Was Sony Cyber Attack A Virtual False Flag

North Korean leader Fat Boy Kim instructs army officer in military strategy on a 1970s Space Invaders console (source)

There’s something smelly about the latest news story from America’s war on peace. Was the North Korean cyber attack that caused the release of a movie widely rumoured to be a total lemon to be cancelled all that the US mainstream media presented it as.

The first thing that struck me was whether a backward country like North Korea had the capacity to launch such an attack. So I looked at this brilliant animated map on ip Viking, showing in real time active cyber attacks all around the world.

Norse ipViking map
(great animated map but you need a powerful computer if you want the mobile graphic map to load quickly, otherwise a bit of patience is needed.)

The first thing that struck me was that no attacks were coming from North Korea (as one would expect from a country whose telecommunications system relies on the medium of wet string stretched between empty tin cans).

That was before the weekend. My view was backed up today when the Anonymous group of hackers stated that North Korea was not, indeed could not have been responsible for the attack (although they may have paid western hackers to do it for them 😉 Hacking collective Anonymous says FBI is lying over N.Korea attack on Sony.

A Lot of Smart People Think North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony

(from Gawker) The evidence linking agents of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the recent digitalimplosion of Sony remains vague. And even though the feds are squarely blaming North Korea, many security experts aren’t buying it.

Long before the FBI made it official, North Korean blame for the attack against Sony was taken as a given. Even if the best reason to credit Kim Jong-Un’s goons was because it just sort of feels right and Hey, that movie is about North Korea, most people following the story—both in and out of the media—ran with the story. It happens to be a very politically convenient story, featuring the world’s favorite cartoon henchman at the lead.

But independent, skeptical security experts have been poking holes in this theory for days now. Evidence provided by the FBI last week in an official accusation against the North Korean government was really more of a reference to evidence—all we got were bullet points, most of them rehashing earlier clues. It still doesn’t seem like enough to definitively pin the attacks to North Korea.

Read full article at Gawker

Take away the wreckage and the bodies and the alleged cyberattack waged by North Korea on the USA and Sony Corp in retaliation for Sony’s new movie launch, Interview, a story about an inept chat show host being dispatched by The Pentagon to PyongYang on a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Fat Boy Kim, and the whole episode starts to resemble the saga of Flight MH17. Consider:

USA engineers a coup d’etat in Ukraine then realises it has put a bunch of neo Nazi thugs in charge of a strategically important country.

Embarrassed by the extremism of its puppet government in Kiev and Ukraine’s failure to deal with pro Russian separatists, the USA looks for an excuse for direct military intervention in Ukraine.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 is shot down while overflying Ukranian conflict zone. USA President Barack Obama claims to have irrefutable evidence Pro – Russian separatists and Moscow are responsible but fails to produce any evidence.

Russia produces loads of evidence pointing to the Kiev government being responsible for the atrocity.

Numerous eyewitnesses and technical experts come forward to state that the Ukrainian military were responsible. America goes back to arming and funding Kiev thugs as they conduct a genocide campaign against ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

Sony makes a shite film about an alleged terrorist state that regularly threatens to launch nuclear attacks against the USA but in reality has trouble launching a campaign to feed its people.

Sony communications networks are hacked, forcing the entertainment corporation to cancel the release of Interview. Barack Obama claims to have irrefutable evidence that North Korea was responsible for the attack but fails to produce any evidence.

China produces evidence suggesting the attack did not come from North Korea while Guardians of Peace Hacking group claim they carried out the cyber attack from within the USA.

Notice a pattern here? You will when you remember a very similar sequence of events unfolded over the ISIS takeover of north west Iraq, the Syria poison gas incident, the overthrow of Gadaffi in Libya and so on all the way back to the non existent Weapons Of Mass Destruction that were used by G Dubya Bush and A C L Blair to justify the invasion of Iraq and overthrow of Saddam Hussein (another American excercise in Imperialism that turned into shite.)

We are at war, dear reader, but not with foreigners. We the punters are under attack from our own governments, the useful idiots who support them and the global elite who pull their strings.

Occupy Protestors Miss Kim’s Funeral

News bulletins tonight were full of the Kim Jong Il funeral ceremony. In reverential tones commentators spoke of how distraught crowds of people who adored the “Dear Leader” had lined the route for more than 24 hours, wailing and gnashing teeth in a frenzy of mourning.

What they didn’t mention was that the new government had decreed anybody not grief stricken enough would get 20 years in a labour camp.

Such is life in authoritarian states of course. Which I guess is why we did not see any of the recent “Occupy” protestors paying their last respects to Kim nor, despite their professed love of big government and collectivism, do we see them queueing to go and live in North Korea.

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The family fascist dictator business?

The death of the Korean leader Kim Jong Il, best known for his role in the film Team America, has fuelled a lot of specualtion about the security of the far east.

kim-jong-ilKim Jong Il starring in the 2004 puppet extravaganza Team America

Kim, the “Dear Leader” will be succeeded by his son Kim Jong Un, a no less weird looking individual. This will make the new Kim the third generation of his family to head the Korean fascist dictatoring business. (No doubt Nick Clegg who hates traditional families (except his own very traditional wife and two kids arrangement will have something to say).

What kind of leader might Kim Jong Un turn out to be. We don’t know but as his name rhymes with wrong ‘un we are not optimistic.