Can Britain Dodge Being Dragged Into N. Korean War?

Britain has been America’s principle ally and shared the role of global peacekeeper since the end of World War Two. With the major powers of east and west closer to open conflict than at any time since the 1960s as US provocation of Russia in the middle east and Ukraine and of China in South East Asia has raised tension to the point at which a small error could trigger some very big bangs, once more there is a strong possibility the USA will call on Britain to legitimize another regime change adventure.
Could Britain’s government formally refuse Donald Trump’s call for help in waging war against North Korea, so long as Kim Jong-un does not strike Hawaii or the US mainland. It is after all not our fight, we have recently responded to calls for support in Syria, Libya, Iraq and South Sudan, even though that support has often taken the form of deploying a token force.

Britain’s membership of NATO does not automatically oblige us to participate in a conflict between Trump’s America and Kim’s North Korea, even if the latter attacks US military bases in the Pacific. Although Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty states that an attack on one NATO member is an act of aggression against the entire military alliance, the application of this provision is limited only to attacks on member states’ territories in North America, Europe and the Atlantic.

Consequently, if Kim’s warheads strike US military bases in the Pacific, the US could ask for Britain’s assistance, but cannot formally compel the UK and other NATO allies to join the military efforts against North Korea.

There is a precedent of course. When asked to support the war in Vietnam, the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson refused, saying he had doubts about the legitimacy of the war because the North Vietnamese had not posed any threat to the USA and under the terms of the United Nations Charter the North Vietnamese had a right to self determination, even if that meant a communist regime taking power, an outcome that was anathema to Washington.

Britain itself suffered from the limited scope of Article 5 in the early 1980s, when the caveat prevented then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from invoking NATO’s collective self-defense provision over the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands.

Article 5 has only been invoked on one occasion: after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on 9/11, 2001.

The US, however, may exercise informal pressure to ensure Britain’s support in the military confrontation with Kim’s regime.

The UK’s impending withdrawal from the EU will, according to some foreign policy pundits,  make Britan more dependent for on its transatlantic partner, as evidenced by British PM Theresa May’s plans for an extensive trade treaty with the US, which may mitigate the negative economic effects of Brexit. However, once unconstrained by suffocating EU bureaucracy, Britain will be free to negotiate trade deals with anybody and many nations including China and India are eager to trade with us. Bullying on trade might not give Washington as much leverage as they would like.

Consequently, Britain may be unwilling to permanently damage the so-called “special relationship” with the US by failing to back up its key ally in the war against North Korea, especially if the latter acts as an aggressor. We can only hope that as previously reported, the intervention of Russia and China may once again avert an escalation of the crisis into full scale conflict.

North Korea – Nuclear War Gangam Style

OK, silly headline but it got your attention. You have probably read or heard from the Illuminati controlled media that the little fat guy with the dodgy haircut who invented the Gangam Style dance is now threatening to start a war. Surely not, you exclaim, he’s too jolly:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un playing with his Scalextric

If only it were a joking matter. Chances are (a) You don’t know what has really been going on because western media’s reporting has been totally biased and (b) You haven’t been paying attention because Kim looks so comedic you can’t take him seriously.

The truth is North Korea’s recent belligerence has been sparked by US Stealth bombers flying over China’s territory. Now China does not want to threaten America, they want Washington to swing the first punch. So what better way to provoke a war with Obamaland than by winding up Little Kim so he yells “Hey Jug ears – come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough. (

PressTV: Russia, China warn US against military exercises near N. Korea


As soon as the first missile is fired at Pyong Yang, Kim’s allies in Beijing and Moscow will step up to defend their little buddy.

And then we are all fucked.

But the real danger man here is Obama. The Narcissist in chief’s ego will not be able to cope with a humiliating climbdown when Pentagon chief warn him not to push his luck.

Western media might see Obama as some kind of saviour, the joybringer and peacemaker but rest of the world sees him rather differently, as a black Bush in fact. And right now, smarting from the failure to depose Assad he’s looking for a war he can win – and proving once more he is stupid.

obama-imageClick image for larger view.

Two thousand different sex couples in mass wedding in South Korea

South Korea’s Unification Church has held a mass wedding and holy blessing for 2,000 couples from 54 countries.

Over 20,000 followers of the so called Moonie cult gathered for the mass ceremony at a stadium in Gapyeong, near Seoul.

The founder of the church, Rev. Howlin Gat Moon, and his wife were there to bless the mass ceremony. They sprinkled holy water over selected couples and declared them married.

“The mass wedding leads all mankind to be one, removing the boundaries of ethnicities, religions and nationalities. Our goal is making the world peaceful with forming new families,” said Seuk Joon-ho, President of the Unification Church of Korea.

Fine worlds but we notice no same sex couples were involved.

A Boggart Blog reporter sent to cover the even spoke to one of the British couples involved, Wayne and Tracey Chavvington from Barking. They tod us they had treavelled to Korea to be wed because Rev. moon had warned British Moonies that weddings between people of different sexes were about to be made illegal.

Occupy Protestors Miss Kim’s Funeral

News bulletins tonight were full of the Kim Jong Il funeral ceremony. In reverential tones commentators spoke of how distraught crowds of people who adored the “Dear Leader” had lined the route for more than 24 hours, wailing and gnashing teeth in a frenzy of mourning.

