Shrunken Hero

Hubby returns home from work and mentions that he has been listening to an interview with the author Lee Child, creator of the man-mountain, anti-hero vigilante who roams America saving damsels in distress, righting wrongs and kicking a whole load of bad asses.

Jack reacher is an ex military cop, 6ft 5in, 36in inside leg and weighing 230lbs.

Lee Child was announcing the publication of his new book and also that he has sold the film rights to Jack Reacher and a film was being commisioned and yes they had cast the role of 6ft 5in, 36in inside legged, 230lb Jack Reacher.

Any guesses? Think about it, Sly Stallone and Arnie would both come up a bit on the short side.


Alright then……Tom Cruise.