Italian Political Crisis Threatens As Former Prime Minister Quits New Democrat / Five Star Coalition

If, after reading our report of how the EU and Italian establishment stitched up the hugely popular leader of League when he called for elections after the collapse of his ruling coalition, and instead, with the backing of the Brussels bureaucracy, installed an unelected coalition to govern and revrse moost of Salvini’s reforms, you had bet against appointed overnment coalition of two politically incompatible parties, you would now he confident of picking up your winnings sooner ratherr than later. coalition between the Five Star Movement and Italy’s Democratic Party would swiftly fall apart might have been on to something.

Tuesday morning after former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi officially quit the Democratic Party to start his own political group. Though Renzi has said he will back PM Giuseppe Conte, investors are clearly worried about the prospects for more political instability.

“I have decided to leave the PD and to build together with others a new house to do politics differently,” Renzi wrote on Facebook.

Former Italian leader Matteo Renzi plunged Italy into political chaos again?

Renzi, who was seen as a centrist reformer when he was elected in 2014, left office in 2016 amid a wave of dysfunction. But since his time in office, the party has shifted further to the left, with many left-recruits loyal to current party leader, Nicolas Zingaretti. Some have long suspected that Renzi might leave the Democrats to start his own more-centrist party.

According to reports in Italian media, about 30 Democratic Party lawmakers might declare their loyalty to Renzi, but he has promised to continue to support the Conte government…for now at least.

There may be more trouble in store for Italy’s Brussels puppet government however, as well as a likely split in the Democratic Party rumours are rife in Rome that a significant number of Movement Five Star assembly members are ready to defect to League, feeling that the leaders of the party have betrayed its Eurosceptic principles and sold out to the EU rather than adhering to the founding principle of reclaiming Italian sovereignty from the wannabe pan – European empire of unelected bureaucrats.


The Fine Art Of Running Over The Line

When I was knee high to a scrum half we used to go and watch the rugby, as we were north of Newport Pagnall this was of course the League version.

There was always controversy raging over the four tackle rule, whereby when the team in possession had been tackled four times there was a scrum down. They said it slowed up the game, too many stoppages, it wanted to be more like union where when you were brought down with the ball it was just slipped into another pair of hopefully same side hands, rather than having to be passed back between the legs and then every fourth time having a scrum.

Latterly I’ve been watching the Rugby, union this time as I am now married to a half Welsh Southern wuss.

And oh my! What were they on about, a faster more flowing game? They get tackled everyone piles on top, the ball is pushed out in the direction of ones team – mates, then they all just stand there for ages till someone gets bored and picks up the ball.

Last week I actually saw Ireland pushing the ball back through about seven players legs before they all stood still for twenty seconds or so and then someone picked up the ball, just like those ball games we used to play in PE when it was too wet or the teacher had a hangover.

And what’s all this with diving over the line to score?

I can distinctly remember one winger, Maurice Richards, doing a near full length run of the pitch, leaving the opposing players clutching at the grass his boots were tearing up, the home crowd going wild.
Oh he could have dived over the line in flambuoyant jubilation, near the corner flag, but no, he ran over the line and the ran around to just insolently tap the ball down between the posts, making for a much easier conversion for the kicker.

Admittedly if you have the opposing players hot on your heels and gaining then by all means dive over the line.

Or even scramble as the Welsh no.14 did today, but when you’re clear and you’ve got the time why not just put it down nice and gentle and then turn round and take in the glory.

Ot better still, run around under the posts, turn and look at your opponents and then touch the ball down!