What they didn’t mention was that the new government had decreed anybody not grief stricken enough would get 20 years in a labour camp.

Such is life in authoritarian states of course. Which I guess is why we did not see any of the recent “Occupy” protestors paying their last respects to Kim nor, despite their professed love of big government and collectivism, do we see them queueing to go and live in North Korea.

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The Migram Experiment Revisited

The family fascist dictator business?

The death of the Korean leader Kim Jong Il, best known for his role in the film Team America, has fuelled a lot of specualtion about the security of the far east.

kim-jong-ilKim Jong Il starring in the 2004 puppet extravaganza Team America

Kim, the “Dear Leader” will be succeeded by his son Kim Jong Un, a no less weird looking individual. This will make the new Kim the third generation of his family to head the Korean fascist dictatoring business. (No doubt Nick Clegg who hates traditional families (except his own very traditional wife and two kids arrangement will have something to say).

What kind of leader might Kim Jong Un turn out to be. We don’t know but as his name rhymes with wrong ‘un we are not optimistic.

Five Championship Contenders, Three Races, One World Champion

The hunt is on to find the Next F1 World Champion.

F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone has been searching for his new title holder since March.

It started with 12 teams and 24 drivers lined up on the grid in Bahrain.
Since then 19 of the drivers have been eliminated from the running for the championship.

Only five remain.

This week’s task, to race around the all too new circuit in Korea, 55 laps on a circuit never raced on at all, never mind in anger.

Out at the front it’s the Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and current championship leader Mark Webber.

Close behind are the other contenders, Fernando Alonso, who is doing a much better job since he stopped whining and let his driving do the talking, and the crashtastic Lewis Hamilton, always exciting and sometimes reckless.

A row further back sits the reigning World Champion, Jenson Button, struggling with the set up on his car.

Bernie meets the drivers on the grid.

” Formula One is the most exciting sport in the history of the world. Last time out you lot made it look like watching paint dry would be more fun.

This time out we’ve got a new circuit. This circuit only had the surface laid a couple of weeks ago so its well and truly green.

We’ve also got another surprise in store for you.
As you can see the weather is a bit damp. We thought we’d see what you were made of.

So let’s see you out there, doing your best. There’s a lot at stake here.
For the winner there’s the immediate prize of a trophy and the chance to spray champagne on the podium.

For the losers one of you will be fired.”

And so the contestants go off to their cars… and then sit on the rain sodden track as the start is delayed due to the torrential rain that is falling.

Eventually the cars are led off under the control of the safety car, and proceed for the next four laps, trying to keep their tyres warm and trying not to fall off.

After four laps the procession is halted.

There is heated debate amongst the teams and drivers.

Mark Webber appears to be hankering for as long a delay as possible, an abandoned race secures his position at the stop of the standings.

Lewis Hamilton, in typical cavalier mode is keen to get racing no matter what the weather.
“It’s a wet race. What do they expect?”

The cars set off once again, delicately plodding through the puddles behind the safety car.

And so the procession continues, for nigh on a fifth of the race distance.
It does make you wonder whether the organisers will one day allow a race to go the regulation two thirds distance behind the safety car, where no overtaking is allowed, and then award full race points as the cars cross the line in grid order, apart from any that have somehow managed to fail to finish.

Eventually the safety car turned off its lights and peeled off into the pits and the cars were allowed to race.
Vettel quickly opened up a lead, and there was a lot of argy bargy in his wake, but this was only a brief respite as Mr. webber, perhaps lulled into a semi comatose state after all those laps behind the safety car, lost control, spun off the track, thumped the barrier and then ricoched back across the track, collecting Nico Rosberg on the way, despite the latter’s taking to the grass to try and avoid the rearward rolling Red Bull.

The safety car was out again, indeed it was a sort of recurring motif in the proceedings, but no one could match Vettel’s peerless performance.
Whilst other drivers struggled, Jenson Button dropping as low as fifteeenth after a tyre change, Adrian Sutil gaining places and losing places in almost the same breath, the backmarkers spending more time on the run-off areas than on the track, Vettel never seemed to put a foot wrong on the increasingly muddied surface.

Hamilton briefly sneaked up into second place, courtesy of Alonso’s pit stop, but at the next re-start as the safety car left the track he ran wide into the first corner allowing Alonso to reclaim his second place.

And so it looked set fair for Vettel to emerge leading the championship, but the hand of Bernie works in mysterious ways.

Having heard Vettel suggesting to his team that it really was getting too dark and dangerous to race as the afternoon wore on and the magic 42 lap mark approached, the point where the race can be stopped and full points awarded, the gods of hubris decided to take a look.

At first it just seemed that Alonso and Hamilton had raised their game, popping in fastest laps and visibly closing the gap on the German.
But then Vettel slowed dramatically, Alonso closed up and swept past, closely followed by Hamilton, by which time the Renault engine in the Red Bull had decided enough was enough and expired in a cloud of blue smoke and a sprinkling of parts.

Alonso duly took the flag and is now the Championship leader, Webber drops to second with Hamilton in third and Vettel still in touch 25 points behind Alonso.

Unfortunately though, finishing a lowly twelfth it is Jenson Button who has been fired as a contender from this years title race.