Ich Bin Ein Speechwriter

Political journalists of left and righ heave peen paying tribute this week to Ted Sorenson who died a few days ago.

Ted who? you might well ask. Right, I’d never heard of him either the news that he died.

Apparently he was President Kennedy’s speechwriter and a highly regarded counsellor to the Kennedy administation in the U.S.A. According to an untypically hyperbolic article in The Independent, Sorenson was “the backbone of Camelot.” (Really? I thought that was the bloke who played Victor Meldrew.

The Daily Telegraph is even more hyperbolic, saying Kennedy’s election victory in 1960 was largely down to Sorenson’s ability to find exactly the right phrase to communicate each key point.

Again we’re surprised. Could they really be talking about the man who put the line “Ich bin ein Berliner” in President Kennedy’s mouth? It means “I am a doughnut” which would have been fine for one of George W. Bush’s speeches.

Goodbye Charlie ?

Goodbye Charlie

The Claymores are out for poor Charlie (Chuckie-bum) Kennedy. Surely we will soon have two new party leaders in British politics and will be counting down to the demise of The Great Satan Blair himself.
Charlie K is a nice guy, a brilliant panellist on Have I Got News For You and the sort of convivial bloke nobody would mind having a drink – or numerous drinks if the press are to be believed – with. But as the potential leader of a great nation Chuckie Bum has never quite been able to hack it.
Maybe this lack of credibility is due to the fact that he is a Liberal – Democrat, hardly a confidence inspiring name as it suggests they can’t make up their minds what they are, or perhaps it has something to do with his more than passing resemblance to the child actor who plays Victoria Sugden in T.V. soap Emmerdale.
The biggest part of the problem though is that Charlie has red hair. Can you think of a single charismatic leader since Erik the Red (no, not Cantona but a relative of Thorfinn Skullsplitter and Ragnar the Bloody) who had a carroty top.
Let’s face it, if Charlie Kennedy had asked the 600 men of the Light Brigade to follow him into the Valley of Death they would have replied “Ours but to do or die? Eff off, you’re a ginge.”

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