notorious serial killers?

Come on,open your eyes people, are we really that dumb?. How did Savile get away with this for so many years ? It seems a lot of people knew what he was like or had their suspicions and yet nobody came forward until after his death. And despite his sexual proclivities being widely known, with colleagues such as Paul Gambaccini and Tony Blackburn among those being told to back off when they raised concerns and comedians such as Hugh Dennis, Alexi Sayle and Jerry Sadowicz openly pillorying Savile as a pervert ( Why did no one listen to Jerry’s howl of rage?) from the 1980s, Saviles cimes were covered up by the most politically correct organisation in the land.

Who was behind the cover up which must be of gigantic proportions.

Could it have been that Savile knew too much about too many people who were too high up the feeding chain to have the truth told about them.

The longer this thing goes on the worse the stink gets.


New developments in a scandal exposed by boggart Blog

A few weeks ago (or maybe it was months – who cares) while the increasingly hopeless mainstream media was naming the wrong former Conservative minister involved in Jimmy Savile scandal related allegations of impropriety Boggart Blog, prevented by law from naming the right Tory, gave a massive clue to his identity.

It seems someone was paying attention because we hear on the grapevine planted by libertarian, maverick,shit stirring really awkward bastard bloggers that sensational developments in that case can be expected over the next few days.

Media teeter on brink of naming Tory Paedo